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By adding all numbers in set together and then total is divided by number of scores in that set, we obtained
When 242 is divided by a certain divisor the remainder obtained is 8. When 698 is divided by the same divisor the remainder obtained is 9. However, when the sum of the two numbers 242 and 698 is divid
How many marks did Tarun secure in English I.  The average mark obtained by Tarun in four subjects including English is 60  II.  The total marks obtained by him in English and Mathematics together
If the total income of company A in all the years together was equal to the total expenditure of company B in all the years together, which was Rs. 265 lakhs, what was the total percentage profit earn
The exam scores of all 500 students were recorded and it was determined that these scores were normally distributed. If Jane's score is 0.8 standard deviation above the mean, then how many, to the nea
A student scores 55% marks in 8 papers of 100 marks each. He scores 15% of his total marks in English. How much does he score in English
Average marks of 15 students in a class is 145, maximum marks being 150. If two lowest scores are removed, the average increases by 5. Also, two lowest scores are consecutive multiples of 9. What is l
A certain number when divided by 222 leaves a remainder 35, another number when divided by 407 leaves a remainder 47. What is the remainder when the sum of these two numbers is divided by 37

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