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Hot water vents in abyssal zone are regarded as
Zone which starts from edge of continental shelf and extends to abyssal plain is the
Mild slopping area between continental slope and abyssal plain is regarded as
Directions : For the Assertion (A) and Reason (R) below, choose the correct alternative Assertion (A) : Glass tumbler breaks in winter when hot water is poured in it Reason (R) : When hot water is pou
A major thrust in the Himalayas has resulted in intense shearing of a zone about 0.5 km wide on either side of the thrust leading to landslides. Which GIS function can be used to display the shear zon
Which Zone is the largest railway zone in India
Zone which is between tropic and polar zone is called
Organism which live in hydrothermal vents in Pacific ocean includes
In a certain code language, 'dom put ta' means 'bring hot food'; 'put tir sop' means 'food is good'  and 'tak da sop' means 'good bright boy' Which of the following does mean 'hot' in that language

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