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For lowering body tube until objective is 0.25 inches of object, we use
A picture is copied onto a sheet of paper 8.5 inches by 10 inches. A 1.5 inch margin is left all around. What area in square inches does the picture cover
A tube of length L and radius R is joined to another tube of length L / 3 and radius R / 2 . A fluid is flowing through this tube. If the pressure difference across the first tube is P, then the press
Nine days ago, the area covered by the mold on a piece of bread was 3 square inches. Today the mold covers 9 square inches. What is the rate of change in mold’s area
A straight fence is to be constructed from posts 6 inches wide and separated by lengths of chain 5 feet long. If a certain fence begins and ends with a post, which of the following could be the length
A store owner is packing books into larger boxes that measure 25 by 42 by 60 inches. If the measurement of each book is 7 by 6 by 5 inches, then how many books can be placed in the box
If the total cost of four tube lights and three bulbs is Rs.260 and the ratio between the cost of tube light and a bulb is 5:2 respectively, what is the total cost of one tube light and six bulbs
Water is flowing through a tube of non-uniform cross-section. If the radius of the tube at the entrance and exit is 3: 2, then the ratio of velocity of liquid entering and leaving the tube is
A capillary tube is partially dipped vertically in a vessel containing water. Due to capillarity water rises in the tube. The height of water rise in the tube can be increased by
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