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Green pigment in leaves and stem of plants, that absorbs sunlight for process of photosynthesis is known as
Directions : For the Assertion (A) and Reason (R) below, choose the correct alternative  Assertion (A)  :  a Leaves of plants are green.  Reason (R)    :   Plants contain chromoplasts, the gree
Process by which plants absorbs sunlight and produces their food is called
Statements: All branches are flowers. All flowers are leaves. Conclusions: All branches are leaves. All leaves are branches. All flowers are branches. Some leaves are branches
Statements: All green are blue. All blue are white Conclusions: Some blue are green. Some white are green. Some green are not white. All white are blue
Leaves are mostly green due to presence of a pigment called
Statements: Jade plant has thick leaves and it requires little water. Conclusions All plants with thick leaves require little water. Jade plants may be grown in places where water is not in abun
Stem of plant make food instead of leaves if they lack leaves like

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