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If height of trapezium is 8cm and sum of parallel sides is 16cm then area of trapezium is
The difference between two parallel sides of a trapezium is 4 cm. perpendicular distance between them is 19 cm. If the area of the trapezium is 475 find the lengths of the parallel sides
The lengths of two parallel sides of a trapezium are 21 cm and 9 cm. If its height is 10 cm, then what is the area (in cm2) of the trapezium
If diameter of cylinder is 8cm and its height is 16cm then volume of cylinder is
The area of a field in the shape of a trapezium measures 1440sq m. The perpendicular distance between its parallel sides is 24cm. If the ratio of the sides is 5:3, the length of the longer parallel si
ABCD is a trapezium with parallel side 5 and 13 cm each and distance between them is 12 cm. The area of the trapezium is
Find the area of trapezium whose parallel sides are 20 cm and 18 cm long, and the distance between them is 15 cm
From a point within an equilateral triangle perpendicular drawn to the three sides are 6cm, 7cm and 8cm respectively. The length of each sides of the triangle is
If length of the sides AB, BC and CA of a triangle are 8cm, 15 cm and 17 cm respectively, then length of the angle bisector of ?ABC is

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