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Characteristics that are passed to offsprings from parents are called
Statement:The government has decided to overhaul the structure of school fee by linking the school fee with the income of parents.Assumptions:I. Parents will furnish correct information about their in
Statement: Children, who get encouragement, usually perform better. - A note by the Principal to the parents. Assumptions Some parents do not encourage children. Parents may follow Principal's adv
Statements: Parents are prepared to pay any price for an elite education to their children. Conclusions All parents these days are very well off. Parents have an obsessive passion for a perfect
Passing of traits to offsprings from their parents is called
Passing of characters from parents to offsprings is called
Transmission of characters from one generation to the next or from parents to offsprings is called
Statement: Interview conducted for selecting people for jobs should measure personality characteristics of candidates. Assumptions Performance on job depends on personality characteristics. Person
In a class of 100 students, 50 students passed in Mathematics and 70 passed in English, 5 students failed in both Mathematics and English. How many students passed in both the subjects
In an examination, 80% of the students passed in Hindi and 90% passed in Telugu, while 5% of the students failed in both the subjects. If 180 students passed in both the subjects, find the total numbe

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