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Statements: Some saints are balls. All balls are bats. Some tigers are balls. Conclusions: Some bats are tigers. Some saints are bats. All bats are balls
Bats can hunt in dark by help of their
Statements: Some papers are cats. All cats are bats. No bat is horse. Conclusions: Some papers are horses. No horse is cat. Some bats are papers. All papers are bats
Statements: All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats Conclusions: Some bats are locks. Some watches are keys. All the keys are locks
Statements:All rankers are intelligent.All intelligent people are smart.Some intelligent are dark.Conclusions:I. No ranker is a smart.II. Some dark are rankers.III. Some smart are dark.IV. Some ranker
Animals which hunt at night and can see in dark nights are
Echoes are useful for bats because through it bats can detect
Directions : For the Assertion (A) and Reason (R) below, choose the correct alternative Assertion (A) :   Bats can fly in the night Reason (R) :      Bats emit ultrasonics
Statements:All rats are bats.Some bats are desks.All desks are chairs.Conclusions:I. Some desks are rats.II. Some chars are rats
Statements: Some dogs are bats. Some bats are cats Conclusions: Some dogs are cats. Some cats are dogs

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