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Plates made up of continents and parts of oceans are known as
Statement:The oceans are a storehouse of practically every mineral including uranium. But like most other minerals, it is found in extremely low concentration - about three gms. per 1000 tonnes of wat
Statements: All oceans are rivers. Some springs are rivers. All wells are springs. Conclusions: Some springs are oceans. Some wells are rivers. Some rivers are oceans. No well is river
A model that shows accurate sizes and shapes of continents and oceans in relation to one another is known as a
On equal area projections, shapes of oceans and continents are
The land-sea distribution or the positions of the world's continents and major oceans influences
A parallel-plate capacitor has two plates of area A and separation d and is charged to a potential difference V. The charging battery is then disconnected and the plates are pulled apart until their s
+12 V supply is given to plates a, d, g, and 0 V to other plates and grid of a VF display. The plates which will glow are
Assertion (A): Capacitance effect can be used to measure thickness of sheets, displacement and pressure.Reason (R): Capacitance between two plates depends on the area of plates, distance between plate
Statements:Lakes are ponds.No pond is river.Oceans are glaciers.Oceans are lakes.Conclusions:I. Some glaciers are not rivers.II. No ocean is a river.III. No lake is a river.IV. Some glaciers are ponds

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