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Particular place at which two plates meet is classified as
Suppose you can travel from a place A to a place B by 3 buses, from place B to place C by 4 buses, from place C to place D by 2 buses and from place D to place E by 3 buses. In how many ways can you
A parallel-plate capacitor has two plates of area A and separation d and is charged to a potential difference V. The charging battery is then disconnected and the plates are pulled apart until their s
A parallel-plate capacitor is held horizontally so that one of the plates is submerged in the liquid while the other is above the surface of the liquid. A constant potential difference is applied betw
The plates of a capacitor are charged to a potential difference of V volts and then connected across a resistor. After one second, the potential difference between the plates is V/3, then after 2 sec.
Place where two crustal plates meet is called the
Two large diffuse gray parallel plates, separated by a small distance, have surface temperatures of 400 K and 300 K. If the emissivities of the surfaces are 0.8 and the Stefan-Boltzmann constant is 5.

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