Main mirror of "Hubble telescope" is about

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Main mirror of "Hubble telescope" is about
The deflection of a DArsonval galvanometer is measured through a mirror and scale. The mirror is 1 m away from the light source. The mirror is mounted on, the moving system. If mirror rotates through
In Hubble telescope a computer combines information provided by separate
'Hubble telescope' is
Hubble telescope is powered by
A convex mirror is used to reflect light from an object placed 30 cm in front of mirror. If focal length of mirror is 20 cm then location of image should be
Find focal length of mirror that forms an image 6.2 cm behind mirror of an object placed at 26 cm in front of mirror
An object 12 cm in front of a convex mirror forms an image 6 cm behind mirror. focal length of mirror is
An object and its image in a concave mirror are of same height, yet inverted, when object is 30 cm from mirror. focal length of mirror should be

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