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The conductivity of materials found in nature ranges from 109 ohm-1m-1 to nearly 1018 ohm-1 m-1 from this it can be concluded that the conductivity of silicon in ohm-1 cm-1 will be nearly
Ohm is denoted by symbol
If R is denoted by N, D is denoted by T, I by U,O by I, E by R, T by O, U by D, N by C and C by E; then how will the word 'INTRODUCE' be written
An ammeter of resistance 0.16 ohm is shunted with a resistance of 0.04 ohm which gives a reading of 8 A. The current in the main circuits is
8 cells, each having e.m.f. 1.5 V and internal resistance 0.2 ohm are connected in series. By mistake two cells have been connected with the reversed terminals. The current flowing through an external
A voltmeter 100 V range is of 9000 ohm resistance and another voltmeter of range 80 V has a resistance of 11000 ohms. This combination is connected across 120 V.The reading of voltmeter having resista
A 20 ohm resistance with an unknown resistance R in series is connected to the potentiometer arrangement having a constant current in its main circuit. If p. d. across 2 ohm resistance is balanced at

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