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To trace path of phosphorus, isotope of phosphorus which is added to fertilizers, is
If farmers want to improve their yield, they must use organic fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizers Assumptions:  I. Chemical fertilizers have certain ill effects on health  II. Chemical fe
Let P be a 2*2 complex matrix such that trace(P) = 1 and det(P)=−6. Then, trace (P4 - P3) is ______
Some nuclear power plants use an artificial isotope instead of uranium. This isotope is known as
A radioactive isotope has a half life of 20 days. If 100 gms. of the substance is taken the weight of the isotope remaining after 40 days is
A path of uniform width turns the inside of a rectangular field 38m long and 32m wide. IF the path occupies 600 m2 than the width of the path is
If nitrogen is main element of fertilizers then fertilizers are classified as
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