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Attraction of two ions due to opposite charge is known as
The region that contains free electrons and negative ions and positive ions and positive ions is
In a metal oxide, the oxide ions are arranged in hexagonal close packing and metal ions occupy two third of the octahedral voids. The formula of the oxide is
A charge distribution has the charge density given by ρ = Q{δ(x - x0) - δ(x + x0)}. For this charge distribution the electric field at (2x0, 0,0)
Hydroxide ions are discharged in reference to chloride ions when�.is electrolysed
In NaCl ionic crystal, each Na ion is surrounded by ……………. Cl– ions and each Cl–ion is surrounded by…………….. Na ions
One dm3 solution containing 10-5 moles each of Cl- ions and CrO ions is treated with 10-4 mole of silver nitrate. Which one of the following observations is made?[KSP Ag2 CrO4, = 4 X 10-12][KSP AgCl =

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