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Top of magma is forced onto Earth's surface is known as
A reference to process by which materials such as magma and gases from inside Earth are forced onto Earth's surface is
Magma which is forced onto Earth's surface is known as
When magma erupts onto Earth's surface and cools, rock formed is known as
When heated Magma flow onto Earth's surface through fracture, cracks and volcanoes, it is known as
At same subduction zone, magma may erupt onto Earth's surface as
People who use map projections to move image of Earth's curved surface onto a flat surface are known as
Opening or a hole in Earth's crust through which magma comes to Earth's surface is known as
A satellite of mass m is revolving round the Earth at a height R above the surface of the Earth. If g is the gravitational intensity at the earth surface and R is the radius of the Earth, then the kin
A body weighs 63 N on the surface of the Earth. At a height h above the surface of Earth, its weight is 28 N while at a depth h below the surface of Earth, the weight is 31.5 N. The value of h is

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