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The vapor pressure of the solvent decreased by 10 mm Hg, when a non-volatile solute was added to the solvent. The mole fraction of the solute in the solution is 0.2. What should be the mole fraction o
A common and universal solvent is
Property due to which water acts as a universal solvent is
Solvent deoiling process is used for separating oil and soft wax from hard wax. Methyl iso-butyl ketone and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) are two commonly used deoiling solvents. Use of former as the deoi
The van't Hoff factor i for a compound which undergoes dissociation in one solvent and association in other solvent is respectively
'Solvent naphtha' used mostly as a solvent in paints and perfumery is produced by the __________ of virgin naphtha into small boiling range cuts

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