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Courier charges for packages to a certain destination are 65 cents for the first 250 grams and 10 cents for each additional 100 grams or part thereof. What could be the weight in grams of a package fo
Arun’s weight is 140% of Akhil’s weight. Nani’s weight is 90% of Shreyon’s weight. Shreyon’s weight is twice as much as Akhil’s. What percentage of Arun’s weight is Nani’s weight
There are two vessels which are filled with milk of two qualities worth Rs10 per liter and Rs 11 per liter. In what approximate ratio, these two be mixed to get a new quality of milk of worth Rs 10.67
How many liters of oil at Rs.40 per liter should be mixed with 240 liters of a second variety of oil at Rs.60 per liter so as to get a mixture whose cost is Rs.52 per liter
A person bought 20 liters of milk at the rate of Rs.8 per liter. He got it churned after spending Rs.10 and 5kg of cream and 20 liter of toned milk were obtained. If he sold the cream at Rs.30 per kg

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