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Three layers under which brain is covered are called
As layers keep on deposited over older layers, older layers turn/become
Should "Brain Gym exercise" be performed as a classroom exercise in schools?Arguments:I. Yes, brain gym exercises helps in overcoming learning related difficulties.II. Yes, the exercise is very simple
From his house, Lokesh went 15 kms to the North. Then he turned West and covered 10 kms. Then he turned South and covered 5 kms. Finally, turning to East, he covered 10 kms. In which direction is he f
Nervous System The brain is covered with three membranes called
In hindbrain, part of brain through which information passes between brain and spinal cord is called
A stone falls freely from rest and the total distance covered by it in the last second of its motion equals the distance covered by it in the first three second of its motion. The stone remains in air

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