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A pendulum clock is observed to give correct time at the equator. What will happen if the same pendulum clock is taken to the pole of the earth
A clock pendulum is adjusted for giving correct time in Patna. This clock pendulum also gives correct time in
A clock P is based on oscillation of a spring and another clock Q is based on pendulum motion. Both the clocks run at the same rate on Earth. Both the clocks are then taken to a planet having same den
What is the percentage change in the value of g as we shift from equator to pole on the surface of Earth ? (Given : Equatorial radius of Earth is greater than polar radius by 21 km and mean radius of
Assertion (A): If an event A can happen in m ways and another event B can happen in n ways, both can happen in mn ways.Reason (R): Two events are mutually exclusive if happening of either precludes th
If a pendulum clock be taken the equator to the poles it will
For a voltage transfer function H(s), realizable by RLC network, the following statements are made H(s) cannot have a pole at s = 0H(s) cannot have a pole at s = ± j4H(s) cannot have a pole at s =
If ? denotes the number of permutations of x+2 things taken all at a time the number of permutation of x things taken 11 at a time and c the number of permutations of x-11 things taken all at a time s

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