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A radioactive nuclide emits particles alpha, beta, gamma in successive disintegration. The atomic mass of the end product is less than the atomic mass of the original nuclide by approximately
A radioactive nuclide is emitting beta-particles at a certain rate. When this radioactive nuclide is heated to a very high temperature, the rate of emission of beta-particles will
The mean lives of a radio-active substance are 1620 and 405 years for alpha and beta emmision respectively. Find the time during which 3/4 of sample will decay if it is decaying both the alpha and bet
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ?1. Alpha iron....non magnetic2. Beta iron....strongly magnetic3. Gamma iron....non-magnetic and capable of dissolving carbon.4. Delta iron....non-ma
When a radioactive nucleus emits an alpha particle, the mass number of the atom
The half life period of a radioactive substance is best determined by counting the number of alpha particles emitted per second in a Geiger Muller counter from its known quantity. If the half life per
When alpha and beta particles are slowed down by collisions, they become
Which of the following radioactive wastes emits all α, β & γ rays and hence is the most hazardous of all radioactive emitters

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