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Foresight : Anticipation then Insomnia :
Foresight : Anticipation :: Insomnia :
Foresight : Anticipation :: Insomnia
Jobs in call centers are highly _____ leading to alarming consequences like hypertension, insomnia, coronary malfunctions among the young employees.(A) stressful(B) laborious(C) taxing(D) dangerous(E)
The back staff reading on a B.M. of R.L. 500.000 m is 2.685 m. If foresight reading on a point is 1.345 m, the reduced level of the point, is
During levelling if back sight is more than foresight
Which of the following statements are TRUE?P: If f∈L1(ℝ), then F is continuous.Q: If f∈L1(ℝ) and lim|x|→∞f(x) exists, then the limit is zero.R: If f∈L1(ℝ), then f is bounded.S: If f∈
Iam facing south. I turn right and walk 20 m. Then I turn right again and walk 10m. Then I turn left and walk 10m and then turning right walk 20m. Then I turn right again and walk 60m. In which direct

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