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Who among the Pandavas is the son of god of justice Dharma
Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing. His brother is a staunch atheist.(A) While Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing .....(B) Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing whereas .....(C) Since Laks
Statement:Economic development and social justice should go hand in hand.Assumptions:I. Only economic development can bring social justice.II. Life without social justice is worth not living
Justice M.B. Lokur, the recently appointed Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, is the erstwhile Chief Justice of
A person gave RS 2500 to his eldest son,5/12 of the whole property to the second son and to the youngest as much as to the first and second son together. how much did the youngest son get
The philosopphical essence, "The world is but God manifest and God is my own soul" may be traced to the
Person who believe that God is everything and everything is God

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