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Ravan was also a skilled ________
For which of the following power plants highly skilled engineers are required for running the plants
The rainfall ________ a country varies ________ place to palce and also from year ________ year
Which of the following problems are decidable? 1) Does a given program ever produce an output? 2) If L is a context-free language, then, is  also context-free? 3) If L is a regular language, then,
I. Out of the total loans ________ by the bank, the largest share was for infrastructure.II. The trees ________ throughout the area
I. The nest ________ of the case is after two months.II. After the accident her ________ has been affected
I. They left ________ after breakfast.II.It is difficult to find a ________ person for this job
Rajesh is labouring ________ a misapprehension, but labouring ________ a cause
An environment where insurance is plentiful and sold at a lower cost, also known as a Buyers market is called ________
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