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60% of the employees in a factory are unskilled and the rest are skilled. If 35% of the skilled employees are women and the numbers of skilled male employees are 156, then the total number of employee
5 skilled workers can build a wall in 20 days; 8 semi-skilled worker can build a wall in 25days; 10 unskilled workers can build a wall in 30 days, If a team has 2 killed, 6 semi-skilled and 5 unskille
Ravan was also a skilled ________
For which of the following power plants highly skilled engineers are required for running the plants
The Vijayanagara king who employed skilled archers of the Turkish clan and raised the fighting capacity of his bowmen was
The civil service was defined as "professional body of officials, permanent, paid and skilled" by—
As the importance of skilled labor declined in the early nineteenth century, the United States developed a self-conscious working class
The rainfall ________ a country varies ________ place to palce and also from year ________ year
The rise time (tr) is the time it takes for a pulse to rise from its ________ point up to its ________ point. The fall time (tf) is the length of time it takes to fall from the ________ to the _______
When performing binary addition using the 2's-complement method, an ________ can occur if ________ are of the same ________; the error is indicated by a(n) ________

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