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Two sides of a plot measure 32 meters and 24 meters and the angle between them is a perfect right angle. The other two sides measure 25 meters each and the other three angles are not right angles.What
A perfect cube is an integer whose cube root is an integer. For example, 27, 64 and 125 are perfect cubes. If p and q are perfect cubes, which of the following will not necessarily be a perfect cube
The Length of a plot is four times is breadth. A playground measuring 1200 square meters occupies a third of the total area of the plot. What is the length of the plot in meters
There is a plot which is rectangular in shape and it area is 460 square metres. What will be breadth of the plot if length of plot is 15% more than the breadth of plot
W walked 40 meters towards West, took a left turn and walked 30 meters. He then took a right turn and walked 20 meters. He again took a right turn and walked 30 meters. How far was he from the startin

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