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The mean lives of a radio-active substance are 1620 and 405 years for alpha and beta emmision respectively. Find the time during which 3/4 of sample will decay if it is decaying both the alpha and bet
Which of the following is the correct way to create an object of the class Sample Sample s = new Sample(); Sample s; Sample s; s = new Sample(); s = new Sample();
What will be the output of the program (sample.c) given below if it is executed from the command line cmd> sample 1 2 3 cmd> sample 2 2 3 cmd> sample 3 2 3 /* sample.c */ #include int main(i
In alpha decay (α-decay) proton number of parent nuclide
Half life of substance is 20 minutes. What is the time between 33% decay and 67% decay
Statement: Of all the radio sets manufactured in India, the 'X' brand has the largest sale. Assumptions The sale of all the radio sets manufactured in India is known. The manufacturing of no other

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