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Point P is 10m to the West of Point A. Point B is 2m to the South of Point P. Point Q is 6m to the East of Point B. Point C is 2m to the North of Point Q. Which of the following three points fall in a
If O is origin and C is the mid point of A(2, -1) and B(-4,3) Then value of OC is
A cantilever beam AB, fixed at A and carrying a load W at the free end B, is found to deflect by δ at the mid-point of AB. The deflection of B due to a load W/2 at the mid-point will be
A simply supported beam of span L carries a concentrated load W at its mid-span. If the width 'b' of the beam is constant throughout the span, then, when the permissible bending stress is 'f', the bea
Consider the following statements :1. Point of contraflexure is the point where the bending moment is maximum.2. Point of cantraflexure is the point where the bending moment changes sign.3. Point of c
Statement:Provide mid day meals to the children in primary schools to increase the number of students attending schools.Assumptions:I. Mid day meals will attract the children to the schools.II. Those

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