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The voltage applied to an R-L circuit at t = 0 when switch is closed is 100 cos (100 t + 30°). The circuit resistance is 80 Ω and inductance is 0.6 H (in which initial current is zero). What is the
The current flowing in a certain P-N junction at room temperature is 2 x 10-7 Amp. When a large reverse biased voltage is applied. Calculate the current flowing when 0.1 volts is applied
A current of 4 mA is flowing through a wire for 2 minutes, then charge flowing through wire will be
A part of an electric circuit which is used to limit amount of electric current flowing through circuit is known as
In a closed circuit the e.m.f. and internal resistance of a battery are E and R respectively. If an external resistance R is connected to the battery, the current flowing through the circuit shall be
A series R-C circuit with R = 3 Ω and XC = 4 Ω at 50 Hz is supplied with a voltage V = 50 + 141.4 sin 314 t. What is the RMS value of the current flowing through the circuit
A dc network has an open circuit voltage of 5 V. When its terminals are short circuited a current of 5 A flows through the short circuit. If the short circuit is removed and a resistance of 1.5 Ω is
Consider the following statements:1. There are no east flowing rivers in Kerala.2. There are no west flowing rivers in Madhya Pradesh.Which of the statements given above is/are correct

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