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If the packing density (α) is defined as the volume of the fiber unit volume of filter bed, the velocity within the filter void space is equal to (where V is velocity in fluid void space and V0 is un
Oat cereal has more fiber than corn cereal but less fiber than bran cereal.Corn cereal has more fiber than rice cereal but less fiber than wheat cereal.Of the three kinds of cereal, rice cereal has th
A 0.5 m high bed made up of a 1 mm dia glass sphere (density 2500 kg/m3 ) is to be fluidised by water (density 1000 kg/m3 ). If at the point of incipient fluidisation, the bed voidage is 40%, the pres
What will be the output of the following program #include class Bix { int x, y; public void show(void); void main(void); }; void Bix::show(void) { Bix b; b.x = 2; b.y = 4; cout<
Bed pressure drop in an air fluidised bed of catalyst particles (ρp = 200 kg/m3, Dp = 0.05 cm) of 60 cm bed depth and bed porosity of 0.5 expressed in cm of water (manometer) is
A bed consists of particles of density 2000 kg/m3. If the height of the bed is 1.5 metres and its porosity 0.6, the pressure drop required to fluidise the bed by air is

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