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A level when set up 25 m from peg A and 50 m from peg B reads 2.847 on a staff held on A and 3.462 on a staff held on B, keeping bubble at its centre while reading. If the reduced levels of A and B ar
A dumpy level was set up at mid-point between pegs A and B, 80 m apart and the staff readings were 1.32 and 1.56. When the level was set up at a point 10 m from A on BA produced, the staff readings ob
A dumpy level was set up at the midpoint between two pegs A and B, 50 m apart and the staff readings at A and B were 1.22 and 1.06. With the level set up a A, the readings at A and B were 1.55 and 1.3
The two-peg test in the adjustment of a dumpy level employs the principle that
In an aerial photo, the image of the top of a tower is found to be 10 cm from the centre of thephotograph. If the height of the tower is 100 m and the flying height of the aircraft is 1000 m above the
The staff reading at a distance of 80 m from a level with the bubble at its centre is 1.31 m. When the bubble is moved by 5 divisions out of the centre, the reading is 1.39 m. The angular value of the
The discharge through a wholly drowned orifice is given by (where H1 = Height of water (on the upstream side) above the top of the orifice, H2 = Height of water (on the downstream side) above the bott

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