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If a sine wave's frequency equals 25 MHz, its period equals _____
Assertion (A): A half cycle of sine wave can be expressed as sum of sine wave and another sine wave shifted by T/2 where T is the time period.Reason (R): The function u(t - t0) - u(t - t0 - T) is a ga
The antenna current of an AM broad cast transmitter, modulated to a depth of 40% by an audio sine wave is 11 amperes. It increased to 12 ampere as a result of simultaneous modulation by another sine w
If a sine wave's period equals 50 ms, its frequency equals _____
A sine wave with a period of 4 ms is changing at a faster rate than a sine wave with a period of
A sine wave is passed through an amplifier which severely limits it symmetrically. If then passes to a second amplifier which is narrow band and tuned to the frequency of the original sine wave. What
If a sine wave has a frequency of 500 Hz, the period in seconds of the sine wave is
If the period of a sine wave is 0.001 second, the frequency of the sine wave is
An FM signal is modulated by an 8 kHz sine wave and has maximum and minimum frequencies of 100.05 MHz and 99.95 MHz respectively. Its deviation frequency is
For a FM wave the carrier is 160 MHz, modulating frequency is 15 kHz and frequency deviation of 1 MHz if modulating frequency is doubled, the band width will be

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