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One red, three white and two blue flags are to be arranged in such a way that no two flags of the same colour are adjacent and the flags at the two ends are of different colours. The number of ways in
A home security system provides a security codes for a door, which consist of five buttons. Code may be generated by pressing any one button, any two, any three, any four, or all five buttons. How man
Assertion (A): In 8085, P flag is for parity checking.Reason (R): If the result of ALU has even parity, P flag is set and if the result has odd parity, P flag is reset
Assertion (A): In 8085, the zero flag is set when ALU operation results in 0. If the result is not 0, this flag is reset.Reason (R): In 8085 the S flag is set when the contents of accumulator become n
Name the military exercise that is going on between Japanese and US military in northern Japan
Match the following: List I (Instruction) List II (Flag's getting affected)A.ORI1.CY resetB.DAA2.CY reset and AC resetC.PCHIL3.S, Z, AC, P, CY flags affected 4.S, S, P are modified 5.No flags affected

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