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Sodium tri poly phosphate (STPP) is manufactured by reaction of phosphoric acid with sodium
Sodium tri poly phosphate (STPP) is chemically represented as
Sulphuric acid is mixed with ground phosphate rock (to produce phosphoric acid) in a steel digestor lined with
Leaching of phosphate rock by strong __________ acid produces phosphoric acid
Triple superphosphate which contains about 46% P2O5 is produced by the reaction of phosphate rock with ortho phosphoric acid of____percent concentration
Tri-sodium phosphate is used in boiler water treatment to reduce
Phosphoric acid is produced in wet process from phosphate rock and
Action of phosphoric acid on rock phosphate produces
0.6 mol of barium chloride in solution is mixed with 0.2 mol of sodium phosphate, the amount of barium phosphate produced is

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