NTSE Entrance Part 2

50 mcqs | 60 minutes

3. A hygrometer measures

6. The common gas used in our refrigerator

9. Alum is added with muddy water to

10. Fuel in Automobiles is a mixture of

16. Which one of the following is known as “King of Chemicals”

18. Deacon’s process is used for the manufacturing of

20. Dalton’s Law of partial pressure is obeyed in which one of the following pair of gases

21. Covalent linkages is formed by

22. The acceleration due to gravity is zero at

27. When chlorine gas is passed through NaoH, it forms

29. The value of plank’s Constant

31. If ethanol reacts with oxygen it produces

38. As per Law of Conservation of energy during a process or system of transformation of energy,

41. A person using convex lense must be suffering from

42. Pascal’s law hold good for

44. Which of the following force is responsible for taking a gas ballon upwards

46. Alloy is a homogenous mixture of

49. Molecular weight of a substance is equivalent to

50. In which of the following preparation Hydrogen is not used

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