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The attributes that are valued by the customers are classified as
customer leverage advantage customer advantage competitor inspired advantage relied advantage
Attributes that are not included in measure attributes are identified as
Dimension attributes Monitor attributes Unmeasured attributes Protected attributes
Type of iterator which is used to list types of attributes that are included in query result is call...
positional iterator named iterator unnamed iterator non-positioned iterator
Type of attributes that are applicable to specific subclasses is classified as
local attributes
Form of dependency in which set of attributes that are neither a subset of any of keys nor candidate...
transitive dependency full functional dependency partial dependency prime functional dependency
E-R model allows attributes that are
The type of attributes that are applicable to specific subclasses is classified as
aggregate attributes segregate attributes public attributes local attributes
In an undivided rectangle of E-R diagram, the attributes that are part of the primary key are
Underlined Bold Capitalized Italic
What are the two method attributes that are used while submitting the forms?
There are similarities between the instructor entity set and the secretary entity set in the sense t...
Commonality Generalization Similarity Specialization
The algorithm which displays line-type attributes by plotting pixel spans is
Raster line algorithm Random scan algorithm Random line algorithm Raster scan algorithm
Which of the following request attributes that an error-handling servlet can access to analyse the n...
javax.servlet.error.status_code javax.servlet.error.exception_type javax.servlet.error.message All of the above.
What are the predefined attributes
A. xml:lang B. xml:space D. none. C. both
Data that can be modeled as dimension attributes and measure attributes are called _______ data
Multidimensional Singledimensional Measured Dimensional
The UI Element and the Context Attributes of Webdynpro are linked. The process of doing this is call...
Binding Linking UI Linkage UI Link
Which one of the following is a set of one or more attributes taken collectively to uniquely identif...
candidate key Sub key Super key foreign key
Which is a bottom-up approach to database design that design by examining the relationship between a...
Functional dependency Database modeling Normalization decomposition
Which of the following statements are TRUE about an SQL query? P : An SQL query can contain a HAVING...
P and R P and S Q and R Q and S
Relation R has eight attributes ABCDEFGH. Fields of R contain only atomic values. F={CH?G, A?BC, B?C...
in 1NF, but not in 2NF. in 2NF, but not in 3NF. in 3NF, but not in BCNF. in BCNF.
Which of the following attributes are common to both audio and video
enter control controls All of the mentioned
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