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If n(A ) = m, then Np(A) =
2m 2n
In the regular secondary structure in proteins, there is a common motif named as
?-helix ?-strands ?-Sheet Hydrogen bonding
If n(A ) = m, then Np(A) =
2m 2n 22m 33m
What will be the output of the following Python code? def c(f): def inner(*args, **kargs):...
0 1 3 4
What is the output of the following code? function [die,absdif] = BDO(y,x) die = y-x; if nargout...
Boo! p=0 q=0 Boo! p=NaN q=NaNcorrect Error p=NaN
If n(A)=n(B)n(A) = n(B) then:
n(A−B)=n(B−A)n(A- B) = n(B- A) n(AB)=n(A)+n(B)n(AB)= n(A) + n(B) n(A−B)=n(A)−n(B)n(A- B)=n(A)-n(B) n(AB)=n(B)−n(A−B)n(AB) = n(B) - n(A-B)
If n(A)=n(B)n(A) = n(B) then
n(A−B)=n(B−A)n(A - B) = n(B - A) n(AB)=n(A)+n(B)n(AB) = n(A) + n(B) n(A−B)=ϕn(A - B) =\phi n(AB)=n(B)−n(A−B)n(AB) = n(B) - n(A - B)
What is full form if NAV?
Net Assetment Value Nill Asset Value No Asset Value Net Asset Value
If Na = a2+2a+3, what is the value of N10 ?
213 200 133 123
If NaOH is added to the solution of CH3COOH
H+ ions increases pH decreases C2H3O2- increases HC2H3O2 increase
If n(A)=10, n(B)=30,n(C)=50 and if set A, B, C are pairwise disjoint then which of the following is...
All of the mentioned n(A U B U C)=90 n(A U B)=0 n(B U C)=0
If n(A)=20 and n(B)=30 and n(A U B) = 40 then n(A ∩ B) is?
10 20 30 40
If n(A)=10, n(B)=20, c=5 in the given Venn diagram. Find a and b.
a=10 and b=15 a=15 and b=10 a=15 and b=5 a=5 and b=15
If n(A)=5 then number of relation on 'A' is:
225 25 52 none
Number of onto (surjective ) functions from A to B if n(A)=6 and n(B)=3 is
26−2 340 36−3 540
If n(A)=4, n(B)=3, n(A×B×C)=24,thenn(C) is equal to
1 12 2 288
If n(A)=3,n(B)=4 and f:A→B, Then
Number of one-one functions is 24 Number of one-one functions is 64 Total number of function is 128 Total number of function is 64
If n(A)=115, n(B)=326, n(A-B)=47, then n(A∪B) is equal to
165 370 373 none of these
What is Tabu's real name
Taslim Khan Tabukul Hashimi Tabassum Fatima Hashmi Tania Hshimi
Name of the Kingdom developed by Pandavas
panchal ghandhar Hastinapur Indrapastha
A binary search tree whose left subtree and right subtree differ in hight by at most 1 unit is calle...
AVL tree Red-black tree Lemma tree None of the above
Which of the following special symbol allowed in a variable name
A. * (asterisk) B. | (pipeline) C. - (hyphen) D. _ (underscore)
In general, the binary search method needs no more than ……………. comparisons
[log2n]-1 [log2n] [logn]+1 [log2n]+1
Name the ridhi who cursed Pandu
Raishi Valmiki Rishi Durvasa Rishi Vyasa Rishi Kindam
Who was bestowed with unique vision to narrate the happenings of the war to King Dirtharashtra
Bhalikha Vidura Sanjaya Kripacharya
Which Pandava vowed to kill the evil Dushasana and drink his blood when he molested Draupadi
Sahadeva Arjuna Bheemasena Nakula
Which apsara wanted marry Arjuna when he was in Indraloka
Urvashi Rambha Menaka Tilottama
The divine bow of Bhagavan Shiv at king Janak's palace was broken by ________
Parasuram Ram Lakshman Ravan
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