Multiple Choice Question

Nektons are
Which is not a steroid hormone
Middle lamella mainly contain
Hormones primarily connected with cell division is
An isolated population with equal number of blue-eyed and brown eyed individuals was decimated earthquake. Only a few brown eyed individuals survived to form next generation. the change in gene pool is
Enterokinase is
QUESTION    Q.74) One of the following is the function of cerebellum
Endoparasitic protistan protozoans belong to
Life cycle in Chlamydomonas/Ulothrix/Spirogyra is
Carrier ions like Na+ facilitates the absorption of substances like
A flower is zygomorphic when
QUESTION 567 A homopolymer has only one type of building block called monomer repeated n number of times. A heteropolymer has more than one type of monomer. Proteins are heteropolymers made of amino acids. While a nucleic acid like DNA or RNA is made of only 4 types of nucleotide monomers, proteins are made of: {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
Excretion in tadpole is
In which part of interphase chromosome does transcription occur
C4 -cycle was discovered by
A linear polymeric biomolecule with reducing and non-reducing ends is
If global warming continues, organism facing severe threat is
Prokaryotic enzyme with 5' →3' exonuclease property is
Study the statements given: (i) Human dentition is thecodont, diphyodont and heterodont. (ii) Enamel is produced by ameloblast while dentine is produced by odontoblast. (iii) Frenulum connects tongue to the buccal cavity. (iv) The liver is bilobed and weighs 1.2 to 1.5kg. (v) Pancreas is both exocrine and endocrine
In genetic code dictionary, codons used to code for all the 20 essential amino acids are
Assertion (A) : All the endodermal cells of the root do not contain casparian thickenings on their radial walls and transverse walls Reason (R): Passage cells are found in endodermis
The bond formed between phosphate and pentose sugars of DNA is
In humans, Philadelphia chromosome is formed by reciprocal translocation between chromosomes
Which one has evergreen vegetation and drought adapted animals
Following are four statements. Find out the correct combination. 1. Glucose has high threshold value. 2. Urine is concentrated in Henle’s loop. 3. Hemodialysis removes urea, uric acid, glucose , and proteins. 4. In glomerulus, urea , uric acid, water, glucose and plasma proteins are filtered out| C.E.T.Chd. 2001
Auxins are mainly produced by
Ionosinic pathway occurs in
Metamerism is characteristic of
Under non limiting environmental conditions, there will be
Cannibals feed on
Which one does not involve osmosis
Active transport across biomembrane involves
Which one is not petrocrop
Identify the scientists who worked extensively on chlorophyllous and nonchlorophyllous thallophytes respectively Iyengar       2. Swaminathan Mehta       4. Maheshwari
Complex formed during immune complex mediated hypersensitivity are removed by
Lymphoid leucosis disease of poultry is caused by
Complete turns in 45000 bp DNA would be
Select the correct statement :-
Methane gas producing field is
Production of gastro-intestinal secretions and movement soon after ingestion of food are brought about by
Alcoholic fermentation is carried out by
1) Plantaep) Aechaebacteria2) Fungiq) Euglenoids3) Protistar) Phycomycetes4) Moneras) Algae asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:29"> Match and find the correct options .. …
1) Plantaep) Aechaebacteria
2) Fungiq) Euglenoids
3) Protistar) Phycomycetes
4) Moneras) Algae

Number of ATP produced from one pyruvic acid during conversion of acetyl CoA is
An insectivorous plant is
Most abundant, harmful and universal waste product of metabolism is
A symbiotic bacterium is
A narrow layer of thin-walled cells found between phloem/bark and wood of a dicot is
Element present in middle lamella is
Origin of life occurred in
Millets belong to
Presently which view is considered best for turgor changes in guard cells
Zygomatic arch of rabbit (mammals) is formed of
RQ is less than one for
Which of the following stimulates growth or call enlargement
Connective tissue around seminiferous tubules possess endocrine cells called
Phylloclades are
Herbicides kill plants by inhibiting
Z-DNA and B-DNA differ in
The term ecosystem was coined by
Red rot of Sugarcane and white rust of Radish are respectively caused by
Embryo sac is monosporic when it develops from
Angiosperms differ from gymnosperms in having
Fatty acids and glycerol are first absorbed by
Glucose is carried from digestive tract to liver by
Inflorescence is collection of
Who was the first to the idea of fixity of species
Amoeba taken downstream to estuary will show
Protozoan found commensal in human is
Overall goal of glycolysis, Krebs cycle and electron transport system is formation of
Formation of embryo from vegetative cells derived from zygote is called
"Lock and Key" model of enzyme action illustrate that a particular enzyme molecule
Apophysis in the capsule of Funaria is
Which one of the following processes during decomposition is correctly described
R.Q. is maximum when respiratory substrate is
Which one of the following substances, if introduced in blood stream would cause coagulation of blood at the site of its introduction
In hierarchical classification class interpolated between
Sal forest is a
Body cavity of Hydra is called
What is true of mitosis
Gastrin is
Bending of stem/coleoptile towards light or shoot of potted plant placed near a window is due to
Assertion: In humans the gamete contributed by the male determines whether the child produced will be male or female Reason: Sex in human is polygenic trait dependent upon the cumulative effect of some gene on X-chromosome and some on Y-chromosome
Cuticle is secreted by
The ovule of an angiosperm is technically equivalent to :
1 has tall plants with rounded seeds. What is the proportion of dwarf plants with wrinkled seeds in F2 generation asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:27"> A tall plant with round seeds (TTRR) crossed with a dwarf wrinkle seeded plant (ttrr). F1 has tall plants with rounded seeds. What is the proportion of dwarf plants with wrinkled seeds in F2 generation
Lignin occurs in the cell walls of
Unwinding due to release of coiling tension ahead of moving replication fork is due to ... ... [
Latest trend in plant disease control is
Which is not properly matched Kerala 2008
Acromion process is part of
Digestion of both starch and protein is carried out by
Rearrangement of genes occurs due to
Water soluble vitamins are
Match the columns and choose the exact combination .. a)Ommatidia i)Articulation with thorax b)Trochanter ii)For vision c)Coxa iii)Forming exoskeleton d)Sclerite iv)Fused with large and stout femur
Gibberellin was first discovered from a
In photosystem I, the first electron acceptor is
Cell 'A' with O.P = 10 atm and T.P. = 5 atm is in contact with cell 'B' having O.P = 15 atm and T.P. = 12 atm. The flow of water will be
Which is not a product of root
Chemiosmotic coupling hypothesis of oxidative phosphorylation proposes ATP synthesis because of
QUESTION    Q.460) Autonomic nervous system affects
Double fertilization results in formation of
Which is not detectable in birds
Chromatid bodies occur in Entamoeba during
One seeded winged fruit is
Two cross between the same pair of genotypes / phenotypes in which the sources of gametes are reversed in one cross are called
Ergot is obtained from
Mendel formulated the law of purity of gametes on the basis of
Which leads to acidosis
Fungi differ from algae in being
Most of the fossils occur in rock
Cleistogamous flower is found in
Stanley Miller's experiment supports
Blood cells involved in inflammatory reactions are
Vivipary is characteristic of
2 is carried in blood as asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:26"> CO2 is carried in blood as
During physiological and physical condition some changes observed in seed, is knows as
Bacteria having a tuft of flagella at both the poles are
Identify the membrane across which proton gradient promotes ATP synthesis in eukaryotic cell
Leaves become modified into spines in :
Which initiated study in population genetics and related fields
New cells generate from
A group of related genera which resemble each other in floral characteristics represent
Wings of bat/bird and insect show
Cycas occurs commonly in
Haploid and monoploid numbers of chromosomes of hexaploid what are
Drupes are called stony fruit as they have
Which one is not a pteridophyte
QUESTION    Q.376) Middle ear contains
Main function of glomerulus is
Pineapple (Ananas) fruit develops from
Physiologically active form of phytochrome is
Secretions from which one of the following is rich in fructose, calcium and some enzymes
The point of attachment of funicle with body of ovule is
A : Tropism is unidirectional R : Specific modifications observed in plant due to tropism
Which one is the common anticoagulant used for preserving blood
Marasmus is caused by deficiency of
Removal of proximal convoluted tubule from the nephron will result in :
A loose mantle is present over the body in
Pila shows summer
Which one is a non renewable resource
Cell aggregate plan is found in
Inulin is a
Meristematic tissue occurs in
Simplest type of canal system is
Aflatoxicosis in poultry is due to
Which is used as a weedicide
Which function as directed or indirect food of all marine creatures
0 - F1 particles occur on asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:24"> Oxysomes or F0 - F1 particles occur on
Food level of an ecosystem are known as
Which is not correct about plasmid
Sperm of Fern enters an archegonium due to
Klinefelter's syndrome has
Tt × tt is
Which mutation / variation is not hereditary
The relation πν = nRT is not obeyed by
Restriction enzyme are used in genetic engineering because they
Pick out the correct statements : … (a) Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessive disease (b) Down's syndrome is due to aneuploidy (c) Phenylketonuria is an autosomal recessive gene disorder (d) Sickle cell anaemia is a X-linked recessive gene disorder
Restriction endonuclease functions by inspecting:{submitted by Adhithyan js}
One of the inflammatory reaction induced by histamine is
Alleles of different genes found on same chromosome may separate due to
Mycorrhiza acts as
The correct sequence of decrease in the bond angle of the following hydrides
Find out the odd one in nitrogen cycle
Which one is not endangered
Which one is an incorrect match
Most inhabitants of Kolkata suffer from bronchitis. It is due to excess
Which is related to evolution
Science linking heredity with environment is
Yield of Rice increase by
Which one of the following sequence represents mRNA codes from DNA segment with base pairs as ......... GAG CGA ACA ......... CTC GCG TGT
In an ecosystem the rate of production of organic matter during photosynthesis is termed as :
Radioactive tracer studies with 14C have shown that
The motile bacteria are able to move by :
A bilateral larva transforms to radial adult in
Vitamin A is produced from carotene in
The length of alimentary canal is more in herbivorous animals than the carnivorous animals because
Which one of the following is a short day plant
Which one is responsible for opening and closing of stomata
Plants requires two metallic compounds (minerals) for chlorophyll synthesis. they are
Major loss of water in transpiration occurs through
Immediately after ovulation, the mammalian egg is covered by a membrane called
Which of the following element shows oxidation state + 1 to + 5 in its oxide
Bundle of His passes stimulus of contraction to
2 released from body is asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:22"> pCO2 released from body is
Which of the following is not connected with wildlife conservation
How many types of gametes will be produced by an organism with AaBBCc / AABcCc genotype
a) Cyclostomatap) Hemichordatab)Avesq)Urochordatac)Tunicatesr)Agnathad)Balanoglossuss)Piscese)Osteichthyest)Tetrapod asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:22"> match the columns and select the correct option …
a) Cyclostomatap) Hemichordata

Difference systolic and diastolic pressure is
Zoochlorellae and zooxanthallae present in Hydra are
Stomata open at night in
In order to remain linked, the distance between two genes should not increase beyond
Who studied sex-linked inheritance for first time
Triploblastic animals have primarily
Read the following statements carefully and identify the plasmid; (i) This is constructed from the plasmids of Ecoli, pBR 318 and pBR 320. (ii) It contains origin of replication (ori) that was derived from a plasmid related to naturally occurring plasmid Col E. (iii) It also possesses genes conferring resistance to antibiotics-Ampicillin (ampr) and tetracycline (tetr), and unique recognition sequence for 40 restriction endonuclease. (iv) It is 4,363 bp in size.{submitted by Adhithyan js}
In blue green algae, product of photosynthesis is
R.Q. is more than one when the substrate is
Polyribosomes are aggregates of
Read the following statements regarding the digestive system and select the correct statement
The most primitive of monerans are
Algae often float on surface of water during day but sink down during night due to
Homoiothermal animals are
In elasmobranchs, oviducts are called
If Avogadro number NA, is changed from 6.022 × 1023mol-1 to 6.022 × 1020mol-1, this would change
Biogenetic law/ recapitulation theory was proposed by
The term chromosome was coined by
If more than single species of fish is cultured at a time, then it is called
Carbon monoxide is pollutant as it
CAM plants for not show photorespiration due to
Blackman's law was conceived in connection with
Who demonstrated that life comes from life with the help of flask with boiled broth
There are two ways of exploitation. One way is parasitism. Which is the other one
Difference between bone and cartilage is of
Monocot characteristics are
F.C Steward is associated with
Meiosis occurs in ferns at the time of formation of
Role of Leydig cells is
The precious marriage gift in Japan is
Inflammatory response in allergy is due to release by mast cells of
Which one has ss RNA
World Summit on Sustainable Development was held in
Polyarch and exarch condition is found in
What is true of plasmid
FSH is involved in
A major use of embryo culture is in ,,,
In the absence loop of Henle
Which one contains maximum energy
Main mineralocorticoid hormone?{CPMT 2009]
Milk is spoiled/ fermented/curdled by
Asthma may be attributed to :
Radially symmetrical animal with tissue grade of organization and diploblastic body wall is found in
Sharpey's fibres occur inside
Agar-agar commonly used in bacterial cultures and medication is obtained from
Release of oocytes / ova from ovary is
Structures called beads on string are
Ringer solution contains
Mycorrhiza are useful for
In a 50g living tissue, the amount of water would be
Which is regional pollution
Which does not occur in the cells of higher plants
Which of the following lipid is essential part of good diet
Which is most effective way to conserve plants diversity of an area
Genes located on differential region of Y-chromosomes are called
Which of the following is correctly matched for the product produced by them
Pearl oyster belongs to the class
Species listed in Red Data Book are
Which one acts as artificial kidney in haemodialysis
In which of the following fruit dispersal occurs by grazing animals
Which one is absent in erythrocytes
Insect is distinguishable from crustacean by
For ascent of sap, capillary force theory was first proposed by
Which activity in plant is observed due to ethylene
2Cl2 and SCl2. The equivalent mass of sulphur in SCl2 is asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:19"> Sulphur from the chlorides S2Cl2 and SCl2. The equivalent mass of sulphur in SCl2 is
0 g of magnesium is burnt with 0.56 g O2 in a closed vessel. Which reactant is left in excess and how much (At. wt. Mg = 24; O = 16)
Stimulant cocaine is obtained from
Ozone is passed through swimming pool because it
Fruits have fructose for
QUESTION Q435 Most animals that live in deep oceanic waters are
Transpiration differs from evaporation in
Photosystem has main light harvesting pigments
Blood vessel in Pheretima having valves is
Both intracellular and extracellular digestion occur in
First seed plants evolved during
Fusion of sperm and ovum is
Descending arrangement of caregories is called
Pick up the correct statement A) Mitosis occurs in somatic cells and meiosis in germ cells B) DNA replicates once in mitosis and twice in meiosis C)Mitosis and meiosis occur both in sexually and asexually reproducing organisms
A component of cytoskeleton is
Sesamoid bone (ossified tendon) is
Identify the correct set of three parts
Root hairs are
Changes in GnRH pulse frequency in females is controlled by circulating levels of :-
Assertion: Stomata remain open during day time Reason: Stomata help in exchange of gases
Fruit dispersal in Asteraceae is usually by
A plant used to treat bone fractures is
High temperature in malaria occurs after completion of
Antibiotic are
Dispersal of Coconut fruit occurs by
Which is used in recombinant DNA technology
In metaphase of mitosis, the chromosomes
Floral bud tendril is found in
PS II performs
Codon AUG specifies
Sulphur is absorbed by plants as ... ..... [ Har PMT
Photolithotrophs (photoautotrophs) obtain energy from
Government of India is putting more stress on planting quick growing trees which yield better fodder and fuel. It is under
Chloroplast of Ulothrix is
A woman with blood group O marries a man of AB blood group. The blood group of their child would be
Parallelism is due to
In the chart of photophosphorylation , what does 'a' represent
Horn Toad is
Lungs do not collapse between breaths and some air always remains in the lungs which can never be expelled because :-
QUESTION    Q.91) In human beings total visual field and stereoscopic visual field are respectively
Flavr Savr Tomato has increased
The kind of epithelium which forms inner walls of blood vessels is
Filtration occurs in
Which one is not characteristic feature of subphylum vertebrata
Natural selection theory was given by
Rennin acts on
Philadelphia chromosome occurs in patients suffering from
During mitosis ER and nucleolus begin to disappear at
Changes that convert larva into adult constitute
Curdling of milk in small intestine would occur with the help of
hydra cut into two pieces will result in
The outer covering of cartilage is called
Fertilizin is
Graves’ disease is due to
Ethanol is produced from starch as raw material by the activity of
Viroids differ from viruses in
In Drosophila female has a pair of chromosomes
Volume occupied by one molecule of water (density = 1 g cm–3) is
Double stranded DNA virus with 20,000 base pairs has nucleotides
Molecules having charged group of opposite polarity are
Glomerular filtrate contain glucose on comparison to plasma
In nephron, water absorption is maximum in
Very large animal with a single nostril is
Diatom frustules/shell is made of
Which one non renewable energy source
Pyrolysis of wood yields
The total number of electrons in 3 g of KHto that in 1.8 g of H2O
Secretion of pancreatic juice is stimulated by
During cell growth, DNA synthesis takes place in:-
Carbon dioxide is liberated during
Inflorescence of Compositae/Asteraceae is
In genetic engineering antibiotics are used
Path of energy flow in an ecosystem
Family Fabaceae belongs to series
Some chemosynthetic bacteria use energy obtained from oxidizing
Coenocytic condition is found in
In skip generation inheritance of colour blindness, the trait from a colour blind man is passed on to
Juxtaglomerular apparatus is made of
Fixation and reduction of CO2 require
The space between plasma membrane and cell wall of a plasmolysed cell surrounded by hypertonic solution is occupied by
Alkaptonuria is caused by a
Ovulation occurs under the influence of high titre of
Life cycle is haplontic in
Development of haploid plants from pollen is
Coleorhiza is cap-like covering over
Food poisoning is due to
The ability of the Venus Flytrap to capture insects is due to (2005)
QUESTION    Q.319) Appetite and satiety centres of brain are present in
A test cross is performed to know
Which is incorrect about the process of gastrulation
In food web, hyenas and vultures are
A phylum common to unicellular animals and plants is
Which one is a unit of measurement of water potential/osmotic pressure
Most modern breeds of domestic Dog have evolved through
Which one is a protein hormone
Secondary growth does not occur in monocots as their vascular bundles are
When cell has stalled DNA replication fork, which checkpoint should be predominantly activated
Highest degree of polymorphism is found in
In ecological succession from pioneer to climax community, the biomass shall C.P.M.T. 1991
Phytoalexins produced by plants in response to fungal infections are
Milky water in green Coconut is
Osphradium is meant for
Amount of saliva secreted per day is
"Project Tiger" in India was launch in
Read the following statements carefully and answer the correct one from the codes given below: (I) Growth is unidimensional, permanent and reversible change. (II) Growth is unidimensional, permanent and irreversible change. (III) Growth is polydimensional, permanent and irreversible change. (IV) Growth increases the dry weight of growing part
Which of the following is not a mammalian character
Prolactin is secreted by
An individual having different alleles of a gene is
Higher frequency of melanic moths and DDT resistance in mosquitoes are examples of
Latest classification of biological kingdom has been proposed by
Rh factor was discovered by
Joint of sternum and ribs is
Anaphase promoting complex (APC) is a protein degradation machinery necessary for proper mitosis of animal cells. If APC is defective in a human cell, which of the following is expected to occur
Enzymes controlling metabolism in mature sieve tubes are formed on instructions from DNA of
The first formed nitrogenous waste of vertebrates is
Lomentum is
Beer is fermented from
Which is not applicable to tRNA
Flowering depended on cold treatment is
IAA helps in formation of
Heart muscles are
Respiration differs from combustion in
Which one is not a coelenterate
Large irregular ovoid cells found in areolar tissue are
QUESTION    Q.293) Correct sequence of meninges of brain from outside to inside is
Which element pair is essential for photolysis
Which structures perform the function of mitochondria in bacteria
Diabetic patients are advised to take more of mushrooms as they contain … [ MHT CET 2010
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is influenced by gene flow, genetic drift, mutation, genetic recombination and
Imbibition involves
Which does not take place in short day plants
A guano telic animal is
Chondrichthyes is characterized by
Metabolism of one palmitic acid yields ATP … ..[ CBSE 2000
Glenoid cavity articulates :
A component of xylem is
An intermediate host is absent in case of parasite
Number of fertilized eggs in ootheca of Cockroach is
Shield- shaped cotyledon/scutellum occurs in
pteridophytes are called vascular cryptogams as they are non-seeded plants containing
Replum is characteristic of family
NPK denotes
Which one is glucose
A chemical signal that has both endocrine and neural roles is :
Diphtheria is characterized by
Read the statements: (i) Whale is the largest fish known. (ii) Duck billed platypus is a flying mammal. (iii) prototherians act as a connecting link between reptiles and mammals. (iv) Eutherians are characterised by true placentation {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
Cell plate is formed during
Klinostat is employed in the study of
Foramen ovale
Restlessness, intolerance to temperature and increased metabolism is due to
QUESTION    Q.281) Under prolonged starvation , brain receives energy from
Point of sperm entry forms
Which is the most important for origin of life
Sir J.C. Bose proposed a theory of ascent of sap known as
Ranganathittu Sanctuary (Mysore) is known for population of
Joint where synovial capsule and synovial fluid are lacking is
Characteristic feature of halophyte is
Helicobacter pylori causes
Humus is
Among the following oxides, the least acidic is
Ecology was coined by
Blood calcium level is lowered by deficiency of
In ATP high energy bond occurs between
Respiratory enzymes occur in
Absence of enzyme in small intestine will severely affect digestion of proteins
Which among these are produced without distillation of fermented broth (a) Whisky (b) Wine (c) Beer (d) Rum (e) Wine
Which one yield drug for malaria ... CPMT 1995]
2 generation would be asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:12"> If red eyed ( dominant) fly is mated with white eyed ( recessive) fly, the ratio of red to white eyed in F2 generation would be
Xenia and metaxenia are related to
Elongated peduncle bearing pedicellate flowers continuously in acropetal order is
A portion of uric acid is changed into urea and ammonia by intestinal
Testes occur in Cockroach in abdominal segments
In humans, sex is determined by
Nucleotide is composed of
Which ones are the most primitive amongst the following
Fluidity of biomembranes is observed through
The transforming principle of Pneumococcus as found out by Avery, MacLeod and MCCarty was
Which one is vestigial in humans
In C4 plants, Calvin cycle operates in
Column IColumn II(i) K(a) Beri-beri(ii) D(b) Haemorrhagic diseases of new born(iii) B1(c) Night blindness(iv) A(d) Rickets asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:11"> Following are vitamins in column I and deficiency diseases in column II
Column IColumn II
(i) K(a) Beri-beri
(ii) D(b) Haemorrhagic diseases of new born
(iii) B1(c) Night blindness
(iv) A(d) Rickets

A cell organelle with folded inner membrane is disrupted with ultrasonic breaker. Its fragments can synthesise ATO. The organelle is
Pseudocoel occurs in
Find the matching pair
Children of father with 'O' blood group and mother with 'AB' blood group would be
QUESTION    Q.478) Cornea is transplantation is successful as cornea is
Eutrophication is excess growth of
Malpighian/Bowman’s/renal corpuscles occur in
Egg of silk moth is
Level of estrogen and progesterone are minimum at the time of
Chloroplasts are found in the spores of
Which of the following is not used for crop improvement
Muscular tissue is differentiated into
Cytoplasmic male sterility is passed down
Class bivalvia is characterized by
Arrange the fruits in descending order of the chambers of the ovary they develop ... ... (a) Carcerulus (b) Schizocarp (c) Cremocarp (d) Regma
Brown algae have a characteristic pigment of
What is the main origin of cytokinin
First step in protoplasm fusion is
Which one propagates through leaf tip
An organism carrying mutated gene is
The body of arthropods is covered by
Totipotency is present in
Which exhibits vivipary
If Hydra is broken into pieces
In a sigmoid growth curve, ‘lag phase’ indicate
Drug for deworming poultry is
A bicollateral vascular bundle is characterised by
When a mammal swallows, the food is prevented from going up into the nasal cavity by the
Which of the following members of family solanaceae is rich in vitamin C
Clematis and Naravelia are dispersed by air with the help of
Bicarpellary syncarpous ovary with axile placentation is found in
Fungal flagellum originates from
Muscles of Hydra are
Phase of cell cycle when DNA polymerase is active
Which one grows over molluscan shell
Scientific name of Sunn Hemp is
The name mitochondria was given by
Natural sink of stratospheric ozone is
Which hormone facilitates child birth/parturition
Which of the following salivary gland is unpaired
Pyrenoids are characteristically found in the chloroplasts of
Ligament is mainly formed of
Phylum mollusca can be distinguished from other invertebrates by the presence of
Which one represents serine
A fungus which requires only one single host for completion of its life cycle is called
Sweet Potato is homologous to
The inflorescence of Grass/Sedge/Rice/family Gramineae is
Chemoautotrophs derive their energy from
Bending of stem towards light is
World environment day is
The respiratory enzyme are located in
Vernalization is
Which one is not a function of insulin
Sugar fructose is present in the secretion of
Which of the following is vestigial in humans
Moth pollinated flowers have
Which one of the following is a matching pair of an animal and a certain phenomenon it exhibits
Brain sand occurs in
Which one possesses characters of both plants and animals
Thallus of Riccia is
Immunological destruction of body tissue product due to antibodies reacting with same as antigen is called
Jacob and Monod won Nobel Prize for their work on
In a protein, amino acids are linked by
Portion of gene which is transcribed but not translated is
Aedes spreads
in a typical heart, if EDV is 120ml and ESV is 50ml, the stroke volume (SV) is
Bile juice helps in the digestion of fat due to presence of
A person has protruding eyes, tachycardia and higher body temperature. He is suffering from
A free living roundworm occurring in very large number in soil is
Eutrophication of water bodies leading to killing of fishes is mainly due to non-availability of
Pancreas secrete hormones
Which group possesses an exoskeleton of scales and paired copulatory organs
Cohesion theory of ascent of sap was proposed by
Arachnida, Crustacea, Myriapoda and Insecta are classes of
Pollination by ants is
Cuticle of Ascaris is secreted by
Plant cells kept in hypertonic solution will get
If the critical angle for total internal reflection from a medium to vacuum is 30°. Then velocity of light in the medium is ---{AFMC 1997]
An edible fresh water teleost is
Jaundice is a disease of
A radially symmetrical free swimming bioluminescent diploblastic marine organism is
Pear fruit are gritty due to occurrence of
A cross involving parents differing only in one trait is
Trisomy of 21st chromosome results in
Intra-articular disc occurs in
Peak concentration of ozone occurs in the atmosphere above a highest of
Which of the following is a synthetic auxin
Cell membrane is not permeable to
A free living nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium which also forms symbiotic association with Azolla is
Which of the following human pathogens is a flagellate protozoan
Which set is correctly matched
Which of the following causes point mutation
Which are derivatives of endoderm
Main function of mRNA is
Stages in proper sequence of Prophase I are
Which of the following statements is /are not true? … a) One ATP yields 32Kj of energy b) Pentose phosphate pathway was discovered by Dickens c) When tripalmitin is used as substrate, R.Q. is 0.7 d) Energy released by one molecule of glucose on complete oxidation corresponds to 1292KJ
QUESTION    Q.270) Which of the following is the tenth cranial nerve
Increased asthmatic attacks in certain season are related to
Which is not characteristic of telophase 1. Chromatin condenses to form chromosomes 2. Nucleolus, Golgi complex and ER reform 3. Nuclear envelope assemble around chromosomes cluster 4. Centromeres split and chromatids separate 5. Chromosome clusters and their identity is lost
Largest living lemur idri idri occurs in
Maximum damage to forest cover is caused by
What is the source of EcoRI
Amount of bilirubin in icterus/jaundice would be
Bat, Whale and Human share the following trait
Pea seeds absorb more water and swell up more as compared to Paddy seeds due to
Acromegaly is due to hyper-secretion of hormone from
Which avian feature indicates reptilian ancestry
The substance which causes a definite change in genes is called
Puncturing elements in mouthparts of female Anopheles are
Maximum CO2 fixation occurs in
Which of the metabolites is common to respiration mediated breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins
Which part of the world has high density of organisms
Which of the following is not required for PCR? {submitted by Adhithyan js}
Fight-or-flight reactions cause activation of :
Eggs of egg laying mammals are
Assertion: Megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis to produce four megaspores Reason: Megaspore mother cells and megaspores both are haploid
Hiccough ( hiccup) is due to activity of
Memberss of phylum platyhelminthes are called
In hair pin model of RNA which nitrogen base occurs at the short end
A cross AaBb and aabb yields
Which is common trait of mammals
LSD is derived from
Which one is a tracheate group
Minerals known to be required in large amounts for plant growth include: …[AIPMT 2015]B27
Stem may function in
Partial removal of liver is not harmful because
Assertion a: In syconus type of fruit, the achenes formed are fewer than total number of flowers in the inflorescence Reason r : Upper and middle flowers do not develop into fruits
Which represents a condition of highly reduced motility
In which type, the stomata are present exclusively on the upper surface of the leaves
Cross-like configurations when non-sister chromatids of bivalent come in contact during first meiotic division are
Which one does not occur in cell vacuoles
Adaptive radiation is
Chipko movement was launched for protection of
Which is a microbial insecticide
What is true of Krebs cycle
Funaria is
The term eumitosis is used for
Leghaemoglobin takes part in
Which one gives the most valid and recent explanation for stomatal movements
Which is not function of vacuole in plant cell
Isinglass is used for
Mendel's work was got republished in 'Flora' by
Chromosome number is halved during
2 is asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:02"> In alveolar air, partial pressure of CO2 is
The process of taking in CO2 by plants and releasing O2 is component of
Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H.Whittaker is not based on :
Hormone produced more in dark is
Pick a bushy trailing herbaceous gymnosperm
Xylem produced through centrifugal differentiation is
In resting stage, binding sites for myosin on actin filaments are masked by
Auxin causes cells to absorb water from hypertonic medium because
In Groundnut seeds are
If haemophilic female survives and marries a normal male, the theoretical ratio of their offspring regarding haemophilia will be
Trophic levels in ecosystem are formed by
Growth substance that stimulates noudle formation in leguminous plants is
Organisms which obtain energy by oxidation of reduced inorganic compounds are
Petiole part of the leaf is also known as
In Rhizopus, hyphae are
Enzymes, vitamins and hormones are common in
A dominant intracellular cation is
One of the free living anaerobic nitrogen fixer is ( C.B.S.E. 2010)
Transplantation of tissues/organs fails often due to non-acceptance by the patient's body. Which type of immune-response is responsible for such rejections
Main objective of production of herbicide resistant GGM crops is to
Chordates possess: {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
Which of the following is not a character of protista
Tail vertebrae of birds form
Chlorophyll appears green because it
In a dorsiventral leaf, protoxylem and metaxylem are located respectively
Bacterial flagella are formed of
2 generation what percent of progeny would resemble parents asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:01"> grain colour of wheat is determined by three pairs of polygenes. A cross was made between AABBCC (coloured) and aabbcc (light). In F2 generation what percent of progeny would resemble parents
“ Taxonomy without phylogeny is similar to bones without flesh” is the statement of
Respiratory substrate yielding maximum number of ATP molecules is
A mature male gametophyte is formed from pollen mother cell by
In Bohr's effect, the curve shifts to right when
Nature of fruit developing from a flower depends upon the type of
Which one has alternate striation and is correctly matched
Short term immunity is provided by
Cell organelles having acid hydrolysis/ digestive enzyme are
What should be given if an anemic person has large, immature nucleated erythrocytes
Parenchymatous cells filling the space between dermal and vascular tissue is
Which is essential component of chlorophyll
Thoracic duct is associated with
Which of the following viruses has DNA
Characteristic bracts associated with spikelet inflorescence of grasses are
A temporary endocrine gland formed in ovary after ovulation is
Energy from light reaction is transferred to dark reaction in the form of
Select the correct matches i) Nitrosomonas – nitrite to nitrate ii) Thiobacillus– denitrification iii) Nostoc – free living nitrogen fixer iv) Azotobacter – anaerobic nitrogen fixer
Mammalian blastula is known as
Which of the following is the Pribnow box
Shizocoelomates and enterocoelomates are
In Rabbit and Humans , the kidney is
Identify the plant tissue in which lignin is absent
Heart wood is
Toadstools can not manufacture their food because they
Anthrax is due to a
2 but phosphorus is converted into P4 from P2. the reson for this is asked on Feb 24, 2019 05:00"> Nitrogen forms N2 but phosphorus is converted into P4 from P2. the reson for this is
Streptomycin is useful for treatment of pathogens
Involuntary muscular contraction is called
Kanha National Park is located in........and is famous for
Growth regulators are chemically
Gas being produced by paddy fields and involved in global warning is
Ascorbic acid is vitamin
Housefly feeds on sugar by
Carbon dioxide assimilation occurs through
Centrioles occur in
Which one of the following is a non – reducing carbohydrate
In artificial system, the organisms are classified on the basis of
Lime is added to soil which is
Edible part of Mango is
QUESTION    Q.23) Diencephalon is related to
In Pea, Castor and maize, the number of cotyledons are respectively
Which one is exception to Mendel's principle of dominance
Stage of embryo development at which implantation occurs in human female is
A common feature of cockroach and housefly is that both
Non-keratinised stratified epithelium occurs in
Which is product of oxidative pentose phosphate pathway
Epitherm is associated with
Thorn of Bougainvillea is modified
greater is the distance between the two genes on a chromosome
Extra nuclear DNA occurs in
Excess carbohydrates and proteins are stored in body as
Some flowers ( e.g. Oxalis) open in the morning and close during evening because of
Occurrence of excess urea in due to kidney failure is
Stratification is more common in
Which pair of disease is viral
Glucose is taken back from glomerular filtrate through
Growth rings are formed by the activity of
A monkey with prehensile tail is
Perianth occurs in family
Which of the following is correct pairing of site of action and substrate of rennin
Book lungs occur in
GoldenRice is variety rich in
Increase in glucose level is called
Which pair of spiracles are borne dorsolaterally over the tergum instead of pleura
In Cycas the endosperm is
Chlorophylls absorb visible light of wavelengths
a)Fatty acid1.Glutamic acidb)Phospholipid2.Tryptophanc)Aromatic amino acid3.Lecithind)Acidic amino acid4.Palmitic acid asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:57"> Match the following ... ....
a)Fatty acid1.Glutamic acid
c)Aromatic amino acid3.Lecithin
d)Acidic amino acid4.Palmitic acid

Which of the following regions of the brain is incorrectly paired with its function
In higher animal blastopore generally forms
Leafy gametophytes occur in
Which of the following pairs of structures is homologous
A point mutation is
Which pollutant causes (a) Damage to neuron (b) Dryness in throat (c) Headache and blurred vision
70 S ribosomes are seen in
Which one is an amphibious plant
Malpighian body/renal capsule is constituted by
QUESTION    Q7) Which is the correct sequence of taxonomic categories
Karyotaxonomy is based on
Select the correct match from the following
Drugs causing embryo malformation during pregnancy are called
Photosynthesis in C4 plants is relatively less limited by atmospheric CO2 because
Secretin stimulates secretion of
Ferredoxin in
Three fundamental characters of all chordates are
Which one is used for dating archaeological specimens like bones, shells and wood
The oldest fossil record of blue green alga is 2.9 billion years old. It is
Characteristic free swimming larva of coelenterates is
Actin binding sites are located over
In lichen, fungus has
A disease found only in males is
Prokaryotic ribosomes are
In Pinus, male and female cones occur
Amount of water a soil can hold against pulls of gravity is called
Gene pool of a population tends to remain stable if the population is large, without large scale mutation, without migration and with
Which one of the following statements in not true
Illicium is modified
Single-celled eukaryotes are included in
CY) has a colour blind sister (XCXC) and a normal brother (XY). What is genotype of father and mother asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:56"> A colour blind man (XCY) has a colour blind sister (XCXC) and a normal brother (XY). What is genotype of father and mother
Breaking of acrosome membrane is
Which one resides in the mouth of human beings
Which of the following is a matching set of animals regarding their symmetry
Peat Moss is
Which defines the position and presence of template and coding strands in transcription unit ... ... kerala 2012 ]
Mycoplasma differs bacteria in the absence of
Number of chromosomes in male grasshopper is
Which pair of features represents polygenic inheritance
Assertion : In fungi, sexual apparatus decreases in complexity from lower to higher forms reason: In algae, sexual apparatus increases in complexity from simple to higher forms
Which blood vessel has the largest amount of urea
An incomplete ecosystem is
All protozoans possess
Whale is a mammal living in cold waters. Its adult has no hair. This indicates that the whale
Which one belongs to anthozoa
Who proposed cell lineage/cell always arises from pre-existing cell
Urge for urination starts as bladder comes to have urine
In grazing food chain, carnivores are
Four daughter cells formed during meiosis differ from each other due to
Which is wall-less and smallest living cell
In which of the animals rectum passes through pericardium
Anxiety and eating spicy food in normal human may lead to
Pneumatic bones, four chambered heartand feathers occur in
tRNA has the function of
Where will you look for sporozoites of malarial parasite
Umbilical cord contains
Hardest substance of the body is
Continental drift explains
Dwarfness can be controlled by treating the plant with (2002, 1992)
Core metal of chlorophyll is
+ - K+ pump is to enable asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:55"> Function of Na+ - K+ pump is to enable
RBCs are nucleated in
Assertion: Corpus luteum is produced by Graafian follicle after ovulation Reason: It secretes estrogen which necessary to maintain pregnancy
bacteria that are smallest in size are
Jurassic period belongs to era
In ECG, P-wave refers to
Vascular bundles of monocot is
Which type of dormancy is found in seed causes physiology and external dormancy
Root pressure may be caused by
An opiate narcotic is
In active transport. ATP energy is used by carrier proteins to transport materials
A mother is afflicted by Down's syndrome caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21. Father is normal. Percentage of offspring affected by the disorder would be
Name the equipment used in measurement thermal behaviour of water
Mitochondrial matrix has enzyme for
AIDS spreads due to
Water absorption by root hairs occurs until
Exponential growth occurs in
Gharial is
Hybrid breakdown is failure of ,,, ,,
Widal test is used for the diagnosis of
Sago comes from
Which are the part labelled as A, B and C sequentially in the figure
In DNA molecule
Nicotiana is
Plant body is gametophytic and bears haploid gametes in
The phenomenon of closely placed genes being inherited together is
Cleidoic eggs occur in
Krishna/Ratna and 'Jaya' are varieties of ,,,
Excretory product of mammals is generally
According to induced fit theory of enzyme action
The enzyme called universal enzyme which is present in all organisms starting from Protozoans to mammals is
Vasopressin’s is mainly responsible for
Human vertebral column contains 33 vertebrae and -bones
Biotic components of an ecosystem include
a) Apple1. Outer portion of receptacleb) Coconut2. Fleshy thalamusc) Jackfruit3. Thalamus and pericarpd) Guava4. Endosperme) Pineapple5. Bract, perianth and seeds asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:45"> Match the columns ...
a) Apple1. Outer portion of receptacle
b) Coconut2. Fleshy thalamus
c) Jackfruit3. Thalamus and pericarp
d) Guava4. Endosperm
e) Pineapple5. Bract, perianth and seeds

QUESTION    Q.492) Too short eye ball and too flat lens produce
Which plant show movement from intense light to dim light
Allosteric modulation is due to inhibition of coenzyme action by
Plant cell kept in saline drop will
Under certain conditions, scientists have got cell-like structure but without its true organization. They are called
Mesoglea of hydra is
In C3 plants first stable product of photosynthesis during dark reaction is
QUESTION    Q.220) A student has problem in reading as he is unable to contract his
People at high risk of getting HIV infection are
Neries, an aquatic form is .......... but earthworm and leeches are ........ . (
Xylem fibre is
Life span of Ascaris infection
Coacervates are
Select the correct set of animals of the same class: {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
Which one is emergency gland
The distinct features of fabaceae are
Casparian strip contain
Choose the correct pair
According to the vital force theory, ascent of sap is due to active pulsation of innermost layer of cortex. This theory was given by
Which family is characteristic representative of monocotyledonous plants
Oxidative phosphorylation refers to
Ozone protects biosphere from high energy
In order for amphibians to be more successful on land, they had to develop which of the following {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
Isomorphic alternation of generations is found in
Electron transport requires
i) Yellow cellsa) Primordial germ cellsii) Oval sphincter poresb) Totipotentiii) Basal cellc) Deaminationiv) Parietal layerd) Septum 14/15 asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:44"> Match the column ..... [ EAMCET 2005]
i) Yellow cellsa) Primordial germ cells
ii) Oval sphincter poresb) Totipotent
iii) Basal cellc) Deamination
iv) Parietal layerd) Septum 14/15

Amoeba touched with needle will … ans:d
The movement of free atoms from higher concentration to lower concentration is called
Blood is red but there are no red blood cells in
Chromosomes are concerned with
" All enzymes are proteins". This statement is now modified because of exception to this
Vegetative propagation in Mint occurs by
Chemically epinephrine is
3 n the hydride of phosphate is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:43"> PH3 n the hydride of phosphate is
The smallest angiospermic/dicot parasite is
Nonfunctional part of pituitary is
A mutation results in change in
If the mean and median pertaining to a character in population are of the same value, which is likely to occur
Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease
Rhabdites occur in
Bull Frog of India is ,,,
Dominant producers of neritic zone of sea are
QUESTION    Q.140) Structure connected with vision of Rabbit is
Effective filtration pressure in glomerulus is due to
3 solution asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:43"> When excess of water is added to BiCl3 solution
Tick the correct matching
Poisonous fangs of a snake are modified
The end products of protein hydrolysis is
Which communities are more vulnerable to invasion by outside plants and animals
Feeling of fatigue after running fast for some time is due to
Assertion : Leaver assists indigestion of fat Reason: Heptaic secretioncontains bile salt which emulsify fat
Succulents perform CO2 fixation
Mollusca is differentiated from other by
Natural system of classification was proposed by
The main nitrogenous waste of hydra is
Which is not a fungal disease
Which of the following compound is not known
In thin-leaved mesophytes, stomata open during the day and closed during the night. They belong to
In adult human beings, growth and cell division stop in
In photosynthetic electron transport system, Mn ions are associated with
Which is a special feature of porifera
Scion is term used in relation to
Disease caused by female Culex is
Period of suspended growth due to exogenous condition is termed as
Farmers cannot use seeds of plant showing hybrid vigour in successive years because
Consider statements a - c about pollution (a) To control air pollution all Delhi buses were asked to run on unleaded petrol by the end of 2002 (b) Electrostatic precipitator can remove 99% of particulate matter from thermal power plant exhaust (c) It is possible to estimate amount of organic matter in sewage water by measuring BOD. of the above statements
organelle connected with glycosidation of proteins is
Which plant and animal represent endangered organisms in India
Axile placentation occurs in
Whittaker proposed
Trichome take part in
In lac operon, lactose acts as
Flight muscles of bird are attached to
Mammalian thymus is mainly concerned with
Which processes of Krebs cycle are associated with both decarboxylation and dehydrogenation
Given below are the characteristic features of a fish. Identify the fish with the following features: (i) Body is covered by closely fitting shields. (ii) Head is prolonged into a tube like snout bearing small terminal mouth. (iii) Male possess brood pouch for incubating eggs. (iv) Males exhibit parental care. (v) Tail is prehensile used for anchoring. {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
QUESTION    Q.105) Fructose 6-phosphate is changed to fructose 1,6-diphosphate by
Spindle fibers attach on to :-
Edible part in the fruit of Hesperidium is
Alleles of gene are found on
An association of individual of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interaction is
Synandrous condition is fusion of
Credit for establishing nucleus as biological entity goes to
The sequence in evolution of horse was
Surface for attachment of tongue is
A major characteristic of the monocot root is the presence of :
Primitive type of stomata occur in Moss over
Blood buffer is formed of
Slow rate of decomposition of fallen logs in nature is due to
QUESTION    Q.5) Which is mismatched
Oxidative phosphorylation occurs during
A flower which can be divided into two exactly equal halves by any vertical division passing through centre is
Flavr Savr variety of Tomato is
Malpighian tubules are
What is true of mycoplasma
A normal green male Maize is crossed with albino female. The progeny is albino because
Which one is initiated by secretion of trophoblast
Main function of loop of Henle is
Which one is phosphoprotein
Ammonia and sodium hypochlorite reacts to produce
In nerve cells, proteins are synthesised in
Ovule is .... .. {MHTCET 2010]
Pulsation theory was proposed by
Cellulose is major component of cell wall of
Sertoli cells are called
Lysosomes are formed from
Which of the following diseases is not caused by virus
Product of fermentation of glucose by Yeast is
Which of the following does not operate in the carrier concept of active absorption of minerals
Size of filtration slits of glomerulus is
Saliva contains enzyme
One of the legal methods of birth control is
Which human cell does not contain mitochondria
Proximal end of the filament of stamen is attached to the
What type of placentation is seen in Sweet Pea
Which is not a characteristic of Taenia
In nomenclature
Which locomotory movement is not correct
QUESTION    Q.455) Organs of Ruffini are receptors of
The largest nematocysts of Hydra are
Acorn worms are included in
In micturition
Black water fever is caused by
Consider the alternatives given below and choose the correct answer from the code given: Hemichordate is; (i) Marine (ii) Fresh water (iii) Proboscis (iv) Proboscis gland. (v) Gills. (vi) Large group of worms
An internal factor in transpiration is
Number of ganglia present in nerve cord of Cockroach is
Chloragogen cells are
A nitrogen fixing fungus is
Assertion: Fish meal is a rich source of protein for cattle and poultry Reason: Fish meal is produced from non edible parts of fish like fins and tails
Beta diversity is diversity
Ecotone is
What is produced when succinyl CoA is changed to succinate
2AsO4- is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:39"> The oxidation number of As in H2AsO4- is
QUESTION    Q.489) Cells of Deiter occur in
Which one inhibits protein synthesis by binding to 50S ribosome
Yeast completes cell cycle in
Pith is produced by
The creation of proton gradient across thylakoid membrane is a result of
Number of chromosome groups at equatorial plate of metaphase I of a plant body having 2n =50 chromosomes shall be
QUESTION    Q.292) Aqueous and vitreous humours are separated by
Plants use Zinc as
How many PGAL molecules would regenerate 15 RuBP
QUESTION    Q.6) Animals which see well during night have abundant
Biopiracy is
Soil carried by gravity is
Attraction of water molecules to polar surface is known as
Mental retardation in man associated with sex chromosomal abnormality is due to
a)Artemisia species1. Insecticideb) Solidago species2. Santoninc) Eclipta alba3. Dropryd)Chrysanthemumroseus4. Tonic in spleen enlargement asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:39"> Match the columns ... ..
a)Artemisia species1. Insecticide
b) Solidago species2. Santonin
c) Eclipta alba3. Dropry
d)Chrysanthemumroseus4. Tonic in spleen enlargement

An organ not formed from ectoderm is
Steroid hormone regulating glucose metabolism is
Conifers are found in
DCMU inhibits
A filament of Nostoc without its mucilage sheath is called
The first to activate dormant embryo is
External water is not required for fertilization of
Colour of flower petals is due to
In an inflorescence two types of centripetally arranged sessile flowers with hair-like sepals occurs. Which one is not associated with them a)Nectar glands at base of corolla b) Axile placentation c) Superior ovary d) Scaly bracts
In lathyrus odoratus, cross between two purple flowered plants gives a pink/white progeny. it is due to
A system of classification that is based on evolution, order and ancestry is known as
Fusion of dissimilar gametes is
Aristotle divided animals into
Edible part of fleshy fruit is
Which structure are found in mycoplasmas, spirochaetae and rickettsias
A semi-indispensible amino acid for human consumption is
14N medium. The two strands of DNA molecule of the first generation bacteria have asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:38"> Escherichia coli fully labeled with 14N medium. The two strands of DNA molecule of the first generation bacteria have
A fall in glomerular filtration rate activates
Eroded soils are
The infective stage of Fasciola hepatica is
The largest leaf belongs to
Maximum number of ATP is synthesized during oxidation of
Which causes oriental sore
Element involved in stomatal regulation, its opening and closing is
Monocot stem has
Component of ETC of mitochondria is
Part of enzyme which combines with non-protein part to form functional enzyme is
Rate of transpiration will increase if
Harmful substances released by bacteria are
Which one of the following is matching set of a phylum and its three example
Process of genetic mutation is
At a temperature above 35°C
Number of erythrocytes per mm3 of human blood is
Circulatory system of Cockroach is present
Bt in popular Bt-Cotten/Brinjial stands for
Which layer of uterus undergoes cyclic changes during menstrual cycle
Effect of day length duration on plant development/flowering is
QUESTION    Q.119) Cranial nerves supplying eyes are
2 plants out of 16 asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:37"> A cross between pure tall Pea plant with green pods and dwarf Pea plant with yellow pods will produce short F2 plants out of 16
Which pair has haploid nature
What does not occur in exophthalmic goitre
Out of 36ATP molecules produced per glucose molecule during respiration
Which has been eradicated
Seed of Pinus contains
Which of the following is a rapid type of water absorption
(a) Bicuspid valve(p) Brain(b) Nephron(q) Liver(c) Alveoli(r) Heart(d) Cerebrum(s) Kidney-- ---(t) Lungs asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:37"> match the columns ... ..
(a) Bicuspid valve(p) Brain
(b) Nephron(q) Liver
(c) Alveoli(r) Heart
(d) Cerebrum(s) Kidney
-- ---(t) Lungs

In plants water moves from
White Rust of Crucifers is due to
A vestigial tooth is
What will be the effect of accumulation of K+ ions in guard cells
Double helical structure of DNA was proposed by
One of the following is not a trait of prototherians
Auxin suppresses growth of
Pith parenchyma generally lacks
Anther culture/androgenesis is used to produce
Which is correct about human embryonic development
A common chamber for all the canals of a sponges is / Cavity present in all sponges is
Rhizosphere microflora exhibits
In moss, antheridia and archegonia occur at the tips of two different branches of the same plant. The condition is called
An enzyme not used in Krebs cycle is
Assertion: Inflammation of skeletal joint may immobilize the movements of the joints Reason: Uric acid crystals in the joint cavity and ossification of articular cartilage lead to this A.I.I.M.S.2006
QUESTION    Q.162) Dorsal root of spinal nerve contains
In which animal both intracellular and intercellular digestion occurs
A vestigial organ in man is
Protein present in cartilage is
On the basis of rRNA genes, bacteria are divided into
On the basis of symptoms of chlorosis in leaves a student inferred that this was due to deficiency of nitrogen. This inference could be correct only if we assume that yellowing of leaves appeared first in
Which is dominant trait
Modes of controlling pollution in large cities include
Meiosis II fails after completion of meiosis I. The phenomenon is
The first division in zygote of Selaginella is
Silent valley having rare plants and animals is located in
Foetal movements and appearance of hair on head occur in .. ... moth of pregnancy
Sea Lettuce is
Normal range of urea in 100 ml of human blood is
Correct sequences in a food chain is
QUESTION    Q.245) Main function of cerebellum is
Parathyroid gland generates. Which activity is disturbed
During cold, hairs are raised to near vertical position by
Pathogenicity of leprosy and tuberculosis is due to
Green house effect is the cumulative result of the influences of certain gases. Identify the gas which is not involved in this influence
The size of clay particles is
Sporogonium of Polytrichum possesses
Lenticels are patches of
Stroma is ground substance of
Among the following edible fishes, which one is a marine fish having rich source of omega-3 fatty acids
Auxanometer is required for
Cotyledon of maize grain is called :-
How many g of dibasic acid (mol. weight 200) should be present in 100 ml. of the aqueous solution to give strength of 0.1 N
A flask-shaped fleshy receptacle enclosing both the types of flowers is present in
Myelin sheath is produced by
Which is correct about leucocytes
Which one of the following categories of animals is correctly described with no single exception in it? {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
A cell organelle containing hydrolytic enzymes is :-
Entamoeba histolytica resides in human alimentary canal
What is correct about the following statements … a) Glycolysis occurs in cytoplasm of the cell b) Aerobic respiration occurs inside mitochondria c) ETS occurs in outer mitochondrial membrane d) C51H98O6 is tripalmitin e) RQ = volume of CO2 eliminated/volume of O2 consumed
Lichens are composite organisms consisting of an alga and
Matrix of hyaline cartilage contains
Which one of the following show discontinuous distribution
4.7H2O (A), CuSO4.5H2O (B), ZnSO4.7H2O (C), MnSO4.4H2O (D), isomorphous salts are asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:35"> Among FeSO4.7H2O (A), CuSO4.5H2O (B), ZnSO4.7H2O (C), MnSO4.4H2O (D), isomorphous salts are
Study the statements and choose the right option ... a) Buds are present in the axils of leaflets of a compound leaf b) Pulvinus leaf base is present in some leguminous plants c) In Alstonia the petioles expand, become green and synthesis food d) Opposite phyllotaxy is seen in Guava
Bright coloured fleshy fruits are dispersed by
Sharks and ray belong to class
Mycorrhiza is
A single flower with multiple ovaries produces
Cyanobacteria originated on earth about
identify plants which slow modification of axillary buds into tendrils and hooks respectively ... .. [ EAMCET 2008] a) Hugonia b) Duranta c) Passiflora d) Dioscoea
Synthetic drugs structurally related to adrenaline are
Which has the thickest wall
Which one is not related to telophase
Which one of the following will not control particulate pollutants
QUESTION PEPco is associated with
End products of aerobic respiration are
Transitional layer between stratosphere and mesosphere is
Nuclear envelope is a derivative of :
Find out the correct statements ... ... Seeds of Pea are exalbuminous Fruit of Peach is drupe Seeds of Tomato are albuminous Fruit of Coconut is berry
Which of the following is mobile mineral element in plants
Chemiosmosis theory of ATP synthesis in chloroplasts and mitochondria is based on
Seed dormancy is induced by
Cacti storing water in leaves are
A plant with both male and female flowers /sex organs borne over it is
A protective layer around testes is
PCl on hydrolysis gives
QUESTION    Q.454) The branched tree-like structure / Tree of life present in the cerebellum is
Plague is caused by
Find the correct answer: For germination of angiospermic seeds ..... (1) On hydration the seed germinates showing increased enzyme activity (2) Respiration rate of germinating seeds increases along with increased enzymatic activity (3) Increase in respiratory rate continues till senescence (4) Rate of enzymatic activity increases
Select the wrong pair
Pick out the incorrect statement
Sacred groves are useful in
Which one is not a pseudocarp
Which one of these animals is not a homeotherm
Validity of Mendel's law of segregation is established when
Point out the correct method of showing scientific name of Coconut Palm
Hard shell, muscular body, ommatophores and foot are description about
Which one belong to Platyhelminthes
Bioenergy is obtained from
Raw material of respiration is
Assertion : To give scientific name to a plant there is ICBN Reason: It uses articles photographs and recommendations to name a plant
A person undertaking prolonged fasting has certain abnormal constituents in urine
Presence of vestigial organs supports
A human female with Turner's syndrome :
Type of WBCShape of Nucleusa) Neutrophilsp) Kidney-shapedb) Eosinophilsq) S-shapedc) Basophilsr) 3-5 lobesd) Monocytess) 2 lobes- -   - -t) disc-shaped asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:33"> Match the type of WBC with Shape of Nucleus ...
Type of WBCShape of Nucleus
a) Neutrophilsp) Kidney-shaped
b) Eosinophilsq) S-shaped
c) Basophilsr) 3-5 lobes
d) Monocytess) 2 lobes
- -   - -t) disc-shaped

Excitation of chlorophyll by light is
What is the function of lymphocytes
Component of blood responsible for producing antibodies is
The highest number of species among the following belong to
A mollusca differs from others by presence of
Branch dealing with study of cell is
In Colocasia, vegetative reproduction occurs by means of
A plant will lose its economic value if the fruit are induced through parthenocarpy
Trophozoites of Plasmodium occur in
Flowers which have single ovule in the ovary and are packed into inflorescence are usually pollinated by
Which one is connected with cell division
MIC and Chernobyl tragedies occurred at
Final stage of tissue culture before new plants are taken out for cultivation is
The three important oxidation states of phosphorus are
Enzymes associated with converting fats to carbohydrates are located in
Chalina is
Which of the following is an example of thermonasty
The expression 'gynoecium is apocarpous' implies that
Assertion Dried seeds of Pea are kept in tin, water is poured over them up to upper level. A lid is put tight over it. Within an hour the lid is blown off Reason Due to rapid cell division in Pea seeds
Photorespiration occurs in
Procaryotes possess
Pseudo metamerism occur in
Plants which provide pulses belongs to family
Lenticels do not occur on
Major aerosol pollutant in jet plane emission is
Silk obtained from silkworm is a
Interacting populations are
Parietal placentation occurs in family
Name the larva of starfish
A condition in which body's internal environment remains relatively constant within limits is
Late blight of Potato is due to
Xerophytes posses
Fossilization is
In hypogeal germination plumule comes out of ground due to elongation of
Rhizomes can be differentiated from roots in
Which one has always an upright/steeper vertical gradient
Which ones secrete calcium carbonate and appear like corals
SO2 pollution effects
In the complete absence of which the duodenal digestion of chyme proteins not possible
QUESTION    Q.458) The sweet taste is better detected by
1 generation. presuming the genes to be present on different chromosomes, the percentage of F2 individuals which are heterozygous for both the gene pairs would be asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:31"> Cross between homozygous black rough ( BBRR) guinea pig and homozygous white smooth guinea pig ( bbrr) produced black and rough animals in F1 generation. presuming the genes to be present on different chromosomes, the percentage of F2 individuals which are heterozygous for both the gene pairs would be
Use of antihistamines and steroid give a quick relief from
QUESTION    496) Which is the particular type of drug that is obtained from the plant whose one flowering branch is shown below
Statement a: To counteract the increase in turgor pressure in plant cells the cell wall produces an equal and opposite pressure i.e. wall pressure Statement b: When plant cells undergo endosmosis, they swell but do not burst
Phloem sap is mainly made of
The nitrogeneous metabolic waste in Hydra is mostly
Sea Cows belong to
Human being are
Obesity of face, hyperglycemia and virilism is females are characteristics of …[ AMU 209
Centric discoid form of diatom is
dB is standard abbreviation used for the quantitative expression of
Cotton fibre is basically a type of
Aquatic reptiles are
Which one is not properly paired
A specific system found in Bat is
The empirical formula for Chlorophyll a is
Plant and animal cell divisions differ in
A rocky area, once bare, is now a green forest . The sequence of succession has been
QUESTION    Q.156 Point in eye from which optic nerve and blood vessels leave the eye ball is
Amphivasal or leptocentric vascular bundles are found in
Water is a resource
Low level of progesterone and estrogen stimulates production of
Which is not cat
Father of pearly industry is
QUESTION    Q.66) 3rd, 6th, and 11th cranial nerves are
Q184) A thick layer of cuticle on the surface of Ascaris indicates
Alien species introduced into lake Victoria that was responsible for extinction of cichlid species of
Pusa Swarnim a variety of Brassica is resistant to
X-rays cause mutation by
To increase lactation/milk yield, cow is given
Consider the statements ... .. (i) rRNA provides template for synthesis of proteins (ii) tRNA brings amino acids and reads genetic code (iii) RNA polymerase binds to promoter and initiates transcription (iv) A segment of DNA coding for polypeptide is called intron
If green plants are removed from an aquarium, the fishes will
HCl is secreted by
An ideal vector should have selectable markers for transformation. Usually these are antibiotic resistant genes. The other genes which can be used are: {submitted by Adhithyan js}
Small pox is due to
The term protoplasm was coined by
Statements: I. In man, vertebral column has 33 bones, organised into 28 bones II. Pelvic girdle is made up two fused bones only III. Osteoporosis is characterised by microarchitectural deterioration of the bone
The number of moles of oxygen in one litre of air containing 21% oxygen by volume, in standard conditions, is
Plant material suited for studying mitosis is
Which animal should be protected
Anthesis is
How many of the following statements are true: (i) The major components of our food are carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. (ii) Fats and minerals are also required in smaller quantities. (iii) Bio-macromolecules in food cannot be utilised by our body in their original form. (iv) The process of converting macromolecules into simple absorbable forms is called digestion
What is true of ribosomes
Functional kidney of tadpole in frog is
Which statements are correct ... (a) A fruit developing from inflorescence is composite fruit (b) Mesocarp is edible in Apple (c) Gynobasic style occurs in Ocimum (d) Hypanthodium occurs in Euphorbia species
An example of edible underground stem is :
Sebaceous glands are
A sequence of 3 bases of tRNA which binds to mRNA codon is
Cattle ranches cause acute greenhouse effect because of
Best source of renewable energy is
Vaccines produced through genetic engineering are safe as
Basis of DNA fingerprinting is: {submitted by Adhithyan js}
Caffeine, amphetamine and cocaine are
On culturing the young anther of plant a botanist got few diploid plants along with haploid plants. Which of the following might have given the diploid plants ,,,
Inflorescence in which flowers developing from different places of the peduncle reach the same level, is
Number of nephrons of a kidney is equal to
Closest relative of modern day man is
The term species was given by
One example of animals having a single opening to the outside that serves both as mouth as well as anus is
A leady carries for haemophilia (Hh) marries a normal man (HO). Daughters of such a lady would be
Noncleidoic eggs occur in
When malic acid is respiratory substrate, the amount of CO2 released is
Cell membranes of adjacent cells are fused at
Pulmonary vein carries
Most abundant lipid in cell membrane is
Ducts of Bellini is found in
Children have A and B types of blood. What are the blood types of parents
Which is appropriately defined
pH of saliva is
Stilt root are reported from
Female Anopheles is
Excess intake of the following causes obesity
A bird introduced from another country became a serious pest due to
In Dracaena, vascular bundles are
Which of the following are neither prokaryotes nor eukaryotes
Complete the given equation and choose the correct option accordingly
Meiosis occurs in Tomato in
R.Q. of anaerobic respiration is
Human / mammalian/elephant heart is
In which of the following groups all animals are triploblastic
Fat absorbed from gut is transported in blood as
Bidirectional translocation of minerals takes place through
Pigment haemocyanin occurs in
Organs that performed same function but are not similar in structural details and origin are called
If we take food rich in lime juice, then
Which one is egg laying mammal
The species of Pinus, seeds of which are edible is /chigoza comes from
It is not a protected forest
Protobiogenesis occurred
Gavial/Ghariyal is found in
HIV is classified as retrovirus as its genetic information is contained in
Hormone that initiates ejection of milk, stimulates milk production and growth of ovarian follicles are respectively known as
Heteromorphic alternation of generations occurs in
Beri-beri is caused by the deficiency of vitamin
In Cockroach which one is absorbed in hepatic caeca
Mendel found that reciprocal cross yielded identical results. From that he concluded
Variation appear during meiosis due to
a) Pollen grainsd) Microsporangiab) Pollen sacse) Microsporesc) Stamensf) Microsporophylls asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:27"> Match and find the correct combination
a) Pollen grainsd) Microsporangia
b) Pollen sacse) Microspores
c) Stamensf) Microsporophylls

Phosphine is not obtained by the reaction when
Smallest flower belongs to
QUESTION    Q.148) In a similarity with photographic camera, retina acts as
Proximal convoluted tubule (PCT) is lined with
Nasal septum gets damaged. its recovery requires cartilage called
Which one is detritus food chain
Instrument used for measuring wind velocity is
Length of one turn of DNA is
Transitional epithelium occurs in
Deletion or insertion of base pairs produces frame shift mutation nuless the number of deleted or inserted base pairs is
Heterozygosity/ dominance of phenotype can be determined by
In a food chain, the largest population is that of
How many different types of gametes are formed from AaBbCDdEe
Which one of the following is absent in eukaryotes
The total number of electrons present in 18ml of wtaer ( density of water 1g/ml) is
Triticale has been developed through cross between
Cymose inflorescence is found in
Hot spots of biodiversity are areaswith
Confirmatory test for AIDS is
Bird of Paradise flower is
Grains of major cereals and millets lack amino acids
What is true of fluid mosaic model
Sea fan is
Presence of NaCl in body fluid indicates that life originated in
Excretory product of birds and reptiles is
An example of animals in which mesoderm occurs as scattered pouches between ectoderm and endoderm is
Vascular bundles are closed when they
Nissl's granules are made of
Which is matched correctly
Multiple alleles are characterised by
On germination, each zygospore of Spirogyra produces
QUESTION    Q.461) Correct sequence of regions in organization of auditory mechanoreceptor organ is
Which one occurs only is dicots
The cervical vertebrae in humans is
Cervical vertebrae are located in
Cholecystokinin is secretion of
Substrate for lipase is
Warm blooded animals of cold climate have small extremities. This was stated by
1. mutualism(p) beneficial to a, no effect for b2. competition(q) beneficial to both a and b3. parasitism(r) beneficial to a and inhibitory for b4. predation(s) beneficial to a and harmful for b5. commensalism(t) harmful to both a and b asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:26"> Match the following .... ....
1. mutualism(p) beneficial to a, no effect for b
2. competition(q) beneficial to both a and b
3. parasitism(r) beneficial to a and inhibitory for b
4. predation(s) beneficial to a and harmful for b
5. commensalism(t) harmful to both a and b

Select the correct statement with respect to locomotion in humans …[NEET 2013]B28
Arachidonic acid is
hardy - Weinberg principle cannot operate if
Gluconeogenesis is
In an empty stomach the mucosa is thrown into folds called
Smallest organisms capable of growth, division and reproduction are
A chromosome with centromere in the middle is
Gluconeogenesis occurs in
Read the following statements (i) Polyp is sessile and cylindrical form like Adamsia. (ii) Medusa is umbrella shaped and free-living like Aurelia. (iii) Polyp produces medusa sexually and medusa forms the polyp asexually in Obelia. (iv) Metagenesis is seen in jelly fish
Life cycle of Mulberry Silkworm is completed in
phenotypically females having rudimentary ovaries, underdeveloped breasts, short stature, webbing neck, often subnormal intelligence suggests
Which is correct for catabolism of 18 C fatty acid
Normal glucose level of blood is
Lederberg's replica experiment explains
Gene regulation governing lactose operon of E.coli that involves the lac I gene product is :
Conezyme is
Which of the following glands grows to the maximum size at puberty and then diminishes gradually
Menstrual cycle is controlled by
The study of worms causing parasitic infestation in humans is
Protistan protozoan having nuclear dimorphism is
What distinguishes an insect from a crustacean
a) Capsulep) Paddyb) Berryq) Mangoc) Druper) Sunflowerd) Cyselas) Tomato- -   - -t) Lady's finger asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:25"> Match the columns
a) Capsulep) Paddy
b) Berryq) Mango
c) Druper) Sunflower
d) Cyselas) Tomato
- -   - -t) Lady's finger

In human beings vestigial organs are
Advancement in genetic engineering has been possible due to discovery of
Identify a fungus with medicinal importance
2 is transported mainly as asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:25"> CO2 is transported mainly as
A homozygous red flowered Pea plant is crossed with homozygous white flowered Pea plant. The offspring would be
Chromosome aberration occurs due to
Herbicides are chemicals which control
Phosphide ion has the electronic structure similar to that of
QUESTION    Q.129) Broca’s area of speech is found in
In which of the following forms is iron absorbed by plants
Endonuclease is employed in
Which one is required in higher amounts
Which of the following reacts rapidly with oxygen in air at ordinary temperature
When two gametes come together to form sporophyte, the sporophyte dies due to
In ABO system of blood grouping, transfusion is not possible from
A.T.S. of dicot stem shows
Persistent calyx produces a dry bladder around an edible berry in
Microtubules were discovered by
Endocrine glands
Excurrent/pyramidal habit of Pinus is a device for
Henle’s loop is found in
Eye lens is formed from
The net gain of energy from one gram mole of glucose during aerobic respiration is
Which one are reservoirs of Phosphorus and Nitrogen cycle respectively
Total oxygen that can be carried by blood in
Metazoan covered by cilia is
The most common organ involved in extraintestinal amoebiasis is
In high yielding hybrid crop varieties, hybrid vigour can be exploited only when hybrid seeds are purchased after every year because
Increase in count of RBC is
If any protein encoding gene is expressed in an heterologous host called: {submitted by Adhithyan js}
A common scent producing mammalian gland is
Rare cancer which is marker of AIDS is
The movements in the gut wall are known as
Schwann and Schleiden were
2O gives a colourless gas which when passed through CuSO4 solution gives blue colour, Y is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:23"> A metal X on heating in nitrogen gas gives Y, Y on treatment with H2O gives a colourless gas which when passed through CuSO4 solution gives blue colour, Y is
1 stage of interphase of cell cycle shows asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:23"> G1 stage of interphase of cell cycle shows
In chiropterophily, pollination is performed by
Giant algae/sea weeds belong to
In mitosis, nuclea envelope and nucleolus disappear during
Who wrote the book " Genetics and Origin of Species"
Chromosome number of Down's syndrome/ mongolism is
Which one does not have radial symmetry
Twenty third pair of human chromosomes are known as
Cold blooded animal are
National flower of India is
Feeding on dead and decaying organisms is a nutrition called
Percentage of land covered by forests in India is
Causal organism for Black Stem Rust of Wheat is
Which of the following is not part of epidermal tissue system
During expiration diaphragm becomes
Liver and pancreas develop from
The supportive structure of our pinna is also found in
i) Aciculara) Grassii) Linearb) Neriumiii) Lanceolatec) Bananaiv) Oblongd) Pine asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:23"> Match the columns ...
i) Aciculara) Grass
ii) Linearb) Nerium
iii) Lanceolatec) Banana
iv) Oblongd) Pine

Which is correct about transport or conduction of substances
Kidney and ureter develop from
In poultry coccidiosis is caused by
Vascular bundles of Cycas/Pinus stem are
A cell will become fully turgid if it is placed in
Cnidaria is characterized by
Cells obtained from an organism were homogenized and centrifuged. A test indicated that the cells contained glycogen. if you are asked to find out as quickly as possible whether the cells are from plant or an animal you would
In which stage synaptinemal complex dissolves, chromatids become clear and bivalents are called tetrads
QUESTION    Q.56) Conversion of pyruvic acid to acetyl CoA is
Secretion of hormones cholecystokinin is for
Testis of Whale are
Meristem culture is practiced in horticulture to get
Sclereids found in seed coat of pulses are
Drugs vincristine and vinblastine used in cancer therapy are obtained from
13-chambered tubular heart is found in
Which of the following is not involved in the stimulation of release of pancreatic juice
Lady Bird Beetle is
Bacteria involved in two-step conversion of ammonia into nitrate are
Spadix or inflorescence with spathe occurs in
Outside mammals, diaphragm is also present in
Pneumatophores show
Growth and maturation of Graafian follicle is controlled by
Parasympathetic nervous system
Heterospory and ligulate leaves occur in
Which one is excretory organ
Which one of the following codons codes for the same information as UGC
Which one is first colonizer of bare rock/pioneer community in Xerarch
Enzyme connected with stomatal opening is
Which one of the following statements about all the four Spongilla, Leech, Dolphin and Penguin is correct
Highest value in g/m2/yr of a grassland ecosystem would be
Fishes have poor sense organs for
Cholecystokinin stimulates
Read the statements a and b , identify the correct choice a. Human small intestine is the largest portion in the alimentary canal b. Absorption of digested food requires a very large surface area
A diploid living organism develops from zygote by repeated
Hormones differ from enzymes in being
QUESTION    Q.204) Voluntary muscle movements are controlled by centres present in
What is catalyzed by reverse transcriptase, information transfer from
Which one of the following is not an insectivorous plant
Hormone excreted in females in urine after menopause is
Select the correct statements from the following; (i) All sponges are showing asymmetry and calcareous Spicules. (ii) Calcareous ossicles are endoskeleton in Antedon, Asteropecten and Neopilina. (iii) Osphradium in shelled organisms help for testing the chemical nature of water. (iv) Fasciola infects its primary host and intermediate host in onchosphere and cysticercus larva respectively. (v) Most of the triploblastic animals are protostomes and enterocoelomates. (A) (B) . (C) . (D)
A pleiotropic gene
Sensory structures/ chemoreceptors located in the anterior part of Ascaris are
Heart wood differs from sapwood in
Gastrula has a pore known as
The function of vessels/xylem is to
Assertion Proton produced by photolysis accumulate in lumen of thylakoids Reason Photolysis occurs in inner membrane of thylakoids ... ... { AIIMS 2011]
During prolonged starvation, body derives nutrition from storage of
Number of elements needed for healthy growth and development of plants
Aerial absorptive roots occur in
Function of Sertoli cells is controlled by
Stratified and non-keratinized squamous epithelium occurs in
Identify the figure and select the incorrect statement: {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
"Complete competitors cannot coexist" is true for
4.7H2O. The atomic weight of M is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:20"> The sulphate of metal M contains 9.87% of M. This sulphate is isomorphous with ZnSO4.7H2O. The atomic weight of M is
In Cockroach nerve cord ganglia are
One of the following is not cancer
Scientific name of Pinworm of Man is
In Ulothrix, zygote is
Assertion: Duck-billed Platypus and Spiny Ant Eater, both are egg laying animals, yet they are grouped under mammals Reason: Both are having seven cervical vertebrae and twelve pairs of cranial nerves
Ampullae of Lorenzini occur in
Select the correct pair of adaptations in desert lizards A. Burrowing in soil to escape high temperature B. Losing heat rapidly at high temperature C. Bask in the sun when temperature is low D. Insulating body with thick fatty dermis C.B.S.E.2011
a. Spongy aril1. Jussiaeab. Multiple epidermis2. Pistiac. Respiratory roots3. Neriumd. Root pockets4. Sagittaria - -   - -5. Nymphaea asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:20"> Match the columns and find the correct combination .... ....
a. Spongy aril1. Jussiaea
b. Multiple epidermis2. Pistia
c. Respiratory roots3. Nerium
d. Root pockets4. Sagittaria
- -   - -5. Nymphaea

Regulatory genes occur
Which is incorrect about Na+
Inhibition of acetylcholine by DFP(diisopropyl fluorophosphate) is
Column - IColumn- II(a) Gonorrhea(i) HIV(b) Syphilis(ii) Neisseria(c) Genital Warts(iii) Treponema(d) AIDS(iv) Human Papilloma virus asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:20"> Match the following sexually transmitted diseases (Column - I) with their causative agent (Column - II) and select the correct option. …
Column - IColumn- II
(a) Gonorrhea(i) HIV
(b) Syphilis(ii) Neisseria
(c) Genital Warts(iii) Treponema
(d) AIDS(iv) Human Papilloma virus

Cell affected by leukemia are
Clot buster obtained from Streptococcus and modified by genetic engineering is
Which is obtained from genetic engineering
Photoperiodism is associated with
A plant growing in complete darkness shows
In monocots
Which gymnosperm group includes all fossil plants
In which group of organisms the cells walls form two thin overlapping shells which fit together
Number of X-chromosomes in Turner's syndrome is
None marrow occurs in
QUESTION    Q.19) Intercellular communication in multicellular organisms occur through
Monocarpellary ovary, diadelphous androecium and marginal placentation occur in
Which of the following occurs in abiotic component of an ecosystem
Which is not true of dicot root
In Ruscus, the stem modification is called
A number of fruitlets (seeds) of Strawberry are removed randomly during development of fruit
In insect egg, cleavage is
Which one is not deuterostome
Study of fossils comes under
Sertoli cells are involved in
Changes involving conversion of larva into adult are
Observe the given diagram and identify the labelled parts
Identify the family containing mustard and its main characteristics
The activity of succinate dehydrogenase is inhibited by
QUESTION    Q.124) Myelin sheath covers
A good producer of citric acid is
Which class is included under gymnosperms
Fermentation products of Yeast are
Macrophages are modified
Mitochondria produce more energy during
Mitosis takes place in
Which is not a memner of class insect
A feature absent in annelids is
Genes present in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells are found in
Development of gametocyte from merozoite of Plasmodium occurs in
Sliding filament theory of muscle contraction was given by
Column IColumn IIa Thesocytes1 Sponging fibresb Gemmules2 Food storing cellsc Osculum3 Involved in reproductiond Spicules4 Collar cells- -   - -5 Water exists the Spongocoel through this structure asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:18"> Match the following
Column IColumn II
a Thesocytes1 Sponging fibres
b Gemmules2 Food storing cells
c Osculum3 Involved in reproduction
d Spicules4 Collar cells
- -   - -5 Water exists the Spongocoel through this structure

Which one secretes pheromones for the function
Trophic hormones are produced by
Plasmogamy is fusion of
Free Martin is due to
QUESTION    Q.352) High frequency sound waves vibrate basilar membrane
Conservation of green tomatoes into red form involves
A : Ethylene inhibits logitudinal growth of root stem and leaves R : Ethylene is growth inhibitor, maturation hormone
Cycas is living fossil as it has
Genes controlling seven traits in Pea studied by Mendel were actually located on
Part of fallopian tube closest to ovary is
Flowers having only one set of essential organs are
The correct hierarchical order is
A man is sterile due to improper development of testis which has an additional X-chromosome. he is suffering from
Animal species protected in Kaziranga National Park is
An egg laying mammal is
Number of individuals decreases from producer level to consumer level in
Cells of immune system that cause pore formation in the antigen are
Plasma membrane does not have carrier molecules for
Match the column a) Echidna i)Ophidia b)Echinus ii)Teleostei c)Echeneis iii) Platyhelminthes d)Echis iv) Echinoidea e)Echinococcus v) Prototheria
Apomixis is development of a new plant ,,
Nucleus pulposus occurs in
Cushing's disease is caused by hyperactivity of
Which is introduced during small pox vaccination
QUESTION    Q.178) Anaesthetics reduce pain by blocking nerve conduction due to
Identify correctly matched pairs 1. Uremia - excessive amount of urea in blood 2. Hyperglycemia - Excess glucose in blood 3. Absence of factor VII - haemophilia 4. X-linked disorder - Glycosuria
In Sea Anemone, the symmetry is
Echinodermata is a group of animals
Highest incubation period occurs in Plasmodium
Haemophiliac man marries a normal woman. their offspring will be
One of the following is commonly found in temperate coniferous forest
Which among the following is a social/colonial insect
QUESTION    Q.209) Protein present in eye lens is
Bagging is done to
Bacteria utilized in gobar gas plants are
A medicine for respiratory disorders is obtained from
Why is asexual reproduction sometimes disadvantageous
Master endocrine gland is
The agent which are known to cause CJD are
Dionaea muscipula is
During meiosis
A mismatch is
In jejunum, enzyme required for digestion of amino acid containing compounds is
Negatively geotropic roots are found in
Secondary producers are
A mature Hydra usually bears
Poached or marsupium containing mammals are
Mutation cannot change
Bitterness of cucurbits is due to
Thurioside is proteinaceous toxin obtained from
Food is preserved at low temperature because
Corpus spongiosum occurs in
Xanthomonas citri contains
Coxal glands are excretory organs in
R.Q. for malic acid is
A vertebrate having entire cartilaginous skeleton is
antiageing hormone is
Wooden doors swell up and get stuck during rainy season due to
Organic evolution is change in
QUESTION    Q210) Human being is hungry when
Both the crown and root of tooth is covered by hard bony substance called
Blood does not stop coming out of a wound in
Which one is/ are not true ... .. [ kerala 2007 a) Cork cambium is called phellogen b) Cork is called phellem c) Secondary cortex is called periderm d) Cork cambium, cork and secondary cortex are collectively called phelloderm
Bacterial photosynthesis contains
Prothallus of fern has
For ovulation in reflex ovulators
Growth promoting hormone is
Antennal gland functions as excretory organ in
The term "bark" means
One of the greatest advocates of the theory of special creation was
Meselson and Stahl have provided
A colour blind man marries a woman with normal vision. the offspring will be
Golden Age of Dinosaurs'/ Age of reptiles was
A woman with albinic father marries an albinic man. The proportion of her progeny is
Some parts developed from ectoderm are
A cross involving two pairs of alleles is
Which hormone is responsible for bolting
The number of teeth that grow twice in human life is
Balbiani rings are sites of
The tenuinucellate ovule has
Chromosomes other than sex chromosomes are called
Cardiac output is blood
24 CO molecules is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:15"> The number of gram molecules of oxygen in 6.02×1024 CO molecules is
Assertion: Histamine is involved in allergic and inflammatory reactions Reason: Histamine is vasodilator
In which of the following will DNA melt at the lowest temperature
Hypertrichosis ( hairy pinnae) is trait linked to ... .. [
Bundles of striated muscle fibres are enclosed in
Pollution is controlled by
Stifling is related to
Nitrogen shows different oxidation states in the range
Recurrence of high temperature in malaria at intervals is due to completion of
In terms of number of genera and species, which ones have the maximum number
Embryo at 16-celled stage is called
Thyroidectomies tadpole will metamorphose by administration of
Which one is a short day plant
Dark reactions of photosynthesis occur in
Hormone secretin is produced by
Evisceration is found in
a) Visible lighti) 100 -400 nmb) Ultravioletii) 400 - 700 nmc) X-raysiii) Longer than 700 nmd) Infrarediv) 10 - 400 nm- -   - -v) 0.1 to 10 nm asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:14"> Match the column ...
a) Visible lighti) 100 -400 nm
b) Ultravioletii) 400 - 700 nm
c) X-raysiii) Longer than 700 nm
d) Infrarediv) 10 - 400 nm
- -   - -v) 0.1 to 10 nm

Which is a free living nitrogen fixing bacterium
Movement of water from higher water potential to lower water potential through a semipermeable membrane is called
People migrated from planes to hills six months back
Which of the following sets represents vestigial organs
Green house effects is due to
Identity the correctly matched pair
Fern spermatozoids possess flagella
Mouth parts of male Anopheles/mosquito are type
Which of the following statements about sporopollenin is wrong
Spike with unisexual flowers/catkin occurs in
Insects belong to class
Somatic hybridizations is carried out by
Isolation leads to
Which hormone inhibits formation of new cells
Opium is obtained from part of Papaver somniferum
Given above is a graph showing growth versus time. A, B, and C represent
4O6 number of oxygen atoms bonded to each phosphorous atom is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:14"> In P4O6 number of oxygen atoms bonded to each phosphorous atom is
A respiratory disease is .... { BHU 2006 ]
The coagulation of blood occurs due to
Ornithine cycle was discovered by
What is true of cleavage
Social forestry is useful in yielding
Inulin found in some plant cells is
Identify the organic compound and its component 'X'
A certain amount of a metal whose equivalent mass is 28 displaces 0.7 L of H2 at S.T.P. from an acid hence mass of the element is
A mutagenic pollutant is
Which one is a slime mould
RAAS secretes
Which of the following is a bacterial plant disease
Enzymes joining two molecules by establishing covalent bonds are
Which one is correct for mammalian testis
Enzymatic filters are used for removing
Transgenic animals are those which have
Cysticercis in pig muscles can remain viable tuto
An insect differs from spider in having
Secretin and cholecystokinin are secreted by
Blood calcium is increased by administration of .. ..[ BHU 1994
Sequence in Krebs cycle is
Sporozoan protists are
Contrivance for self pollination is
A cell with DPD=5 is surrounded by A, B, C and D cells having O.P. and T.P. respectively 5 and 4, 7 and 5, 3 and 2, and zero and zero. From which cell it will withdraw water faster
Muscle band that remains unchanged during contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscle is
QUESTION    Q.251) Eye ball is moved in the orbit by
The reaction involved in reduction of NAD+ is
Vernalisation is
Rate of transpiration higher than rate of water absorption shall cause
According to IUCN Red List, what is the status of Red Panda
Which one of the following has nuclei in its mature red blood corpuscles
Hormone with no effect on heart beat is
Which chlorophyll does not possess phytol
For preparing 0.1N solution of a compound from its impure sample of which the percentage purity is known, the weight of the substance required will be
A person with blood group A possesses
Which of the following phenomenon is regulated by abscisic acid
Information flow or central dogma of modern biology is
Flagellum of Astasia/Euglena is
Hypanthodium is
Ascocarp of Penicillium is
a) Zeatin1. Flowering hormoneb) Florigen2. Synthetic auxinc) IBA3. Cytokinind) NAA4. Natural auxin asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:12"> Match the column ... ...
a) Zeatin1. Flowering hormone
b) Florigen2. Synthetic auxin
c) IBA3. Cytokinin
d) NAA4. Natural auxin

Afferent nerve fibre carries impulses from
Cancer cells are damaged by radiations while others are not due to cancer cells
Synergid is connected to
A disease which causes maximum deaths in children is
Which is correct arrangement of corolla in family papilionaceae
Tiger reserves in India for 'Project Tiger' are
In which structure thigmonasty is observed in simple form
Photosynthesis is a process in which
Human RBC's placed in 1.5% NaCl solution will
Which is correct about morula
Triglyceride consists of
IAA and serotonin are formed from
Of both normal parents, the chances of male child becoming colour blind are
Which of the following hormone is responsible for cell division
Which of the following is immortal
QUESTION    Q.153) An axon has four terminal ends connected with dendrites of four different neurons. Its nerve impulse will
Column IColumn IIa) Ptyalini) Lipidsb) Pepsinii) StarchC) Steapsiniii) DNAd) Nucleaseiv) Protein asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:11"> Match the columns and find the correct combination
Column IColumn II
a) Ptyalini) Lipids
b) Pepsinii) Starch
C) Steapsiniii) DNA
d) Nucleaseiv) Protein

What will happen if stretch receptors of urinary bladder wall are totally removed
Diapedesis is
Sometimes RBCs form a pile or stack known as
Vasa efferentia lead from
In a chloroplast the highest number of protons are found in :-
Gluconeogenesis is controlled by
Select the correct answer from the following statements ... Cutin is fatty acid polymer Starch is glucose polymer Sucrose is monosaccharide Maltose is polymer of fructose
QUESTION    Q.332) Node of Ranvier occurs where
Code transfer for synthesis of polypeptide involves
Possibility of coal in area is guessed through
Curd, milk, chees and butter are produced with the use of
Cartilage present in trachea, larynx and bronchi is
Number of nuclei participating in double fertilization is
Zoological name of north Indian Hare is
Which one is an accessory excretory organ
Pollen tablets are available in the market for
Bicarbonate ion is produced inside
The most common mode of reproduction in Spirogyra is
Assertion : Human ancestors never used their tails so that tail expression gene has disappeared in them Reason: Lamarck's theory of evolution is popularly called theory of continuity of germplasm
Red rust of Tea is caused by
Closing layers of lenticels show deposition of
Role of nucleus in morphological differentiation was discovered in
Which is not component of lac operon
Treatment of polluted water is carried out with the help of
A reptilian character of prototherians is presence of
Which is prokaryote
In fast swimming fishes, propulsion is mainly due to
Mendel could not find recombination and crossing over as
Shrinking of protoplasm from cell wall under influence of hypertonic solution is
Which one is a protozoan disease
The number of water molecules in 1 litre of water is
Identify the wrong statement regarding post fertilisation development
Number of plant species estimated to be present in India is
Multiple alleles are present:
Which of the following can be used as bacteriological filter
Geocarpic fruits are formed in
Thymosin hormone is secreted by
Identify the correct aestivations
“Lock jaw” is another name of
Determination of age of tree by counting annual rings is
Micropropagation is a technique for production of
What is wrong for Entamoeba
Part of bile useful in digestion is
Activity of an enzyme is affected least by
Somatostatin is produced by
Sexual reproduction in eubacteria takes place by
Which is most abundant in chloroplast
An abnormality not due to recessive gene is
Isinglass ( gelatin –like transparent substance) is obtained from
PS I and PS II occur over
Which structure of Pheretima plays the role of liver
Cause of chromosome laggards in meiosis is .... .. { Chd. CET 2012 ]
Both B-cells and T-cells of immune system are produced in
Characters are transferred from parents to progeny through
Nonprimate mammals have
Gastric glands are
In which organ the bulk is formed of endoderm
Carboxyhaemoglobin is produced due to
Hormone controlling Na+ - K+ ion concentration is
Secretion is under control of neurosecretory nerve axons in
Which of the following shows coiled RNA strand and capsomeres
Which of the following animal has nervous system but no brain
Site of vitellogenesis is
Assertion: Phase of cell division is also known as formative phase Reason: In formative phase new cells are produced from pre-existing cells through meiosis
People recovering from long illness are often advised to take Spirulina because it
Theory of used and disuse was propounded by
Smut of Maize is due to
QUESTION    Q.258) Parasympathetic nerve endings release
A number of sessile flowers grow on a suppressed peduncle forming a globose inflorescence called
Saurus is also known as
Ratio 9:3:3:1 is due to
Which one among the following components of vermicompost contains plant growth factors
Which one of the following hydrolyses proteins into peptides
Which occupies more than one trophic level in the same ecosystem at the same time
A long day plant flowers only when it is exposed to
Gause law is related to
The amount of water that should be added to 500ml of 0.5N solution of NaOH to give a concentration of 10mg per ml is
Gibberellins promote
A Taxon facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild in immediate future is known as
QUESTION    Q.18) A central opening of iris is
QUESTION    Q.432) Activity of brain is recorded by
Number of hydrogen bonds between A and T of DNA is
A distinct feature of birds is
Bt toxin is not toxic to human beings as
Among rust, smut and mushroom, all the three
Ribosomes of bacteria mitochondria and chloroplasts are of
Identify the aquatic mammals from following i) Balaenoptera (ii) Equus (iii) Delphinus (iv) Pteropus (v) Felis
The acid which forms two series of salt
Plants which behaves as mesophytes in rainy season and xerophytes in summer are
QUESTION    Q.27) Gaps in myelin sheath are called
Which is vestigial in Python
Bipinnaria is larval stage of
The idea of natural selection as fundamental process of evolutionary changes was reached
Evolution is
Male Mosquito feeds on
Light energy is used in photosynthesis for
Two similar holotypes are called
Crocodile, Alligator and Tortoise belong to
Paurometaboly is
Maximum energy amongst ecosystem is contributed by
Spicules occur in
A eukaryotic group which causes serious plant diseases comes under
Spinal cord passes through
Which of the following is covered by a single membrane
In some viruses, RNA is present instead of DNA indicating that
Poison glands of snakes are modified
Production of alcohol by Yeast fermentation is … .. process
Retrogressive metamorphosis is found in
New Banana plants develop from
ASSERTION: In tropical rain forests, O-horizon and A- horizon of soil profile are shallow nutrient poor REASON: Excessive growth of microorganisms in the soil depletes its organic content A.I.I.M.S.2006
Enzyme maltase of human gut acts on food at
Maximum number of ganglia are present in Cockroach in
In a biotic community, the most important factor for survival of an animals is
Sheet erosion is due to
In malaria, shivering occur when
Figure shows schematic plan of blood circulation in humans with labels A to D. Identify the label and give its function/s
Fish vertebrates originated during
Ozone layer is found in
Dihybrid cross is related to
Which is a walking fern which produces new plants when its leaf tips touch soil
Lichens are described as indicators of
Transition mutation is due to replacement of
Ligament connects
Nitrogen is a critical element of the ecosystem because it is
Tuberculosis is caused by
The velocity of an electron in the inner most orbit of an atom is
Gambusia is
Besides bats, echolocation also occurs in
Frequency of a gene in a population will increase if the gene is
In mycoplasma (PPLO) the plasmalemma is rich in
Cork cambium represents
3 asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:06"> Ammonia compound which on heating does not give NH3
Puccinia produces
Claviceps purpurea grows as parasite
Bow-shaped legs in children are due to deficiency of vitamin
R.Q. can vary due to
Hormone that causes glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis is
Heart muscle is sensitive to
Adrenal gland is derived from
Hormones act on
Which of the following is not a mollusca
In mature RBC, nucleus is present in
Devil Fish and Sea Hare are
Foot is displaced to the neighbor hood of the mouth and divided into arms in
Digestion of food occurs in Hydra in
From their experiments on Neurospora crassa Beadle and Tatum proposed
Which institute is correctly matched with its location
Cellular totipotency is shown by
Which one of the following statements is not true
In kidney, glomerulus is involved in
Gastric secretion is stopped by hormone
Which is correct about species
Antibodies are synthesized by
Identify the class from the following features: (i) All living members of this class are ectoparasite on some fishes. (ii) Cranium and vertebral column are cartilaginous in nature. (iii) They are marine but migrate for spawning to fresh water. (iv) After spawning within a few hours they die. {Question submitted by Adhithyan js}
Electron microscope has revealed the presence of
Compare the statements A and B STAMENTS A : When the urine moves through the descending limb, it becomes hypertonic and as it passes through the ascending limb. Henle loop, it becomes hypotonic STATEMENTS B : The descending limb in permeable to sodium ions, while the ascending limb is impermeable to sodium ions
Diagram represents "central dogma" of molecular biology. Choose correct combination of labeling
NEERI is at
Mucosal layer of stomach has irregular folds known as
Pancreatic secretion is stimulated by
Heart of hemichordates is
Distance between the genes a, b, c and d in map units is a-d = 3.5; b-c = 1; a-b=6; c-d=1.5 and a-c=5. Find out the sequence of the genes
Influx of K+ ions into guard cells and efflux of H+ ions from guard cells lead to
Hydrogen donor in photosynthesis of purple sulphur bacteria is
Anaemia is due to deficiency of
Which is wrong about mycoplasma
The endoskeleton of echinoderms is ............. in origin
Algae are included in
Hyoid bone occurs in
Fossil fuel have been formed by a
The number of P-O-P bonds in cyclic metaphosphoric acid is
Erythrocytic cycle of Plasmodium occurs in
A force that acts against maximum population growth is
Chromosomes appearing rod shaped during anaphase are
In Whittaker’s system of classification, prokaryotes are kept in kingdom
Four daughter cells obtained from a single meiosis differ from one another because of
Assertion: Leguminous plants are best preferred for rotation of crops Reason: They have root nodules which possess nitrogen fixing bacterium Clostridium
What will be the consequence if the portion marked as ‘A’ in the following diagram has been removed
Vertical distribution of species occupying different heights is
In chondrichthyes, claspers are seen o
Which best describes a lymph node
QUESTION    Q.291) Vasomotor nerves are
Biometric genetics is connected with
Most effective wavelength of light for photosynthesis is
The edible part of Apple/Pear is
Which of the following statements about molluscs are true/false: (i) In Molluscs gills have respiratory and excretory function. (ii) They are basically oviparous. (iii) In Molluscs the posterior region has sensory tentacles. (iv) Mantle cavity contains file like rasping organ for feeding called Radula. (v) They are triploblastic coelomates and usually with bilateral symmetry
In urinary system , aldosterone takes part in retention (reabsorption ) of
Which is not a gastrointestinal hormone
Environmental Protection Act was passed in
Study of inter-relationships between a species/individual and environment in all stages of its life cycle
Toxic agents present in food which interfere with thyroxine synthesis lead to the development of
Soil salinity is measured by
In cyanobacteria, reproduction is
QUESTION    Q.190) Alcoholic fermentation is carried out by
Which type of coiling occurs in chromosomes
QUESTION    Q.42) Which one belongs to middle ear
QUESTION    Q.445) In man, abducens nerve is injured . Which one of the following functions will be affected
Non conventional source of energy is
Most animals domesticated by humans belong to
Which is absent in arthropoda
Aerosols decrease primary productivity by
Menstrual phase is followed by
Which ones are degenerate codons
Which of the cellular layer disintegrate and regenerates again and again in humans
Gymnosperms are characterized by
Which of the following statement regarding mitochondria membrane is not correct
Which one is a dominant trait out of characters chosen by Mendel
Organisms without any specific shape are
Gastric juice contains
In Riccia, the archegonium is
Which one causes ovulation
QUESTION    Q.403) Structure that provides balance to the body is located in
Select the mismatch :
A bacterium is capable of withstanding extreme heat, dryness and toxic chemicals. This indicates that it is probably able to form
Cell fragments of megakaryocytes yield
Pineal body develops from
A transistor has an α=0.95, it has change in emitter current of 100 milliampere then the change in the collector is
Lateral roots arise from primordia developed by division of
In mendelian crosses the genes responsible for different characters separate through
A portion of cardiovascular system that transport oxygen depleted blood from the heart to the lungs brings oxygenated blood back to heart is
Capacitation refers to changes in the :
Given below is the representation of the extent of global diversity of invertebrates. What groups the four portions (A-D) represent respectively
Anatomy of C4 plant leaf shows
What is common between Earthworm and Cockroach
One of the major components of cell wall of most fungi is :-
Leaves are changed into spines in xerophytic structure called
Find out the incorrect statement about the phylum Arthropoda
Bacteria found in root nodules of legumes are
The conversion of a protein waste, the ammonia into urea/ornithine cycle occurs in Urea is synthesized in
In three Calvin cycles, gross number of PGAL molecules produced at the cost of ATP and NADPH2
In human zygote male sex is determined by
Appearance of brown spots surrounded by chlorotic veins is a toxicity symptom of
Vessels and fibres occur in
Substrate phosphorylation occurs during
Proteolytic enzymes do not corrode lining of alimentary canal as
Reverse flow of information in central dogma of molecular biology is
When phloem is completely surrounded by xylem, the vascular bundle is called
Zn, Mo, Fe and Cu are
The complex formed by a pair of synapsed homologous chromosomes is called
Horana et al synthesised RNA with copolymer of UGUGUGUGUG... It produced a peptide with alternate cysteine and valine. the codons for the two are
There is oozing of semisolid material which forms a tough membrane over air passage. The disease is
Casparian thickenings occur in the cells of
Biomagnification of DDT in aquatic food chain from 0.003 ppb in water to fish eating birds would be
Pollutant that reduces O2 carrying capacity
Trophectoderm takes part in
Adult human RBCs are enucleate. Which of the following statement(s) is/are most appropriate explanation for this feature? … (a) They do not need to reproduce (b) They are somatic cells (c) They do not metabolize (d) All their internal space is available for oxygen transport
Jack fruit is multiple fruit formed from
Sponge used in scrubbing and polishing is
Cleavage differs from mitosis because
Which group does not contain polyp
Chloragogen cells functionally resemble
QUESTION Q1 ) Which statement is wrong regarding nitrogen
Sporogony in malarial parasite occurs in
Enzyme amylase belongs to
5’-GAATTC-3’. Arrange the correct 3’-5’ strand. {submitted by Adhithyan js}
Vitamin B2 is component of coenzyme
The country pioneer in production of fuel alcohol is
Amoeba is immortal. It occurs all over the world due to
Biologically functional tyrosine suppressor tRNA of Escherichia coli synthesized by Khorana in 1979 has
Assertion: Person suffering from haemophilia fail to produce blood clotting factor VIII Reason: Prothrombin producing platelets in such persons are found in very low concentration
Production of human protein in bacteria by genetic engineering is possible because
ATPase activity in muscle fiber lies with
Which is transmitted through/secondary host of Hookworm/Ascaris
Which of the following features is not present in the Phylum - Arthropoda
Plants and animals living in a particular area constitute
Cod liver oil is source of
What is true for Spirogyra
In Cockroach the longest podomere is
Multinucleate cell is
Thyroxine is
Thread-like fungal structures are
Which of the following is correct for dihybrid cross
In the two light reactions of photosynthesis
Which is not part of nephron
Which of the following is not of fungal origin
Sex is determined in human beings
Spiders and Scorpions belong to class
Adaptive measure to protect against extreme heat by poikilotherm is
A few normal seedlings of tomato were kept in a dark room. After a few days, they were found to have become white coloured like albinos. Which of the following will terms will you use to describe them
Club Moss is a member of
Compositae is known as
Movement stimulated by external factor is
Cell division that occurs in zygote is called
Huntington's chorea appears at the age of
Carbon monoxide kills because it destroys
In the five kingdom classification, bacteria belong to
Humans belong to family
Which of the following show selective permeability
Gigantism and acromegaly are due to
Fossil reptile having mammalian traits was
Drinking mineral water with low levels (~0.02 ppm) of pesticide for long period would
Vascular cryptogams are
Oxidative phosphorylation is production of
Q.R.S. is related to
A food chain begins with
Stirred tank bioreactor has been designed for: {submitted by Adhithyan js}
Tracheophyte consists of
4P10 is asked on Feb 24, 2019 03:36"> The number of σ bonds in P4P10 is
An arthropod without a true head is
The reaction forming 3-phosphoglyceric acid is glycolysis is
Metagenesis is represented by
Besides calcium phosphate the bones contain
a) Ligamentp) Stores Fatb) Tendonq) Connects Bone to Bonec) Areolar Tissuer) Connects Muscle to Boned) Adipose Tissues) Forms Blood cells- -   - -t) Filling Tissue asked on Feb 24, 2019 03:35"> Match the columns ... ..
a) Ligamentp) Stores Fat
b) Tendonq) Connects Bone to Bone
c) Areolar Tissuer) Connects Muscle to Bone
d) Adipose Tissues) Forms Blood cells
- -   - -t) Filling Tissue

Quiescent centre is region of root apex which is
Cockroach is
Fruit bearing plants are
Chief features of family Brassicaceae/ Cruciferae is presence of
Number of major vessels pouring blood in right atrium is
Terminator codon amber is
Which has an additional Y-chromosome
Parietal cells secrete
A : Cytokinin is cytoplasmic hormone R : Cytokinin induced cell division
Vascular tissues of flowering plant develop from
Genetic code was discovered by
A patient brought to hospital with myocardial infarction is immediately given
Fluidity of cell membranes in cold weather is maintained by
Physiological anisogamous sexual reproduction occurs in
In Mullerian mimicry, the mimic is
Ovarian hormones are usually
Which one acts as shock absorber when tibia and femur come together
QUESTION    Q.224) Which one does not act as neurotransmitter
A mulberry plant has two leaves having surface area of (i) 48cm2 (ii) 10cm2. 15 days before the surface area was (i) 12cm2 and (ii) 5cm2 respectively Find out the relative growth of the system (i) and (ii) and which leaf has the highest relative growth rate: {Question abmitted by Adhithyan js}
Column IColumn II(a) Endoplasmic reticulum(i) Stack of cisternae(b) Spherosome(ii) Store oil(c) Dictyosomes(iii) Synthesis and storage of lipids(d) Peroxisomes(iv) Photorespiration(e) Elaioplasts(v) Detoxification of drugs asked on Feb 24, 2019 03:04"> Match the columns ... ....
Column IColumn II
(a) Endoplasmic reticulum(i) Stack of cisternae
(b) Spherosome(ii) Store oil
(c) Dictyosomes(iii) Synthesis and storage of lipids
(d) Peroxisomes(iv) Photorespiration
(e) Elaioplasts(v) Detoxification of drugs

Long neck of Camel or Giraffe ha
Chitin occurs in the wall of
Mode of nutrition in Rhizopus is
Calcium deficiency occurs in the absence of vitamin in the absence of vitamin
Mountain sickness at high altitude is due to
Cytoskeleton is formed of
Which one is incorrect match
Which is more hazardous to human health
Burkitt’s lymphoma is caused by
Which is not a feature of fabaceae
Cleavage and archegonial polyembryony is common in
Succulent stem occurs in
Daphnia is
Heart of four chambered in
The common larvae of polychaete/annelid is
Salamander is a member of
Graafian follicle of ovary secretes
What is true about the species which have become extinct
QUESTION    Q.486) Reflex arc made of two neutrons is
A group of related genera with still less number of similarities as compared to genus and species constitutes
Restriction endonucleases are called so as they
In certain condition, dividing cell, loose their ability of cell division, it is called
Adrenal gland is associated with
Which one of the following classes has the maximum economic importance
QUESTION    Q.214) A mammalian brain is characterised by the presence of
Non genetic sex determination occurs in
Gene responsible for nitrogen fixation is
A compound (60g) on analysis gave C=24g, H=4g, O=32g. Its empirical formula is
Which of the following is correct with reference to flowers of family solanaceae
QUESTION    Q.17) The number of cranial nerves in a mammal including man is
Sea Horse is an example of
A rhizome which grows vertically upwards is
Single letter symbol F is used for the amino acid
Typhoid is … .. disease
In Pea, yellow seed colour is dominant over green colour. heterozygous yellow seeded plant is crossed with green seeded plant. the ratio of yellow to green seeded offspring will be
Identify the edible fresh water teleost
Blood is deoxygenated in
In Cycas, the vascular bundles are arranged in the shape of inverted omega in
Bacteria, fungi and lower plants survive during adverse conditions by
In Whittaker’s classification, non-nucleated unicellular organisms/ prokaryotes are included under
A person starts coughing suddenly while swallowing some food. It could be due to improper movement of
Underground stem is rhizome in plant
The essential chemical components of many coenzymes are
Estuaries are highly productive as they are nutrient trap due to mixing of
Leaves are modified into spines in
Diphtheria is caused by
Binding of antigen to antibody is through
Find the incorrect statement regarding mechanism of urine formation
In humans, digestion is
Secondary sexual characters in males develop under the influence of
Pigment-containing membranous extensions in some cyanobacteria are
The one which does not loses its identity even after crystallization is
ASSERTION: Amount of biodegradable organic matter present in water is measured by BOD of water REASON: During biodegradation of organic compounds, oxygen is released A.I.I.M.S. 2011
Who used frequency of recombination between gene pairs on the schromosome
DNA-dependent RNA polymerase catalyzes transcription on one strand of the DNA which is called the :-
Blood of which of the following is colourless
Succession showing changes in communities at a place is called
Which of the following are examples of arthropoda
Epididymis is
Antherozoids of Marchantia are
Which factor increases in plant in absence of light
Vitamins often act as
An example of ex situ conservation is :
Prophage is viral genome
Vexillary type of petal arrangement occurs in
In the pyramid of numbers find out the correct possibilities
Differentiating trait of Ascaris is
Which one is responsible for radial conduction of water and food in woody stem
Larva like stage of Hydra is
A disease which is inherited as an autosomal dominant condition
What does the following sequences represent Blue → Green algae → Crustose→ Lichens → Foliose lichens → Mosses → Shrubs → Dicotyledonous trees
Which of the following is correct sequence in embryo development
Hydrostatic pressure inside glomerular afferent arteriole is
Adjacent epithelial cells are held together by means of
In human beings cranium is formed by
New species develop due to
Valves which allows blood from ventricles into arteries and not in opposite direction are
QUESTION    Q.218) Thermoregulatory centre or thermostat in the body of homeothermic animals and man is found in
A phylum with triploblastic acoelomate animals is
Which of the following is not associated with Hemichordata
During past 150 years, the concentration of CO2 has increased approximately from
Radial cleavage is found in
Phenomenon of organism having similar structure with a similar origin is
Secondary growth is best observed in
Which one is polysaccharide
Embryonic blastocoels continue as body cavity in
Solid ball of cells formed at the end of cleavage is
Percentage of radiant energy entering reaction site in photosynthesis which is converted into potential energy is
Entry of pollen tube through chalazal end is
Growth hormone responsible for apical dominance is
Blood group B means the person
Gene bank is collection of
A primary character of chordates is
Which is false about C4 pathway
Who synthesised the artificial gene

Topic on Mcq

Ray and wave optics
Atom and nucleus
Semiconductor devices
Thermal and chemical effects of current
Solutions and Liquid States
Current electricity
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium
Alcohols Phenols and Ethers
Work energy and power
Gaseous State
Motion in two and three dimensions
Properties of matter
Heat and thermodynamics
Compounds Containing Nitrogen
s Block Elements
Structure of Atom
Particle nature of light
Aldehydes and Ketones
Units dimension and measurement
Electromagnetic wave and communication
Laws of motion
Motion in one dimension
Oscillations and wave
Electro magentic induction and alternating current
Centre of mass and rotational motion.
Redox Reactions and Electro Chemistry
Magnetic effects of current
Reproduction in Organisms
Digestion and Absorption II
The living world
Nitrogen family
Microbes in Human Welfare
Chemical Arithmetic and Volumetric Analysis
Embryonic Development
Plant Growth and Movement II
Mineral Nutrition
Breathing and Respiration
Biodiversity And Its Conservation
Cell cycle and cell division
Locomotion and Movement
Improvement in food production
Excretion products and their elimination
Biological Classification Kingdom Animals II
Inheritance and Variation
Environmental Issues
Respiration in Plants
Transport in Plant
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Organisms and the Environment
Chemical Coordination and Regulation
Body Fluids and Circulation
Plant Growth and Movement
Structural Organisation in Animals
Human Health and Disease
Digestion and Absorption
Anatomy of Flowering plants
Genetic basis of Inheritance
Control and Coordination
Bio Molecules
Biological Classification Kingdom Protista Kin
Cell Structure and Cell Organelle
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Biological Classification Viruses Viroids Prio
Biological Classification Kingdom Plantae
Morphology of Flowering plants
Biological Classification Kingdom Animals
CU (Chandigarh University)
CU Chandigarh University
Biotechnology I
Change of Speech
Protein Stability
Advanced SQL
Data Interpretation
Bar Charts
Verbal Analogies
Days and Years
Change of Voice
Gears and Cams
Drawing Management
Height and Distance
UV Luminance Spectroscopy
Completing Statements
Analog to Digital
Electronic Diagrams
Perspective Drawings
Welding Representation
Layouts and Lettering
Pseudomonas and Burkholderia
Oblique Projection
Graphic Language for Design
Orthographic Projection
Working Drawings
Axonometric Projection
2D Drawing Representation
Piping Drawings
Thermodynamics and Free Energy
Miscellaneous Foods
Programmable Logic Devices PLD
Structure and Properties of Amino Acids
Functions and Subroutines
Classes and Objects
Fish and Sea Foods
Threads Fasteners and Springs
Theme Detection
Landform Drawings
NMR Spectroscopy
Manufacturing Processes
Gel Electrophoresis
Structural Drawing
Protein and Nucleic Acid Interactions
Transport of Molecules in Plant
Rhabdoviridae Caliciviridae and Astroviridae
Nitrogen Metabolism
Spanning Tree Protocol
OR and Ex
Garbage Collections
Synthetic Seeds
Protein Purification
Data Warehousing
Poxviridae and Picronaviridae
Database Redesign
Square Root and Cube Root
Inner Classes
Architectural Working Drawings
Computer Aided Design Basics
Distributed Databases
Collection Classes
Mechanical Working Drawings
Dimensioning Architectural Drawings
Isometric Drawings
Traditional Drafting Techniques
Water pH and Macromolecules
3D Modeling Basics
Allosteric Effects
Multiview Drawing
Variable Number of Arguments
Plant Genetics
ATP Synthesis and Fatty Acid Oxidation
Fruits and Vegetables
IP Routing
Nucleic Acid Structure
Enzymes Regulation
Protein Structure
Virtual LANs
Logical Database Design
JDBC Java Server Pages and MySQL
The Database Environment
Wide Area Networks
Decimal Fraction
RNA Structure
Viruses in Eukaryotes
Oriented Database
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Actinomycetes and Non Sporing Anaerobes
Vibrio Aeromonas and Plesiomonas
The Internet Database Environment
ER Model and Business Rules
Modeling Data in the Organization
Food Illness
Server Database
The Client
Wireless Technologies
Physical Database Design
Managing a Cisco Internetwork
Logical Games
Introduction to Database
The Database Development Process
Sentence Formation
Memory Allocation
Logic Circuit Simplification
FT IR Spectroscopy
Oriented Data Modeling
Thyristors and Tranducers
Library Functions
Branch Loop and Node Analyses
Microbiology of Foods
Recombinant DNA
Managing Databases with Oracle
Antigen Antibody Reaction
IOS and Security Device Manager
Microbial Genetics
Data and Database Administration
Immune Response
DNA Replication
Sectional Views
Auxiliary Views
Nucleic Acids
Oxidative Phosphorylation
Genetic Code and Regulation
NET Framework
Nitrogen Fixation and Photosynthesis
Cell Cultivations
Network Address Translation
Synthesis of Therapeutic Agents
Plant Cell Culture
Sauerkraut and Pickles
Hepatitis Viruses
Environmental Protection
Ethanol Production
The Relational Model and Normalization
Database Processing for BIS
SQL for Database Construction
C Preprocessor
Wine and Beer
Technical Drawing
Technical Sketching
Digital Design
Biosensors and Biochips
Database Design Using Normalization
Microbes in Aquatic Environment
Data Models into Database Designs
Bitwise Operators
SQL Server 2000
Vinegar and Citric Acid
Managing Multiuser Databases
Data Modeling with ER Model
Language Fundamentals
Disease Associated with Immune System
Media Required for Plant Cell Culture
Heated Canned Foods
Amino Acid Metabolism
Monoclonal Antibodies
Transistors and Applications
DNA Sequencing Mutation and Repair
Microprocessor Fundamentals
Testing and Troubleshooting
Membrane Structure and Functions
Analog and Digital Converters
Animal Biotechnology Chromosomes
RL Circuits
Purpose Op
Floating Point Issues
Milk and Milk Products
Standard Logic Devices SLD
Operators and Assignments
Identification of Bacteria
Phase Systems in Power Applications
Enzyme Reaction
Combinational Logic Analysis
Anti Bodies
Flops and Timers
Genetic Regulation Prokaryotes
Immunological Techniques
Sequential Logic Circuits
Semiconductor Memory
General Plant Biotechnology
Passive Filters
Cell Structure and Compartments
Computer Hardware and Software
Microbiology of Waste Water
Windows 2000 Server
Amp Circuits
Basic Op
Circuit Theorems in AC Analysis
Verification of Truth
Arithmetic Operations and Circuits
Immune System
TCA Cycle
Introduction to SQL
Immobilized Enzyme
Flow Control
Poultry Egg and Meat
Quantities and Units
Describing Logic Circuits
Voltage Current and Resistance
Integrated Circuit Technologies
Energy and Power
Enzymes and Application
Circuit Theorems and Conversions
Time Response of Reactive Circuits
Gas Chromatography
RC Circuits
Command Line Arguments
Measurement Conversion and Control
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Complicated Declarations
Energy Release and Conservation
Javalang Class
Input Output
Networking Basics
Cloning Vectors
Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification
Microorganisms and Disease
Translation and Regulation
Code Converters and Multiplexers
SI Units
Ohms Law
Semiconductor Principles
Logic Families and Their Characteristics
Objects and Collections
Alternating Current and Voltage
Paragraph Formation
Downstream Processing
Declarations and Initializations
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Famous Places in India
Cell Signalling and Transduction
Structure and Properties of Peptides
Objects and Classes
Structures Unions Enums
Java Programming
Declarations and Access Control
The 8051 Microcontroller
Recombinant DNA Technology
Transcription and Regulation
Language Processors
Animal Cell Culture and Regulation
Protein Synthesis
Signals and Switches
Multivibrators and 555 Timer
Venn Diagrams
Plant Structure
Windows NT
Bipolar Junction Transistors BJT
Special Proteins and Crop Improvement
Cube and Cuboid
Blood Relation Test
Viruses From Animal and Plants
Vectors Uses for Animal Cell Culture
Cell Cultures and Characteristics
Field Effect Transistors FET
Digital Signal Processing
Control Instructions
Gene Transfer in Plants
Animal Breeding and Transgenic Animal
Microbial Recombination and Gene Transfer
OOPS Concepts
C Programming
Constructors and Destructors
Seating Arrangement
Microbiology of Soils
Beer and Wine
Odd Man Out and Series
Water Treatment
Docks and Harbours
Alternating Current vs Direct Current
Fluid Flow
Parallel Circuits
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Spirochacter and Enterobacteriaceac
Vitamins and Coenzymes
Transgenic Plant
Ordering of Words
Physical and Chemical Agents
Airport Engineering
Bacteria Morphology
Circuit Logic Families
Ordering of Sentences
Microbial Metabolism
MSI Logic Circuits
Series Circuits
Engineering Economy
Voltage and Current
Antimicrobial Chemotherapeutic Agents
Enzymes and Kinetics
Molds and Yeasts
Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria
RLC Circuits and Resonance
Shift Registers
Resistance and Power
Digital System Projects Using HDL
Operational Amplifiers
Diodes and Applications
Logic Gates
Construction Management
Fermentation Reactors
Fermentation Kinetics
Interfacing to the Analog World
DNA Structure and Replication
Combinational Logic Circuits
Estimating and Costing
Selecting Words
Satellite Communication
Compressors Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines
Radio Receivers
Steam Nozzles and Turbines
Digital Arithmetic Operations and Circuits
Sentence Correction
Chemical Engineering Plant Economics
Digital Concepts
Hydraulic Machines
Course of Action
Biochemical Engineering
Agitation and Aeration
Disk Operating System DOS
Programmable Logic Device
Industrially Useful Microbial Processes
Logical Deduction
Theory of Structures
Water Resources Engineering
Elements of Remote Sensing
Statement and Conclusion
Structural Design Specifications
Memory and Storage
Number Systems and Codes
Industrial Engineering and Production Management
Database Systems
Statement and Argument
IC Engines and Nuclear Power Plants
Steam Boilers and Engines
Verbal Ability
Furnace Technology
Engineering Mechanics
Advanced Surveying
Steel Structure Design
Operating Systems Concepts
Workshop Technology
RCC Structures Design
Matching Questions
Concrete Technology
Fertiliser Technology
Engineering Materials
Applied Mechanics
Automation System
Refractory Technology
Electronic Principles
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Building Construction

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