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The contents of the accumulator after this operation MOV A,#0BH ANL A,#2CH will be
The peak inverse voltage (PIV) for the diode in the give circuit equals ___
According to Khosla, the exist gradient of surface flow
What command can be used to get information about yourself
A JFET is a
How many atoms are present in one gm-atom of an element
Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.    1. Butterfly    2. Cocoon    3. Egg    4. Worm
The essential ingradient of all the synthesis gas is
Average inventory level is reduced by
In figure the voltage distribution on a vertical earthed antenna is represented by
The study project proposal
If whole circle bearing of a line is 120°, its reduced bearing is
The start or completion of task is called
The national museum is located at
The soil which contains finest grain particles, is
What will be the output of the program #include int main() { union var { int a, b; }; union var v; v.a=10; v.b=20; printf("%d\n", v.a); return 0; }
The side slope of Cipolletti weir is generally kept
Syed Kirmani made his ODI debut in 1976 against New Zealand as a wicketkeeper. How many runs did India make in that match
Which of the following is the most adverse factor challenging the choice of mercury electrolytic cell process for the production of caustic soda
Inputs A and B of the given figure are applied to a NAND gate. The output is LOW
The motion of a shaft in a circular hole is an example of
Look up the propagation delay from the clock to the output for the 7476. Are the HIGH-to-LOW and LOW-to-HIGH propagation delays the same
To neglect a current source the terminals across the source are
The value of work index does not change materially from one equipment to another. If the value of work index determined for close circuit grinding is Wi, then the same for open circuit grinding will be
Data dictionary contains detail of
Na2CO3 is called
BFO stands for
Computer ICs work reliably because
Which of the following column properties would be used to specify that cells in a column must be immediately filled with a monetary value of $10,000
The expression A2 + B2 - 3 AB when written is Pascal should be written as
The length of the lap in a compression member is kept greater than bar diameter x (Permissible stress in bar / Five times the bond stress) or
Which is not a software
Width of the shoulders of carriage way is generally kept
Which of the following valves will incur maximum pressure drop for the same discharge of water
The disadvantage of transformer coupling in amplifier is
What will be the output of the following program #include typedef void(*FunPtr)(int); int Look(int = 10, int = 20); void Note(int); int main() { FunPtr ptr = Note; (*ptr)(30); return 0; } int Look(int x, int y) { return(x + y % 20); } void Note(int x) { cout<< Look(x) << endl; }
Nominal size of the discharge pipe of a pump is usually __________ the nominal size of the inlet pipe
The spread between the point and splice rails at a distance of 4.25 rn is 50 cm. The size of the crossing is
In an assembly section, these parts should have their section lines left out or shown solid black
What command is used to query for a specific package with RPM
The force in EC of the truss shown in the given figure, is
Assertion (A): When an electron is revolving in its orbit and magnetic field is also present, the angular frequency of electron will be affected by the magnetic field.Reason (R): In the case of electron revolving in its orbit in the presence of magnetic field, the orbital magnetic dipole moment is not affected by the presence of magnetic field
Which one of the following is not the intermediate of Kreb's cycle
Capillary tube method of viscosity measurement is based on the
At break point of chlorination,
When decimal numbers with several digits are to be added together using BCD adders ________
Which type of device may be used to interface a parallel data format with external equipment's serial format
The first attempt in printing was made in England by
What will happen when an inductor's magnetic field collapses
Which of the following is accomplished in chemiosmosis
Working principle of bimetallic thermometers is difference in linear co-efficient of thermal expansion of two strips of different metals welded together. Which of the following has the maximum thermal co-efficient of linear expansion
In a certain series resonant circuit, VC = 125 V, VL = 125 V, and VR = 40 V. The value of the source voltage is
The following operations are required for tunnelling in rocky terrain :1. Removing the foul gases2. Marking the tunnel profile3. Setting up and drilling4. Checking misfire5. MuckingThe correct sequence is
A smooth cylinder lying on its convex surface remains
For indirect heating, the plate and frame heat exchanger is generally more effective than the shell and tube heat transfer due to its
Glycogen has
Lead caulked joints are used for laying
The sewage treatment in septic tanks is due to
Proteins which help to open the double helix for DNA synthesis are
Carburising flame is used to weld
Here are some words translated from an artificial language briftamint means militant uftonel means occupied uftonalene means occupation Which word could mean "occupant"
The transport of acyl-CoA for oxidation using a shuttle involves formation of the intermediate
In a plate modulated class C amplifier, the peak supply voltage is V. The maximum plate-cathode voltage can be
In a radio receiver, the local oscillator is always tuned to a frequency higher than the incoming frequency to
In a 3 phase bridge inverter with 120° mode of operation the. number of thyristors conducting at one time are
Cementite is
Which statement about a series RC circuit is true
Which of the following is not produced commercially from sea water
Which of the following is not the responsibility of the utilities component of DBMS software
Chilled iron castings are
In the given figure power meters at A and B indicate 1 mW and 110 μW respectively. VSWR of line is
__________ mill is not a revolving mill
In pulse width modulation of chopper
Assertion (A): If , the final value of i(t) = 10Reason (R): If , the initial value i(t) = 2
The cells most oftenly infected by HIV are
If , the coefficient of term e-t in f(t) will be
The distance of a direct broadcasting satellite from earth's surface is about
In a piezoelectric crystal, the application of mechanical force will cause
Assertion (A): Transient analysis uses Laplace transformation.Reason (R): Laplace transform method is suitable for solution of integro differential equations
The circuit shown below is used for ________, and for the inputs shown, the DATA output will be ________
Which of the following is the most widely used heat insulating material for pipelines carrying steam
Strain energy is the
A 470 resistor and a 0.2 F capacitor are in parallel across a 2.5 kHz ac source. The admittance, Y, in rectangular form, is
If the length of an intermediate span of a continuous slab is 5m, the length of the end span is kept
The ratio of land to ocean in the southern hemisphere is
__________ furnace is generally used in the non-ferrous foundaries
Of the following capacitors, which one has the highest dielectric constant
A second horizontal stiffener is always placed at the neutral axis of the girder if the thickness of the web is less than
Statement: During pre-harvest kharif season, the government has decided to release vast quantity of food grains from FCI. Assumptions: There may be a shortage of food grains in the market during this season. The kharif crop may be able to replenish the stock of FCI. There may be a demand from the farmers to procure kharif crop immediately after harvest
If 24 V are applied across a resistor and there are 10.9 mA of current, the resistance is
Each programmable array logic (PAL) gate product is applied to an OR gate and, if combinational logic is desired, the product is ORed and then
For steady ideal fluid flow, the Bernoulli's equation states that the
The motion of a wheel of a car is
The modulating frequency in frequency modulation is increased from 10 kHz to 30 kHz. The bandwidth is increased by
__________ mean diameter of particles is given by
The first step in creating a traditional technical drawing is to ________
What is the frequency of this 555 astable multivibrator
The enzyme inhibition can occur by
Two dimensional stream function
Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.    1. Hecto    2. Centi    3. Deca    4. Kilo    5. Deci
The boy fell ...... bicycle
Steel tower used for the storage of oleum
The process of heat transfer from one particle of the fluid to another by the actual movement of the fluid particles due to difference of density caused by temperature of the particle is known as
The phase of colour subcarrier burst in PAL is along the axis at
Human ear can detect sound intensities of the order of
The root locus method, a pole of a transfer function G(s) is the value of s for which G(s) approaches
Which are the important meeting of the Commonwealth
With an IP address set starting with 150, you currently have six offices that you are treating as subnets. Plans are in place to open 10 more offices before the end of the year. What subnet mask should you use to satisfy the needed number of subnets and maximize the number of hosts available at each site
Boiling point diagram is
A material for permanent magnet should have
__________ is a special constituent of chlorophyll without which photosynthesis is not possible
Boiling point of a solution as compared to that of the corresponding solvent is
The effect of setting a boring tool above centre height leads to
The energy of activation of exothermic reaction is
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ?1. Standard penetration test....Relative density2. Vane shear....Cohesion3. Consolidation test....Bearing capacitySelect the correct answer using the codes given below
In distillation, overhead product contains
Recycling back of outlet stream to the reactor from an ideal CSTR carrying out a first order liquid phase reaction will result in __________ in conversion
In a two-phase system where the continuous phase remains in place, the gas hold up can be expressed as (where Vs and Vt are the superficial gas velocity and bubble rise velocity)
Two series capacitors (one 2 F, the other of unknown value) are charged from a 24 V source. The 2 F capacitor is charged to 16 V and the other to 8 V. The value of the unknown capacitor is
The relation among various mass transfer co-efficients (M.T.C) for ideal gases is given by (where, Kc & Km are M.T.C. for equimolar counter diffusion with concentration & mole fraction respectively as the driving force. and, Kp = M.T.C. for diffusion of a gas through a stagnant inert gas with pressure as driving force.)
When data is encapsulated, which is the correct order
Probable systematic error in precise levelling as recommended by International Geodetic Association should not exceed (where k is in kilometers.)
Class A and Class B power amplifiers predominate at
What is/are the benefit(s) of micropropagation or clonal propagation
The polythene bottles are used for collecting rain water and. their capacities is
Log mean temperature difference (LMTD) cannot be used, if
What does ECP stand for
Statement: Should the opinion polls predicting outcome of elections before the elections be banned in India? Arguments Yes. This may affect the voters mind and may affect the outcome. No. Such polls are conducted all over the world
A moderator, apart from its high neutron slowing power, and low non-productive neutron, should be
Which of the following characteristic enzymes of gluconeogensis is not found in the cytosol
Who is the author of 'Ashtadhyayi'
A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is not constant, is called
Pick up the incorrect statement from to following regarding triangular notch
Removal of light fractions from crude oil is called its
The dimensional formula of bulk modulus of elasticity is same as that of the
Which of them has 10 inputs and 4 outputs
An end fire array consisting of several half-wave lengths of directive gain 40, then array length will be
Degree to which an instrument indicates the changes in measured variable without dynamic error is called its
In power law, , then the fluid is
In order to create one solid model from two or more separate solid shapes the drafter will need to position them and then ________
The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the ashpit under the fire grate of the furnace is called
The buckling load for a given column depends upon
For providing the required tilt of rails, adazing of wooden sleepers, is done for
In SQL, which command is used to add new rows to a table
The largest diameter of an external or internal screw thread is known as
The correct prismoidal formula for volume is
If f(t) ↔ F(jω), f(- t) ↔
Carbon is present in the form of __________ in grey cast iron
A spillway of an irrigation project is to be studied by means of a model constructed to a scale of 1 : 9. The prototype discharge is 1000 m3/s. Neglecting the viscous and surface tension effects, the required flow rate for the model is
When multiplying 13 × 11 in binary, what is the third partial product
From the principal point the horizon point lies on the principal line at a distance of
The following is employed as sacrificial anode to provide cathodic protection to ships, pipelines and storage tanks
When a body slides down an inclined surface, the acceleration (f) of the body, is given by
How many CO2 molecules are exhaled for each O2 molecule utilized in cellular respiration
If the unsupported length of a stanchion is 4 metres and least radius of gyration of its cross-section is 5, the slenderness ratio of the stanchion, is
Which of the following are void functions
One of the major components of a PC is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which can be best described as
The bacterias which require free oxygen for their survival, are called
The velocity ratio for the first system of pulleys is(where n is the number of pulleys.)
What is the reactive power
The acceleration of a particle at any instant has two components i.e. radial component and tangential component. These two components will be
Which of the following are never inherited
The input and output of a continuous time system are respectively denoted by x(t) and y(t) Which of the following descriptions corresponds to a causal system
A fall which maintains its depth, is
A FIFO ________
Consider the following statements : 1. Book value is the unamortized cost of the asset as it still appears on the accounting books of the business.2. Termination of economic life implies disposal of the equipment.Which of the statements given above is/are correct
When he P did not know Q he was nervous and R heard the hue and cry at midnight S what to do The Proper sequence should be
A compensated wattmeter has its reading corrected for error due to which one of the following parameters
The slope correction for a length of 30 m along a gradient of 1 in 20, is
Assertion (A): A class C amplifier is a timed amplifier which needs a tank circuit as the load in the collector circuit of the transistor for its proper operationReason (R): In class C operation collector current flows for less than 180° of the ac cycle and thus flows in pulses
The elastic strain in copper is due to the
The first goal(s) to accomplish in analyzing a complex series–parallel circuit is to
Which of the following antennas uses a number of varying length parallel elements
Which of the following statements are correct about delegates
Alcohol is dehydrated using __________ distillation
The largest truth table that can be implemented directly with an 8-line-to-1-line MUX has ________
The largest consumer of refractories is the __________ industry
A rain sanitary sewer is constructed to carry
Raschig ring made of procelain cannot be used for treating concentrated
With respect to a network interface card, the term 10/100 refers to
A 68 resistor is connected across the terminals of a 3 V battery. The power dissipation of the resistor is
The time taken for gravity flow of a fixed volume of liquid (as in Redwood viscometer) is directly proportional to its
A 'unit process' is exemplified by the
A single turn loop is situated in air, with a uniform magnetic field normal to its plane. The area of the loop is 5 m2 and the rate of change of flux density is 2 Wb/m2/s. What is the emf appearing at the terminals of the loop
FM has poor efficiency than
The Z parameters Z11 and Z21 for the 2-port network in the figure
Assertion (A): In imperfect capacitors, the current does not lead the applied ac voltage by 90°.Reason (R): When subjected to ac fields, the dielectric constant can be expressed as ∈'r - j∈"r
Which of the following is not a dielectric material
The Pyrenees mountains are located on the border between ____ and ____
The doctor advised the patient not to eat rice
Photochemical reaction rate does not depend significantly on temperature, because
For harder alloy steel, the point angle of the drill is kept
Heat transfer co-efficient (h) for a fluid flowing inside a clean pipe is given by This is valid for the value of NRe equal to
Which one of the following equations most directly determines the amount of current flowing through a resistor when you know the value of the resistor and the voltage drop across it
Failure of a material is termed as fatigue failure, if it fails below the yield point. The resistance to fatigue failure of a material is measured by the
Statement: Mr. X, an active member of the Union, often insults his superiors in the office with his rude behaviour. Courses of Action: He should be transferred to some other department. The matter should be referred to the Union
JCOKE = 3JCOKE = JCOKE + 1GO TO (5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16 18, 20) JCOKE.After the execution of above statement, the control is transferred to statement number
In a repetitive-pulse RC integrator circuit, what would the steady-state voltage equal at the end of the fifth pulse? Assume a Vin of 20 V
For 450 m head of water, __________ shallbeused
Assertion (A): Increasing the system gain improves steady state behaviour but may result in instability.Reason (R): A compensator is inserted into a system to ensure specified performance

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