Multiple Choice Question

In Sonet Network, data is sent over working line until it fails, is
Sulphurdioxide causes
According to expectancy model, process of altering beliefs about brand is classified as
A special character prefaces DML calls, and a preprocessor, known as the
Removal of amino group, in form of ammonia from amino acid, categorized as
\Ultracentrifuge' is developed by;
One degree is denoted by
Substances on which enzymes act are called as
Two strands of 'DNA' are held together by;
Applications such as robotics, expert systems, pattern recolonization, artificial neutral networks etc are
Secondary voltage of transformer is greater than secondary voltage if
International Finance Corporation was owned and governed by
A right- angeled triangle has a perpendicular height of 12 cm and hypotenuse of 13 cm, base of triangle is
In addition to single and double quoted strings PHP offers another way to specify a string which is called as
If for a distribution difference of first quartile and median is greater than difference of median and third quartile then distribution is classified as
X = acosθ, y = bsinθ are parametric equations of
Slope of straight line with two connecting points is determined by the
Opposition that a substance offers to flow of electric?current is termed as
Services provided by medical and legal specialists are considered as
Cause of change in 'dependent variable' is
Symmetry of 'arenavirus' is
Culture' comprises of all the
A relation can be known as a subset of a Cartesian product of a set of
In graphical representation of data, ideographs are also called as
If wavelength of a wave moving on a slinky spring with a frequency of 5 Hz is equal to 0.5 m then speed of wave is equal to
Structuralist psychologist tried to provide a systematic study of
Function of comber roller is to
Arabinosyladenine' interferes with DNA;
AT data link layer, Frame Relay uses
Concept which refers how well services or products are brought from company to customers is classified as
Virtual LANs create
Elements of D-block are good conductors of
Who has Linked theory of social change with Organism
Gravitational pull force is not dominant on
A ratio to evaluate a proposed course of action is known as
Hapsburg family owned territory of
Combined capacitance is equal to the
Patients of homocystinuria, usually die, except those having;
Rich sources of Vitamin B are
Feature of laboratory thermometer that makes it responsive is
An 'exhausting illness' like 'depression' and 'bipolar disorder' is called
Choosing an investment bond over and investment in shares is an example of
People who see technology as symbolizing alienation of modern life is called
Collector of common collector amplifier is
Loss of energy of an electron results in
Blood is being carried from tissue and organs, back to heart via;
Which from following is a jumping statement
In HTML context, content enclosed in tags is called
In kinship anthropology a group of people in society who have achieved status is called
What are materially closed ecosystem
When 2 to 20 monosaccharidic units are linked by glycosidic bonds than they form
Section layer is responsible for movement of a signal across a
What was worst effect of El Nino 1997-8 on Indonesia
Ribosome are synthesized in part of cell called
Eccentricity of Mercury is
(AoB)oB is equal to
What is included in phpinfo ( ) function with release of PHP5.2.1 version
Unit matrix written in format of square matrix is also called as
Condensation has a reverse process named as
A sequence that reads forwards as backwards, called as
FinFET generally used to design
'probability sample' includes
Formula x = (-b ± √(b² - 4ac)) ⁄ 2a classified as
Glassy beads in borax beads test are made of
Shenhar 's Second dimension of classification covers
In serial port interface, INTR line is connected to
Hormones are classified as
Combustible and non combustible solid waste, excluding food waste, known as
Consider reaction: AgNO3 + NaCl → AgCl + NaNO3. state of NaNO3 will be
Place where buyers and sellers get in touch with each other is called
Oxygenase enzyme, cleaving five-membered ring of indole nucleus, producing;
Equity theory of motivation includes
Y-parameters are also known as
Type of question which consists of an importance scale for some attributes and respondents is classified as
A metal wire has a resistance of 500 ω at ice point and 520 ω at steam point. If resistance of wire is 510 ω, what is room temperature
'private health care' is funded by
Schotky diode operates only with
Exchange of genetic information is called
Display technology that uses gas between two glass sheets is classified as
In Cortex-MO and Cortex-MO+ processor, R13 register is a
Starting of resume, must be having;
In card, diameter of feeder cylinder is
If x - 2 is a factor of a x² -12x + 4, then
Second messenger by regulating programmed cell death is regarded as
Original Ethernet was created in
Optional-feature pricing, captive-product pricing, product-bundling pricing and by-product pricing are considered as techniques of
Attributes usually come in name/value pairs forms like
Uneven shape of roving is characterized by
When a view is defined, we can use view name to refer to virtual relation that is generated by
Excessive temperature in pre scouring stage can lead to
Term that refers to structure and format of data is
RAID have levels
If ball is thrown upwards, energy changings are
For loop is controlled by how many separate parts
Primary amine in which nitrogen is attached to only one alkyl group is
All 'social facts' serves one or more functions within the
Scavengers feed on dead
In monopolistic competition, each firm is supposed to make a unique product that can be charged high or low according to its capacity this it's demand curve is
Thermal energy from sun is used for heating buildings in;
Smuggling is an economic issue rather than
Considering coupon rate, Brady bonds pay
Main functionality of command interpreter of operating system is to
A jump in inductor current requires an
Many of pigments found in living things can be used as
Number of SNP's in human genome is nearly;
Law of addition is not applicable upon
Classification of international employees include
Hard tissues of tooth are termed as
In xylem vessel, lignin is deposited in form of
Highest point o transverse wave is called
Procedure in which matrix A is augmented with an identity matrix having dimension as (mxm) is classified as
Temperature sensing can be done by use of
Issue arise from pricing when big seller sells below cost to put new small competitors out of business and capture large market share is classified as
Synthetic analogue of nucleotides, involved in treatment of cancer, termed as
Metal chloride that is hydrolyzed is
Homogamous marriage may work to concentrate what in social class
When two waves meet, their displacements
Water molds are another name of
Briggsian logarithm has base equals to
Number of petals in Clitoria flowers are
A counter that flows binary sequence is called
Molecular complex that contains proteins and lipids are named as
In optimal solution, solution which does not have slack variables and surplus variable is classified as
Phosphate fertilisers, emitting;
Phase of UP encompasses both customer communication and planning activities is
Governments enforce currency limitations to
Way data in a program is to be set is called its
Study of functions and structure of genome is called
Statement correct about structures is
World Court resolves a complex border between El Salvador and Honduras in
Compliment of (6)⊂8 is equivalent to
In bobbin formation, yarn tension increases during upward travel of
Normal concentration of 'creatine' in serum is ranges between
Non-competitive bidders get allocation of treasury bills on
In 1944 international accord is recognized as
Force acting on a smaller area exerts
Algebraic property for positive numbers 3 and 2 is 3²² have solved form
If wholesaler did not exist then who will bear expenses of warehousing
An addition of a children to an family creates
Bacteria composed single chromosomes, having single copy of gene, known as
When mode of adder subtractor is 1 than it
Lungs receive oxygenated blood from
AC output of amplifier, when collector resistance is 2.0kΩ with internal emitter resistance of 30Ω, is
Database security is responsible for providing
Specialized region within nucleus where ribosome of cells are assembled is classified as
Average power supplied to passive network is equals to
Octal equivalent of number 0 in BCD coding scheme is
Every even integer is also
Owl:EquivalentClass is always between
Cells of 'cartilage' are known as
System returns an error if there are any cascading revocations, and does not carry out the
Symbolic constant "endl" is a/an
Dolly was firstly known cloned mammal, developed by;
A specialized type of immune cells, having cancer-fighting ability, known as
An atomic formula is also known as
Stock which has fixed payments and failure of payments which do not lead to bankruptcy is classified as
Conversion of a vapor or gas to a liquid in known as
With growing resources came growing
Notebook PCs fall into a category of devices called
When Reynolds number Re is in between 2300 and 4000, flow is
Compiler is used when data is to be processed in
Formation and collection of combed sliver is facilated by
A job analyst's task is to
Inverse process of classification which focuses on specific examination of different entities of classes is called
Non-competitive bidding of treasury bills also allow participation of
Hydrogen atom doesn't emit x-rays because
Visual purple is concerned with vision in
1 'GtC' is equal to;
Social or cultural difference associated with being male and female is called
Function of data link control includes
In kinship anthropology married couples live in wife's community and their childrens grow up in mother's village this rule keeps related women together, patrilocality and matrilocality are known as
In past, which countries were badly affected by malaria
Diffusionism was introduced in
Lases of gate primitives in Verilog VHDL are
If f:x→2x² -4x +1 is
Tarbela Dam is situated in which country
NH4Cl(s) + NaOH →
Characteristic of database management system which allows program operation independence and program data independence is classified as
A dynamic alliance capability is built from process mechanisms of
Value of payload field in Point to Point Protocol frames is
Literally it means a trade on mutually settled profit is
Egg or oosphere is found bedded in cushion of thallus in
In Solar System, ninth discarded planet Pluto is also known as
If an organism has two identical gene for a given character, it is said to be as
If beginning work in process equivalent units are 2500 units, work done in current period equivalent units are 3800 units and units completed in current period are 4000, then ending work in process equivalent units will be
System Transport Signal (STS) multiplexer multiplexes signals from multiple sources and creates
Who was first female UN ambassador in Reagan administration
In Digital Signal Service, DS-3 is
Oxidation of retinal yields;
If an animal has ability of being divisible into symmetrical halves on either side of a unique plane, resulting symmetry is known as
As walls of teapot and greenhouse are shiny, so radiation would
Speed of a body in particular direction can be called
In Concurrent Development Model, for example when analysis model correction is generated, analysis action present in awaiting state moves into
Caecum is part of
Multiprocessor systems that do not share memory is known to be
Ontology is composed of
Which military fought rival Kurdish Guerrilla armies
Computer software helps in
Length of 'nasopharynx' is nearly
Cytoplasm of bacteria contains smaller rings of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) called as
Animal eating plants are known as
Specialized community of employees' whose activities are focused around brand is classified as
Phenomenon in which animals e.g. rats and deer eat their own faeces is called
Primary and secondary emotions pathways are regarded as
PH above 7 is
Metal which is in liquid state is
DC Α w.r.t DC Β in BJT amplifier is equals to
Mount Everest has gravitational acceleration of
Considering storage capacity, 2000 bytes of data are equal to
In less than or equal to constraint equations, variable which is used to balance both side of equations is classified as
In GaAs, high power dissipation per gate is due to
While plotting decrease in mass against time, a flat curve shows
A good database system should minimize number of transferring
Steep diffusion gradient is maintained by
Market where market makers keep record of stock of financial instruments is classified as
Painful burning sensation in chest due to back flow of acidic chyme into esophagus is termed as
Broca?s area is located in the;
A behavior, responsible for boosting conflicts in team, known as
Birds sing songs to;
If writer wants to inform reader about a bad news, type of letter used is;
Normal human body temperature is equal to 310 K, which is equal to
Biomass is known as;
In objective function, change in current value occurs if variable is increased by one unit is represented by
Easiest way to understand operations specified by query is to consider clauses in
Mathematical product and magnitude of end's separation of a dipole of charges is termed as
PH of buffer solution depends upon concentration of
Chemical formula of butane is
Getting time and date of computer system is
Formula Sales revenue minus operating cost and taxes minus operating capital investments is used to calculate
Active transport
Effective introduction section of memo, be comosed of;
Consider two events X and Y, X-bar and Y-bar represents
Five round of GATT negotiations from
In external environmental scanning, interest rates, cycle of recessions and inflation are classified as
Hepatic 'carcinoma' is caused by the
Movement of water towards river or stream is known as
Shifting to left is accomplished by
Life and death these are basically linked to biological organism sometimes called
A car of 200 kg is moving in a circle of radius 4.3 m with angular velocity of 2 rad s-1, it's angular momentum will be
Down Halogen Group (Group-VII), reactivity
In kinship anthropology our own system of kinship classification is called
CPU scheduling depends on
Bonds issued to individuals by corporations are classified as
Ideal CPI (Cycle per instruction) on a pipelined processor is almost always
In amphibians, thyroxine bring about process of
Skeletal muscles are
Analysis based on study of price fluctuations, production of commodities and deposits in banks is classified as
First freely programmable computer in world was built by
Carbon released in atmosphere increase level of
Full form of MS-DOS is
In mercury barometers,1000mbs are equal to
MIB Stands for
Dormant, resistant bodies which develop during differentiation of vegetative cells are
GABA' regulates activity of the;
Spreading of wave as it passes through a gap or around an edge is called
Group 5 oils of non persistent oil, having a specific gravity, greater than;
CFCs can form bubbles in foam, making it a good
Concept that makes market more competitive as well attracts new entrants to enter into market is known to be as
Suppliers and demanders of long term investment funds work closely in
A sexually transmitted disease that is characterized by destruction of bones and soft tissues, as well as genital ulceration, is known as
Which countries were forced to devalue their currencies
Strand that contains okazaki fragments is
ASCII-7 is capable of representing
Bats and shrews can determine depth and distance by;
Rate of transpiration is increased with increase in
Slot time for gigabit Ethernet is
Measures like total sales or total assets may reflect magnitude but they don?t indicate
Which one from following is a block level element in HTML
DMLs type that requires a user to specify what data is needed, is known as
Of cost allocation base, difference between actual and budgeted variable overhead cost multiplied by actual quantity for actual output is classified as
If polynomial x³ + 4x² - 2x + 5 is divided by x, then reminder is
Air trapped inside a single-piston-cylinder exerts a pressure of 760 mmHg. If its volume is increased by 20% at a constant temperature, pressure exerted would be equal to
In linear cost function, which is y = a + bx, 'y' is classified as
A sequence of primitive operations that can be used to evaluate a query is a
In a computer, intersection between a row and a column is called
Organ of body which is protected by carpals is
Orbital speed of Mars is
When conductance is zero, MOSFET will
Alexander Graham Bell was born in
Price adjustments made for volume purchases, payment of bills and off season buying includes
First level of planning starts with
Field of biotechnology which is applied to industrial processes is known as
Each operation in a producer-driven pipeline is modeled as a separate
Famous scientist 'Otto Hahn' died in
Which mining affects surrounding settlements by air, noise, and visual pollution
Solution of practical problem is
Using $_SESSION, $HTTP_SESSION_VARS functions can be dangerous, so that you can use
A load that absorbs zero average power is known as
Waiting until there is no data hazards, then
Transportation causes to produce CO2 in atmosphere
Functional dependencies are considered poor detection method for
In demonstration of Graham's law, fumes are produced at point of
FEM that combines adaptively, elements with variable size h and polynomial degree p in order to achieve exceptionally fast, exponential convergence rates is
SNR stands for
Anti rolling action should be applied near to the
Heated water has a harmful effects on
According to sociologists, if you born in 1700 years ago how would you imiagine
In addition to palisade tissues, chloroplast is also found in
Efficiency of transformer is defined as
Price variance for direct manufacturing labor is referred as
Oxidation number for oxygen will always be
Time is calibrated using oscillation of
Language is not a predefined set of;
Laplace transform of integral is
Electromagnetic wave in remote control of a television is
PH range of skin is;
Getting many more projects than management expected, is a symptom of a misaligned
Statement which provides essential information about solution of primal is classified as
Program multiplier includes
Mutation in which one base pair is replaced by another is called
Federal reserve, money market brokers and dealers, mutual funds and US treasury are all participants of
A type of waves when they reach shore they break slowly known as
Misuse of antibiotic streptomycin can cause
Use of Raman spectroscopy in study of aramid, polyester and carbon fibre is provided by
Seller must also deem the
Considering change in schema statement in SQL, command which is used to delete records of table and leave definition of table for later use is classified as
Medium used for filtration is
Feature which allows as to view slides in a slide show without manually advancing each slide is
Total energy of electrons consist of
When clock signal is low, PMOS
Amount of resources of each kind that are to be assigned to a specific activity in a certain time period, is
When did Argentina military led country into war
Society strives to put value into action through
Person's with genetic disorders are treated with
What is distance between needles in pre-carding units ranges from
Any real gas can behave ideally, if its density is
Transaction processing is based on a
In regression model if number of parameters are greater than number of observations to be estimated, then output would be
Aluminum oxide never react or dissolve in
In statement DECIMAL () to specify numeric data type, number of decimal digits is called
Three main ways to convey brand's category membership are classified as
Perihelion of Venus about Sun is
Cost of common stock is 16% and bond yield is 9% then bond risk premium would be
Ringo Starr' celebrated his 70th birthday in;
How many rods are in each eye
Insulator which is placed between 2 plates of capacitor is
Message digest needs to be
Nitrogen is needed for synthesis of; nucleotides and
If a 'hippocampus' is being damaged, a person cannot be able to generate;
B- complex vitamins are sub-divided into;
All those objects that shines in night sky are known as
Values of one type can be cast, that is, converted to another
A connectionless transport layer treats each segment as an
Condensation reaction always results in formation of complex sugar (disaccharide or polysaccharide) and
Number of protons in nucleus is similar to number of
Member of phylum nemertea have a long 'proboscis' and are commonly called as
Holt's exponential smoothing is used to forecast a time series with
Vertebral column faces the
Normal concentration of lipid in liver is about;
Skeleton of heart, included
Metal probes measure the
Outsourcing applications that run on Web is referred to as
Considering all observations of arithmetic mean, sum of squares of deviations must be less than
According to sociological researchers more and more, sports are subject to market forces and develop large industries around them is called
Major influential factors on supply and demand include
Outer membrane of mitochondria is usually;
Who was suggests all least one difference between subdispline as it was practiced by American and British practitioners
Most widely used plan by any organization is its
Structure followed by applications of fourth generation computers included
Supervision of employees is greatly enhanced through enabling small span, but is
An object of mass 'm' raised to a height '2h' above ground level possesses a gravitational potential energy of
Uruguay round started in
Keyboard and mouse are
2sinαcosβ =
Sterilization is done by use of
Units of heat capacity are
Reactions that are involved in metabolism, incoporated in
Nerves transmit information in form of
How countries can manage fish stocks in their EEZs
'BMI' in grade I or overweight people is approximately
In agarose gel electrophoresis, DNA is moved towards the
Data type that is a finite subset of integers that is machine dependent, is said to be
Peacekeeping forces are
Molecules that contains 'carbon' atoms are called
Oxides of nitrogen are second most abundant
Glycerin can be easily purified by use of
In Standard Query Language, data types included are
Infundibulum of 'neurohypophysis' connects hypophysis to the;
In 1995, energy of solar arrays being generated
In PLC stages, stage in which product has rapid market acceptance and profits are likely to increase slightly is called
Another name for 'Spinning' is
Population affected by diabetes, ranges between;
Pointing and drop devices includes
Half of sunlight is absorbed by the
Member of class 'copepoda' uses second maxillae for
In all cases final stable state is
Facebook was made in
If difference in costs is $32000 and slope coefficient is 0.40, then difference in machine hours would be
Analogue of starch is
For opening linked document in same window which target attribute is more suitable
Term structure premium, an inflation of bond and bond default premium are included in
Saturated fatty acids, ending with suffix;
If a student drops a stone from a cliff of height 30 m and time it takes to reach ground is 2.6 s, then acceleration due to gravity is
Transition elements are all
For creatine formation, amino acids require
Maximum efficiency of a class B amplifier is
Bi-quinary code is seven bit code with
Evaluation of trainee's reactions to a training program is classified as
Arrangement of vertical management system which integrates stages of distribution and production under single umbrella is classified as
At position of (4i + 3j) by a point charge 5 × 10-6 C placed at origin will produce electric field of
Special complex which is build in thylakoid membrane which helps in moving down gradient is called
Common reactions that are involved in amino acid metabolism are
In process of transportation portion of sediments which is uplifted by fluid flow is known as
Standalone FeRAM development were started in
If deposit is $1000 and simple interest is calculated to be $140, what is future value of deposit
In positioning statement, first thing that must be stated is
Development of protoplasm indicates
JFETs were invented by scientist/s
Faith on a divine connection between human and natural beings is known as
Cobalt chloride paper change its colour from blue to pink in presence of
Period of rotation of Sun at equator is
Term being used for loading is
Idea that people experience their world through their language is based on
Headquarter of 'Unite Nations Environment Programme' is located in
Inner end of nephrons is a cup shaped swelling structure known as
Institutions deal in financial functions and protects corporations and individuals against accidents, theft and death are considered as
COPD stands for
Compound with largest values of heat capacity is
We can say that one watt is defined as
Among period 3 elements, an element which has higher electronegativity than others is
Word "Socius" means
Some of sacred texts of Hindus include
Optimum flow of individuals and capital are another indicator of
Intrinsic subprograms are also known as
According to globlization, Core components are
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfur trioxide (SO3) react and dissolve in water yielding
What is most important amoung private actors
Of all stocks in a portfolio, required rate of return is classified as
'Sensilla' are the
Second step of value based pricing is to
Difference between absorption and variable costing is accountability of
Identifier that is actually used for data transfer is called the
Many times a theory is satisfactory only under
A food chain combine together to form a
An intentional means of recruiting participants to movement is called
A place in a system unit that allows transfer of data between a variety of devices and computer, is
Process of ensuring preventive measure to be done in all machines is classified as
What causes oil to become sticky
Which of following is an operating system
A period when income or receipts exceed outlays or expenditures is known as
Brain of a computer is called
Way of selling goods in to foreign market having a licensed agreement to operate in foreign country is called
Business investment by any investor or from other country is known as
A reaction will be spontaneous if its calculated emf is
Tendency of moving together of two variables is classified as
Which source of energy us used widespread
Shorter fibers are not nipped by feeder cylinder and floats freely. This is cause of
If variable overhead flexible budget variance is $26000 and flexible budget amount is $15000, then actual incurred costs will be
Cherry can grow successfully if stock and scion are
In computer, EEPROM chip can be
Ability to speak two languages is called
In citric acid, cycle niacin, acting as a;
Known number of species of phylum 'apicomplexa' is approximately
Opening with rolling SE
Process of a company increasing production of goods or services at same part of supply chain is known as
Phenomena that cannot be understood with frame work of classical physics is
In independent projects evaluation, results of internal rate of return and net present value lead to
If statement is a sort of
Coefficient of performance of refrigerator and heat pump is always
Which circuit is very popular in design of static random access memory chips also termed as basic memory cell
Which of following features isn't a feature of a perfectly competitive market
5th term of and nth term of A.P 1,5,… are
Annuity type in which payments or receipts occur at beginning of each period is known to be
Dimension of crystalline regions, extracted from diffraction data are of order of
For a linear, time - variant, dynamic system
When a single nucleotide base pair is substituted, type of mutation occurs is
Archduke Franz Ferdinan happened in
When two companies join hands to market new or complementary products, it is best classified as
In master budgeting, cost drivers for manufacturing overhead costs are
Amount of water (H2O) in blood is increased due to
Types of volumetric analysis are
Most thick walls are of
Back flow of blood from right ventricle to right atrium is prevented through
Word atom was derived from
Presence of metabolic waste in body can cause serious hazards hence they should be
Number of models that represent enzyme-substrate model are
In process of condensation, thermal energy is
First successful series of windows was
In sponges, exchange of water and diffusion is carried out by process of
Detailed planning, budgeting, scheduling, and aggregation of resources, takes place at
Multivibrator which can produce a very short pulse or a much longer rectangular shaped waveform whose leading edge rises in time with externally applied trigger pulse is called
Loop in flooding process is eliminated by
An index on an attribute of a relation is a data structure that allows database system to find tuples in relation that have specified value for attribute
Encoder that enter data from phone surveys in a coded format into a database is example of
Secretion of saliva by dogs on ringing bell just before giving them food is an example of
Surface that would better absorb infrared radiations is
Wernicke?s area is located in the;
A well designed transformer loses power under
Who said that good general was not most courageous one
Ranking of all employees, measuring a specific trait such as communicating is measured in
Major sources of ideas for product development comes from
In physics, a common instrument to measure diameter of a circle is known as
When a caller needs to communicate with callee, caller can use e-mail address instead of IP address in the
Almost 30%, forests cover world's
In ethane (C2H6), bond angle is
ASCII code can be classified into
In vertebrates blood flows in
When source program is translated it is classified as
Length of tail of 'sperm' is about;
Eating instinct is leverages by the;
Which gas helps in raising equilibrium temperature of earth
'Zooplankton' are minute forms of animal life in the
Assimilation describes process of
Renal retention of salts and water lead to disease
Step in recruitment process in which candidates are shortlisted fulfilling minimum requirements of job is classified as
Fetch statement requires one host-language variable for each
Y and Δ connections are equal , if
According to anthropologists domestic violence also occurs in which family
People likely to have similar genes have
'Snakes' have elongated structure and lacks
Factors affecting farming in tropical west Africa
Which of these do not react vigorously with Oxygen
Average amount of ozone in stratosphere across globe, approximately
Part of kidney that removes extra fluids and waste from blood is called
Trade is basis for prosperity of a country as it allows
In human vision system, ganglion cells are sub-divided in to
Draft made up of rotating organ, through which roving runs inserted in draft range close to cylinder is called as
First law of thermodynamics states that energy can not be
Work is defined as
Which state consumes half of tuna
Logic in which output depends not only on present value of inputs but also on input's previous values is called
Timing generators are
Approximate number of gene in prokaryotic 'DNA' is
A thin transparent membrane, covering eyelids and sclera, called as
Xylem and phloem are transport system in
In User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Source port number is
Fats acts as a solvent for
If one allele is missing organism is
Autoleveller provides even sliver also when within a given time
Large carnivores which feed on primary carnivores are known as
First graphical user interface was introduced in
Payload subfield of baseband layer frame can be up to 0 to 2740 Bits
Computer mouse is used for
With respect to thermal conductivity metallic particles are
Baseband is roughly equivalent to MAC sub layer in
MOSFET mode in which channel doesn't exists initially is
K is multiplying factor of amplifier which is known as
Read operation is also known as
When did Islamic parties gain group in Turkey
Dead end in 'glycolysis' is known as
Current and voltage are
An insensitivity of demand in relevance to change in price will be called
Quantity of solid waste produced, depends on living standard of
When ratio of brain size to body size is compared, which species has a proportionally larger brain
Vacuum tubes were proposed in
During electrolysis, mass of a substance produced is proportional to
Chain rule seems to have first been used by
Type of memory which is used to read data but not to write on it is classified as
Translation of organization strategy, and mission into performance measures to provide framework for strategy implementation is termed as
A ∩ ( A ∪ B ) =
Atom' was a name given by
Covalent compounds
Any factor, trait, or condition that can exist in differing amounts or types is
Supply curve shifts upward whenever a tax is imposed over a
In young double slit experiment, wavelength of incident beams should be
Clustering of ideas in writing e-mails and memos, a part of;
In monopolistic competition, companies attain some level of market power
For a constant frequency, wavelength of an electromagnetic wave is
Most outdated letter format is known as
A trivalent impurity is added to silicon to create
Decrease in average per unit cost of production which is caused by accumulated experience of production is classified as
Needs that arise from physiological states such as hunger and thirst are classified as
Maximum forward voltage for LED is between value of
Activities involved in recruiting, hiring, training and developing are defined by the
If current enters winding by dotted terminal, ampere turn product is
'Plague' is caused mostly by
In IIGFET, gate current is approximately in order of
Methods used to allocate costs of reciprocal support departments include
Production of only one kind of spores is called
Alcoholysis's value in mercerized cotton is calculated to be
Ionization energies is influenced by proton number of atom, of
Quantitative measure of extent of electronic cloud distortion is known as
Automatic feeder can be used when material fed is mainly composed of
Liquidity risk is
Size of RAM settled for original Macintosh was of
Another name for small loan is
Topsoil is made of decomposition of
Which of following lists contains an item that would not be used to define social class
Cooperative training method which combines on-the-job experiences and classroom training is classified as
When did 160 countries agree to implement Kyoto Protocol
Process of formation of germ layers is called
Word ?psyche'' means
Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Treponema pallidum and chlamydia trachomatis are isolated from the
Paid dividend with dividend yield 25% is $5 then cost price would be
Anonymous file transfer is best used for
In adult women, dietary requirement for 'magnesium' is approximately
For better straightening of curls, they should be headed to combing machine
Language which is historically procedural languages, but have been extended with some object oriented features is
Which function returns resulting string as its value
Range of probability distribution with 68.26% lies within
RAM which requires periodic refreshing to regenerate data is
According to anthropologists acculturation may be voluntary or
'Ziagen' is a drug that is also called as
Present value of portfolio is $1300 and current value of stock in portfolio is $2300 then current option price will be
Glucagon is stimulated by
Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, died in
Thresholding function in contrast stretching creates
Term used to refer to biological maximum number of birth is
Negative charge that accumulates on floating gate
Sophisticated and active people with high self-esteem are classified as
What allows farming on large scale
Virtual memory is often described as hierarchy of
In real time operating system
Beater cylinder works with a
Common gate amplifier has
Microcontroller chip typically contains a
In light skinned population, UV radiations cause;
After Europe and Australia, third smallest continent of world is
'Sulphuric' and 'nitric' emission into atmosphere making stronger
Finding value of mathematical functions in a memory is termed as
When birth rates decline life expectancy continues to
According to anthropologists rituals are called
Who considered four types of religion
Detection of prostate cancer is done by marker, known as
Cycle/s in preparation of spinning is/are
Tissues which are specialized for conducting water are termed as
Games are sometime called
What was started first in Nile vellay and middle east in 5000 years ago
A dimer consists of;
When seeds get mature, whole fruit fall apart from
Low-income countries, average agricultural family produces a surplus
Color of keel petals in Clitoria flower is
Word Musharika is originated from the
Computer keyboard shortcut which is used to change case is
Direction of north along a meridian towards geographic North Pole is called
Period of rotation of Uranus w.r.t distant stars is
Hypha are covered in
A certain perfect gas has Cp = 0.846 KJ/kgK and Cv = 0.657 KJ/kgK. molar mass of gas will be
Which city has clean and efficient underground railway
Which part of human being is discrimination for genetic variations
Jobs in organization that require similar knowledge, abilities and skills and are performed by individuals having similar duties are classified as
Incurred costs to exclude production of goods, that do not meet specification, are called
Religion exists as an organized set of
Field researcher' simply want to
Level of vitamin 'D' is low in
To remove negatively charged molecules through matrix of agarose, nucleic acid molecules are separated by applying
In 1930, International Union of Chemistry gave a modified report which is called
Fats are converted into fatty acids with action of
Percentage of carbon dioxide is tiny but its importance is
What are sources of toxic wastes in marine life
Farmers raise pH of acidic soil by using
Point on a graph where quantity demand and quantity supply intersects each other is known as
Type of option that can be exercised only at date of expiration is classified as
If C=0.2F, VDD=3V and f=0.5Hz than dynamic power will be
Vaccines are used in plants to stop
Vertically upward dimension of cost analysis is also called
Pentavalent atoms are atoms known as
Type of energy that released and absorbed in atmosphere is known as
Male gonads are known as
In apical, dominance action of auxins is enhanced by
Fast running water drives turbines that work generators and produces
Transducer that converts information from one format or code to another, for purposes of standardization, speed or compression is called
A place where buyers and sellers interact for a particular good or service is known as
Theories at interstate level explains war in terms of
If marginal revenue exceeds marginal cost of a firm, firm should
Amorphous solids have very few orderly arrangements, which are called as
Modified hyphae which helps to anchor saprobic fungi are known as
Express 4.082 correct to 3 significant figures
In Project Portfolio Process, last step is said to be its
If you want PHP to transparently handle passing session variables for you when cookies are not available, you have to configure
Freedom of molecular movement gives necessary
A variable that is declared inside a block is called
Women are subject to greater
Note that accompanies goods and proof delivery of goods is called
Cocaine' drug obtained from the;
According to Collision theory, particles must
Speed is a
First general purpose digital computers designed for handling numeric and textual information were named as
Companies which collect trade and consumer information are classified as
Medical organization, consisting of surgeons and specialists that provides routine medical services to employees in exchange of paying nominal fee is called
Fuel produced by biological process is known as
Sites, purine is being lost or depurinated, categorized as
When electron jumps from inner orbit to outer orbit energy is
Data keys need not be a direct hardware address in
Outer layer of adrenal gland is called
Any change that lets your quantity demanded decreases with decrease in price too is known as
Which of following are transmission parameters
Natural hazard causes damage to
In linear programming, related problems in linear programming are classified as
For t-test calculation and analysis, population variance is replaced with
Specific purpose storage location is termed as
What is average rain fall per year in cherrapunji-India
Last step in writing technical description, involved in;
Adjusted R² can be computed as
Individuals who are legally related through marriage
Pn junction joining base region and collector region is called
If output voltage of transistor amplifier is 4V rms and input is 100mV rms, voltage gain will be
Manual loading of jobs by a computer operator, one after another in a computer, is mechanism of
Software application which is used for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on World Wide Web is called
In resting membrane, potential sodium ions are higher in amount outside than inside membrane surface is
Secondary activity of Porter that deals with pertaining equipments is named as
Stroke of nipper determines reduction in
Costing technique, which traces direct costs by multiplying price rate for producing actual outputs is known as
Recombing preparation normally includes
Barrel of screw gauge has
Blocks of very large scale which remains in same place for several days or even weeks are known as
In readers/writers problems, readers are processes that are not required to
Visual cortex is made up of;
Combined mass of water found over, under and on surface of planet is known as its
Amount of records stored together in each block is known to be
If number to be neglected is greater than 5, retained number is
A design methodology in combinatory logic circuits, particularly those implemented in MOS technology is termed as
Training technique which discuss problems such as organizational change, problems in executive development and business practices is classified as
Element has highest electronegativity
Camillo Golgi discovered Golgi apparatus in;
Contraharmonic mean filter produces
A DNS client/server program can support an e-mail program to find IP address of an
Radioactive contamination also known as
Coagulation rate of blood is increased due to production of
In OWL, phone is an example of
Circuits that manipulate analog signals for its particular operation is termed as
Each element of matrix is called
In Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), only DATA chunks consume
Technique in which respondents were asked to make meaning out of an ambiguous stimulus is classified as
Second largest ocean of World is in terms of area is
To help plants grow better by trapping heat in cold climates, we use
Density of Saturn is
M2 kg s-2 K-1 is SI unit of
Sunflower is an example of
In PHP default behavior for user defined functions is
Curve that shows that hardware exhibits relatively high failure rates early in its life is known as
Which occurs when speed of water against a rock produced mechanical weathering known as
What are contemporary source of weather forecasting
Rays passing through optical center are
Methane is emitted through human activities, such as;
Concept in which shared subclass take over relationship from multiple classes is considered as
Asteroid belt lies between two planets known as
A connector symbol in flowchart is denoted by
Internodes of plants growing in light are
Recent development to make HTML closer to XML is called
A technique of lowering risk for multinational companies and globally designed portfolios is classified as
Business markets buy phases, include
Period of rotation of Saturn w.r.t distant stars is
Collection of use cases describe how outside actors interact with system and gain value from it is defined by
first European country to outlaw Atlantic slave trade was
In case of multicollinearity, causing parameters will retain property of
According to anthropologists gender roles and gender stratification carry with
As an example to find set of all courses taught in Fall 2009 as well as in Spring 2010, operation to be used is
Range of middle frequency is
Bases turn red litmus
Changes in different species with passage of time is known as
In a computer Excel charts, vertical axis is called
In 1971 delegation of peoples republic of China was given a Chinese seat in UN in place of nationalist of
After scouring, residual grease must not be greater than
Damages that occur in brain region, resulting in;
Chi-square distribution is skewed towards
101 g of water requires 13800 J of thermal energy to raise it from 20 °C TO 40°C. What is heat capacity of 1000 g of water
Pollution from industrialization caused great environmental damage in
Operating width of card with double comber is between
If market interest rate fells below coupon rate then bond will be sold
SBU's in 'Stars' category requires
Receptors for 'gustation' and 'taste' are
convention in which current entering negative terminal means that if voltage and current variables have positive values, current flows from negative to positive terminal, so work is being done on current, and power flows out of component
Greater decay constant
CCR stands for
Food chain and food web is made up of
Push experienced when two objects are pressed together is known as
"MetaCrawler used online" is an example of;
Second derivatives in image segmentation produces
Amount of incoming solar radiations is, approximately
Within bacterial cells transfer of 'DNA' is carried out through
In halogens, iodine has biggest size and
President Bush popularity had soared early in Iraq war in
In positional number system, value of each digit is determined by
Power that generates using air which flows through wind turbines is known as
If all operators in a mathematical model exhibit linearity, resulting mathematical model is defined as
Number of twists is measured in
Numerical value which shows tendency around central value of cluster is classified as
Consumers who are used to buy only brand all time are classified as
A structure variable would be destroyed when
Range of angles in rhombohedral system is between
Africa shares its west boundary with
Spectrum of hydrogen is obtained at
Lions, tigers are examples of
Electron affinity depends upon
Function of 'phasmids' is
Sustainable marketing principle which states that company should organize and view its marketing mix activities by keeping customer view in mind is called
What is source of food for krills
Data Manipulation Language (DML) is basically of
'employ's wellness responsibility' is an example of
Heat from light of sun using solar panels and photovoltaic cells are known as
Which one of following is not a state function
Mass density is equals to
Letter which is used for Dependency notation of AND gate is
RAM which stores new configuration data without disturbing current configuration is called
In a manufacturing Company three most important line functions/departments are
In common emitter amplifier, amplified output w.r.t to input is
In RDF document, to make statement about statement is called
Encapsulation is
Types of 'appraisal interviews' are
Solvent used for crystallization must be
In IPv4, a record route can list up to
Ionization energy and Electron affinity is measured in
ASA stands for
TB in memory storage unit is an abbreviation of
Analysis of combinational circuits is a
In finisher drawframe, its possible to carry our automatic change of cans with the
General state of emotional, mental and physical well-being is classified as
Attribution of human behavior or characteristics to God, objects or animals is known as
Needle is not able to retain fiber at an angle greater than
Calcium and free fatty acids, incorporating with calcium;
"No body begins to move or comes to rest itself", this statement is given by
Measurement of probability will not fail to perform promised features of product is classified as
Reduction in efficiency of cars by 20% is a
Which of following is not a proper state of transaction
Epidemic encephalitis, characterized by headache, fever and caused by
'kulchitsky' cells, belonging to neuroendocrine system and their secretory granules, engrossed with;
Every substance in our world is made up of
A separate unit of programming language is termed as
Managing short term and long term finances is a tricky job for a manager. Long term sources of finance would include
Iris' is encircled or surrounded by the;
In Semantic Web, keyword-based search will be substituted by
Added value on products and services is called
Ord ( ) function is used convert a
Ethnic conflict is most important source of
Square number of orbits is actually directly proportional to
Four concentric layers of Earth are
For function simplification combined no is
Number of ATP's generated during glycolysis is categorized as
Kiliani–Fischer synthesis is used for synthesizing;
A keen observation based on research study, evaluating actual results, known as
Among primates, which of following are most likely to form large communities
Process of thermodynamic throttling can be used to find
Laser light is emitted by laser light is a
In order to maximize charge of capacitor, dielectric must have
Solar system bodies that are smaller than moon are often termed as
For point detection we use
Grey mud which gradually turns into chalk is actually dead
Coordination of workforce assessment and development is futile part of
Percentage of air vortex generated by fly rollers as compared to drum needles is
What would happen if there is an increase in temperature of water
In adults, synthesis of cholesterol per day is about;
When there is more exposed surface area of liquid, rate of evaporation
Services provide by companies that are beyond performance and functioning of product are classified as
Fixed cost⁄contribution to fixed cost and profit is formula used to calculate
Win32 application programming interfaces is for
According to sociologists capitalism remains as extensively exploitative system with wealth in hands of few are
Sunlight is directly converted into electrical energy by using
Feedback in career planning which focuses how well employees fit in future organizational plan is classified as
Power consumed while inputs are active is called
"How will conflicts over resources/facility usage between this and other projects be settled?", is critically settled at level
Most common sign language is
Complicated patterns in diffraction helps in retrieving information about
When pressure is increased food is cooked in less
To form one glucose molecule (C6H12O6), number of water molecules required are
While breathing oxygen moves;
Carbon or graphite rod which is used to conduct electricity in electrolyte is called
'B.F Skinner' proposed motivation model named as
Profuse growth of bacteria result in
Common way of understanding racial categories is
A sentence, "There are five mangoes that are to be presented on lunch." can be written as
Under a given set of conditions, art of anticipating and behaviors of buyers is called
Process of converting from decimal to some other base comprises of
Study of transformation of biological information from generation to generation is called
Norms' and 'values' are part of;
Data to be transmitted must be transformed into
Data section of frame has an extra byte is called the
Cofactors can be divided into
In mutually exclusive projects, project which is selected for comparison with others must have
To identify embedded SQL requests to preprocessor, statement used is
ASEAN was founded in
Advance computer system which consists of a high speed printer that is linked to a computer which has auxiliary storage unit is called
If packing is done in boxes then number of conveyers will be equal to
Formula of variance of uniform or rectangular distribution is as
In Millikan oil drop method spray of oil droplets is produced by
SQL operations union, intersect, and except operate on
View relation is defined to contain exactly tuples in the
Inertia depends on
21% of earth's atmosphere consist of
Transfer of genetic materials between non homologous chromosomes is called
In amnion cavity, embryo enclosed by
Type of validity test in which test is used as predictor to know how person is performing on a job is classified as
In XML query language, root path is denoted by symbol
If x is displacement, v is velocity and a is acceleration at time t, than vt-1/2at2=
If computer A execute a program in 10 seconds and computer B runs same in 15 seconds, how much faster is computer A than computer B
Unary scope resolution operator is denoted by
IBM announced their Blue Pacific computers on the
Which keyword is used for structure definition
Exact distance between ears;
Which country needs internal reforms then external aid
'Ammonia' is liberated from histidine by action of enzyme, named as
Main and excessive part of plasma consists of
Suprabranchial chamber of 'mantle' cavity is meant for the
Which of following is current controlled device
MSU' is used to remote observation of average temperature of;
Avogadro's law states equal volume of gases that contain same number of
Process of addition of impurities to intrinsic semi conductive material is called
Convection is transfer of heat within a fluid generated by a
If we use calorie unit to determine R its value becomes
Special device inside computer, which translates analog audio signals from microphone into digital codes computer can store and process, is known as
A part of chromosome that is imperfect copy of functional gene, known as
In which part of afghanistan people were nomadic shepherd
In phenomenon of work done by variable force, forces
If x is displacement, v is velocity and a is acceleration at time t, than x-xo=
Humans exposed to higher than average level of radiation develops to
Inversion layer generates
Operation which is used to select subset of tuples by satisfying selection constraint and selection is made from relation is classified as
According to Black Scholes model, purchaser can borrow fraction of security at risk free interest rate which is
Synthesis of calcitriol is;
A string is terminated by a
Monostable multivibrators can be used as
SI unit for heat is
All is true for adipose tissues, but,
Unit of frequency of waves is
A key resource battleground of 21st century was
Brown gas which is found on heating group Ii nitrate is toxic
If i is current through inductor L , than voltage across inductor will be
Company matches its capabilities with environmental demands is
Frequency-division multiplexing, wavelength-division multiplexing, are designed for
In plants outer most wall of cell is
165 y is Kepler's period of
Number of clock cycles per second defines
Boundary condition which include derivative of boundary value is
Upon entering through stomata, leaves get damaged and plant dies. This pollutant is
A property of entire relation, rather than of individual tuples, is known as
IGBT transistors are abbreviation of the
Air is dry in
If price is high people are less wiling to buy, if prices are low more people are willing to buy it this process is called
What are fluorinated greenhouse gases
DNA' wrapped around a set of eight histone proteins is called
If an electron moves from a lower to a higher energy level orbit, discrete energy must
'cardiac' muscles are
System International unit of electric flux is
In modern operating systems, feature which has dramatically improved user productivity is
In vertical cross section of a disk system, number of head per recording surface us equivalent to
Most common look assosiated with writing an effective instruction, known as
No specification biasness or error in model used in empirical analysis means model have to be
'market saturation' can be best classified as
As soon as ideas are shortlisted, best idea leads to development of
ABM treaty prevented in
In categories of data modeling, low level data models are also called
In 1997, human artificial chromosome was constructed by;
To speed up disk writes drastically, we can use
Traditional American family members includes
In SPARQL, select statement specifies
One of practical application of RC and RL circuit is
Width of Earth's umbra is
Recombination in a PN junction is when
Wife send food for his husband with their children but they do not live together in this way in kinship it's called
Theory that views people as ?Stage managers? managing impressions presented to world is called as
Venation refers to
When taking Laplace transform of function f(t)=1 where t ≥ 0 , integral limit will be from 0 to ∞ results in
Process involved in degradation of PAHs, employing natural means, resulting from;
'Papillomavirus' enters body through
'Secretariat of International Energy Agency' is situated in
When an entity in set A is associated with at most one entity in set B, cardinality is of type
Loss of water from leaves
PHP offers printf ( ) and
In computer, thrashing is
Functional manager is a direct, technical supervisor, whereas project manager is
Standard unit of heat capacity is
Research which is completed with objective to test hypothesis is called
Total number of level of intermediaries represent the
A continuous signal that contains time-varying quantities is referred as
Length in length/width ratio refers to direction of
Secondary consumers in a pond feeds on
Sliver count in an open end frame is
Friction spinning machine provides
Basic concepts of domain in which learning takes place is defined by
Lead can be dramatically damaged neural pathways, causing;
Person's specific traits that can be attributed to any brand are classified as
A variable declared inside a method is called a
Charge on carbonate ion is
To inform buyers about products and services is task done by the
Types of quantifiers are
Additional debt instruments or equity instruments of publicly traded firm are included in markets classified as
In hierarchical structures, can be nested to create
Potato is an example of
Difference of cost, which occurs while considering alternatives can be classified as
Information in computer read only memory is stored by
CDC stands for
In oceans, food web is involved in more species, than
Malinowski found that magic is used to real tragedies of human life in
Multicellular animals are distinguish from unicellular by name
Authorization type, which allows reading, but not modification of data, is known as
Sun's center has pressure of
Number of base pair in human genome is;
A system which measures ongoing performance and e-mails reports is called
Solids are mostly denser than
Maximum number of electrons that can exist in fourth shell is
In greater than or equal to constraint equations, variable which is used to balance both side of equations is considered as
It is easy to understand how tables may be stored in
If multiple coefficient of determination R² is equals to 1, adjusted R² will be
Output of relational operators is
Multithreading refers to ability of an operating system to support multiple
How many rings are in purine atom
Difference between actual quantity use and input quantity for output is multiplied with budgeted price to calculate
Subdivisions of linguistics that studies languages over time is called
If each term in an equation has same base units then equation is said to be
Aggregate functions, which mean exactly what you would intuitively expect, is known to be
Subquery that returns only one tuple containing a single attribute, such subqueries are called
Standards that decided, what kind of conduct employees of organization should possess
Liquid crystals have few properties of
Width of 'hepatic sinusoids' is nearly;
Decimal representation of this binary (1011)two is
Electrons velocity is represented as
ECL uses BJT differential amplifiers have single-ended input and limited
Slivers coming out of machine shows
Analysis of how profit margin is optimized and marketing cost on per unit sold, is classified as
What are key process in 'Activity theory'
Non negative slack variable is added to any less than or equal to constraint of simplex method is treated as
In a database of company, if employees are classified as entity then name of employees is called
If p is holes density, n is electrons density and &omega: is electron mobility thanconductivity of semiconductor due to electrons is gi Ven by
If one of diode in a bridge full - wave rectifier opens, output is
Amount of heat required to raise temperature of a material by 1°C is called
'photosensitive' pigment in cones, named as
Density of Calcium (Ca) being lowest in Group-II elements, next element of lowest density is
In kinship anthropology a group of people in society who have ascribed status is called
Wild birds are 'reservoir' for the
Extent movement of mud soil is known as
In human females, periodic reproductive cycle is completed in approximately
Fishes are an important souce of
Prejudice' refers to biased
Element radium-226 was discovered by
Power dissipation index measures destructive power of
Universal call to action to end poverty is known as
Desktop benchmarks; which are divided into a
Grouping of customer's on basis of similar needs in solving specific problem is considered as
Substitutional cipers are
Length to width ratio of cellulose fibre is
Most common type of storage device is
What percent of earth's surface consists of water
IRB' are member of;
C# exception handling is built upon keywords
Use of education to increase social standing is called
Energy of U.S penny is equals to
In anthropological study ABO blood groups have figured in human resistance to
According to a general survey, a milk cartons takes 5 years to;
What health problems can be caused by smog
Condensation principle features
Inverse Laplace transform of F(s)=(4s+32)/(s2-16) is
First operating system to be written in a high level language was named as
Exponential form of phasor is
RDF schema is made of up of a triplet i.e., object-attribute-value, known as
Data structure that support ef?cient insertion of new records, is said to be
Fixed cost is $500,000 USD and break even point is 12,500 units then contribution to fixed cost and profit is
Type of comments in c# are
When there is no collision in Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD), station receives
Token bucket allows bursty traffic to regulated at
Change in a stimulus can hardly be discovered by organism, known as
F-distributions are generally
In chick of 18 hours, flat thickened area of ectoderm is seen as
Electrons that have gained very high kinetic energy after being accelerated by a strong electric field in areas of high field intensities within a semiconductor device are called
Amplifiers, differentiators, integrators and filters are
HIV multiplies but don?t cause disease in every individual because it is
Creating a new array from specification of its elements and associated keys, is known as
Value which determines number of solutions of quadratic equation is considered as
When all customers have same preferences, marketing strategy is classified as
A link local address of local addresses is used in an
There are two main methods of
Decision to invest in development of a new process or product depends on an estimate of
When a teacher appreciates his students every time they ask questions with hope that this will enable them to handle more technical questions in future , he is using conditioning
In gray crescent area, cytoplasm contains essential information for
Feasible region's optimal solution for a linear objective function always includes
Programs of computer system can be executed through instructions by
In case of R dm cube(decimeter)-atm(atmosphere) is unit of
Level of needles on flats is angular to drum. This angle is
Cross product of A×B with Sin(0) would produce results equal to
When Schmolck, Buffalo and Squire found related distortions in memories
8723 in BCD equals
Machine language designed for a processor is based on list of
Unit of dispatching is usually referred as
Purchase of customer information from outside firms and vendors is classified as
Stock selling price is $45, an expected dividend is $10 and an expected growth rate is 8% then cost of common stock would be
Chain of program of computer system is as strong as its
Oxides of non-metallic elements are said to be
Opening and closing are each others
Multi-processor system of computer system increases the
Force of attraction between nucleus and electrons increases across periods because
Magnetic permeability is denoted by
Some people feared about GM that it could lead to creation of
Data model that uses a collection of basic objects, and relationship among those objects, is known as
El Tor strain has been replaced by
An indication in a way that variance of y-variable is explained by x-variable which is shown as
Ratio of momentum diffusivity and thermal diffusivity is called
Middle layer of vessels, composed of a concentric layer of smooth muscle fibre, called as
'ROS' are by products of;
Ovary under stimulus of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) produces
Herbivores are known as
Way people come to learn values, beliefs and social norms in a culture is called
Hazards are eliminated through register renaming by renaming all
Overall control of all voluntary action is gained through
Deviance is a violation of
Services does not result in
Enlarged portion of ureter lies inside kidney is
Behavior of circuit a long time after an external excitation is applied is called
Variance incase of t-distribution is dependent over
Consider probability distribution as standard normal, if value of μ is 75, value of x is 120 with unknown standard deviation of distribution then value of z-statistic
In authorization graph, node representing database administrator, is known to be
Ability to recover a class name, member function names, and member variable names from an instance, is called as
Effective volume is usually taken for
Exclusive OR gate function can be represented as
Ionic radius for elements of group number VA to VIIA is formed by
In any linear problems, solution is determined by solving
According to empirical rule, mean and standard deviation interval that covers approximately 95.45% of data from a frequency distribution is
Cable which is comprised of two separate insulated copper wires that are twisted together is called
Strongest force to pull water up xylem and into leaf is
Type of specialization in which all subclasses have membership condition on super class of similar attribute is classified as
__sleep ( ) function is called when you
Logical design of database, is known to be
Primitive communism slavery and feudalism was given by
Value of ionic product of water is
Melting point of Oxygen is
Following substance acts as amphoteric species
Strength of vessels in plant is due to
Type of option which cannot be exercised before an expiry date which is classified as
Central disk of members of class ophiuroidea, having
When waves passed from one medium to another changes occurred in their direction as well known as
Common phrase "return on investment" does not denote any specific method of calculation. It usually involves
By considering rule, X1, . . . Xn ? Y, X1, Xn and Y is called
Logic consist of states(memory) is
Width of he broadband determines measure of
In which country scientists gave priority to skin color
A young bird in absence of parent may imprint
One that is a digital component is
Tan(α-90°) =
In 2000, how many dams where there in world
Balanced scorecard can act as a powerful
Special control frame that is used in repetition interval is called
'CFCs' are used in fire extinguishers and as propellants in
Integrated circuit number 74157 has
?A strand of 'DNA' that is encoded with genes is called
In echinoderms, cleavages is Holoblastic, produces
Most delibrate flooding occurs in association with
Branch of science in which structure and function of immune system are studied, known as
Shortest way by which impulses travel from receptor to effector is called
Commonly transition elements have high
In light of metal physics, disorder in structure is due to
Chinese revolution came in
In career development, assessing your own career interests is included in
As a result of vasodilation,
Wire having resistance of 10 Ω at 0 °C and 20 Ω at 273 °C will have temperature coefficient of
In liver, for conversion to glycogen extra G6P may be converted to
Names of attributes in result are derived from names of attributes in relations in the
In a computer, E-mail stands for
Three regions in BJT is separated by
Nonsubstrate molecules that binds to allosteric sites are called as
Fixed volumes is a characteristic of
Distance from pipe to hydraulic grade line indicates
F = ma, this equation is referred to as newton's
Final stage of aerobic respiration is
Full can is taken from working position to press to
One mole of Aluminium means
In Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA), well-known ports are ranging from
Polio virus is found all over world causing serious disease
Decoding is done in parallel with reading registers, which is possiblebecause register specifiers are at a fixed location, stated technique is called a
Structures having similar functions and different origins are called
Effect of genetic drift increases as population size
Ice mass of land area is classified as
Adrenaline hormones prepare body for state of
Communities surrounding cities are called
Fruits dispersed through hook like structures include
Process of planning where to allocate funds of business unit is part of planning under
In mammals, tongue and teeth are included in
In inelastic collision of two bodies, kinetic energy of two body is
Peak value of collector current in class A amplifier equals to
At exit of opener-beater, fibers can
To ask objects about their classes, and ask classes about their parents without searching in code, is example of
Gram negative rods that do not ferment 'lactos' e is
Path through which computer data is transmitted from one place to another is called
In sampling plan, question 'how many people Company should survey' is part of
A game plan for achieving goals is called
LED is an abbreviation of diode as
Dollar-cost averaging allows investors to stay away from trouble of buying high and selling
Vitamins are compounds that contain
Most general-purpose computer systems with only a few processors are said to be of
A common starting point for decision making process is
Fluid properties are determined at fixed points in space as fluid flows. This approach is called
Deserts that experience less amount of rainfall are known as
When planet is near to sun, it moves
Scapula is connected to sternum via
Why insolation is low in mid of winter at high latitudes
Representation of categorized data is known as
Which of following is not section break option
Currently, proportion of carbondioxide in atmosphere is
Spatial arrangement of protein by twisting of polypeptide chain is called as
Displacement is a
In decimal number system, maximum value of a single digit is equals to
An increasing foreign direct investment can leads to more of
A network in which series branch exists in one, a parallel branch exists in other is called
Atomic spectra is an example of
Streamlines are also known as
Network containing resistors, capacitors and inductors are generally
Members that are included in class 'chilopoda' are
Ozone layer is positioned in the
Within a effective resonant frequency magnetic flux threading through an SRR induces a strong circulating current, resulting in an
Extra digit used to detect error and ensures that number is changed by mistake is classified as
Technology is often narrowly defined as a tools and process of knowledge is
Procedures of descriptive statistics and control charts which are used to improve process are classified as
Inorganic substances of abiotic factor includes
Unit of electro negativity is
A situation where different quantities of goods can be supplied at different prices is known as
Unguided communication media is
Formal method of making choices, considering help of quantitative and qualitative analysis is classified as
According to anthropologists there are how many types of diffusion
In hydropower, water power; generating
MIPS architecture provides a separate pair of 32-bit registers to contain product of 64-bits called
Researchers have developed several data models to deal with application domains, including
Which tag we can use for adding an emphasized text in web document
According to 'conflict theory' religion is an institution that helps to maintain pattern of
6 Km/s is escape velocity of
In sociological way means by which a ruling dominant group wins over a subordinate group through ideas is called as
By default, in SQL a foreign key references primary-key attributes of the
Features of upper stalked spikelet and lower sessile spikelet are
To support their research and to get to field in this case anthropologists need
A thin flexible spiral is known as spirochete
In baseband transmission, required bit rate is proportional to the
In order to access and manipulate data, a software program interacts with a database, known to be
Two factors are being responsible for global sea level rise;
Almost all polyatomic ions are
Record searching technique which is based on blocks rather than records is called
Masculine' role are associated with
Marketing channel that involves one or more intermediaries to made their products available to final buyers is classified as
Astable multivibrator oscillates with a period of T=
Phenols undergo nitration in concentrated nitric acid to produce
Language which is based on Pascal is
Sin(α + β) =
In Real Time Interactive Audio Video, a sequence number on each packet is required for
Distribution which consists of all values of sample statistic of sampling is classified as
Despite possibility of system failure, requirement to be persistent, is known as
An approach which yields benefits of normal costing and actual manufacturing overhead is classified as
A statement which is given after observations and organizing data is called a
Natural products such as fish, crude petroleum and iron are classified as
If peak voltage of fullwave rectifier is 6 V thanaverage voltage of rectifier will be
Genes that are present on same chromosome are called as
Amount of product obtained or calculated from balanced chemical equation is called
What happens due to loading at output port of an amplifier
RSA stands for
Number of conduction electrons per unit volume is
'fight or flight' response in emergency situation is also controlled by;
Name of Planet Mercury was named on the
Amplitude of three phases of generator are
In career development, assessing your own skills is included in
GaAs has voltage swing which are
Cos(90°-α) =
Examples of system programs includes
When forces are balanced, object in motion will remain in motion at
What cause damage to cilia
Computers used for carrying out calculations at a very fast rate are named to be
More coupon payment or promised interest payment
During ultra filteration, amount of molecules for filtration is very
Filtration of urine is based on principle of the;
SI unit for work done is
Propagation delay is measured in
If metal hydroxide and acid reaction to form Potassium Nitrate (KNO3), reactants will be
Time duration for 'pasteurization' is
If total sales are $250000, beginning inventory is $25000 and ending inventory is $25000, then total production would be
Computers that are favored by engineers and designers who need a high-performance system, are
What is anthropogenic activities
About 0.25?0.5 ppm of 'cadmium' is originated from;
Dissipated energy is usually due to
Bluetooth technology was originally started as a project by the
Stock maintaining control system in which both hardware and software is present to contact and manage suppliers is called
Specific set of real numbers that lies between two conditional numbers a and b is classified as
State which have regular arrangement and cannot change its shape is
A Person should be able to talk to anyone else in world with a voice quality similar to that of existing fixed telephone network with a
For all relations r, domains of all attributes of r be
If k= wave vector and E is Electric field than kxE=
Chemical formula of Caustic soda is
What is most basic 'social unit'
Financial security issues by major banks and risk depends on strength of issuer is classified as
Revenue function is R(x) = 50x and cost function is C(x) = 25x + 200000 then break even point(in units) is
Partial fractions of 1/(x+1)(x² - 1) will be of form
Gauge is depended on
United States send two aircraft carries to
hybridization in CH2 = CH2 is
An inversion of smoke escape occurs if
Object oriented methods and programming language gained a widespread audience throughout software engineering community in early
Medium 'lymphocytes' diameter ranges between;
Response in form of contraction is shown by
Important 'binocular depth' cue is known as
In NAND gate, two transistor are connected to each other in
Modern database systems provide more direct support for
Quantity of payment or compensation given by one party to another in return for goods or services is called as
If any of string has odd parity initially, it is because of data
Kinetic component is directly related to
Standard approach for implementation of a list is/are of
A method used to specify sequence of algorithm is
Hydrides of Be, Mg, Zn and Cd are in nature
In anthropology to discover local views, beliefs, and perceptions, is goal of
Sales advertising targeted at customer are called
Accurate method of studying of Avogadro's number is study of
According to anthropologists, Karl Marx did not mention class conflict between
Bacterial toxins that are 'lipopolysaccharides' in nature and are integral part of bacterial cell wall are called
Series obtained by adding terms of an harmonic sequence is
Operands of logical connectives can be expressions involving
ICMP is capable of handling errors of
According to a general survey, disposable 'diapers' almost takes 550 years to;
Solution, having ability to resist changes on adding small amount of bases of acids, defined as
Process in which cuticle of an arthropod, after being cross-linked, a sclerotin becomes harden, known as
A second line drug that is used for treatment of 'tuberculosis' is called as
Value of error for any sample is less than
'Coelenteron' is term that means
Variable which is added into greater than or equal to constraint in simplex method is classified as
In alternate mark inversion, mark means
Total capacitance of 300 mF capacitor and a 600 mF in series is
Nylon is a very useful fiber used in clothing industry due to its
According to Mead to refer to widespread cultural norms and values we use as references in evaluating ourselves are called
Garlic and onion contains;
An electrical signal that is converted into a pattern of bits is refereed as
According to anthropologists power of religion affects
SQL standard specifies that a transaction begins implicitly when an SQL statement is
In Laplace transform, nonhomogeneous ODEs are solved without first solving corresponding
When ozone depletion was first noticed over Antarctica
In Excess-3 code each coded number is
Word lutenisation means
Non-surgical removal of kidney stones is technique called
D-block element forms one or more stable ions in d-sub shell which is
Decaying tissues and all living organisms in an ecosystem are collectively known as
In 1961, RTL became first digital logic family to be produced as a
Salting' is last stage in manufacturing of
Which country produced 57.0 million tones of nuclear energy
In religion rituals are called as
Pakistan is a water
Process of temporarily storing blocks in an inmemory buffer, to satisfy future requests, is known as
Ability to answer question, Who am I? regarded as
Deformation of material due to imposed stress is known as
According to writer African-Americans during Depression often experienced
Food reserves in aleuronic layer is converted to carbohydrates for seed growth. What's first thing aleuronic gets converted into
Experiencing a great deal of emotion is known as;
183°C is boiling point of
US weapon peaked 30000 warhead in
Example of pentose is
Alloys are a form of
Magnetic amplifiers?are devices?where one winding is used to control saturation of a magnetic core and hence alter impedance of other winding is similar to
Why range of fishing was limited to home port
Standard parameter value of Vol in noise margin is
A good example of 'multisyllabic' word, included as
A linear SONET network can be
Some uncertain areas at routine technologies, may require a control system known to be
Almost forward reaction is completed when value of Kc is
General program that is used to help users and work as an interface between computer and users is called
In h parameter, input impedance is represented by
Label in Goto statement is same like
Complex real object must have some particular movement, referred to as
By using polarized infrared, orientation can be determined in
Number of species that are included in order gymnophiona, confined to tropical regions are
A type of plant which needs very less amount of water is known as
A real or complex number that is not algebraic and is not a root of a nonzero polynomial equation with integer (or, equivalently, rational) coefficients is termed as
Circumstances in a marketplace when price is such that quantity that customers demand is exactly balanced by quantity that organizations desire to supply is
Advantages of master page are
An everyday 'secondary reinforcer' is regarded as;
One of advantage of MIPS 16 and Thumb is: instruction caches acting as if they are about
Shaft, sometimes lined with stone, sink into ground for water is referred to as
Number distance from zero on number line is classified as
Thermal conductivity of white pine is equals to
For light rays striking a plane mirror, angle of reflection is
What is a social loss in natural disaster
If budgeted total cost in fixed overhead is $385000 and budgeted total quantity is $6730, then budgeted fixed overhead cost per unit will be
Anabolic activities include
Depletion region is consist of
Wavelength of 400-430nm is for
AND gate generates an output signal of 1 if input signals are
Circuit which has two stable states are termed as
A 'transmembrane' protein of insulin receptor, called as
Least reactive metal in given series is
Heating coil of electric kettle is always placed at kettle's
Finance development institution of World Bank group working on credit enhancement is
According to 'real-win-worth doing' proposition, analysis of checking profit potential for new product is part of
A computer is a device that can perform computations and make
According to anthropologists contrast between women's role in home and men role in public life with a corresponding social devaluation of women's work and worth are called
In integrator, capacitor is replaced by
If input used in manufacturing is smaller in quantity and output produced is greater in quantity, this will be categorized under
A small page size will result in less wasted storage when a contiguous region of virtualmemory is not equal in size to a multiple of page size, this unused memory is known as
Processing image in small parts is
On top of any given set of actual relations, supporting a large number of views is
Turnover number refers to the
Decomposition of one relation say R into two relations is classified as
During DNA synthesis, with addition of each nucleotide, a pyrophosphate molecule is being;
Formula to get length of User Data Protocol (UDP) is
Fourier transform transforms a function in time domain into
SQL treats result of any comparison involving a null value, as a
For an investment, weighted average time to maturity is considered as
Change of entropy depends upon
Larynx and epiglottis is well developed and present in
Categories of satellite are
Anterior side of sperm has a cap-like structure which is named as
A floor has length of 30 m and width of 14 m. If length of 1 tile is 15 cm and width is 7 cm, number of tiles needed to cover floor would be
Which of following is not a name for an item that could be a security threat to your computer
Margaret Mead conducted research in samao with topic of "Different cultures train children and adolescents to have different personalities and behavior" which was suggested by
Information about specific salary and wage rate for particular job is part of
When spindle travels at high speed, it causes traveler to
Activities in buffer zone must not hinder consevation of
When heat flows from one system to another, net change in entropy is
Precursor for synthesis of 'methionine' is regarded as
Modifier used to define a class which does not have objects of its own but acts as a base class for its subclass is
Scientists are looking for new ways of generating hydrogen from most renewable energy
Acidic foods are mostly preserved with help of solution made from
Volcanic eruptions can affect climate because
Malonyl CoA' inhibits the;
Inflammation of 'joints' is known as
Rock that does not allow water to pass through is known as
In computer, FDDI is a
Function written as y = ƒ(x) = a¹x +a° is general form of
A rare disease called 'rickettsialpox' caused by R. Akari, found in densely populated areas of
Tumor suppressor gene usually
F(t)=e-1 is equals to
In star topology if central hub goes down, it effects
Career planning and development is an example of
A class of digital circuits built from bipolar junction transistors (BLTs) and resistors is known as
Distilled water is an example of
Which crops can be used to protect and shade smaller plants and soil
Software which controls general operations of computer system is classified as
What is produced by fermentation of agricultural waste
Companies shift ordering responsibility to specific supplier?s in managing systems are classified as
Cos(π+α) =
Which theory provides an alternative explanation of decisions made under risk
Sum of variable costs and fixed costs is called
In economic anthropologies a number of developing countries today
Black and white images have only
Variable valencies are used to indicate ions
Midway point between lens surfaces on its principal axis is known as
In noil discharging device, vacuum helps in
In IPv4 protocol, size of source and destination address is
Methods of delivery are
Group of people who are self-sufficient and down-to-earth are considered as
For data set x equals to 95, 85, 80, 70, 60 and y equals to 85, 95, 70, 70, 65, what's variance of intercept(β1) is
For obtaining useful information from replicas, it is obtained from
Interface that provides a way to find metadata about database, is known as
In upper atmosphere, presence of chlorofluorocarbons causes depletion of
Discipline-oriented individuals tend to view problem through eyes of their
Series 74ALS Schottky TTL has standard dynamic power of
Fluids are
NIMH' is most common mental disorder in United states are
Shape of bottom of first two vats in scouring is
Total cost is $20,000 USD and profit is $40,000 USD then total revenue is
A relatively new software engineering paradigm that provides a process and methodological approach for defining, specifying, designing and constructing aspects is referred to as
Most geographically concentrated buyer is part of
Hydrogen for fuel cells can be generated from a wide variety of;
If A' growth rate of number of bacteria at any time t is proportional to number present at any time t and doubles in 1 week than bacteria after two week is
Concept of Reinforcement was introduced by
Some pollutants are 'biodegradable' by mineralization of;
Vibrio cholera enter in body via 'gastrointestinal' tract and causes
Powerful growth zones found at apices of roots and stem are called
For playing soundtrack in background which tag is used
Renal vein returns blood to
Whats aim of CITES
When using k ? k switches, a MIN with N input-output ports requires at least
Human 'immuno' deficiency virus belongs to a family, called
Over one-third of world?s population rely on
When Hong Kong transferred from Britain
Linear acceleration is equals to
Crustaceans differ from other arthropods, due to having
Resistivity is measured in
Including information of questionable reliability or validity in selection models is
For cloning, DNA samples are taken from
Systematic design which analysis and report data is called
Right diameter in draft cylinders is important for
Major liabilities of commercial banks are
For fine yarns and ring of 90 to 95 mm, gauge is
Which of following is not an element of computer spreadsheet interface
Kind of interview in which several interviewers are involved at same time in interviewing job applicant is classified as
Which conference was held during World War I by a group of feminists
In order to attract insects for pollination,
Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), a data chunk is numbered using a
HIV infection, can be better treated with
In 'IPCC', a strong political interest has been shown in;
Forms which shows polymorphism are called
Regulation of output voltage over a range of load currents is known as
If a computer uses ASCII for its internal representation of characters, then zone value for numeric characters will be
For an object of mass 4 kg, incorrect statement is
In forward bias, battery voltage w.r.t barrier potential must be
Measurement of results after training programs is classified as
Who is considered as gatekeeper of information
In a dry cell, function of zinc casing is to
In nonpolar dielectric material, dipole moment when no electric field applied is
Dynamic capabilities are an organization's capactiy to have an effective
Recycling is an integral part of
SQL supports basic set operations on relations that includes
Equation which is never true with any value to be substituted with variables is classified as
A large regional community which is primarily determined by climate is termed as a
Copyright treaty was signed in
Acronym for DAML+OIL is
Mass of an electron is about
Test used to check accuracy of solution is called
'Ampullae' is absent in
For silicon, mobility of electrons is
What specifies in conclusion of lettter
Amino acids are assimilated to form
Irrigation is applied to about one-sixth of world's
Financial account was earlier called as
Data structure in form of tree to correspond to relational algebra expression is classified as
A magnetic tape type that uses 1/2 inch wide tape ribbon sealed in a cartridge is called
Which two trawlers has been forced to switch to other commercially low types of fishes
In digital circuits, each level is interpreted as one of
Tag which is used for adding comments is
Two defelting heads used in blending are of
Tadpole shaped viruses are largely
Core of white dwarf star has density of
United States of America lies in continent
Overall voltage gain and overall current gain is known as
Thermocouple can measure temperature from
Logic allows an output port to assume a high impedance state in addition to 0 and 1 logic levels, effectively removing output from circuit is known as
Element that is not a part of minerals is
When iron reacts with oxygen in presence of water it produces
Feminist anthropology is study of
Enzyme is stimulated by 'AMP' and;
Nuclear explosion occurred in 1986, in Chernobyl
Two largest planets in Solar System are
Organic catalysts called enzymes are mainly made up of
Reduction of nitrobenzene will produce
Property of an element describing a linear relationship between cause and effect is called
Anthropogenic effects are "human caused" such as
A short-term decline in price, like 50% off is
Process of alteration of old information with new one is classified as
Tetroses are not very common, they are found rare in nature and in few
Which two animals are threaten by poachers and traders
Upper chamber of heart at right side is called
If capacitor has a charge of 0.1 C at 5 V. What will be its capacitance
A discrimination based on age is called
Routine work of pricing, distribution and promotion of services to customers is classified as
Set of all genes in any population is termed as
If speed of wave on a string will increase, wave power will
Instruction which is being executed is stored in
Half of vertex angle of a Mach cone whose sine is ratio of speed of sound to speed of a moving body is referred to as
Glycogenolysis' involved in breakdown of;
In preemption technique, transactions are assigned a unique timestamp to decide whether it should wait or
Semicolon at end of create table statements, is
Example of computer sequential access memory is
Value of droplet moving upward and that moving downward is recorded by
If support of top-management is weak, future of project is clouded with
During starvation, liver increases process of;
Dielectric have property of transmitting electric force without
In ethoxide (C2H5Ona), electron (e-) donating group attached to oxygen atom (O) is
Double covalent bond is formed in
Carrier of nutrients, ions and hormones throughout body is
Frequency of allele if it is evolutionary successful is
I-A and II-A group halides are examples of halides
Group of organisms of same species living in defined areis called
Letters of CHORD taken all at a time can be written in
Calyx is the
Factor that affects photosynthesis is
System bus interface of Cortex-MO and Cortex-MO+ processor is pipelined, based on a bus protocol called
Reasonable justification for taking actions related to employment is classified as
According to equation ‘r = (mv)⁄(Be)’, faster moving particles
64-bit virtual address of AMD64 architecture is mapped onto
when a standard first line drug had failed to recover a particular condition, a new drug introduced, is classified as
After ID process of packages, they are moved for
Radical refers to a
Human skin act as regulator and as on organ of
Form of countertrade in which seller gets payments in cash and agrees to spend amount of money within specific time period is classified as
Potentiometer is a device that operates on principle of
Clock frequency of Cortex-M processor is
If collector current is 2A and base current is 0.5A than emitter current will be
Depletion width will not be uniform when non-zero
Which of following gate is represented by x+y=z
A transaction must be in one of states from
Four different attributes to control traffic have been devised in
Inserting data on to images is called
When an acid (H+) is added to alkali (OH-), product is
Sublimation, dissolving and filtration can only be carried out in
Type of scale which considers rating of performance of employees on continuum basis is classified as
Second part of name of organism according to 'binomial nomenclature' indicates;
Projects are only as successful as degree to which project manager is an effective
PH value of below 7 indicates
Growth of plants is influenced by
Recursion in C sharp defined as
Two tone test is versatile because it can be used for
Association between aggregate and primitive objects is classified as
In multicast communication, relationship is
In system international, angular acceleration is measured in
The Ionic radius of hydrogen in pm is
Truth table is used to represent
α and β cyclic form of D-glucose is called
Image formed by a concave lens is always
Commands that are included in a general purpose programming language, is said to be
An organic molecule is a type of molecule in which a molecule is composed of
Study of culture in different practices is called
Dimensional analysis of cost includes
When clock signal is zero i.e. CK=0 than parasitic capacitance will
Concentration difference between two region is known as
In condensation of tufts, machine/s that stay idle is/are
Saving banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and commercial banks are all examples of
Sociologists meet subjects where they
Compound with ionic nature is
In Bragg's Law, angle of incident and reflection is called
Fatty liver is associated with;
About 50 % of body pool of amino acids composed of;
Organs work in association and performs overall body functions, process is called
Altering schema and physical organization to reflect changing needs of organization, is carried out by
Gene that can express itself and hide expression of another gene is called
"mil" term used in internet and websites refers to;
Usage of different filament as a core determines that yarn is
In coherent multiprocessor, caches that is present provides both migration and
Condensed moisture of atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops known as
Arithmetic processes and rules are possible with
Protecting industries from foreign competition by importing tax is known as
GCOS, space agencies, efficiently approaches in developing new;
Metamaterials are made from assemblies of multiple elements, these materials are usually arranged in
During 1990 to 2000, 60% of deforestation occurred in;
In economic anthropology, universal division of labor based on sex may occur because
Ferrites are material having electric permitivity
Employee loyalty and corporate culture in network structure is
What are 'Material resources'
P-sub shell have shape of a/an
A displacement with a fault that reach Earth surface is known as
MNCs have a world management based on
People move downward because of
First scientist to propose an objective definition of instincts in terms of animal behaviour is
During diffusion, decrease in energy le Vel of conduction band in n region is due to loss of
Basic example of a perfectly competitive market is
According to determinant properties, determinant equals to zero if row is
Machine which is used to fly in air is known as
Which country voted to stand out of EU, that it could keep control over its marine resources
Sulfur atom of cysteine is involved in formation of
According to sociologists a study of this settlement would reveal some starting conclusions people believe in very different Gods of 100 people Christians are
System which processes data instructions without any delay is classified as
An Email can have fields like, a number, a sender, size of message and
First 'agent of socialization' is
Substance present in large amount in solution is
Great power of regeneration is present in
Force that opposes relative motion and points in direction in which fluid flows relative to body is
Most TELNET implementations operate in one of modes
Study of naming, classification, types and variations of organisms and evolutionary relationship between them is called
In User Datagram Protocol (UDP), user datagrams are not
A type of loose connective tissue that is meant for storing 'lipids' is called
Palletisers are
Reason of converting singal into dB values is
Large sphere where body's axis of rotation intersects its surface is known as
When did soviet leader ignore evidence of unresolved invasions of their country
In society sex ratio is
Total number of employees are added into employee voluntary separations, to calculate
An object oriented program can be characterised as data contolling to
Sequence of reactions, converting glycogen and glucose to lactate and pyruvate, with production of ATP, called as
Sectarian violence started between
Multiplication of two vectors is of
In Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), endpoints are connected through a
Marketer who discovers customer solutions which they do not offer is considered as
Daphnia belongs to class
An array of arrays is called
In car engine, fuel is in compressed form and ignited by
Process of glycolysis that is operative in red blood cell of man and other mammals is known as
Ability of material to deform under tensile stress is called
Representation of -9 with signed magnitude equals to
In dough, starch is digested into sugar through
In a positive test, yellow precipitate formed will be of
Human nature leads us to create and learn
In Gaussian reduction procedure, row operations are performed to transform matrix A into
Any time people are sold, treated as property, forced to work for no pay or little pay is
'presynaptic' knob contains a large number of;
Operation calculating NOT of OR can be represented as
Farming types in different locations depends on human factors
As instructions are executed and interpreted by a CPU, they are kept on
Amount of oxygen, utilized by brain out of total consumption is approximately;
In passive network, when portion of energy enters during one cycle is stored and then returned to source, it is
In linear combing machine with fixed nipper, gauge is calculated to be
Leptin' is secreted by;
A company must eliminate all those activities that do not add value to all products or services in planning of
Business markets include
Wooden ladles are used to stir or scoop hot soup because of it's
Opium, morphine and heroin are examples of
Type 2 diabetic patient can control their blood glucose level by regulating intake of
Tension is always measured in
A type of tax that builds a difference between wages that firms issues and wages that employers (workers) receives is called as
In oligosaccharides, word 'oligo' is a Greek word, meant to be as
'arthropods' possess a complete
System's ability to incorporate suggested changes defines its
Market forecast shows market demand which is
Constipation is caused by over absorption of
How many state leaders European Council have
Action of calcitriol is similar to the
Specialized covering around megasporangium are called
Free Jet equation is
Address of a file accessible on internet is defined by its
Water is neeeded for;
Intergovernmental organizations hold together because they promote the
A condition, level of glucose in blood decreases, called as
COBOL was standardized by ANSI as COBOL- 74, COBOL- 85 and
"Sometimes professional calls on his clients in their homes." is an example of;
Term that provides a way to describe design of a database at levels of abstraction, is known as
Value representing a chi-square value is always positive because terms are in
Small fluid filled sac made of fibrous tissues which provides cushion between bones is classified as
Average velocity that a charge particle attains in a material due to an electric field is
To access SQL from a general-purpose programming language, there are approaches of
Pre-twists are important because they
Intelligence of an animal can be judged through size of
A group of ribosome which are attached to mRNA by small ribosome unit is known as
Upon reaction of O2 with metals of Period 3 elements, ionic bonds are formed if
In large database management applications, theses customary constraints are classified as
Type of statement written in sequence and is repeated until specific condition met is classified as
Types of DNA libraries are
Mur published first numerically stable, second-order accurate, absorbing boundary condition (ABC) for Yee?s grid at
Violent crime' are based on use of
Size of teeth in carding is
Topology which takes more cable than e.g. a bus, but benefit is that if a cable fails, only one node will be brought down is
An instrument commonly used for measurement of atmospheric pressure is known as
Right ventricle has thinner walls then the
When did Chile seize coastline from Bolivia
Protection of individual against economic hazards in which government participates or enforces participation of employers and affected individuals is known as
Sieve-like plate structure which helps in circulation water through channels is called
When did IAEA win Nobel Peace Price
Scientist, Marie Curie, established first military radiological field center during
Emulsion sprayed by nozzle of oiling device is proportional to the
Secondary functions of exoskeleton are
Solubility of ionic compound which contain common ion is les than its solubility in
Process in which after certain interchanges of heat and work, system is restored to its initial state is called
Mercury is used in; calomel electrodes, mirror telescopes and
To avoid frustration, child learns to approach would realistically is
Gradient of tangent at a point on distance-time graph gives
1/12.11.10 =
Anti balloon rings features
Sponge bone comprises of cells
Company is able to respond customers by customizing market offering on one to one basis is classified as
Octal equivalent of number 952 is
While cost calculation of model, all costs should be considered, including
Any additional information, a technical writer incorporated, may appear on;
Dismissal of employee, who violates law of contractual arrangements stated, by employer is classified as
In 2000, how many people do not have access to clean water and sanitation
In metalloids of Group IV, electrical conductivity increases with
A program can be released for additional testing purpose to a set of
Degradation of 'methylated' proteins is termed as
Process of a user presenting credentials to database is known to be
Kind of interviews which creates anxiety among interviewees by putting pressure to see how applicant respond is classified as
During period of rest, lactic acid is converted into
Pricing strategy used to set price of by-products to make price of main product even more competitive is classified as
A subset of procedural programming that enforces a logical structure on program being written to make it more efficient and easier to understand and modify is called
Fossil fuels
Product packaging is futile part of
Headquarter of 'MIGA' is located in
Process control information is additional information needed by the
Machine used for deviation of web coming out of 2 defelting heads is called as
Without using a lab experiment or survey and gathering data from natural environment is known as
Iraq was fought in
Number of error(s) in following query are: select avg (salary) like avg salary from instructor where dept name=Comp. Sci.;
Flash memory is increasingly used as an alternative for
In an E-R diagram, specialization is represented by a
Hydrogen bonds can be formed between -CO.NH- and can be found in
Change in a material's volume to a change in temperature is called
Collection of related tasks that produces a major software engineering work product is termed as
First step in determining an efficient portfolio is to consider
Enzyme used in DNA repair process, known as
Process of raising an atom from normal state to ionized state is called
Molar specific speed of Ammonium gas is
Nitrogen fixing bacteria lives in
A single system wide primary memory shared by all processors is known to be
Synchronous counters differ from asynchronous by
In entity-relationship diagram, partial key is sometimes also called
Data type that?is used to store movie and image files, is known to be
In final opening stage there is an opener beater which is equipped with
In mentoring relationships, fourth mentoring stage in which friendship takes part in employee's relationship is considered as
Intense community spirits, a feeling of great social solidarity, equality, and togetherness, characteristic of people experiencing liminality together is called as
Proteome' is a set of all proteins, usually occurred in;
Ctrl + P keys are used to
Suspensory ligament is also called as
If resistance of a sodium wire at ice point is 2.5 Ω and 12.5 Ω at steam point, and resistance of wire is 4 Ω room temperature would be
Who tested memory of scuba divers
Factors influence innovation's rate of adoption are
Novelty of Kane Yee's FDTD scheme, presented in his seminal
If production is less than sales so, an operating income under absorption costing will be called
Intermediate processes of a reflex arc consists of
Aggregation function such as ranking and windowing queries, allows efficient
Cells that are produced as a result of cleavage are named as
Algebraic form with general form as (9³)2 have solved form as
Circuits which produce an output wave shape resembling that of a symmetrical or asymmetrical square wave are called
Emotional pathways in brain are
Phenomenon of 'paedomorphosis' is characteristic of
UN women's conference in China began in
What is tiage
Melting points of pure solids are
Spherulitic structure starts from crystallization as folded chain lamellae on
Procedure of assigning direct cost to any cost abject is classified as
Most recent human right treaty is
Which people have large brain
Second smallest continent of world is
Inductance L of an N turn coil is proportional to
Acceptable keyword in JAVA is
102 factor has perifix
User satisfaction is one of important aspects of process
Ability to get another actor or not to do what it have done is called
Feminist anthropology is approach of
If an infection has worldwide distribution, it is termed as
Formula of half-life of exponential decay is
Period of sin(x)/2 is
'customer loyalty or retention' is best classified as
In Semantic Web context, deductive process involves in
Which from following sets are control structures for C++ program
When transistor operates as switch, collector current is maximum at
Changing behavior of employees by rewarding or punishing is called
Stage in production process, where manufactured goods are checked; whether units are acceptable or not is classified as
From Cambrian period dominant form of 'oceanic' life is
One second is time taken by
Call premium of bond is $630 and call price of bond is $240 then face value of bond is
Connective tissue beneath epidermis is known as
Ethanoyl chloride will react with concentrated ammonia solution to produce
If 50KN load is applied on steel rod of cross-section area 400mm², stress will be
A class of electronic circuits that reduce storage time of a switching BJT by applying a nonlinear negative feedback through various kinds of diodes is termed as
In Maxwell's equation ∇xH=J+∂D/∂t, H is
Types of performance information include
Following statements about a big man is
Type of letters in which a writer is 100 percent agreed to complaint letter, categorized as
Double-walled structure that is formed by transformation of optic vesicle, known as
Ready state of a process means
Von Gierke's disease type I, usually affecting
Testing methods performed by a flowchart is known to be of
Desktop publishers and graphic artists get realistic quality and color for photo images, using
Which function is known as standard library function
When a client sends a request to a server, browser looks for it in the
Salts are formed when
A particular type of signal that oscillates between a high and a low state and is utilized like a metronome to coordinate actions of digital circuits is known as
In plants, Golgi complex is composed of small stacks of cisternae, usually named as
Scala is short form of
A database system involves major components of type
Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) has a protocol field value of
In an IPv6 datagram, M bit is 0, value of HLEN is 5, value of total length is 200 and offset value is
Underlying loose deposits of solid rock are known as
Boiling point of sea water is
If a line has gradient of 2, it passes through point (1,5), equation of line should be
Slivers per can in Herrison-small barrel cylinders are
In Orissa cyclone, relief situation was worst in
Conventionally, probability of an event can be derived through
Headquarter of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is located in
How many types of inversion
Degree of a polynomial is the
In plan-do-check-act cycle, implementation of software process is accomplished by
A?labelled?DNA or RNA segment, which is?used?to?find?a?specific?sequence?of?nucleotides?in?a?DNA?molecule is named as
IC series that are three terminal regulator andprovide fixed negati Ve voltage is
A filament bulb of 100 W consumes energy of 1000 J, time taken by bulb is
Types of 'learning' occurs through
Insulin receptor is a 'tetramer' in which subunits are in the;
United States punished Japan by cutting off
Lower boiling point of 2,2 dimethyl propane can be attributed to
Circular comb operating range of feedracks is calculated to be
In Core-Based Tree (CBT), when router has received all join messages, then tree will be
In Fox community there were two interrelated types these were problem of factionalism and problem of diffuse
System which can make a notebook computer feel like a desktop system, by adding a full-size monitor, keyboard and other features, is called a
Many married couples live hundreds of miles from their parents their job have determined where they live such a post marital residence pattern is called
If x³ + 9x +5 is divided by x, then remainder is
To keep on track employees' performance, building block to be used is
Sustainable development, involved in; needs of present without making a deal of
'capsid' proteins and nucleic acid 'genome' combines to form
Alternative name for ' hepatocellular carcinoma' is
MIB is a collection of groups of objects that can be managed by
Electricity generating companies, having difficulty in generating electrical power from
Data model that permits specification of data where individual data items of same type may have different sets of attributes, is known as
Epicuticle in exoskeleton is made up of
Francis Crick won Nobel Prize in field of
If direct material cost of goods sold is $7500, and through contribution is $15650, then revenues will be
Actions which we assign to an action button or slide object is
Magnetic dipole moment of Proton is
Word 'sakharons' is a Greek word which means;
In 1982, 50-kW wind generator was installed in Fair Isle to generate;
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development was established in
If roots 3² + kx + 12 = 0 are equal, then k =
Just beneath cell membrane there are extremely thin hair like appendages called as
Allocation of storage memory is always in multiples of
A thread library provides programmer an API for creating and managing
First trophic level is known as
Gaussian elimination procedure is one of several methods to solve the
A modern example of tragedy of commons is known as
Amount of heat absorbed or evolved when one mole of a substance is dissolved to form solution is
A mass of skeletal muscle which is covered by 'mucous' membrane, termed as
One of limitation of RDFS is unable to use class combination properties like union, intersection, or complement due to lack of
Difference of mode and mean is equal to
Crimping device is used for enhancing the
Numbers in cells defines the
A set of programs used for creating, deleting and updating files, forms a
Crystal systems are
Token bucket can easily be implemented with a counter, initialized by
Best pre-writing technique for newsletter, known as
Extrusive rocks are also known as
Down group II, thermal decomposition gradually
DC current gain of transistor is represented as
In MOSFETs, condition which satisfies for cutoff region is
To increase stability of an object, center of gravity should be
Electroluminescence is introduced in LED when it is
Blending apron form an angle slightly greater than
If wired element moves in same direction as that of teeth inclination than it is
An Ordinance was propagates to permit establishment of
'automation' is another cause of change in
RAM cell which stores its bits of information as charge on cell capacitor is
Memory pointers includes
A reproductive cycle found in all female mammals except human is called
Negating 2ten and then checking result by negating ?2ten will give
Costs of goods acquired from suppliers are classified as
In many GUI-based programs, display button which lets you issue command quickly is
Anti-egg white injury factor, Vitamin B-7 and Vitamin H, considered as alternative name for;
Maximum efficiency produced by Class B amplifier is
Fox project initiated in
Impedance and admittance parameters together are known as
At higher temperatures, speed of air molecules becomes
Normal concentration of 'creatine' in urine is ranges between;
Individual peaces of land are called
Replication of pixels is called
Program as a series of linear steps is called
Level of strategy that achieves performance objectives with financial metrics, is said to be at the
Atomic number of Barium (Ba) is
Layer which is grown on surface of substrate is
In computer, volatile and non-volatile are two types of
Zooming of image is viewed as
ROM type present in microcontroller is
Createprocess() call function in windows operating system is a UNIX's function called for
In s-domain, impedance of series RL circuit is
A function is a mapping from one set, known as a domain to another set, known as the
Percentage accessibility of sulphite pulp measured by exchange of hydroxyl hydrogens for deutrium is
According to anthropologists supernatural is particularly prominent in Melanesia area of south pacific and
To ensure against memory risk, risk management system should maintain an up-to-date
Simple and routine exchanges with moderate level of cooperation and exchange of information is classified as
'global inequality' is primarily caused by
An instruction that does no operation for changing state is known as
In binary division process, a series of performed operations is said to be of
A container contains 45 litres of water of which milk and water are in ratio 2:1, if ratio has to be changed to 1:2, amount of water needed to be added should be
Replication of influenza 'A' virus is inhibited by
Sufurtrioxide is obtained by oxidation of
Process of using present and past conditions for analyzing future aspects is classified as
Digestion of fats is mediated by;
Quantity of 'glycogen' in muscles is about;
Theoretical perspectives on religion are
Oscillator circuit which is used to generate awaveform using RC timing circuit is called
What is temperature during winter in Tropical rain forests
Radius of Ceres is equals to
POSIX regular expression function ereg_replace ( ) takes
Devices which are used to receive data from central processing unit are classified as
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is
Hypothalamus is a part of
What is an average sleep pattern for preschooler
Stationary phase forms a thin
Plates of Earth move apart from each other due to
Pitch of return screw as compared to other screws is
Earth's gravitational acceleration measured at its equator is equals to
A compound, consist of atom of two or more of elements, along with a chemical combination of
In anthropology tendency to view one's own culture are superior and to apply one's own culture values in judging behaviors and beliefs of people is called
Labor which works as forklift truck, plant guards and rework labor is classified as
Who was founder of Soviet Union
Solvents of covalent compounds include all but
Types of relational calculi includes
Palestinian refugees displaced in
Batch processing is done on regular basis for amount of data which is
XOR output is 1 if inputs are
Phenomenon, by which some primarily bacteria utilize chemicals to generate energy rich compounds, known as
In BJT, when base emitter junction is forward biased, it is like a forward biased
Everything outside system that delivers inputs or receives outputs from system is known as
What is most 'basic human need'
In which country several buses powered by fuel cells
Thumbs up' rule is regarded as delivering a presentation, in terms of;
Hybridization enables firm to meet special problems by appropriate adaptation of its
Building block of C++ that leads to object oriented programming is termed as
Least boiling point is of
Chinese Communist Revolution came up in
Cyclones loss their power source once they start to cross
One of practices of Buddhism is to
A common-source amplifier is similar to which BJT amplifier
Original name of Lord Kelvin was
Which of following is an access type provided by Data manipulation language
A computer can directly execute programs of
When mach number is in between 0.8 - 1.2, flow is in
Moment of force applied on a door is 15 N m and force applied is 3.75 N, distance of handle from pivot is
Ring shaped structures are usually seen in glucose and
Mass of 4585 kg and its density is 917 kg m-3, its volume would be
If ƒ(x) = |x|, then range of f is
Error due to manually stopping a stopwatch is termed as
Memory permits data to be stored and retrieved at comparable speed is called
Type of continuous distribution in which probability is constant is classified as
Comprehensive and organized collection about individual prospect of customer including psychographic, geographic and demographic data is called
In rats, an estimated oral dosage, ranges between 50 to 500 mg/kg, termed as;
Eugenic aims are achieved by using a technology
In Phosphoric acid H3PO4, oxidation state of Phosphorus is
In XML document, all possible values' combination for an attribute type is denoted by
Sin(90°-α) =
Binary equivalent of an octal number 1071 is
Efficiency of an electric generator is about
Type of device which is 3.5 inch floppy drive is nothing but
Function can be represented with
Second process in database design is
Simple molecules or giant macromolecules are examples of
System.out.println("Good Luck") . This statement has
Chemists' and 'World Aid Organizations' working together to bring
Traditional screw type drawframes provides low production output due to
Other than exchange raw material can be purchased from
An entry in a spreadsheet cell like "A=(B2+B3)/2" would be an example of
Set of Second element of ordered pair forming a relation is called its
Output resistance of an actual op-amp is
Cleavage in which planes of cleavage are symmetrical to polar axis and produce tiers of cells is radial and
Finger like process which have blind end in caecum is called
In RDF document, a type of container element used for unordered list is
Transition in size between contiguous cells called
Green plants such as grasses, bushes and trees are in which trophic level
Types of electronic procurement hubs are
Faraday's Law can be stated as 'a changing magnetic field creates an electric field. This is principle behind the
Quota sampling, judgment sampling and convenience sampling are classified as types of
In United States slave trade was internal in
Who establish sociology as a 'formal academic discipline'
A large number of group with a common interest in close proximity is called
If ƒ(x) = sin(x) and g(x) = cos(x), then (gof)(x) =
Stomach and intestines get rid of deoxygenated blood through
Neumann boundary condition is also known as
Gravitational force is force that is always
Polymorphism means
Feeler data of mechanical autoleveller is sent to
X³ - 3x² + 2x - 6 has a factor
For each attribute, we can retrieve its data type using method
According to anthropologists Etoro was studied by
Animal and plant communities must adopt both
When you apply a deodorant on your body, cooling effect on skin is due to
For silicon atom barrier potential is the
On what basis peace activists disagree
Precursor of World Wildlife Fund whose name is Conservation Fund was established in
Large organizations are characterized by the
Proportion of successful collision increase with increase in
What is impact of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Proliferation Security Initiative
US senate approved ratification in

Topic on Mcq

Ray and wave optics
Atom and nucleus
Semiconductor devices
Thermal and chemical effects of current
Solutions and Liquid States
Current electricity
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium
Alcohols Phenols and Ethers
Work energy and power
Gaseous State
Motion in two and three dimensions
Properties of matter
Heat and thermodynamics
Compounds Containing Nitrogen
s Block Elements
Structure of Atom
Particle nature of light
Aldehydes and Ketones
Units dimension and measurement
Electromagnetic wave and communication
Laws of motion
Motion in one dimension
Oscillations and wave
Electro magentic induction and alternating current
Centre of mass and rotational motion.
Redox Reactions and Electro Chemistry
Magnetic effects of current
Reproduction in Organisms
Digestion and Absorption II
The living world
Nitrogen family
Microbes in Human Welfare
Chemical Arithmetic and Volumetric Analysis
Embryonic Development
Plant Growth and Movement II
Mineral Nutrition
Breathing and Respiration
Biodiversity And Its Conservation
Cell cycle and cell division
Locomotion and Movement
Improvement in food production
Excretion products and their elimination
Biological Classification Kingdom Animals II
Inheritance and Variation
Environmental Issues
Respiration in Plants
Transport in Plant
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Organisms and the Environment
Chemical Coordination and Regulation
Body Fluids and Circulation
Plant Growth and Movement
Structural Organisation in Animals
Human Health and Disease
Digestion and Absorption
Anatomy of Flowering plants
Genetic basis of Inheritance
Control and Coordination
Bio Molecules
Biological Classification Kingdom Protista Kin
Cell Structure and Cell Organelle
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Biological Classification Viruses Viroids Prio
Biological Classification Kingdom Plantae
Morphology of Flowering plants
Biological Classification Kingdom Animals
CU (Chandigarh University)
CU Chandigarh University
Biotechnology I
Change of Speech
Protein Stability
Advanced SQL
Data Interpretation
Bar Charts
Verbal Analogies
Days and Years
Change of Voice
Gears and Cams
Drawing Management
Height and Distance
UV Luminance Spectroscopy
Completing Statements
Analog to Digital
Electronic Diagrams
Perspective Drawings
Welding Representation
Layouts and Lettering
Pseudomonas and Burkholderia
Oblique Projection
Graphic Language for Design
Orthographic Projection
Working Drawings
Axonometric Projection
2D Drawing Representation
Piping Drawings
Thermodynamics and Free Energy
Miscellaneous Foods
Programmable Logic Devices PLD
Structure and Properties of Amino Acids
Functions and Subroutines
Classes and Objects
Fish and Sea Foods
Threads Fasteners and Springs
Theme Detection
Landform Drawings
NMR Spectroscopy
Manufacturing Processes
Gel Electrophoresis
Structural Drawing
Protein and Nucleic Acid Interactions
Transport of Molecules in Plant
Rhabdoviridae Caliciviridae and Astroviridae
Nitrogen Metabolism
Spanning Tree Protocol
OR and Ex
Garbage Collections
Synthetic Seeds
Protein Purification
Data Warehousing
Poxviridae and Picronaviridae
Database Redesign
Square Root and Cube Root
Inner Classes
Architectural Working Drawings
Computer Aided Design Basics
Distributed Databases
Collection Classes
Mechanical Working Drawings
Dimensioning Architectural Drawings
Isometric Drawings
Traditional Drafting Techniques
Water pH and Macromolecules
3D Modeling Basics
Allosteric Effects
Multiview Drawing
Variable Number of Arguments
Plant Genetics
ATP Synthesis and Fatty Acid Oxidation
Fruits and Vegetables
IP Routing
Nucleic Acid Structure
Enzymes Regulation
Protein Structure
Virtual LANs
Logical Database Design
JDBC Java Server Pages and MySQL
The Database Environment
Wide Area Networks
Decimal Fraction
RNA Structure
Viruses in Eukaryotes
Oriented Database
Surds and Indices
Actinomycetes and Non Sporing Anaerobes
Vibrio Aeromonas and Plesiomonas
The Internet Database Environment
ER Model and Business Rules
Modeling Data in the Organization
Food Illness
Server Database
The Client
Wireless Technologies
Physical Database Design
Managing a Cisco Internetwork
Logical Games
Introduction to Database
The Database Development Process
Sentence Formation
Memory Allocation
Logic Circuit Simplification
FT IR Spectroscopy
Oriented Data Modeling
Thyristors and Tranducers
Library Functions
Branch Loop and Node Analyses
Microbiology of Foods
Recombinant DNA
Managing Databases with Oracle
Antigen Antibody Reaction
IOS and Security Device Manager
Microbial Genetics
Data and Database Administration
Immune Response
DNA Replication
Sectional Views
Auxiliary Views
Nucleic Acids
Oxidative Phosphorylation
Genetic Code and Regulation
NET Framework
Nitrogen Fixation and Photosynthesis
Cell Cultivations
Network Address Translation
Synthesis of Therapeutic Agents
Plant Cell Culture
Sauerkraut and Pickles
Hepatitis Viruses
Environmental Protection
Ethanol Production
The Relational Model and Normalization
Database Processing for BIS
SQL for Database Construction
C Preprocessor
Wine and Beer
Technical Drawing
Technical Sketching
Digital Design
Biosensors and Biochips
Database Design Using Normalization
Microbes in Aquatic Environment
Data Models into Database Designs
Bitwise Operators
SQL Server 2000
Vinegar and Citric Acid
Managing Multiuser Databases
Data Modeling with ER Model
Language Fundamentals
Disease Associated with Immune System
Media Required for Plant Cell Culture
Heated Canned Foods
Amino Acid Metabolism
Monoclonal Antibodies
Transistors and Applications
DNA Sequencing Mutation and Repair
Microprocessor Fundamentals
Testing and Troubleshooting
Membrane Structure and Functions
Analog and Digital Converters
Animal Biotechnology Chromosomes
RL Circuits
Purpose Op
Floating Point Issues
Milk and Milk Products
Standard Logic Devices SLD
Operators and Assignments
Identification of Bacteria
Phase Systems in Power Applications
Enzyme Reaction
Combinational Logic Analysis
Anti Bodies
Flops and Timers
Genetic Regulation Prokaryotes
Immunological Techniques
Sequential Logic Circuits
Semiconductor Memory
General Plant Biotechnology
Passive Filters
Cell Structure and Compartments
Computer Hardware and Software
Microbiology of Waste Water
Windows 2000 Server
Amp Circuits
Basic Op
Circuit Theorems in AC Analysis
Verification of Truth
Arithmetic Operations and Circuits
Immune System
TCA Cycle
Introduction to SQL
Immobilized Enzyme
Flow Control
Poultry Egg and Meat
Quantities and Units
Describing Logic Circuits
Voltage Current and Resistance
Integrated Circuit Technologies
Energy and Power
Enzymes and Application
Circuit Theorems and Conversions
Time Response of Reactive Circuits
Gas Chromatography
RC Circuits
Command Line Arguments
Measurement Conversion and Control
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Complicated Declarations
Energy Release and Conservation
Javalang Class
Input Output
Networking Basics
Cloning Vectors
Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification
Microorganisms and Disease
Translation and Regulation
Code Converters and Multiplexers
SI Units
Ohms Law
Semiconductor Principles
Logic Families and Their Characteristics
Objects and Collections
Alternating Current and Voltage
Paragraph Formation
Downstream Processing
Declarations and Initializations
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Famous Places in India
Cell Signalling and Transduction
Structure and Properties of Peptides
Objects and Classes
Structures Unions Enums
Java Programming
Declarations and Access Control
The 8051 Microcontroller
Recombinant DNA Technology
Transcription and Regulation
Language Processors
Animal Cell Culture and Regulation
Protein Synthesis
Signals and Switches
Multivibrators and 555 Timer
Venn Diagrams
Plant Structure
Windows NT
Bipolar Junction Transistors BJT
Special Proteins and Crop Improvement
Cube and Cuboid
Blood Relation Test
Viruses From Animal and Plants
Vectors Uses for Animal Cell Culture
Cell Cultures and Characteristics
Field Effect Transistors FET
Digital Signal Processing
Control Instructions
Gene Transfer in Plants
Animal Breeding and Transgenic Animal
Microbial Recombination and Gene Transfer
OOPS Concepts
C Programming
Constructors and Destructors
Seating Arrangement
Microbiology of Soils
Beer and Wine
Odd Man Out and Series
Water Treatment
Docks and Harbours
Alternating Current vs Direct Current
Fluid Flow
Parallel Circuits
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Spirochacter and Enterobacteriaceac
Vitamins and Coenzymes
Transgenic Plant
Ordering of Words
Physical and Chemical Agents
Airport Engineering
Bacteria Morphology
Circuit Logic Families
Ordering of Sentences
Microbial Metabolism
MSI Logic Circuits
Series Circuits
Engineering Economy
Voltage and Current
Antimicrobial Chemotherapeutic Agents
Enzymes and Kinetics
Molds and Yeasts
Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria
RLC Circuits and Resonance
Shift Registers
Resistance and Power
Digital System Projects Using HDL
Operational Amplifiers
Diodes and Applications
Logic Gates
Construction Management
Fermentation Reactors
Fermentation Kinetics
Interfacing to the Analog World
DNA Structure and Replication
Combinational Logic Circuits
Estimating and Costing
Selecting Words
Satellite Communication
Compressors Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines
Radio Receivers
Steam Nozzles and Turbines
Digital Arithmetic Operations and Circuits
Sentence Correction
Chemical Engineering Plant Economics
Digital Concepts
Hydraulic Machines
Course of Action
Biochemical Engineering
Agitation and Aeration
Disk Operating System DOS
Programmable Logic Device
Industrially Useful Microbial Processes
Logical Deduction
Theory of Structures
Water Resources Engineering
Elements of Remote Sensing
Statement and Conclusion
Structural Design Specifications
Memory and Storage
Number Systems and Codes
Industrial Engineering and Production Management
Database Systems
Statement and Argument
IC Engines and Nuclear Power Plants
Steam Boilers and Engines
Verbal Ability
Furnace Technology
Engineering Mechanics
Advanced Surveying
Steel Structure Design
Operating Systems Concepts
Workshop Technology
RCC Structures Design
Matching Questions
Concrete Technology
Fertiliser Technology
Engineering Materials
Applied Mechanics
Automation System
Refractory Technology
Electronic Principles
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Building Construction

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