Multiple Choice Question

A master plan is devised for
What happens at the synapse between two neurons
The antiseptic compound present in dettol is
Which of the following is a hydrocarbon
The rising of the evening star indicates the
Which statement about ultrabook computers is false
The DASH Diet plan was devised to prevent
Calcium absorption is facilitated by the presence of
What factors contribute to global winds
Which of the following statements is true concerning subqueries
what is the chemical name of the compound  Cu2CO3
Camouflage is one way animals protect themselves. Is this pronoun reflexive or intensive
The principle of dominance states that
Foliated rocks are distinguished by
Name something switzerland is famous for
A tone in music is a sound that
Exercise intensity refers to
The basic structural unit of the body is the
A viral species is a group of viruses that
Succus Entericus is the name given to
What occurs when an atom loses an electron
Fat is completely digested in the
Refractive Index of glass with respect to water is
What two things can you never eat for breakfast
In a parliamentary system, from where are cabinet members drawn
Which statement about tobacco use is true
The Mesoamerican leader Pakal, The great was
Primary productivity is not limited by
Which was a cause of the French Revolution
The expansion of the rail networks led to
Which organization created a shared economy
Solve the math puzzle given below
Tensional forces normally cause which one of the following
India has donated what amount for a peacekeeping initiative at the UN
Which of the following tennis player recently won his 99th career title in his hometown
In which of the following state its first mega food park was inaugurated
Salts and sugars work to preserve foods by creating a
Which of the following statements about DNA replication is false
In human relations, the irritation threshold is the
What is the primary purpose of the Supremacy Clause
A pox on you for your loathsome chiding means
Find the next number in the given number series 8, 11, 19, 23, 32,
The cost price of a college bag is 240% more than the profit obtained on it selling at Rs. 1540. What is the cost price of that college bag
A group of five persons is formed from five boys and four girls. Find the probability that there are at least two girls in the group
Meghana alone would take 32 hours more to complete a job than both Meghana and Ganesh together. If Ganesh worked alone, he took 12 1/2 hours more to complete it than both Meghana and Ganesh worked together. What time would they take if both Meghana and Ganesh worked together
Business fluctuations refer to
Automatic stabilizers refer to
Closely stacked flattened sacs (plants only)
Antipsychotic drugs have proved helpful in the treatment of
Hot springs are heated geothermally by underlying
How many joins require for 5 tables to join straight
Alcohol has many sensations and effects like
Landowners often complain that hunters
The single most important invention to farmers is the
What is the goal of wildlife conservation
Which fat is good Saturated or Unsaturated
Where does transcription occur in eukaryotes
rlrgsmaorsi - Rearrange this word
The MPC for an economy is
Browning of paper in old books is caused by
Solve the number puzzle
The systematic risk of the market is measured by
Variation in human skin color is an example of
Self pollination will lead to
The geologic time scale is subdivided into
One function of sphincter muscles is to
Which event led to the siege of Yorktown
Reduction of oxygen which forms water occurs during
Photorespiration lowers the efficiency of photosynthesis by
445 of 229.79 = ? of 2398.51
Find the odd man out 3, 12, 39, 120, 364
Which of the following is the largest
Which of the following is a type of savings vehicle
Who owns Tradestation
What is presented in the Preamble to the constitution
Who has become first Indian player in ODI history to score three consecutive 100s as captain
Which of the following cities, is also known as the City of Festivals
What was the strength of Indus economy
Which was the only Indus site with an artificial brick dockyard
India is the which largest solar market in the world
During the meeting of the Board of Directors of IDFC Bank, IDFC Bank proposed to change its name to
Which of the following PSU had received 'Top Challengers' and 'Best Mining Equipment Seller Award', recently
Which of the following player have clinched 2018 WBL World Billiards Championship title
Name the veteran Agriculture Scientist who was recently awarded the 1st World Agriculture Prize for 2018
On what day World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is observed
FInd the odd man out of the given series of numbers 120, 36, 6, 2, 1, 1
A machine powered by rotating blades is a
What is the purpose of balancing chemical equations
The concept of due process refers to
The arbor vitae refers to
World Wrestling Championship has recently begun at
What is the currency of Japan
Shahi Litchi of which recently got a GI tag
Uncontrolled railroad crossing warning signs include
A trough in the business cycle occurs when
The concept of net domestic investment refers to
Unlike eutherians, both monotremes and marsupials
What is the name for the compound P4O10
That which cannot be seen -
Sponges are most accurately described as
Complete the number series 11, 12.2, 14.6, 18.2,
Find the odd man out from the given series 8, 18, 56, 232, 1165
Most organic compounds contain carbon and
What unit is used to measure weighted average atomic mass
To resolve an object in an electron microscope,
Which best describes the nucleus of an atom
What is the term for classifying and grouping organisms
Which was true of Pullman porters in the 1920s
Demand is said to be inelastic when
Next number in the number sequence is 22, 11, 33, 16.5, 49.5,
Meiosis ii is similar to mitosis in that
The C shape of the tracheal cartilages is important because
If intermediate goods and services were included in GDP
Voice in literary nonfiction refers to
Which is not a function of the cell membrane
In how many different ways the letters of the word 'TRANSFORMER' can be arranged such that 'N' and 'S' always come together
A caribbean shape that makes ships disappear
What does in transit to destination mean
Ctrl+F in MS Word for
Homology is evidence of
Sort each description by the type of RNA it describes a) contains an anticodonb) specifies the amino acid squence for a proteinc) contains exonsd) has amino acids covalently attachede) is a component of ribosomesf) is the most abundant form of RNA
Which sample of matter is a mixture
The rate of flow of electric charge is measured in
Orlon is a polymer of
The rate at which energy is transferred is called
Energy stored in the nucleus of an atom is called
Who is responsible to pay back all debts
Acidity in human sweat is an example of
The brain and spinal cord are two components of the
Pain controlling chemicals in the body are called
What structure separates the colon from the small intestine
The main objective of Service Level Management is
Early examples of art photography often imitated
Which pair consists of negative symptoms of schizophrenia
On Rs. 3500 invested at a simple interest rate of 7 per cent per annum, Rs. 500 is obtained as interest in certain years. In order to earn Rs. 800 as interest on Rs. 4900 in the same number of years, what should be the rate of simple interest
The main theme of a fugue is called the
Teens who drink are at risk of
Out of 3 girls and 6 boys a group of three members is to be formed in such a way that at least one member is a girl. In how many different ways can it be done
A restrictive clause is one that
Which program is an example of domestic policy
White Box Techniques are also called as
Which is not a basic function of a cell
Which of the following is not true about cloud computing
A persistent infection is one in which
What contributes to antigenic shift in influenza viruses
A boat can move 5 km/hr in still water. If the river is running at 1 km/hr, it takes it 75 min to move to a place and back. How far is the place
Who took charge as new MD & CEO of IDBI Bank 2018
Which virus is not associated with cancer
India’s who has won the girl's title in the IBSF World Under-16 Snooker Championships 2018
India's 1st 'Methanol Cooking Fuel Program' has been recently launched in which of the following state
The Civil Rights Act of 1875 attempted to
Number of alary muscles in cockroach
Laterite is chemically classified as
Cellulose is a major component of the
In India, Air Force Day is celebrated on
Which non metal is liquid at room temperature
Microorganisms that cause disease are called
The 45th World Skills Competition 2019 will take place in which of the following country
Natwar Thakkar was popularly known as
Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India 2018
A bag contains 5 red smileys, 6 yellow smileys and 3 green smileys. If two smileys are picked at random, what is the probability that both are red or both are green in colour
A man buys a trouser in Rs.1250. By reduction of 20% in the price of trouser, he can purchase a t-shirt also in the same amount that was initially paid for the trouser. Find the price of the t-shirt
How much money did the owner lose
In a class of 80 students and 5 teachers, each student got shopping coupons that are 15% of the total number of students and each teacher got shopping coupons, that are 25% of the total number of students. How many shopping coupons were there
a2 + b2 + c2 -ab- bc - ca = 0, iff
Karthik walks at 5 km/hr and reaches his destination 8 min late. If he walks at 6 km/hr, he reaches his destination on time. What distance he will cover in given time
Two filling taps P and Q together can fill a tank with rate of 40 lit/min and 60 lit/min respectively in 8 min. If a waste tap can empty the filled tank in 32 min, then what is the rate of waste tap
Three athletes can complete one round around a circular field in 16, 24 and 36 min respectively. They start running together at same instant then after how much time they will meet to each other for first time
Which of the following is an example of social interaction
Which of the following is not a strong acid
The goal of a market economy is to
The largest component of GDP is
Conductivity in a metal results from the metal atoms having
Student specific scholarships are awarded to students who
Liquid sodium is being considered as
Which type of weathering creates karst topography
A solution that is hypotonic to a cell has
Which of the following is a secondary storage device
The outer protein coat of a virus is called a
India's tallest National flag from the average city elevation has recently installed in which city
Which area best lends itself to the formation of fossils
Find the odd man out 16, 254, 1296, 4096, 10000
Solve this puzzle
Guess the next number in the given number series 999, 990, 998, 991, 997, 992,
The goal of a command economy is to
Which macronutrient is vital for every function of the body
Which microscope is often used to view metal surfaces
Industrialization resulted in what changes to American society
When it comes to cholesterol it is better to have
While driving resist distractions such as
Area in which two types of air masses meet
Which statement best defines a communist government
Speeding is a factor in _% of all fatal accidents
Atoms have no electric charge because they
The Latin American revolutions from 1804 to 1821 were
Peace, discipline, freedom and equality are all examples of
When the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles contract,
Transfer payments are included in
In calculating the GDP national income accountants
National Khadi Festival 2018 held in

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