Multiple Choice Question

If at high altitudes, birds become rare, the plants likely to disappear are
Consider the following statements, SWR of a transmission line is infinite when the load is a short circuita complex impedancean open circuita pure reactance Which of the above statements are correct
Columbus' named indigenous people
Minimum subscription should be received with in ______days
On a T.V. channel, four serials A, B, C and D were screened, one on eacn day, on four consecutive days but not necessarily in that order. On which day was the serial C screened ? Statements The first serial was screened on 23rd, Tuesday and was followed by serial D. Serial A was not screened on 25th and one serial was screened between serials A and B
A small poly peptide attract neutrophils and macrophages, towards infection site, named as
The dedendum is the radial distance from the
In which of the following year was Planning Commission set up
In clean air, composition of oxygen by volume is
Mr. Chen takes pride in his vegetables which are just plucked from his garden
3. Which of these methods are used to read in from file? a) get() b) read() c) scan() d) readFileInput()
Which of these cities never was a capital of Assyria
Tube in digestive system that extends to anus from mouth is classified as
F(t)=e-1 is equals to
A council of Eight Ministers known as the Ashta Paradhan assisted
Orientation of lines of electric flux in an electromagnetic field is termed as
It is used to warm or heat substances
Yellow colour of papaya is due to
Potassium sulphate and potassium chromate forms
Mineral involved in formation of bone and teeth and clotting of blood is
Newton's law of motions were stated by scientist named as
For a first order chemical reaction, the concentration of the reactant decreases __________ with time
Which Indian state stands first in the production of jute
Tightly packed collagen fibers is present in
A computer ……… is a set of program instructions that can attach itself to a file, reproduce itself, and spread to other files
Binary equivalent of number 42 is
Truck driver drives 10km from South to North which also means
The force which determines the flow of water from one cell to another is
What is the capacitive reactance of a 0.1 micro F capacitor that is operating at 1000 Hz
Unsaturated air (with dry bulb temperature and dew point being 35°C and 18°C respectively) is passed through a water spray chamber maintained at 15°C. The air will be cooled
A cricketer has a certain average for 10 innings. In the eleventh inning, he scored 108 runs, there by increasing his average by 6 runs. His new average is
Which is true
Lipids are organic compounds, are
The expression, , is for the____of an ideal gas
In an organization, 40% of the employees are matriculates, 50% of the remaining are graduates and remaining 180 are post-graduates. How many employees are graduates
Value of third proportional to 4, 12 should be
Analysis of data from variety of sources such as media spending data and retailer scanner data are called as
In SQL the statement select * from R, S is equivalent to
In terms of no of read accesses/program, miss penalty in clock-cycles for a reading, and reading miss-rate, is defined as
Oxide of aluminum is
MeHg' stands for;
A is twice as good a workman as B and they took 7 days together to do the work B alone can do it in
Which of the following prevents the fall of fruits
Nitrile rubber is produced by the polymerisation of
How radioactive waste impacts marine life
Ozone depletion in stratosphere shall in
Phase changes are usually
Dry scaly skin and night blindness is caused by deficiency of
Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are ________
(A)  The Greenland ice cap is melting so quickly that pieces of ice which are several cubic kilometers in size are breaking off.(B)  Greenland is prone to earth quakes
In Congestion, maximum burst size normally refers to maximum length of time traffic is generated at the
Which of the following is a phase of a compilation process
Decimal equivalent of octal number 2057 is
When was Islam founded
Needles of fly roller inserts itself and raise fiber as small
The / plants are dry / for / the lack of water
You can create a Production order from
Dielectric strength of which of the following material has the highest dielectric strength
The forms of IF statements in FORTRAN 77 are called
Which of the following statements are TRUE? 1. The problem of determining whether there exists a cycle in an undirected graph is in P. 2. The problem of determining whether there exists a cycle in an undirected graph is in NP. 3. If a problem A is NP-Complete, there exists a non-deterministic polynomial time algorithm to solve A
Delcredre commission will be given for ______
In structure of diamond hybridization present in tetrahedron is
Which of the following statements will add the accumulator and register 3
Angular momentum is represented by
Synonym of Repugnance
Fertilization that occurs outside body of an organism is called
Uniform flow is said to occur when
Long time plasmolysis can
The stone blocks approximately triangular in shape, used as steps, are known
Through IMS-DB we can process online transactions
The displacement of the reciprocating roller follower, when it has contact with the straight flanks of the tangent cam, is given by (where r1 = Minimum radius of the cam, r2 = Radius of the roller follower, and θ = Angle turned by the cam from the beginning of the follower displacement)
Male Vanity is no different from female's ------ in Face, a confident man no longer shies away from stating his deep interest in beautifying his appearance.(A) Western cosmetic houses have spent millions of dollars researching this: men want to look amazing too.(B) Today's urban male spends as much on beauty products as his female counterpart.(C) It is perhaps the fastest growing market segment of the feel good, look good industry
Example of simple sugar molecules monosaccharide is
Which year did PMI record the biggest one-month fall since 2008
Power made legitimacy by
Which of following has no dimension
Which of the following statements are equal for a variable declared in the interface int X=102. public int X=103. public static final int X=10
_____________________________\'s flag is red; in the middle there\'s a white part with a maple leaf on it
Coke is obtained by burning
Kernel mode of operating system is also called
Symbolic anthropology studies
If the expenditure on purchase of overhead projectors for Ph.D students is decreased by 7%, what will be the expenditure on the sane after the decrease
Religion that believe in divinity of nonhuman beings like animals, plants etc
Any real gas can behave ideally, if its density is
She came  ______  twenty-five past seven
Prostaglandin' is being involved in decreased immunological functions of the;
Humans belong to family
What will be the output of the program public class Test { public static void main(String args[]) { int i = 1, j = 0; switch(i) { case 2: j += 6; case 4: j += 1; default: j += 2; case 0: j += 4; } System.out.println("j = " + j); } }
In humans, percent of body weight of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins respectively is
In an incompressible fluid, the density is
When you press a key, a tiny chip which notes that a key has been pressed is known as
Suppose that the medians BD, CE and AF of a triangle ABC meet at G. Then AG: GF is
Conversion of a vapor or gas to a liquid in known as
Output of a phase splitter is
Sequence if amino acids in DNA can be determined by order of
Cell junctions will be frequent in
Private placed stock and privately placed bonds are considered as
Effect of pollen on character of pericarp and seed coat is
The mixture of formic acid and acetic acid vapours are passed over heated manganous oxide at 575 K. The main product is
---------is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals
Radial vascular bundles occur in
Money lends to corporations by banks is classified as
What annual payment will discharge a debt of Rs. 6450 due in 4 years at 5% simple interest
If total run off of a basin of 50 hectares is 0.8 cm, the ordinate of Bernard's distribution graph, may be calculated by the formula (where Q is the discharge in cumecs at the given time)
Brittleness of cold is due to an excess of
For electroplating process, power supply is
Which of these controller types is the most accurate
If an actual result in static budget is $2500 and corresponding budgeted amount is $2200, then static budget variance will be
Writing step for achieving reader friendly summary, involved in;
The percentage of acetic acid in pyroligneous acid is approximately
It is possible to produce special glasses in India
Due to which reason is the Napier Grass mixed with Cluster bean or Cowpea for feeding
For a uniform plane wave of frequency 106 Hz propagating in a good conductor, the field undergoes a change in phase by 2p radius over a distance of 1 meter. The field is attenuated by a factor of 1/e at a distance of
The new Director-General of WTO Mr. Roberto Azevedo belongs to
Reverse osmosis is also called
Can you recommend __________________ good restaurant
Output of a mixer in a transmitting chain is
Statement: Should high chimneys be installed in industries? Arguments Yes. It reduces pollution at ground level. No. It increases pollution in upper atmosphere
Where is the Motichoor sanctuary situated in india '
An endergonic reaction is one that
The horizontal intercept of dc load line is the same as ideal
A master slave flip-flop has the characteristics that
Kind of communication in which there is exchange of information or ideas is called
It is desired to couple a coaxial line to a two parallel wire line. It is best to use
Indicators not used in redox titrations is
QUESTION    Q.94) Roof of cerebrum is called
I like that __________________
Who have written the book "Capital and Growth"
What is the hexadecimal equivalent of a binary number 10101111
Find the opposite of given word : COMMISSIONED
Gene therapy repairs defective genes by isolating normal gene and inserting it into host's
Dipsomania is
SEBI Nod to TN\'s Proposal to Buy Stake in
What kind of logic device or circuit is used to store information
What is the maximum possible length of an identifier
What is disadvantage of shifting cultivation
Three main types of plastids are chloroplast, chromoplast and
Who was the first company in India who had mass-production and sell more than a million cars
Time for ventricular systole in one heartbeat is
Circuit formed by cross coupling of two NOR gates is called
During meiosis I, the chromosomes start pairing at
Mendel crossed a tye breeding round seeded plant with
Production units that do not meet customer specification, but can be sold to other customers as finished goods are classified as
The plants that flower once in their life are called
Training of employees during a job is called
Emile Durkheim' said that deviance is an important part of
When loading data, triggers can be
The volumes of two cubes are in the ratio 27: 125, what shall be the ratio of their surface areas
Rolled steel beams are
To express eukaryotic genes in prokaryotes library used is
Which one is correct option? A pure capacitor never dissipates energy, but only stores.Capacitor can store finite amount of energy even cunent is zero.The current through a capacitor is zero if voltage across it d.c.Voltage across a capacitor cannot change instantaneously since it would require an infinite current.qc(0-) = qc(0+)
Vinegar made from sugarcane by fermentation contains
More complex project, more difficult it is to trace and estimate the
Red blood cells are produced in
String diagram is used
Length of the floor of rectangular auditorium is 6 meter more than the radius of a circle with a circumference of 572 m. The perimeter of the floor of the rectangular auditorium is 356 m. What will be cost of flooring the auditorium (Only the floor of the auditorium), if the cost of flooring is Rs. 12/m2
According to the data released by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), which state accounts for the largest number of mobile subscribers in India
You have a computer that runs Windows 7 A printer is installed on the computer You remove the Everyone group from the access control list (ACL) for the printer, and then you share the printer. You need to ensure that members of the Sales group can modify all the print jobs that they submit You must prevent Sales group members from modifying the print jobs of other users.What should you do
The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure in humans is
Which of the following is the most prevalent folk dance of Uttar Pradesh
Who is symbol of biological and emotional connection to child
Statement: Should new big industries be started in Mumbai? Arguments Yes. It will create job opportunities. No. It will further add to the pollution of the city
Distance between inner faces of the flanges, is kept
Bacteria reproduces asexually by process of
High courts in India possess jurisdiction
Who was the son and successor of the Chola king Aditya
Third step in constant gross margin percentage NRV Method to allocate joint cost is to compute
Rs.100 doubled in 5 years when compounded annually. How many more years will it take to get another Rs.200 compound interest
We have to P as we see it Q speak the truth R there is falsehood and weakness S even if all around us The Proper sequence should be
Data stored in __________ domains doesn’t require maintenance of a schema
The first antibiotic was discovered by
For minute hand of clock, angular velocity is equal to
Rapid quenching leads to
Any SQL Server authentication login can see ________ login name
The sum total of the population of the same kind of organisms constitute
Dip angle of earth's magnetic fields known as
Computer bus which allows processor to communicate with peripheral devices is
Place where sea-floor spreading occurs is termed as
Software system which is designed to search for information on world wide web, is known as
S1 You know my wife, Madhavi, always urged me to give up smoking P I really gave it up Q And so When I went to jail I said to myself I really must give it up, if for no other reason than of being self-reliant R When I emerged from jail, I wanted to tell her of my great triumph S But when I met her, there she was with a packet of cigarettes S6 poor girl! The Proper sequence should be
Which of the following binary product is incorrect
Soil is composed of
What are the methods are available in storing sequential files
What is one benefit of lifelong physical activity
A computer virus is
A glandular system which consists of ventral gland cells, also having characteristic of some aquatic species of nematodes, named as
Known as Father of Science. He was the teacher of Alexander the Great
What is the value of 28 tens
If contribution margin is $72000 and operating income is $12000, then degree of operating leverage would be
Hypothalamus is a part of
In a homogeneous magnetic field H of a solenoid, the core carries a magnetic dipole moment M per unit volume equal to
Genetic deficiency of ADH-receptor leads to
An aneroid barometer
a) Tridaxi) Synandrousb) Dolichosii) Monadelphousc) Ceibaiii) Syngenesiousd) Cucurbitaiv) Polyadelphous v) Diadelphous asked on Feb 24, 2019 02:07"> Match the following ...
a) Tridaxi) Synandrous
b) Dolichosii) Monadelphous
c) Ceibaiii) Syngenesious
d) Cucurbitaiv) Polyadelphous
 v) Diadelphous

Value of gate to source voltage that makes Id approximately zero is called
An antenna having a high Q has
2×0.2+0.010.1×0.1+0.02-1 is equal to
elbow: arm : : knee : _________
[(3.572)3 + (2.428)3] / [(3.572)2 - (3.572) * (2.428) + (2.428)2] is equal to -
Management is linked to the information processor by
Al jazeera network began in
Who introduced gold coins for the first time in India
Where is Ram Tirth located
Polar organic compounds are normally used as separating agents for the azeotropic and extractive distillation. Which of the following is the most important factor to be considered for the choice of the separating agent for extractive distillation
The runway length after correcting for elevation and temperature is 2845 m. If the effective gradient on runway is 0.5 per cent, then the revised runway length will be
�Partial vapour pressure of a solution component is directly proportional to its mole fraction�. This statement is known as
For a BJT if β = 50, ICEO = 3 μA and IC = 1.2 mA then IB
Nitin’s salary is reduced by 10% and then reduced salary is increased by 10%. Find ,how many percentage his present salary is less as compared to his previous salary
Assertion (A): For most metals, Fermi energy EF is less than 10 eV.Reason (R): Fermi level of a metal is given by EF = 3.64 x 10-19 (n)2/3 where n is number of free electrons/m3 of metal
Judge : Justice : Censor
In MuGFET, multiple gate surfaces act electrically as
Pricing strategy for new product through which revenues are collected from segments willing to pay higher prices is classified as
The proposed dam shown in the below figure is 90 m long and coefficient of permeability of the soil is 0.0013 mm/second. The quantity of water (m3) that will be lost per day, by seepage is (rounded to the nearest number)
What is the default calling convention for a compiler in c++
Which pair consists of negative symptoms of schizophrenia
In S. I. units, the value of the universal gas constant is
Size for a data block for a database is fixed during its
The working pressure and temperature inside the cylinder of an internal combustion engine is __________ as compared to a steam engine
Product of force and transnational velocity is
Which key word is used to include namespaces in a program
Fruit fly is known as
Molecular weight of petrol may be about
Ranthambore National Park is situated in
The velocity of a body fallen from height h, on reaching the ground is given by
Good smoothing factor of a coil depends on
Ratio between two numbers is 3:5, HCF of two number is 4. LCM of two numbers should be
When did Maastricht treaty sign in
Biology, zoology and botany are major divisions of
European Central Bank is located in
Time which is shown by an ordinary clock and calculated by motion of mean sun is known as
Which of the following gases is unsuitable for use as a GC carrier gas
Green house effect is a
Hiring of ships and aircrafts are done in
Where do we define task work area
STATEMENT-1A vertical iron rod has a coil of wire wound over it at the bottom end.An alternating current flows in the coil. The rod goes through a conducting ring as shown in the figure. The ring can float at a certain height above the coil.BecauseSTATEMENT-2In the above situation, a current is induced in the ring which interacts with the horizontal component of the magnetic field to produce an average force in the upward direction
LCM of 1/3, 5/6, 5/4, 10/7 is
A person with dark skin as compared to a person with white skin will experience
Many companies find that being able to reuse classes on a second project provides original programming investment
Data dictionary contains detail of
The total number of integers pairs (x, y) satisfying the equation x y = xy is
Pointing to a person, Deepak said, "His only brother is the father of my daughter's father". How is the person related to Deepak
Which of the following is the most populous country in Africa
Recently, Who among the following persons has completed his 500th career goal in UEFA Champion League
When potassium permagnet is treated against ferrous ammonium sulphate, the equivalent weight of potassium permaganate is
Pitch of return screw as compared to other screws is
Procedure of analyzing threats and opportunities of organization's environment is classified as
The synchronous modems are more costly than the asynchronous modems because
Roles can be granted to users, as well as to other
Monochromatic light of wavelength 400 nm and 560 nm are incident simultaneously and normally on double slits apparatus whose slits separation is 0.1 mm and screen distance is 1m. Distance between areas of total darkness will be
Which one is correct match
The dominant mode in a rectangular wave-guide is
The most important comptitor to the Indian jute industry is
Reaction of 'magnesium' with air is
"Ulysses" reached to sun in
Manganese is added in low carbon steel to
The maximum proportion of volume available in FCC arrangement of spheres is
Traits that are shared by all members of same group are termed as
The short term variations of the atmosphere, ranging from minutes to months are called
In Schistosoma
If Bb is a gene pair of an individual then alleles for this gene pair are
24 CO molecules is asked on Feb 24, 2019 04:15"> The number of gram molecules of oxygen in 6.02×1024 CO molecules is
If demand remains unaffected and supply diminish (supply curve shifts to left), a deficiency arise, leading to a
Metal that resists chemical action, does not corrode, and is not easily attacked by acids is called
In a large firm, the pool of applicants for the positions of sales manager and sales associate consists of three men and three women. If each candidate has an equal chance of being selected, what is the probability that both positions will be filled by men
There is practically no alternative/competitor to __________ in the beneficiation treatment of sulphide ores
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is composed of no lone pair and
Iraq attacked Iran in
Bipinnaria is larval stage of
India adopted the Five Year Plans from
Alveolar ducts are present at end of
The red color of meat, called its bloom, may be changed to shades of green, brown or grey as a result of production of oxidizing compounds by bacteria. Which of the following species are reported to cause the greening of sausage
If value of code subfield of control field for S frame is 00, it is
Companion cells are associated with
More force is required to pull water and minerals up to leaves of
How many objects will be eligible for garbage collection after line 7 public class TutorialGC { public static void main(String [] args) { Object a = new Integer(100); // Line1 Object b = new Long(100); // Line2 Object c = new String(\"100\"); // Line3 a = null; // Line4 a = c; // Line5 c = b; // Line6 b = a; // Line7 // Rest of the code here } }
A compound steam engine in which piston rods of high pressure and low pressure cylinders are attached to two different cranks set at 90° to each other, is called
Which of the following Indian actresses has been chosen as the brand ambassador for sanitation programme
Section of purpose and problem is included in;
Out of 36ATP molecules produced per glucose molecule during respiration
Sense organs of Aurelia are
Gap of time between material culture and nonmaterial culture is called
Primitive method of using an array is said to be
Which of the following jobs are NOT performed by Garbage Collector Freeing memory on the stack Avoiding memory leaks Freeing memory occupied by unreferenced objects Closing unclosed database collections Closing unclosed files
In this method, you can access the request XML element, whose type is org.dom4j.Element, and the response document, whose type is org.dom4j.Document, as method arguments
In the figure shows the circuits symbol of
Where will the first wildlife skywalk of India come up
The velocity ratio of an inclined plane of inclination θ with horizontal for lifting a load is
Igneous rock formations are located
Sterilisation by autoclaving is carried out to
Five years ago Vinay�s age was one-third of the age of Vikas and now Vinay�s age is 17 years. What is the present age of Vikas
Gunmetal and bronze are not corroded by the action of
The ultimate analysis of coal consists of the determination of the percentage of
Rapid backward and forward movements are known as
Into how many divisions has Haryana been divided
Invertebrates that have open circulatory system are
Adventitive polyembryony/from nucellar cells occurs in
If static budget amount is $6000 and flexible budget amount is $15000, then sales volume variance will be
Carnivors fall in which trophic level
Which motor should not be started on no-load
If number to be neglected is greater than 5, retained number is
When two plates move apart from each other is known as
Tomb of Vasco-da-Gama is situated at
The moment of inertia of a solid sphere of mass m and radius r is
Annealing ofwhite cast iron produces __________ iron
Prions are normal human proteins and they do no caused any
Doctors use stethoscope to hear the sound; produced during each cardiac cycle. The second sound is heard when
What is the highest number of satellites that have been launched by the ISRO in 2017 on a single rocket
Microscopy is use of
Which of the following is not a Panchayati Raj Institution
Who has authored the book "The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years"
Chemical substance used in industry for cold cleaning, adhesives and vapor degreasing is
Radiations burn mainly due to
What is partner function in SAP CRM
Which of the following respiratory substrate requires highest number of oxygen molecules for its complete oxidation
Montreal Protocol refers to
The OP-AMP circuit shown above represents a
Custom of having many wives
Point on a graph where quantity demand and quantity supply intersects each other is known as
Who is the author of the book titled 'Citizen and Society'
A symmetric frame PQR consists of two inclined members PQ and QR, connected at ‘Q’ with a rigid joint, and hinged at ‘P’ and ‘R’. The horizontal length PR is l. If a weight W is suspended at ‘Q’, the bending moment at ‘Q’ is
Number of drafting ranges from
Water rises in the stem due to
Acronym for XSLT is
Piezoelectric quartz crystal resonators find application where
K maps can be drawn
Replacement strategy for blocks in buffer is to achieve
Coffee and quinine are obtained from plants of
Substrate phosphorylation occurs during
In sociology in progressive cultures, community extends beyond locality and family in static cultures is called
How many languages feature on the language panel of contemporary Reserve Bank of India currency notes
Reasons for smaller exposure of foreign exchange than US money center are
In Millikan oil drop method electrode which has hole is
A post held without receiving salary
How many light houses of the Andhra Pradesh will be developed as a tourist spot
Statements:No pin is a clip.All pins are fans.Conclusions:I. All fans are pins.II. No clip is fan
In June solstice, season in south of equator is
Cost of abnormal spoilage is not treated as
If the Young's modulus of elasticity of a material is twice its modulus of rigidity, then the poisson's ratio of the material is
Main sink of carbon dioxide is dissolution of;
How much more/less is the investment by units A, B and C in the year 1998 than the investment by the same three units in the year 1999
What do we call a collection of two or more computers that are located within a limited distance of each other and that are connected to each other directly or indirectly
Which one of the following is known as “King of Chemicals”
Corn smut is particularly
My birthday is not ____ November
Pune is famous for
When two or more glaciers erode a glacier there is found sharp and pyramid shaped
One of the following is holandric inheritance ......
Shopping goods that differs on basis of services and features rather than price are classified as
By changing signs of all elements of a matrix, we obtained
Commercial fertilisers are available mostly in the form of
1 tonne is equal to
----wants to sing this  song? Tamara
Caenocytic mycellium is found in -
Which Step number would be the following output?19 37 49 ace best hot sun ice cut 67 77 83
Total energy fixed by an ecosystem is
When Parliament is not in session, the President can promulgate an ordinance which is to be ratified by the Parliament within
In a second order system with a unit step input, the speed of response is high if system is
You are preparing to install Windows 2000 on a computer, and you want this computer to be able to dual  boot between Windows 2000 and Windows 98. Which file system should you use
Assertion: Leguminous plants are best preferred for rotation of crops Reason: They have root nodules which possess nitrogen fixing bacterium Clostridium
Which of the following is ligand and is positively charged
Statements: Some papers are pens. Angle is a paper.Conclusions:   I.  Angle is not a pen.II.Angle is a pen
Power number (Np) is also known as
Amravati, Bhavani, Hemavati and Kabini are tributaries of which one of the following rivers
Two sides of a rectangular table are 0.8 m and 1.2 m, displacement of spider when it runs a distance of 2.0 m is
Compiler which pull out commands written in host programming language from application program is classified as
Which of the following is not a filter command
Which of the following country is in the second place in the world in producing the Wheat
Which of these has peak and valley points in v-i curve
For uniform leaving of sliver from drawframe, tool used is
Under which article in 1968, the number of votes required in the Security Council to convene a general conference to review the charter was increased from seven to nine
Essential Part for the given word from the following options Respiration
Angles in which unit cell usually grows are
What is the code for 'or' in the code language?I. 'nik sa te' means 'right or wrong', 'ro da nik' means 'he is right' and 'fe te ro' means 'that is wrong'.II. 'pa nik la' means 'that right man', 'sa ne pa' means 'this or that' and 'ne ka re' means 'tell this there'
Those who have no sharp divisions of rank, status, and wealth are
Output for given code will be public static void Main() { int varA = 10; int varB = 20; long result = varA | varB; Console.WriteLine("{0} OR {1} Result :{2}", varA, varB, result); varA = 10; varB = 10; result = varA | varB; Console.WriteLine("{0} OR {1} Result : {2}", varA, varB, result); }
2O5 is heated with water to give asked on Feb 23, 2019 18:17"> P2O5 is heated with water to give
______ a document means the file is transferred from another computer to your computer
Under mild conditions, tertiary alcohols give
Multiplication of these floating points (1.110)10 x (9.200)10 yields
To reduce pollutants from motor vehicles car exhaust systems are fitted with
Information of a computer system is protected from unauthorized access by a module known to be
England declares of war in
A molecule made up of copper and protein is called
Abstinence from smoking and maintaining ideal weight can prolong life by an average of
What is the fuel of atomic pile
Law which sates that for any dynamical system in a thermal equilibrium, total energy is equally divided among degrees of freedom is called
The spans of filler joists supporting a slab may be considered approximately equal if the longest span does not exceed the shortest span more than
In MS-Excel when you want to insert a blank embedded excel worksheet  in a word document you can
Which one is not a protozoan protest
Croatia defeated most of Serbian territory in
A brooder house can be lighted using three bulbs each having a resistance of 6.0 ohms. What is the total resistance of the bulbs when they are connected in parallel
Equipotential surfaces about a point charge are in which one of the following forms
Which one is NOT an agglomeration process
A change making machine contains 1 rupee, 2 rupee and 5 rupee coins. The total number of coins is 300. The amount is Rs. 960. If the number of 1 rupee coins and the number of 2 rupee coins are interchanged, the value comes down by Rs. 40. The total number of 5 rupee coins is
The headquarters of UNHCR is located at
Which Indian Player has been selected as Bradman Honouree 2014
What will be the output of the following program #include class Point { int x, y; public Point(int xx = 10, int yy = 20) { x = xx; y = yy; } Point operator + (Point objPoint) { Point objTmp; objTmp.x = objPoint.x + this->x; objTmp.y = objPoint.y + this->y; return objTmp; } void Display(void) { cout<< x << " " << y; } }; int main() { Point objP1; Point objP2(1, 2); Point objP3 = objP1 + objP2; objP3.Display(); return 0; }
A sum fetched a total simple interest of Rs. 4016.25 at the rate of 9% p.a. in 5 years. What is the sum
Ribosomes are disassembled into two units when
An ideal current source has
If depth of slab is 10 cm, width of web 30 cm, depth of web 50 cm, centre to centre distance of beams 3 m, effective span of beams 6 m, the effective flange width of the beam, is
Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning into higher organisms
93 cal/g.K is specific heat of
The ratio of maximum amplitude of modulating signal to the maximum amplitude of carrier signal is known as modulation index of AM
Which one among the following waves are called waves of heat energy
India has already been primarily an agricultural country
Doffer comb's speed of card with double comber is upto
Statement: There has been a remarkable increase in the air traffic in India during the past few years. Assumptions Travelling by air has become a status symbol now. Large numbers of peoples are able to afford air travel now
If IPv4 address is not listed in datagram, a router must not be
Shape of cocci bacteria is …
Answer these questions referring to the symbol-letter-number sequence given the below:Q D T P 5 2 3 F G 5 4 B 7 H J 9 K 6 M N 8What will come in place of the question mark (?) ?Q8B,    ?,     5MH,      36J
In case of contract of sale, if price is not fixed, then the buyer is required to pay ____
Ore of tin is called
Persons with Klinefelter’s syndrome have chromosomes
Mobility refers in general to both electron and hole mobility in semiconductors is termed as
Stop doing wrong things lest you are caught.

Which of the following is incorrect for tropism
Prasanna would have reached Bangalore by this time
Galena is an ore of
Which of the following is an invalid state in an 8421 BCD counter
Who did King Leopold II of Belgium hire to explore and found colonies in Zaire
What breed(s) of horses does Texas lead the U.S. in
Malaria is deadly disease which is caused by microorganisms
Shown below is a Hammett plot obtained for the reactionThe change in slope of the plot indicates that
A queue holding data while data are waiting to be written in memory, is known as
Regarding fertilization which among the following statements is incorrect
An FM signal has modulating frequency fm and maximum frequency deviation of δ. The bandwidth will be nearly equal to
Deadlock prevention scheme named wait-die is a
Which one is a hot spot of biodiversity
When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off ____
Amount of energy evolved in breaking of hydrogen bond as compared to formation of bond is
Which state has become the first Indian state to shift to to January to December financial year
A short circuit has a _________ drop across its terminals, & the current is limited only by the surrounding network
When did the Battle of Kanauj take place
Consider the following statements and identfy the author of the statement using the code given below:"I shall work for an India in which the poorest shall feel that it is their country, in whose making they have an effective voice, an India in which there shall be no high class and low class of people, an India in which all communities shall live in perfect harmony."
CB Patel International Cricket Stadium Located at
Which among the following statements is incorrect about metagenesis
Query language type that uses predicate logic to define result desired, without any specific procedure, is said to be
The leadership in administration
By which of the following Charter Acts, the Governor General of Bengal became the Governor General of India
What is meant by CDMA
The ratio of linear stress to the linear strain is called
In a plate load test on sandy soil, the test plate of 60 cm x 60 cm undergoes a settlement of 5 mm at a pressure of 12 x 104 N/m2. What will be the expected settlement of 3 m x 3 m footing under same pressure
Most basic arithmetic function is
In nitrification ammonia is first oxidized to nitrite by
A jet of water is striking at the centre of a curved vane moving with a uniform velocity in the direction of jet. For the maximum efficiency, the vane velocity is __________ of the jet velocity
Classification of measures of central location can be grouped into
What will be the output of the program TreeSet map = new TreeSet(); map.add("one"); map.add("two"); map.add("three"); map.add("four"); map.add("one"); Iterator it = map.iterator(); while (it.hasNext() ) { System.out.print( + " " ); }
From the circular plate of a diameter 6 cm is cut out a circular plate whose diameter is equal to radius of the plate. The c.g. of the remainder shifts from the original position through
In classless addressing, we need at least
A cicketer bas a certain average for 10 innings, In the eleventh inning, he scorod 108 runs, thereby increasing his average by 6 runs. His new average is
To identify early states evidence for state orgnization includes monumental architecture, central storehouses, irrigation systems and writing records easy for
Fog is an example of solution
In a dry cell, chemical energy changes into
Anthropology is study of
SPICE was developed by
To obtain header length, we calculate it by
You are the network administrator for your company. The company has numerous branch offices, and each office uses Internet Connecting Sharing to connect to the Internet. A new employee named David Johnson is configuring a Windows 2000 Server computer as a file server. When David uses Windows update for the first time and select Product Update, he receives an error message stating that access is denied. David needs to be able to update the file by using his account. What should you do
What type of logic circuit is shown below and what logic function is being performed
In cash flow estimation, depreciation is considered as
Insulin belong to the category of
What is the value of the expression:4+2**5//10
Maximum permissible turbidity in potable water is __________ ppm
Hydrocyclone is a
What is the resonant frequency in the given circuit
Concentrated aqueous sulphuric acid is 98% H2SO4(w/v) and has a density of 1.80 gmL–1. Molarity of solution
How many minutes is it until 6 o'clock if 50 minutes ago it was 4 times as many minutes past 3 o'clock
C++ control structures are combined in
Value of 'K' for the system for which the system is stable
-[(35/140) * 3.5] <
When three equal impedances are connected in delta, phase currents w.r.t line currents make
A can finish a work in 18 days and B can do the same in half the time taken by A. Then, working together , what part of the same work they can finish in a day
Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU
In the following questions the symbols $, @, *, ** and # are used with the following meanings:'A$B' means 'A is greater than B'.'[email protected]' means 'A is either greater than or equal to B'.'A*B' means 'A is equal to B'.'A**B' means 'A is smaller than B'.'A#B' means 'A is either smaller than or equal to B'.Statements: U * V, X $ W, U ** WConclusions: I. W $ V   II. U ** V
Small brownish spots on the older leaves of the Fern plant are called
Despite inflation which has resulted in increased prices of raw materials, a city book manufacturer decided not to increase the price of his books. Instead he decided to use low-priced inferior material. This, he feels will not result in any change in business and continue to give him the same profits as earlier. Which of the following, if true, strengthens the above argument
In anthropology to trace family, kinship, descent and marriage is called
Among seven pairs of traits studied by Mendel, the number of traits related to flower, pod and seed were
What is the JPA equivalent of hibernate.cfg.xml file
The apparatus used for measuring the heat changes is known as
In manometric method, to measure vapor pressure at any temperature liquid is
Satellite communication uses frequencies in the range of
Embedded SQL provides a means by which a program can interact with a database server, just like the
Primary succession is development of communities on
OR-AND-invert implementation needs
Which of following is/are the advantage(s) of modular programming
How many Indian origin persons were there in the House of Commons
Computer system devices are connected to internet by means of
Consider two pipes of same length and diameter through which water is passed at the same velocity. The friction factor for rough pipe is f1 and that for smooth pipe is f2. Pick out the correct statement
The chemical composition of chlorophyll and carotenoids was given by ...
A JDBC driver may support multiple
Period of rotation of Neptune w.r.t distant stars is
A current regulator diode maintains a constant
One of the following acts as secondary pollutants
5 + water → HCl + A asked on Feb 24, 2019 00:37"> In the following reaction the product A is PCl5 + water → HCl + A
Gases are cooled in Joule-Thomson expansion, when it is __________ inversion temperature
If the ruling gradient on any highway is 3%, the gradient provided on the curve of 300 metre radius, is
Foster Seeley discriminator uses a
In multicollinearity, due to high variance and standard error, t-test will become statistically
Which equation represents a line that isparallel to y =- 5x/4+2
Workers will bring up this issue during meeting
The block diagram of a system with a proportional controller is shown belowA unit step input is introduced in the set point. The value of Kc to provide a critically damped response for U = 0, Tp = 8 and Tm = 1 is
?% of 932 .30 = 309.6
Nerve growth factor is a type of
People in urban area do less physical work compared to people in rural area
Object modules generated by assemblers that contain unresolved external references are resolved for two or more object modules by a/an
As embryo grows, ovule turns into a
Joules contributed to understanding of
Neutraliser tank used for reacting nitric acid with ammonia for the production of ammonium nitrate is made of
If\'eraser' is called 'box', 'box' is called 'pencil', 'pencil' is called 'sharpener', and \'sharpener\' is called \'bag\', what will a child write with
Operating system is intermediary between programs and
Electric charge on cathode rays was discovered by application of
Question which have different answers for its subparts is considered as
Which is R's favorite city
One of limitation of RDFS is unable to use class combination properties like union, intersection, or complement due to lack of
The animal which does not show any metamorphosis or larval stage is
When a TTL is driving an CMOS gates it is necessary to ensure that
Who lost the Battle of Tannenburg (or Grunwald) against Poland-Lithuania in 1410
Father of logic is
In a time-sharing system operating system must ensure reasonable response time which is accomplished through
Many times a theory is satisfactory only under
Look at this series: 80, 10, 70, 15, 60,  . . . What number should come next
A non-member function that is given access to all members of a class within it is declared, is called
Which one of the following represents the educated men but not urban
Which is the third number to the left of the number which is exactly in the middle of the following sequence of numbers 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  2  4  6  8  9  7  5  3  1  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1
which country is hosting FIFA world cup 2014
European Court of Justice is in
Sieve tube cells are called sieve plates as they have
In the following questions, the symbols $, ©, *, @ and # are used with the following meanings:'P$Q' means 'P is not smaller than Q'.'P©Q' means 'P is neither greater than nor smaller than Q'.'[email protected]' means 'P is not greater than Q'.'P*Q' means 'P is neither smaller than nor equal to Q'.'P#Q' means 'P is neither greater than nor equal to Q'.Statements: K * B, B @ D, D # KConclusions: I. B @ K   II. B # K
An immobile element in plants is
Which of the following planets is known as Earth's twin
Services provided by operating system are
In catalytic alkylation, higher iso-butane to olefin ratio gives
What _____________________________ beautiful day!
Mathematics: Logic: Science
Use of living organisms in processes for manufacture of useful products is called
Which of following is level triggered device
Moist curing of the exposed surfaces of concrete is done at least for
He said, "Are you doing your job?"
The heated medium passes through a holding section, which is usually maintained in
A measure that defines distance from mean value is called
Writing skill is proved as an effective way in;
In hurdle race, what is major source of energy to leg muscle
Parameter which slows drain current 'ID' to flow is
Expand ELISA
Annual earned income is divided from a project by capital invested to calculate
Strongest force to pull water up xylem and into leaf is
Characters that are printed by character printer at a single default time is
Statement:Should India create a huge oil reserve like some western countries to face difficult situations in future?Arguments:I. No, there is no need to block  huge amount foreign exchange and keep the money idle.II. Yes, this will help India with stand shocks of sudden rise in oil prices due to unforeseen circumstances
To generate joint possession in assets is
In the case of exothermic reactions equilibrium constant K
Which one of the following tribes of MP is the Biggest Population
Name of machine used in opening and cleaning stage of 'Carded Cotton Cycle' includes
Ravi borrowed Rs. 2500 from A and B. For A, he paid 5% and for B he paid 7%. The total interest paid by him is Rs. 160. Find the amount borrowed from A
Roots of quadratic equation ax² + bx + c = 0 are rational and equal if
Heparin is ...
Transitive closure query, can be performed by using
Statement:Should corporal punishment be fully restricted in schools?Arguments:I. No, in low age and formative years punishment helps develop the standard of discipline and values.II. Yes, physical punishment hurts the self respect of an individual and such person turns to violent ways of life
A 0.5 μF capacitor is connected across a 10 V battery. After a long time, the circuit current and voltage across capacitor will be
To select text by shading as you drag the mouse arrow over the text is known as
What is life cycle of plants in tundra biome
Thin 'connective' tissue capsule, covering liver, termed as
To protect an SCR against high di/dt we connect
Nature of interrelationships between components in a system de?nes the
Employees that are trained to manage bottlenecks, during production operations; employee satisfaction are related to
I am not wealthy (a) / so I cannot afford (b) / to buy a expensive car (c) / No error (d)
Myxoedema is due to
A thermometric liquid's freezing point should be
Dimension of gravitational constant is
'private health care' is funded by
Risk on a stock portfolio which can be reduced by placing it in diversified portfolio is classified as
Great powers who truly influence global level is called
During periods of rapid growth, sexual maturation and stress situations, high levels of
Which of the following elements forms maximum number of compounds
Recently, which of the following Indian Governor has issued an Ordinance to bring uniformity in the law
In case of __________ boiling, the liquid temperature is below the saturation temperature and the boiling takes place in the vicinity of the heated surface
In ……………., a man named Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded an organization called 'Brahma Samaj '
In traditional focus, rewards based on production is part of
Which UFT feature confirms that the application is functioning correctly
Functions of sweat, included
A fair price shopkeeper takes 10% profit on his goods. He lost 20% goods during theft. His loss percent is
Enzyme substrate complex is temporarily formed when enzyme
What does 240 translate to in binary
Antonym of DENIGRATE
"If a system A is in thermal equilibrium with B and B is in thermal equilibrium with C, then A and C are in equilibrium with each other". This is a statement of
When a transistor is cut off or saturated, transistor _____ have almost no effect
The output of a battery eliminator is about
The reasons for downward sloping curve
Pricing strategy which combines prices of two or more products in a combo pack is classified as
Which one of the following statement can’t be part of “PROC FREQ”
A man invests some money partly in 12% stock at 105 and partly in 8% stock at 88. To obtain equal dividends from both, he must invest the money in the ratio
_________ returns the replica set configuration document
Flat panel displays are based on what type of technology
Look at this series: 1,000, 200, 40, . .  . What number should come next
Molecular weight of α-subunit of insulin receptor is;
A combination of cross-sectional and time series data is said to be
Archaeabacteria differ from the true bacteria as they have
He was sent to the prison for his
Positively charged particles present inside nucleus is referred to as
Chains of cells which are surrounded by mucilaginous sheet are called
When blood passes through oxygen poor tissues oxygen will be
Eurobonds are traded in
Verotoxin 1 of Escherichia coli is similar to
The correct sequence of subsystem in an FM receiver is
The largest eggs belong to
In a R-L-C circuit at resonance is
142 g of chlorine represents
Retailer always sells things in
Eastern Ghats Mahendragiri is located in the
Which of the following has centres for vision, sound, touch, smell, taste and speect
If Reynolds number is greater than 1, then the
Sun operating system is an operating system that provides
If an estimator becomes unbiased when sample size increases, it is known to be
torr was formally called
We hear of two envoys being sent to the Roman kings, one in 27-28 AD to the court of Augustus and the other in 110-20 AD to the court of
Kel-F is a material, which is
Consider the following statements regarding an antenna: It is a transducerIts performance is essentially frequency sensitiveIt is a reciprocal deviceWith increase in its effective aperture area, width of the radiated beam increases. Which of the above statements are correct
A 4 KHz noiseless channel with one sample every 125 per sec, is used to transmit digital signals. Find the bit rate (bits per second) that are sent, if CCITT 2.048 Mbps encoding is used
A modern winding machine can process yarns from
The infected cells continue to reproduce themselves as well as the virus, and the mature virions are extruded from the cell surface continuously over a long period of time. This type of release mechanism is called a
Activities in researching and developing with high quality is part of
On heating, amplitude of vibration of atoms or molecules of an object
Sporophyte of Funaria begins development inside
The time for the actual data transfer receiving the request for data from secondary storage is referred to as the disk's ________
In a certain code language, if the word LIBERAL is coded as MJCFSBM, then how is the word REDUCTION coded in that language
From left to right in a period of periodic table proton number
Hydrolytic enzymes of lysosome function at
I was listening to the radio yesterday \'. He said he had been listening to the radio __________
A subquery that uses a correlation name from an outer query is called a
Globalization diffuses
Which of the following unary operators can be overloaded true false + new is
If ELR exceeds ALR, environmental lapse rate, would be considered as
When ODE is transformed into algebraic equation, resultant equation is called
The power developed by a body acted upon by a torque T newton metre (N - m) and revolving at ω radian/s is given by
A coating of dust on a computer's main circuit boards has this probable consequence
Silicon has energy gap of order
To enable EIGRP, which of the following would you use Router1(config-if)# ipv6 ospf 10 area Router1(config-if)# ipv6 router rip 1 Router1(config)# ipv6 router eigrp 10 Router1(config-rtr)# no shutdown Router1(config-if)# ipv6 eigrp 10
A user who creates a new relation is given all privileges on that relation
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI) was established in
Tissues that are highly active in 'HMP' shunt, included
relevant costs are classified in relevance concepts as
FDI Cap in Insurance sector has been raised from 26 percent  to
The most important bacterium developing acidity in both low and high salt brines is
A haemophilic man marries a carrier woman. Their children will be
A cylindrical rod of iron, whose height is equal to its radius, is melted and cast into spherical balls whose radius is half the radius of the rod. Find the number of balls
Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of government
I\'ll help you tomorrow \'. He said he would help me __________________
Agitator is provided in a crystalliser for
Information related to old values of any data on which a transaction performs an operation is stored in a file named
In pseudo NMOS design logic, PMOS is not driven any signal so it is always
State in which the few govern the many
Host of TMV is
Zinc salt reacts with dilute shulphuric acid to form zinc salt and
Kisan Mitra is an employee of
Decreased level of Estrogen is common cause of
What is the HDL key issue in the design of the MUX and DEMUX
The Laplace transform of impulse δ(t) is
Promotion tools such as sweepstakes, event sponsorships, samples and coupons are classified in category of
Wheat is ground into flour in a
To maintain same pitch of winding helix, speed of carriage should be
A wave is made up of
Formatting content is part of;
If the pressure amplitude in a sound wave is tripled. Then by what factor the intensity of the sound wave is increased
Master budget includes all projections of company's budget and focuses on
If we drop a rock and a small pebble, one to reach ground first will be
President What are the qualifications for the election as President
QUESTION    Q.155) Which of the following is a motor nerve
What is the total marks obtained by A in Psychology, Economics and Geology together
When the magnetic vector is parallel to the boundary surface and electric vector is parallel to the place of incidence, the polarization is
Which element is essentials for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre
Which commands loads a new version of the Cisco IOS into a router
Considering environment for fertilization, environment which supports external environment is
If other parameter are constant, transmission loss at 5 GHz as compared to that at 0.5 GHz is
Double buffering uses
Final stage of aerobic respiration is
According to a poll conducted by global research company Ipsos, which country rated as having the happiest people of the world, with 51% of the people reporting that they are very happy
The balloon like growth of parenchyma in the lumen of a vessel are known as ...
Which instrument is used to measure heat radiation
The foot of the perpendicular on the picture plane through the optical centre of the camera lens, is known as
Carbide tipped tools usually have
The frame shown is redundant to
Consider the signal x(n) = 1 + sinn + 3 cosn + cos . Then Fourier series coefficients are __________
I fell asleep  -- the film
Alcoholic fermentation is carried out by the action of
Destruction of rocks through imposition of certain stresses is known as
Movement of slope is known as
Scientific name Homo sapiens is used for recognition of
A company's microenvironment, 'media publics' consists of
A man purchases an electric heater whose printed price is 160 if he received two successive discounts of 20% and 10% he paid
Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after the rearrangement
"Maximum power output is obtained from a network when the load resistance is equal to the output resistance of the network as seen from the terminals of the load". The above statement is associated with
Transfer RNA in human, numbered as
The Union Cabinet approved the Ministry of Shipping`s proposal for introducing `official amendments` to the Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Bill 2013
A handwriting by which cannot be easily read
A bag contains 7 green and 5 black balls. Three balls are drawn one after the other. The probability of all three balls being green, if the balls drawn are not replaced will be
Naturally occurring antioxidant i.e. tocopherol commonly called as
In which crops nitrogen fixing bacteria are increasing nitrate content of soil
Edinburgh University has awarded honorary degree to
Unit step function is a
The famous book 'The Daughter of the East' is written by
Functional specialties, work on a set of projects and wished to expertise between individual projects, expertise to be
Tube dipping in water in wash bottle has an angle of
Which of the following is a computer language
In connection less protocol, there is no
A character array can be initialized using
Atmosphere consists of
Sharing of profits is __evidence of partnership
Who amongst the following scientists rediscovered Mendel's work?
What is the y-coordinate of the centroid of the area ABCDE shown in the figure given aside
Fox project was developed in
Six points are marked on a straight line and five points are marked on another line which is parallel to the first line. How many straight lines, including the first two, can be formed with these points
. Economic infrastructure comprises of ___
Reduction in setup time, manufacturing cycle efficiency and average time of manufacturing for key products are examples of
Which of the following statements is true regarding genomics
The active form of glycogen phosphorylase is phosphorylated, while the dephosphorylation of which active form occurs
A Seconds pendulum executes
Cortical granules are associated with
India's first ever offshore Wind Power is being set up along
A function with general form ƒ(x) = bx is classified as
Organisms that have one copy of each gene on each chromosome are
M10 index of coke indicates its
The volume of a solid generated by rotating the region between semi-circle y = 1 − √1− x2 and straight line y = 1, about x axis, is
High speed steel tools retain their hardness upto a temperature of __________ °C
A vestigial tooth is
Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's
According to anthropologists part-time specialists occasional community sponsored events, including rites of passage is called
When did United States use curise missile on Iraq
System in which angles are measured in radians is called
Diagrams which are used to distribute files, libraries and tables across topology of hardware are called
Exon segments are reunited after splicing by
Punched cards were first introduced by
Pilbara is a region in which Australian state
Element that is not a part of minerals is
Which Indian film won the best film award at the Beijing Film Festival 2014
Why tropical rain forest has diversed plants
The 13th Asian Games were held in
Which of the following is the lightest of engineering metals
Computer software which is available free for a limited period of time is called
Maximum amount 70 -75% of carbon dioxide transport occurs as
Which peninsular river is westward flowing
In a relation, there would be no appearance of
Acid rain occurs above the area where
The abrasion cycles on a flat abrasion tester increase with an increase in
What is the rate of compound interest?I. The principal was invested for 4 years.II. The earned interest was Rs. 1491
An interrupt for which hardware automatically transfers the program to a specific memory location is known as
Cast iron has the unique property of high
There are 5 tasks and 5 persons, Task 1 cannot be assigned to either person 1 or person 2, Task 2 must be assigned to either person-3 or person-4 every person is to be assigned one task, In how many ways can the assignment be done
Which of the following NBFC converted itself into a commercial Bank
An electric furnace producing heat by means of an electric arc struck between each of three electrodes and the charge is called __________ furnace
AJAX was made popular by
Which of the following is a prime number
By considering rule, X1, . . . Xn ? Y, having Xi and Y are atomic formulas. If X1, . . . Xn is true then carry out action Y. This type of rule system is called
What are the minimum number of 2 to 1 multiplexers required to generate a 2 input AND gate a 2 input Ex-OR gate
Acids turns
According to anthropology applied anthropology belief that precisely because anthropologists are experts on human problems and social change, and because they study understand and respect cultural values is called
Largest constituent of coke oven gas is
One of my ancestors rode ......... George Washington during the American Revolution
AMPS stands for
Percentage of differential pressure lost in a venturimeter with a tapering of 15° may be about
Uniform memory access for accessing memory from any unit takes
Flowchart symbol used for start and stop of an algorithm instructions, is said to be
The parameter which completely defines the chip formation in a metal cutting process is
In systemic diagram, force can be represented by an
Which European institution during the Middle Ages is best described by this statement
How many states agreed on a WTO treaty to allow telecommunication companies in market
The metal which can be cut with a knife
It is unfair to say that women are more liable to idle talk about others
Third step in process of growing rice is
Thickness of 'calcium' and 'phosphorous' crystals in bone matrix is about;
In Van der Waal's forces, forces of attraction are formed between
What command do you use to delete a file
Which one is derivative of a carotenoid
What are the tools Used in Big Data
A loaded transformer will achieve mutual induction when
A situation where both prices and total revenue are supposed to move in different directions is known as
'parenchyma' of body composed of;
Any living thing is known as
What will be the selling price if it is sold at 20% gains? RS.180 is the manufacturing cost of a watch, which is and the transportation lost is Rs.500 for 100 watches
If ƒ(x) = √(x² +1, then domain of f is
A reaction in which liquid freezes and its solid form changes into liquid at same temperature, is called
__________ temperature scale assigns 0° to the 'ice point' and 80° to the 'steam point'
Fertilization of ovum occurs in
Which one of Q.12 the following mode is NOT categorized as a public transit
Magnetic tape's type known as cartridge is said to be of size
Even though, I am not intelligent but he ____________ give me a chance to work here
Sword : Slaughter : : Scalpel
Color of fluorine is
In OLAP, we are interested in ________
Bipolar junction transistor was invented in
As per geologists, which of the following cities is NOT subsiding
Which is reflexive pronoun in sentence "No worry, I will handle myself."
Biosensor used to measure blood
Rahul and Bajaj are partners in the ratio of 1 : 2. They admitted Birla as a new partner. The new profit sharing ratio is 1:2:3. Find out\n\nthesacrificing ratio
Continuing operation with failure of one component of computer system is called
Generation of plant in which spores are produced is called
Choice of financial managing can be split down into choices of
At which one of the following places do the rivers Alakananda and Bhagirathi merge to form Ganga
Which of these instruments has highest power consumption
Which is incorrect match? ...
Organisms need Nutrients in order to
Thomas Edison invented light bulb in
The following compounds have similar molecular weights. Which has the highest boiling point
Single distinguish feature among a product name and a brand mark is that a product name is
For what value of x is this expression undefined?3xyz/(2x-4)=
Collection of data through primary and secondary data sources is classified as
Terminal speed of a typical sky diver is
Which one of the following is commonly called Edible sponge mushroom’
Assertion : 1 gram of salt in 1 m3 of solution has concentration of 1 ppm Reason: ppm is defined as number of parts by mass of solute per million parts of solution
A person sold his pen for Rs 24 and his profit percentage was numerically equal to the cost price. What was the cost price (in Rs) of the pen
The use of microbes to break down synthetic waste products such as polychlorinated biphenyls is called
Moment of inertia of a triangular section of base (b) and height (h) about an axis through its base, is
File system used by Windows 2000 and XP is
What is the requirement of equational division in meiosis
Time required for concentration of reactant to fall down to its half value from original value is
If #include is used with file name in angular brackets
Dead mild steel, which contains 0.10 to 0.15 percent carbon is used for making
General formula for carboxylic acids is
Basis of stomatal opening is ...
Who has withdrawn his consent for appointment as Supreme Court Judge
Standard V92 can upload data at rate of
Okazaki fragments during DNA replication
Solid angle subtended by the finite surface at the radiating element is
National Income based on the
Which of following comes from a cactus
Organisms produced from a single cell by subculturing are called
Which is the most desirable component of a good quality kerosene
Which political leader has apprehended that the male presence in Parliament and State Assemblies would become negligible in the next 10 years
Japan has announced to invest how much money in Indian economy over next five years
__________ steel is widely used for the manufacture of motor car crankshafts
If each of the three nonzero numbers  a ,b and c is divisible by 3, then abc must be divisible by which one of the following the numbers
Which of the following statement is not correct
'Sonia, a Biography' was written by
Which of following contract during dim light
Human brain is being capable in creating;
Oceanic Plates form the
The entity integrity rule states that
Antibody is connected with
Earthquake is destructive at
Hollander beater used during paper pulp manufacture does not facilitate the __________ of fibre
After a no-confidence motion is admitted in the Lok Sabha, a date for the debate is to be decided within
DNS is the abbreviation of
The Internet was developed in the
How many select lines would be required for an 8-line-to-1-line multiplexer
Oscillator crystal is made of
In an election between two candidates. One got 55 % of the total valid votes. 20 % of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes was 7500. The number of valid votes that the other candidate got was
Unit of specific latent heat of fusion(lv) is
Which of the following institution has has lowered 2015 global trade forecast to 2.8 percent recently
Efficiency of car engine is only about
A radioactive substance has a half life of four months, three-fourth of the substance would decay in
Effect of thyroxine on B.M.R is
Who co-created the UNIX operating system in 1969 with Dennis Ritchie
Who is credited with the idea of linking each page of information on the net to another that went onto create the world wide web (www)
The OR, XOR & AND functions can be performed by _____ of the computer in a CPU
The electron and hole concentration in a intrinsic semiconductor are ni and Pi respectively when doped with a P type material, these change to n and P, respectively. Then
Idea of RISC was introduced by designers in late
Result of given code will be class Program { static void Main() { int temp = 200; int value = temp == 200 ? "bird" : 0; } }
There is only one type of star in elliptical galaxy and that is
Statement: Should the educated unemployed youth be paid "unemployment allowance" by the Government? Arguments Yes. It will provide them some monetary help to either seek employment or to kick-start some 'self-employment' venture. No. It will dampen their urge to do something to earn their livelihood and thus promote idleness among the unemployed youth
The minimum compressive strength on 15 cm cubes of M 30 grade concrete at 7 days, should be a minimum of
When a bit is 0 is a DDR, it makes the corresponding port pin an __________ On the other hand, a 1 bit programs a __________ Pin
Specific heat capacity of lead is
The smallest angiospermic/dicot parasite is
In virtual circuit network each packet contains
How many digits of the Network User Address are known as the DNIC (Data Network Identification Code)
A decrease in the demand for beef can come about by
The book ‘Satyartha Prakash’ was written by
Which keyword is used to refer baseclass constructor to subclass constructor
Body functions of proteins, involved in
American television was dominated by
When all the peptide bonds of a protein have been broken down, the resultant would be
Polymers that are used for most fibers seems likely to have a driving force towards
Cost per bit for magnetic tapes is said to be
Organisms which can tolerate and thrive in wide range of temperature are called
If time value of an option is $200 and intrinsic value of an option is $250 then price of option is
Lindsay Kline passes away. he was
The alignment of a cross joint along the plumb line is
Statement is correct about "|" and "||" binary operators is/are
Rupture of urinary bladder is prevented by
Outer lighter coloured/alburnum region of wood is
Oxide with very high relative melting point is
Retroviruses have advantage for being used as vector for animal cells because
Assertion (A): The optical dielectric constant (i.e., εr at optical frequencies)of ionic dielectrics is less than static dielectric constant. Reason (R): At optical frequencies, Pi = 0
According a recently published list of eminent Asians inUK by Eastern Eye, who is the most powerful Asian in UK
Union of a rectangle and its interior is said to be
When a power diode is conducting, the voltage drop across it is about
The bond between two identical non-metal atoms has a pair of electrons
Three elastic constants for a completely anisotropic elastic material which follows the Hooke's law are young's modulus, elastic limit stress and yield stress. Which of the following properties is most sensitive to increase in strain rate
Two wires A and B are of the same material. Their lengths are in the ratio 1 :2 and the diameter are in the ratio 2:1. If they are pulled by the same force, then increase in length will be in the ratio
If g(t) = e- p t2 then G(0) is __________ (where g(t)⇔ G(f)
_______ creates history, becoming leading run-getter in Women’s ODIs
Current assets are life blood in an organization. Current asset means
There are eight mango trees in a straight line. The distance between each mango tree with other is 3 metres. What is the distance between first tree and eighth tree
Xerophytes live predominantly in
Sin5θcos2θ =
Which of the following plants have respiratory roots
Measuring of unknown voltage with a dc potentiometer loses its advantage of open circuit measurement when
A voltage 1000 sin wt Volts is applied across YZ. Assuming ideal diodes, the voltage measured across WX in Volts, is
If ICCH is specified as 1.1 mA when VCC is 5 V and if the gate is in a static (noncharging) HIGH output state, the power dissipation (PD) of the gate is ________
Foreign Direct Investment ceilings in the telecom sector have been raised from 74 percent to
On Kelvin scale, lower fixed point is marked as
'Sulphuric' and 'nitric' emission into atmosphere making stronger
Two cars X and Y start from two places A and B respectively, which are 700km a part at 9:00am.Both the cars run at an average speed of 60km/h. Car X stops at 10:00 am and again starts at 11:00 am while the other car Y continues to run without stopping. When do the two cars cross each other
Diphtheria is due to a … [
Consider the following twoStatements 1: stable multivibrator can be used for generating square wave.Statements 2 : stable multivibrator can be used for storing binary information
Solvent used for crystallization must be
Statement: Should so much money be spent on advertisements? Arguments Yes. It is an essential concomitant in a capitalist economy. No. It leads to wastage of resources
India and Pakistan improved their relationship in
Which of the following has the same dimension as mass diffusivity
6(3 – x) –5 (2x – 4) = 4(3x–) 14In the above equation the value of x is
Assertion:Mr. P got Nobel Prize for Peace last year.RI. Throughout his life, Mr. P worked for the welfare of the poor and upliftment of down-trodden without any selfish motives.RII. Mr. P wrote many books on peace
What are the main parts of an atom
ICRA Refers to
The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a receiver type compound engine are regarded as having cranks
Which human cell does not contain mitochondria
Fuel gases containing hydrocarbons (ie.g. coke oven gas) are not preheated before burning, mainly because
At room temperature, ionic bonds are
BJT has pn junctions of number
Delay when output switches from high-to-low, after input switches from low-to-high is
How many types of writ are there in the Indian Constitution
In OWL language, owl:imports is a
The radius of the two circular fields is in the ratio 3: 5 the area of the first field is what percent less than the area of the second
42 oranges are distributed among some boys and girls. If each boy gets 3, then each girl gets 6. But if each boy gets 6 and each girl gets 3, it needs 6 more. The number of girls is
To write data that contains variables of type float, to an object of type ofstream, you should use
Wood charcoal is used for decolouration of sugar, because it __________ the coloured materials
If JLP is taken jointly, on death of a partner ______ is distributed to partners against JLP
Secretion of mineralocorticoids is under control of
Total salt content in blood is about
Which one of the following is a primary consumer in maize field ecosystem
Which of these method Map class is used to obtain an element in the map having specified key
An ideal transformer is a
V MOS have the advantage of
What is the unit of measurement of distances of the stars from the earth
Which country won the first World Cup cricket tournament in 1975
SVR4 was developed by
Accidents can be avoided by adopting
Group 5 oils of non persistent oil, having a specific gravity, greater than;
Action of paint gun in based on
Let the mean of x = 50, then mean ofu=10 5x is ____
Which of the following properties of a fluid is responsible for offering resistance to shear
Claritas provides you with the information foundation: market segmentation data, demographic data, consumer marketing data, marketing analysis tools, market demographic applications, and marketing strategy expertise. Claritas is a __
The most common type of ac motor is the
The price of 10 chairs is equal to that of 4 tables. The price of 15 chairs and 2 tables together is Rs. 4000. The total price of 12 chairs and 3 tables is
Two closely-coiled helical springs 'A' and 'B' of the same matenal, same number of turns and made from same wire are subjected to an axial load W. The mean diameter of spring 'A' is double the mean diameter of spring 'B'. The ratio of deflections in spring 'B' to spring 'A' will be
Vegetables and fruits planted in greenhouse would give rise income of;
A device that converts from decimal to binary numbered is called
For separating small pieces of metal from engine oil of a car, the best separating technique is the
Data encryption techniques are particularly useful for
What is the next number of the following sequence. 1,3,4,5,10,9,19, 15
Hormones from pituitary gland includes
Conventional CMOS devices work over a range of
Paracel island has been in the news recently, it is located in
Assertion (A): Bolometer is frequently used in microwave power measurement.Reason (R): In a bolometer the input microwave power causes a change in resistance
All the electrical appliances liks fans and socket are connected in parallel across the live and neutral wire in the household circuit
What is the output of this expression, 3*1**3
Heparin present normally in blood is formed by
Three phase of taxonomy, alpha, beta and omega were recognized by
Dielectric strength ______ with increasing thickness
Megalaya State was created on
All activities that define target markets and potential customer's is part of
Who was recently elected as the President of Singapore
Full form of BCG is
The two purines in DNA are
A degenerative arterial change which is associated with advancing age is called
Error term variable has a
617 +6.017+   0.617+   6.0017 =
Formation of which ions is take place in Ca2a
CSCW stands for
Which of the following causes Poliomyelitis
How many 2K × 8 ROM chips would be required to build a 16K × 8 memory system
Which best describes a gene
Value of payment is $25 and an interest rate is 2%, then present value will be
Which biome is known as Mediterranean shrub forest
How is the enzyme COX-1 important in human health
Gold has all properties except
Attractive Vander Waals forces occur between
In glycolytic pathway which of the following shows reduction of coenzyme
Encoding capacity of Unicode scheme is up to a
Atomic and molecular resonance is observed in many substances
Union Government of India on 16 May 2013 revised the criteria for creamy layer of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) from 4.5 lakh rupees to ________ lakh rupees to avail benefits of reservations in government jobs and admissions to central educational institutions
Maximum members in case of private company
Number of working strokes per min. for a two stroke cycle engine are __________ the speed of the engine in r.p.m
A safety valve usually employed with stationary boilers is
Dioecious plant has
Examining of past performance, exploring alternative and planning future is
Which statement about ultrabook computers is false
Tertiary conformation of proteins is maintained by 3 types of bonds namely ionic, hydrogen and
The panama canal links
Average weight of 10 people increased by 1.5 kg when one person of 45 kg is replaced by a new man. Then weight of the new man is
A CD can store up to
The quantity that represents an ideal capacitor dissipating 0 W of power is
Response to PM forces cannot take an instantaneous transformation from
Which of the memory is known as a volatile memory
Value of nCr + nCr-1 is
Which of these interface is not a part of Java¶s collection framework? ‡ A. List ‡ B. Set ‡ C. SortedMap ‡ D. SortedList
Directive Principles of State Policy was enshrined in the Constitution in
Seleukas was defeated by
Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.1. Word2. Paragraph3. Sentence4. Letters5. Phrase
Which dictator used fear and intimidation to keep citizens in check
Workstations and servers for connection between devices requires
Which of following is a dextrose sugar
When scheduling a routing in the SAP ECC system, which of the following time elements is a interoperation time
A lossless transmission line with air dielectric is 6 m long. what is the phase constant
Who administers the oath of office to the President of India before he enters upon the office
In order to get product of lead nitrate, lead oxide shall react with
We can get list of sites after typing a word in search bar called
Focal point is also termed as
Statements: No door is dog. All the dogs are cats Conclusions: No door is cat. No cat is door. Some cats are dogs. All the cats are dogs
A coil of area A and N turns, carrying current i in a uniform magnetic field and µ magnetic dipole moment will experience a torque T equals to
The author of Anna Karenina is
Which country has higher quality of health care in world
Which two countries recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to restore the diplomatic ties after a hiatus of 37 years
20% of 40 + ? % of 80 = 120
During metabolic activities, stored energy in tissues of plants is transformed into
Sepal and petals gives protection to the
Statements: If all players play to their full potential, we will win the match. We have won the match. Conclusions All players played to their full potential. Some players did not play to their full potential
Who influence courses of history as individual citizens, thinkers, soldiers and voters
If the radius of the earth is 600 km the height of a mountain above sea level at the top of which a beat seconds pendulum at sea level, looses 27 seconds a day, is
Impregnated fibers form oiling section are taken to next section via
Induction heating process is based on which of the following principles
Green plants provide food for other
Tesla unit is equals to
The capillary rise of mercury is maximum in glass tube of dia __________ mm
Department which directly adds value to product or service is known as
When was Japan blamed for dumping minivans on US market
Hoop has moment of inertia given as
Migration of charged particles towards oppositely charged electrodes, called as
Clause that causes tuples in result of a query to appear in sorted order, is said to be
The name of Pierre Cardin is associated with which of the following fields
If a solid is compressed adiabatically in its elastic range, its __________ remains constat
Temples Jwalamukhi temple is located in
Commercially concentrated HCl is
Individual units of calyx are called
Sugar from photosynthesizing leaves is transported to phloem cells, from where it is distributed to all parts of plant via
In animals, most outer boundary of cell is
A body at high temperature T °K radiates heat at a rate proportional to
Statement: Should an organization like UNO be dissolved? Arguments Yes. With cold war coming to an end, such organizations have no role to play No, In the absence of such organizations there may be a world war
An uncertain explanation for any observation which can be verified by investigation is called
Human sperm contain a large nucleus and little
Who has won Nobel Prize for Literature
Atomic bomb was successfully developed in
Who among the following persons has released Godavari river water into Krishna to pave way for linking of the two rivers
The effect of vapour locking on the brake performance is that the
A vertical toy 18 cm long casts a shadow 8 cm long on the ground. At the same time a pole casts a shadow 48 m. long on the ground. Then find the height of the pole
How many alphabets need to be there in a language if one were to make 1 million distinct 3 digit initials using the alphabets of the language
Chromatography is generally used by
Crude oil of ship consist different types of;
The network address of provides how many subnets and hosts
A group of magnetic tapes, videos or terminals usually under the control of one master is
Which command is used to display and create files
Wave trap is used to trap waves of
The dissipation factor of a good dielectric is of the order of
Macintosh computer use_____ Multitasking
A time series plot for a stationary time series will always exhibit a
The depth of the centre of pressure on a vertical rectangular gate (4 m wide, 3 m high) with water upto top surface, is
Explain what are the steps for the execution of an MVC project
The average power (in watts) used by a 20 to 25 inch home color television is
Kopp's rule is helpful in finding the
What is the occupation of the people of polar region
Cos(45°+α) =
Projects The irrigated area of Kosi Project is
Carbon intensity of natural gas is 25% less than
At which stage of crop, there is no compehtion for light, moisture  and nutrients
Fusion between dissimilar gametes is
Change in a material's area dimensions to a change in temperature is called
What is the voltage source for a circuit carrying 2 A of current through a 36 resistor
Carme Chacon, who passed away recently, was the Defence Minister of which European country
In 10Base2, maximum length of coaxial cable is
Second electron affinity value for formation of negative ion of oxide is
An index entry appears for only some of search-key values, in a
A complex role that involves acting in support of community groups and individuals is called
Which of the following class makes thumbnail image
The major differences of TSQ and TDQ
Functional interfaces can be annotated as
A bag contains 50 tickets numbered 1,2,3,4......50 of which five are drawn at random and arranged in ascending order of magnitude.Find the probability that third drawn ticket is equal to 30
________ he is a hard worker, his quality of work is not of a desirable level
The stage at which addendum cum corrigendum is required-
Which of the following increases continuously with the increase in production of an industrial concern
A ________ in a table represents a relationship among a set of values
ICs that carry out various types of processing are known as
FORTRAN stands for
Which of the following virus is always detectable after infections
In order to avoid failure by buckling, length of tubular portion of specimen is
A lossless 50 Ω transmission line is terminated 30 + j25 Ω, then voltage reflection coefficient and current reflection coefficient are
When solid is heated its particles begin to vibrate fast by gaining
The sacred place for Buddhists is
The captain of a cricket team of 11 members is 26 years old and the wicket keeper is 3 years older. If the ages of these two are excluded, the average age of the remaining players is one year less than the average age of the whole team. What is the average of the team
Science is systematic knowledge which is derived from
The enzyme called universal enzyme which is present in all organisms starting from Protozoans to mammals is
Which number should fill the blank space to complete the series: 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11,
The plasticity index is the numerical difference between
Potassium crystallizes in a body centred lattice. Hence, the coordination number of potassium is
Star fish helps other animals to live by eating
remove() method of the Entity bean
Vitamin A, D,E and K are stored in
Which non-metallic element reacts with dioxygen at room temperature to form its corresponding oxide
Who of the following was the lone goldmedal winner from India in the individual category at the 20th Asian Athletics Championships 2013 held in Pune
It is a characteristic of ring counters that the ________ equal to the number of flip-flops in the register
The number of lobes on each side of a 31 resonant antenna will be
Root directory of a disk should be placed
Nylon 6-6 is manufactured from
According to sociology gained through family and education is
Six Commercial banks were nationalised by the Government on
Newton’s law of cooling is also applicable to
The company, Terracotta, has also recently become the corporate sponsor of:-
The ratio of the lacing bars for compression members shall not exceed
To ensure that only dominant mode TE10 is allowed to propagate in an air filled rectangular waveguide, the lower frequency limit and upper frequency limit are
Which among the following plants is known as Indian ginseng
Technology used for recording and reading data on optical disk is named to be
When an instruction is guaranteed to complete, it is called
If the coefficients of volume change and compressibility of a soil sample are respectively 6.75 x 10-2 and 3 x 10-2, the void ratio of the soil sample, is
The acetate-utilizing methanogens are responsible for
Outermost layer of heart is;
Name the author of the recently released controversial book ‘Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India’
All 'Muslims' are guided by five beliefs and practices called
D/A converters are generally
Antonym of Malign
Planula larva develops into 'polyp' called
An art that uses acid to crave patterns into metal, glass and other materials is called
Assertion (A): In India we use CCIR-B standardReason (R): Video signals are frequency modulated
A leaf spring in automobiles is used
Set of organizations interdependent on each other that help in making market offerings available to customer are called
You need the IP address of the devices with which the router has established an adjacency. Also, the retransmit interval and the queue counts for the adjacent routers  need to be  checked. What command will display the required information
In the epitaxial diffused method of fabricating integrating circuits the process involved are __________ Epitaxial growthDiffusionSilicon diode growthVacuum evaporation of aluminiumPhotoetching The correct order is
Assertion (A): Atomic number of sodium is 11.Reason (R): Sodium has a body centred cubic lattice
Science experiments are really interesting and you may have fun but if you are not careful it can be
If a view relation is computed and stored, it may become out of date if the
Longest river in 'Asia' is
Symptoms of 'opioid' are
World Bank and IMF are pillars of
Decimal value of this 32-bit two?s complement number (1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1100)two is
The process of transferring data intended for a peripheral device into a disk (or intermediate store) so that it can be transferred to peripheral at a more convenient time or in bulk, is known as
The Fundamental Duties were included  the constitution with the idea of
In a given program, a compiler cannot detect its
Our _____________________________ hope is to win tomorrow\'s match
At what value of reflux ratio, number of theoretical plates in a distillation column is minimum
Feeler of mechanical autoleveller is connected to a lever system that
Variance of binomial probability distribution is larger in value if
A process involving too much official formality
Resulting solution space with an infinte space solution set extending outwards are of the
Which of these class can generate an array which can increase and decrease in size automatically
Which one of the following is transferred locking electron device C antenna
Whats is the output of this C code void main() { int const k = 11; k++; printf("k is %d", k); }
In ODBC, a file that can be shared among database users is called a
Select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives. BDFH : YWUS :: JLNP :
The range of horse power of electric motor drives for rolling mills is of the order of
Volleyball, Hockey, Football
The rules of this game require that one made only three moves at a particular time
The concept of Natural Right is associated with the name of
If the total income of company A in all the years together was equal to the total expenditure of company B in all the years together, which was Rs. 265 lakhs, what was the total percentage profit earned by company A for all the years together
Vessel that carries mineral salts from roots to leaves is
Process responsible for performing periodic checkpoints is called
PPP is a byte-oriented protocol using byte stuffing with escape byte
Process through which people are taught to be proficient members of a society is called
A thief steals a car and drives it at 15 km/hr. The theft has been discovered after one hour and the owner of the car sets off in another car at 25 km/hr. When will the owner overtake the thief from the starting point
A condition of poor health perceived or felt by an individual is called
In addition to the pancake sorting problem, there is the case of the burnt pancake problem in which we are dealing with pancakes (discs) that are burnt on one side only. In this case it is taken that the burnt side must always end up _______
The maximum hourly consumption, is generally taken as
What is the abbreviation for Alanine
Neutral current of a balanced, Y-connected, three phase load is always
The Tropic of Cancer passes through which one of the following
Halophytes occur in
Which of these methods is used to compare a specific region inside a string with another specific region in another string
Human faeces is main source of organism, in
Special kind of protein containing iron is called as
The ratio of milk and water in 60 Litres of adulterated milk is 2: 1. If theratio of milk and water is to be 1 : 2, then the amount of water to be added further is
Asia uses what percentage of water for agricultural purpose
Which Government body on 29 November 2012 dismissed appeals of two Sahara companies- Sahara India Real Estate Corp (SIRECL) and Sahara Housing Investment Corp (SHICL) against SEBI
If AB = 23.8 and AC = 38.6 then angle of A in a right angle triangle is
Normality of distribution can be verified in
Common-causal variable is also known as
A certain gaseous mixture contains methane and sulphur dioxide in ratio of 1: 8 by mass. The ration of the number of molecules is
I've got __________________ sister
Enzymes that are involved in control and regulation of biological process are
He said P here is the cat Q throughout the night R which had been paying havoc with things S that ate the rat The Proper sequence should be
How do you declare an Iboutlet property
A lossless transmission line is connected to two identical voltage source as shown in figure. The impedance measured at the midpoint AA' is
When molten crystalline solids are cooled rapidly particles do not have
Bacteria that depends on oxygen for their 'ATP' generation is called
In a computer, expansion cards are inserted into
Inputs A and B of the given figure are applied to a NAND gate. The output is LOW
In the following questions, various terms of an alphabet series are given with one or more terms missing as shown by (?). Choose the missing terms out of the given alternatives. BF, CH, ?, HO, LT
Which of the following is not part of the vertebrate immune system
Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.    1. Butterfly    2. Cocoon    3. Egg    4. Worm
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another. This statement is known as
The property of a substance to absorb moisture from the air on exposure is called
What is "PISAT"
Improve the bracketed part of the sentence. I had (a few) eggs in the fridge, so we need to go to the market to buy them
In a voltageDivider biased npn transistor, if upper voltageDivider resistor opens, transistor goes into
When a body is subjected to a direct tensile stress (σ) in one plane, then maximum normal stress occurs at a section inclined at __________ to the normal of the section
The heat recoverable from flue gases of furnaces depends on the
The size of modular bricks, is
'Adenovirus' is involved in causing
Asian belief on strong
Density of recording data in modern systems is about
The energy stored in a coil is 108 J. It is opened suddenly in 10 ms. The power dissipated instantaneously across the blades of switch is
If θ is angular displacement,ω angular velocity and α is angular acceleration, than by appropriate kinematic equation, θ-θo=
The IF frequencies in a TV receiver
Which place in Haryana was the scene of battles in 1526, 1556 and 1761
She comes _______ school by bus
Who has been appointed the new Controller General of Accounts on July 1,2012
Which of the following is the state bird of Rajasthan
The sequent depth ratio of a hydraulic jump in a rectangular horizontal channel is 10.30. The Froude Number at the beginning of the jump is
Gulshan Kumar borrows Rs. 300 at 5% and Rs. 450 at 6% at the same time and on the condition that the whole loan will be prepaid when the total interest amounts to Rs. 126. The loan will have to be repaid after how many years
Name of entry material used in 'Roving' is
A connecting rod subjected to an axial load may buckle with
The Indian Constitution was enforced on
The overall feeling, or effect, created by a writer's use of words
Which command sets the number for all lines
Energy released in form of nuclear radiations in addition to heat and light during nuclear reactions, is known as
Leads can be best sourced from _________
During past 150 years, the concentration of CO2 has increased approximately from
Heterocrine gland connected with digestive system is
Tool used in performance appraisal measurement which distribute ratings of performance along bell shaped curve is classified as
Bone marrow is composed of
The alternative name of PMMA is
Plates move away from each other, in the
In Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), a gray scale picture is divided into blocks of
In places where the soil is soft and has small resistance to the flow of concrete, which one of the following types of piles, is used
Namita has 4.2 kg of flour. She has been asked to make 5 cup cakes out of every 1/2 kg of flour. How many cup cakes can she bake out of the flour she has
Which hormone produces calorigenic effect inthe body
The latest model for plasma and membrane is
Which of the following countries has signed POS with India recently
An involute pinion and gear are in mesh. If both have the same size of addendum, then there will be an interference between the
In a certain language, if Violet is called as Green, Green is called as Red, Red is called as Brown, Brown is called as Orange, Orange is called as Yellow, Yellow is called as Blue and Blue is called as Indigo, then what is the colour of human blood in that language
In which year New India Assurance Co Ltd nationalized
In order to turn on RPC authentication in hadoop, set the value of property to
E readiness' is ability to classify through
Fertilizin is
Irrespective of source, pure sample of water always yield 88.89% mass of oxygen and 11.11% mass of hydrogen. This is explained by the law of
Ebullioscopy is term related to
‘X’, a coolie taken the luggage of ‘Y’. X took the luggage upto the taxi, Y didn’t stop X to take the luggage. In this case Y is to pay the amount
When was Punjabi University established at Patiala
The calibration data of a thermocouple with its cold junction at 0°C are given below.The hot junction of the thermocouple is placed in a bath at 80°C, while its cold junction is at 20°C. What is the emf of thermocouple
QUESTION    Q.143) The order of three layers of cells in retina of human eye from inside to outside is
In a free nappe,
For long flame and easy ignition, the coal used should have
Coupling and bypass filters can be a source of
Important rules in computation of experimental outcomes includes
Before Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), different frame networks are
The largest country in the western hemisphere, in the terms of population is _______
Which broadcast media rights holder of the Indian Premier League paid a ‘facilitation fee' of Rs. 425 crore to the World Sports Group, Mauritius to extend the rights from 2006 till 2010
How many predefined exceptions does SPL provide access to
According to anthropologists which country is easy and common for divorce
Employees are rewarded for creativity and risk taking following strategic plan of
0, 3, 8, ……, 24, 35, 48
A square waveguide carries TE11 mode whose axial magnetic field is given by Hz = H0 , where the guide dimensions are in cms. The cut off frequency of the mode is
Forced circulation evaporators are normally used for concentrating liquids having
When you are mixing or heating up chemicals always wear
In metal machining, the work-tool contact zone is a zone where heat is generated due to
Find the next number in the series 3, 4, 5, 5, 12, 13, 7, 24, 25, 8, 15,
Cells that consists of chloroplasts are involved in
Why are bricks soaked in water before using in brick masonry
Which of the following single-phase motors has relatively poor starting torque
Situation in which pastures intensively grazes in land is classified as
If an amplifier with gain of - 1000 and feedback factor β = - 0.1 had a gain change of 20% due to temperature, the change in gain of the feedback amplifier would be
Varnish does not contain
?'Beta-alanine' is also known as
If a base replaces by another base pair, sequence mutation, resulting replacement is known as
Frame shift mutation occurs when
Modern method for separation of isotopes is
A rectangular waveguide measures 3 x 4.5 cm internally and has a 10 GHz signal propagated in it. Calculate the guide wavelength for dominant mode
When these numbers are added, (87 × 105) + (2.5 × 106), the result is
Madurai was the capital of the____-
In open channel flow in a rectangular channel, the ratio between the critical depth and the initial depth, when a hydraulic jump occurs is
Computer bus line is consists of
A cut set schedule shows
Which is the largest Mountain range
Phosphatic fertilisers
For which pair of the fuel gases, calorific value (C.V.) of one fuel is almost double that of the other on volume basis (i.e., kcal/Nm3 ), while the C.V. is same on weight basis (i.e., kcal/kg)
Gurudevan participated in the anniversary of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam held at Palluruthy in…………
X and Y enters in to an agreement to share the profits of an illegal business. Then the agreement is ______
Atomic mass of phosphorus is
Microorganisms which obtain their food by absorbing nutrients from their hosts are
Travelling wave parametric amplifiers are used to _______
The expression Y (A, B, C) = ∑m (1, 3, 5, 6) is to realized using a multiplexer. Then
Lower vascular plant which produce seeds but not fruits belong to
__________ of depreciation calculation accounts for the interest on investement
Symmetric-key cryptography started thousands of years ago when people needed to exchange
The enzyme required to obtain wall-free naked protoplasts are
Which of the following method is used to obtain pure hydrogen
Three partners A,B and C shared the profit in a software business in the ratio 5:7:8. They had partnered for 14 months, 8 months and 7 months respectively. Find the ratio of their investments
If g(t) = e-pt2 then G(1/p) is __________ where g(t) G(f)
Which of the indian historical site has been included in UNESCO's  World Heritage List
When Japan Occupied Taiwan and Korea
The enlarging of an existing circular hole with a rotating single point tool is called
When variance is known, type of testing that can be performed is said to be
According to anthropologists, Ruth Benedict was born in
In which year, African Export and Import Bank came into existence
The cell becomes turgid in solution which is
There is no default configuration present in an application’s resource.groovy file
Oil up drawn up absorbent belt for
Job pool is program of operating system that is located in
If the sheet of a bakelite is inserted between the plates of an air capacitor, the capacitance will
Sound waves have
The national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 22 July 1947 and was presented to the nation at the midnight session of the Assembly on 14th August 1947 on behalf of
Gruhavarman was the ruler of
ELISA test is used to
In a number system with radix r, the decimal value of 110 is equal to 4r. The decimal values of 111 and r respective are equal to
A family consists of six members P, Q, R, X, Y and Z. Q is the son of R but R is not mother of Q. P and R are a married couple. Y is the brother of R. X is the daughter of P. Z is the brother of P. How many children does P have
Which type of statement does not occur in computer programs
In an E-R diagram, based on UML, relationship sets are represented by a
Temperature is a
For the given circuit, find VTH for the circuit external to RL
The average marks in mathematics scored by the pupils of a school at the public examination were 39. If four of these pupils who actually scored 5, 12, 15 and 19 marks at the examination had not been sent up, the average marks for the school would have been 44. Find the number of pupils sent up for examination from the school
On one chip, BiCMOS allow engineer to implement
Most dangerous disease of respiratory system is
Competitiveness can be best measured by
List I (genus,phylum)List II( Larcastage)A. Aurelia1. ParenchymulaB. Sponge2. EphyraC. Mollusca3. TrochoporeD. Plychaeta4.Veliger asked on Feb 24, 2019 00:23"> QUESTION Match list I with list II and select the correct answer with the help of answer code
List I (genus,phylum)List II( Larcastage)
A. Aurelia1. Parenchymula
B. Sponge2. Ephyra
C. Mollusca3. Trochopore
D. Plychaeta4.Veliger

A company sells its stock shares for raising more equity capital is classified as
Assertion (A): Double Kelvin's bridge is used to measure low resistances.Reason (R): In low resistance, the contact and lead resistances are very important
Who invented Fountain Pen
The number 0.0003 multiplied by 10-3 is
A box contains nine bulbs out of which 4 are defective. If four bulbs are chosen at random, find the probability that exactly three bulbs are good
Brownian movement is a ���. property of colloidal solution
Amnion is helpful to embryo in
Syntax of a multiple line comment is
Four bits are used for packet sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol used in a computer network. What is the maximum window size
India has been divided into how many principal cotton growing regions
A computer program using heuristic and specific algorithms for efficiently reducing complexity of digital electronic gate circuits is
In electronic autoleveller, extreme intervention speed is calculated to be
Which of the following is an ore of potassium
By liberty, I mean the eager maintenance of that atmosphere in which men have the opportunity to be their best selves. Which one of the following expresses the view implied in the above statement
The real part of complex dielectric constant and tanδ for a dielectric are 2.1 and 5 x 10-4 at 100 Hz respectively. The imaginary part of dielectric constant at 100 Hz is
Which Indian freedom fighter was popularly called 'Mahamana'
What causes flooding around world
Which Indian Community celebrates the Khordad sal
A batch reactor is suitable for
GoldenRice is variety rich in
Inorganic impurities causing water pollution is
In adjustment issues of costing, database must consider wide range values of
The most toxic exotoxin is
In this competition there is complete fair play
Find analogous pair of Platform : Train
Non-cyclic photophosphorylation differs from cyclic photophosphorylation in that the latter has
Growth of crops on a large scale is known as
He is a person of sound character and ...... disposition
How many of the following will follow JavaBean Listener naming rules addListener addMouseListener deleteMouseListener removeMouseListener registerMouseListener
An example of an unicellular non-motile green algae is
Unary decrement operator is denoted by
'Spirochetes' are flexible, thin walled
Look at this series: U32, V29, __, X23, Y20, ... What number should fill the blank
Speed of sound in an ideal gas is equal to
For circuit in figure, which combination of VTH and RTH represents the circuit as seen from ab
Venue and year of Earth Summit on Conservation of Biodiversity was
The bonus increases in proportion to the increase in efficiency. This statement applies to
An alcohol produced during manufacture of soap is
Which company recently toppled Reliance Industries to become India’s most valuable company
Excise duty is a tax levied on the
What are four human senses
I     2. help     3. not4. you     5. did
The grocerP :     did not listen to the protests of customerQ :     who was in the habit of weighing lessR :     whom he had cheatedS :     with great audacityThe Proper sequence should be
Indexers are
A piece of timber whose thickness and width are respectively 5 cm and 10 cm is called
If X(z) = (1 - a)z-1/[(1 - z-1)(1 - az-1)] and 1 < |z|, the final value of xk is
Two meshing spur gear wheels of Module 6 have 24 and 42 teeth. The distance in mm between the centres of the gear wheels is
Bipolar staining is characteristic of
Calcium deposition and larvicidal properties are found in
Grease the palm
A system's ability of doing work per unit time defines its
3 pumps, working 8 hours a day, can empty a tank in 2 days. How many hours a day must 4 pumps work to empty the tank in 1 day
What fraction of the total pressure is exerted by oxygen, if equal weights of oxygen and methane are mixed in an empty vessel at 25°C
If the point (k, 3) is  at a  distance of 5 unitsfrom the point (2, k), the value of ‘k’ is
Mahavira / was / a advocate / of non violence
SecurCore series based on Cortex-M0 processor is
Which of these stream contains the classes which can work on character stream
Six Sigma is a business-driven, multi-dimensional structured approach to
Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
Which of the following should be the Third sentence after the re arrangement
Marked price of a fan is $850, it is sold for $800. percentage discount allowed is
In deuterostomia, embryonic blastopore produces
An electron microscope gives better resolution than optical microscope because
Systems of ideas are a third type of models i.e
Recurrence of same pattern in periodic table is called its
What is approximate size of togaviruses
Universal indicator can be used to
Integrated circuit number 7476 consists of
Oxidation of secondary alcohol to ketone with aluminium tert. butanide is known as
Traveling Wave Tube is __________
42n + 1 + 33n+1 is divisible by
First step in designing high level conceptual data model is
Cavitation in a pump creates so many undesirable effects. Out of the following, which is not an undesirable effect created by cavitation
Value of 16C11 + 16C10 is
First use of biotechnology to convert food source into other form was made by
If the cutting speed is increased, then the built-up-edge
In fungi, a part of normal flora of human is named as
Lf is symbol for
In Hydra, absence of circulatory system is compensated by
To define distinct objects in OWL, element used is
The first man-made satellite, Sputnik I was launched by the former USSR in
In a given scenario, if cost is considered as indirect cost then independent variable will be considered as
If population in an area are not geographically isolated, interbreeded and developed a distinct lifestyle, named as
A boat is rowed downstream at 15.5km/hr and upstream at 8.5 km/hr. The speed of the stream is
A meter coil has a resistance of 100 Ω and a full scale deflection current of 10 mA. To convert it into a voltmeter of 0-200 V range, the series resistance should be
The tolerance produced by shell moulding process of casting is
2  8   12   20   30   42   56  find out the wrong number
Credit for establishing nucleus as biological entity goes to
Which one of the following is an air pollutant gas and is released by burning of fossil fuel
If XY = 16 and XZ = 45.2 then angle of X and Z respectively are
Secretions produced by ribosome are passed via endoplasmic reticulum and
Pseudocodes emphasizes design of a
Model which consists of management philosophy, behavioral tools and statistical methods as key steps towards improvement is considered as
Corporate equities or corporate stocks represent portion in instruments of capital markets, which is
Consider an arbitrary distribution of conducting bodies in a charge free space according to the uniqueness theorem, which of following are required to be specified in order that the field is uniquely determined everywhere? Total charge on each conductorPotential at each conductor surfacePotential at same of conductor and total charge on the remainderTotal charge as well as potential gradient on each conductor surface Select the correct answer using the codes given below codes
In how many years will a sum of money doubles itself at 5% per annum on simple interest
When we eat caulifower we consume
A and B can do a work in 18 day, B and C in 30 days, A and C in 22 (1/2) days. In how many days can A,B and C individually do the work
Main use of hard coke produced by high temperature carbonisation is in the
Aqueous phase contains ions
With which musical instrument is Shiv Kumar Sharma associated
Mahabalipuram was established by the
Which of the following is a factor that makes estuaries unique
Slump test of concrete is a measure ofits
Method of managing advertising budget at level company can have money for is classified as
Height of an object or place above sea level is known as
Ulcer of stomach is also known as
The energy required per unit mass to grind limestone particles of very large size to 100 μm is 12.7 kWh/ton. An estimate (using Bond's law) of the energy to grind the particles from a very large size to 50 μrn is
Process area in which organizational innovation and deployment casual analysis and resolution is present has level of
12 days payment to the servant in a cloth showroom in festival season is Rs. 400 plus one shirt. The servant leaves after 9 days and recieves Rs. 280 and a shirt. What is the price of the shirt
(A)  The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the launch of the Indian Premier league.(B)  The Indian Cricket League which was formed recently (in opposition to the BCCI) was the first to launch a premier league
On simple interest an amount becomes Rs. 812 in two years and Rs. 924 in four years. What is the rate of interest on that amount
'competitive strategy' includes
Which hormone does not contain polypeptide
Photo-cells in bale plucker
Which type of transformer is required to create a 180 degree input to a rectifier
Statements: All buildings are chalks. No chalk is toffee Conclusions: No building is toffee All chalks are buildings
Study the following sequence carefully and answer the questions given below:M E 5 P B 2 A 7 K N 9 T R U 4 6 1 J D F 1 Q 3 W 8 V I S ZHow many such numbers are there in the above sequence, each of which is both immediately preceded by and immediately followed by a consonant
If project is organized as a weak matrix, PM seeks a commitment of work from the
Study the following letter/number series carefully and answer the questions given below it.W 3 7 H J Q T 5 1 2 G K 4 F P T 6 L B E 9 4 D M R 8 2 VHow many such letters are there in the sequence which are immediately followed by a number and immediately preceded by a letter
Where is the Rajaji National Park situated
When sender and receiver of an e-mail are on same system, we need only
In addition to entities and relationships, E-R model represents certain
Which of the following had strong navy
In order that a hydrometer may float vertically in electrolyte its C.G. should be
Graphic symbol of NOR is same as
Work done by an elevator is 1500 J with a constant force of 150 N, distance covered by elevator is
Forbidden energy gap in germanium at 0 K is about
The judicial functions of the Indian Parliament are
101325Pa is equal to
Horse shoe 'crab' has an
Thirty year war started in
Auguste Comte was born in
Only if Sheela is happy, then she does not go to work
For laminar flow of a shear thinning liquid in a pipe, if the volumetric flow rate is doubled, the pressure gradient will increase by a factor of
Transport lag usually exists in
On simplifying algebraic expression -8⁄-112y, answer will be
__________ closure is the weakest enclosure for cylindrical vessels
Which of the following is not a common refrigerant
Term that describes different views of database is known as
An Ultraviolet light does not involved in
Sharks and dogfishes differ from skates and rays by
Regeneration of molecular seive requires it to be heated to a temperature of about __________ °C
Current conducting path through wires, bulb and battery is known as
Poor people face physical health challenges like
First 256 codes in Unicode are identical to 256 codes used by
The ratio of the maximum displacement of the forced vibration to the deflection due to the static force, is known as
Which of the following type of glass is generally used in the making of cut-glass objects
Percentage of calcium in total body weight is nearlly
What type of commands are individual programs kept, as separate files on the hard disk (DOS diskette)
The main source of National Income of India is
Which of the following circuit cannot be used to demodulate SSB
What is the computer main memory
Unsettled conditions in the land led to exodus of hundreds of its citizens
The fuel ratio of a coal is
Summary of an effective technical document, included
What is the output of the following piece of code when executed in Python shell?a=("Check")*3 a
6P5 is equal to
How is 'A' related to 'D'?I. 'C' is the daughter of A and sister of B.II. 'D' is the son of 'F' who is C's grandfather
Which fruit does P like
What command is used to assign executable permission to all of the files named "report"
Assertion (A): A sine wave with slew rate distortion looks rectangularReason (R): The maximum rate of output voltage change is called slew rate
When was the X Window System born
In a National Park protection is provided to
A direct method of deadlock prevention is to prevent occurrence of a circular
The largest producer of rice in India is
Color model is also called
The angle between the plane of the equator and the plane of the ecliptic, is known as obliquity of the ecliptic and its value is
Concept that those who benefit more from government expenditure should pay more taxes to support such expenditure is called as
Octal equivalent of alphabet 'I' in BCD coding scheme is
What is the approximate time for a complete decay of 400 mA of inductor current, when R = 10 ohms and L = 20 H
The term gene was coined by ... .. { JIPMER 1991 ]
Gain-bandwidth product is a transistor parameter that is constant and equal to
Integrated system which consists of consumer needs analysis, identifying alternatives, setting objectives and evaluating alternatives is classified as
Electromagnets are used in
Which one of the following statement is correct
Huge forces are seen which destroy and cause great damage in
A farmer travelled a distance of 61 km in 9 hours. He travelled partly on foot at 4 km/hr and partly on the bicycle at 9 km/hr. The distance travelled on foot is
There are two types of constructors in C#
OSI reference model has how many layers
In comparative study of grassland and pond ecosystems
Al+3 indicates that
Which module in the python standard library parses options received from the command line
Considering oogenesis, larger cell produced by primary oocytes is called
The most commonly used nuclear fuel in boiling water reactor is
Two geometrically similar pumps are running at the same speed of 1000 r.p.m. and lifting water against the heads of 25 m and 16 m respectively. First pump is having an impeller diameter of 300 mm. The impeller diameter of second pump shall be
Which country won the highest number of medals in London Olympic 2012
Polytene chromosomes were discovered in
Year of the Battle of Buxar is…………
The CRF (ep) is also known as: [CRF(EP) - 8% - 7], where
Venturimeter and orificemeter measures the __________ of the fluid
Skim readable pages are being loved by audience, included
4, 10, (?), 82, 244, 730
What two disciplines are usually tied by a common data base
Which of the following is the ninth to the right of the twentieth element from the right end of the above arrangement
_____________ about to leave for school \'
Rarest type of 'galaxy' is
Motion of a steering wheel is an example of
According to Boyle’s law, the product of pressure and volume is a constant. Hence,
Which among below is NOT a classic language
Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became the members of UNO in
A pore forming 'toxin' that especially damage white blood cells are known as
What are the key benefits of using Sap Bpc with netweaver
Process in which atom combines themsel Ves in a systematic pattern to form a solid, crystalline materials is known as
NPT 25 years review came up in
Most of the transistor data sheets specify the power rating for an ambient temperature of
The matrix A= can be decomposed uniquely into the product A = LU, where  and The solution of the system LX = [1 2 2]t is
Class bivalvia is characterized by
You want to upload the data provided by an agency into the SAP CRM using External List Management. Which objects would you create
Experimental determination of __________ is done by wetted wall column method
In the presence of tryptophan in the cell, the repressor is __________
Vexillary aestivation is characteristic of family
A variable resistance R and capacitive reactance XC are fed by an voltage. The current locus is
Convert (0.6875)⊂10 to binary
National Income Savings represents
Which input device cannot be used to work in MS Office
Bioassay of IAA is
Milky way 2. Sun 3. Moon Earth 5. Stars
Proposed capital of Uttarakhand is—
Constituents of pigment system I are located on
Taste buds are located on
Homoiothermal animals are
Insect bites and stinging nettles contain
A machine costs Rs. 16, 000. By constant rate of declining balance method of depreciation, its salvage value after an expected life of 3 years is Rs. 2, 000. The rate of depreciation is
Value of multiple coefficient of determination(R²) ranges between
In an option pricing, a rises in risk free rate results in option's value
Consider the following statements :Shrinkage of concrete depends upon the1. relative humidity of the atmosphere.2. passage of time.3. applied stress.Which of these statements is/are correct
Boiling point of alcohol is
A relation can be known as a subset of a Cartesian product of a set of
One of the male nuclei fuses with the egg cell and forms
John Trefry is a famous oceanographer who studies ocean floor in a mini-submarine known as
Which of the following is not correct with regards to continuous cultures
If the side of a square is increased by 10%, its area increased by k%. Find the value of k
For all the given years, in which unit the average number of workers employed was the maximum
With every clock pulse count is
Which of the following are one forms of tuned –circuit frequency discriminators
Torque exerted on shaft is equal to
British East India company became dominant among Asian trading companies after
Statements: All film stars are playback singers. All film directors are film stars. Conclusions         I. All film directors are playback singers                                    II. Some film stars are film directors
In a varactor diode the increase in width of depletion layer results in
In relational database schemas, state constraints are also known as
In user-defined constraints on generalization, lower level entity sets can be of type
Cortex-M1 processor support
Indigent : Wealthy
Genetic variations are produced in
The famous dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama is mentioned in which upnishad
Vinegar is a fermentation derived food product containing not less than
Optimum pH for enzyme trypsin is
Which command reads the content of another file in vi editor
MS-EXCEL is based on
In time of solar minimum sun produces high energy radiation of percentage which is very
FDI in which of the following sectors has done away with the three year lock in period for exit from the project
Multiplicative property of order of real number is that for all a,b,c belong to R
Canal system of porifera is not connected with
S1 Venice is a strange and beautiful city in the north of Italy P There are about four hundred old stone bridges joining the island of Venice Q In this city there are no motor cars, no horses, no buses R These small islands are near one another S It is not an island but a hundred and seventeen islands S6 This is because Venice has no streets The Proper sequence should be
In Linux rm file.text commend is used for
Loss of water from leaves
Regulation of reproduction, growth, concentration of glucose in blood and reabsorption of water are all tasks carried by
Eccentricity of Jupiter is
Ascaris lumbricoides is commonly called
A family belongs to inferae of gamopetalae
There are two urns, one containing two white balls and four black balls, the other containing three white balls and nine black balls. One ball each is drawn out of the two urns. What is the probability of getting two balls of the same colour
In process, synthesis of new DNA strands is catalyzed by the;
Two different sources of light A and B have wavelength 0.7  m and 0.3 m respectively. Then which of the following statement is true
I told him that he was not working hard
In order for feedback oscillators to have any practical value, the gain has to be
Which statistical tool is used in market research to determine how different features of a product affect the buying behavior in the consumer’s mind
Construction of recombinant DNA involves
Papain is obtained from
Percentage of SO 2 produced by volcanoes is
Here are some words translated from an artificial language agnoscrenia means poisonous spider delanocrenia means poisonous snake agnosdeery means brown spider Which word could mean "black widow spider"
Low 'infrared waves'
In 1811, Robert Brown discovered
Which of the following is the correct way to obtain the number of elements present in the array given below int[] intMyArr = {25, 30, 45, 15, 60}; intMyArr.GetMax; intMyArr.Highest(0); intMyArr.GetUpperBound(0); intMyArr.Length; intMyArr.GetMaxElements(0);
Business buying process starts with the
The boundary of which district of MP among following does not touch UP
Major disadvantage of RAM is
Which circuit is represented by the frequency response curve in the given figure
Adapter molecule is
Who is the Current Director general of police of Jharkhand
QUESTION    Q.461) Correct sequence of regions in organization of auditory mechanoreceptor organ is
Heating effect of current is used in
. Bank rate means ________
Which elements are malleable and good conductors of electricity
Match the following: List I List II A.1.Slot lineB.2.Coplanar lineC.3.Microstrip
At the beginning of March, Ryan had $621 in his savings bank account. On 10 March he deposited $60. If the bank pays 8% p.a. interest paid monthly and calculated on the minimum monthly balance, calculate the interest Ryan earns in March
First 8 bit input to serial input pin of EEPROM is termed as
ASSERTION: A network of food chains existing together in an ecosystem is known as a food web REASON: An animal like kite cannot be part of a food web` A.I.I.M.S.2006
Cytoplasm is cut underneath and is separated from yolk by
Daisyworld' is a model of;
One who makes an official examination of accounts
Communication satellite has altitude of
Level of vitamin 'D' is low in
Random integration of outside genes into mammalian chromosome, considered as an example of;
What do dystrophin, utrophin, actin, and tubulin have to do with eukaryotic cell structure and function
A certain nucleide has a half life period of 30 minutes. If a sample containing 600 atoms is allowed to decay for 90 minutes, how many atoms will remains
Inverse response from effectors towards external change is called
For obtaining a cup of diameter 25 mm and height 15 mm by drawing, the size of the round blank should be approximately
Two particles have been projected at angles 64° and 45° to the horizontal. If the velocity of projection of first is 10 m/sec, the velocity of projection of the other for equal horizontal ranges is
Which one of the following is termed a combination input-output device
Which one is correct paring
Effective length of a rafter member between two nodes at a distance L, perpendicular to the plane of the truss, is
Budgeted total direct labor cost is divided with budgeted total direct labor, to calculate
Optical diffraction including optical microscopy, even by using ultraviolet radiation will give information only on
Punjab is Divided into ...... districts
Who is 'small oil-rich nation'
If diameter of cylinder is 8cm and its height is 16cm then volume of cylinder is
Fiber glass is invented by Russell Games Slayter in
Ethanol is produced from starch as raw material by the activity of
The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Srilanka on May 11 to attend which of the following festival
The angle between the observer's meridian and declination circle of a heavenly body, is known as
FPI stands for
The banker's discount of a certain sum of money is Rs. 36 and the true discount on the same sum for the same time is Rs. 30. What is the sum due
The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 6:7. If Q is 4 years old than P, what will be the ratio of the ages of P and Q after 4 years
Magnetic field can be produced by using
Statement: The patient's condition would improve after operation. Assumptions The patient can be operated upon in this condition. The patient cannot be operated upon in this condition
He stole a car recently
The amount of air that moves in and out of the lung, with each normal inspiration and expiration is called
In binomial nomenclature, second name represents
Lava plains which are dark and large regions on moon are known as
For a three-input OR gate, with the input waveforms as shown below, which output waveform is correct
Windows are used to
When did United States request six month opt-out contingency of ABM treaty
Clause that apply aggregate functions to get a single result tuple for each group, is known to be
The maximum bending moment due to a moving load on a simply supported beam, occurs
The Chairman of the Planning Commission in India is the
What is the currency of Indonesia
Polyploid can be produced artificially by
If the vapour pressure at two temperatures of a solid phase in equilibrium with its liquid phase are known, then the latent heat of fusion can be calculated by the
Pankaj Advani recently announced his retirement from which sport
Mechanism can be referred to as adding a new facility to the system hence known as
A circuit has two branches in parallel and each branch has only one element. The applied voltage and source current are v = 200 sin (200t + 30°) and i = 50 sin (200t + 50°). If one branch has capacitor, the other branch contains
Which of the following is correct sequence of processes in the oxidation of glucose
In order to sustain oscillations in a feedback oscillator, the gain should be _________ so the Acl _______
Form of alter table command is
Find the odd man out 41, 43, 47, 53, 61, 71, 73, 81
The constant vertical distance between two adjacent contours, is called
Standard which allows access to DBMS by Java client programs is classified as
A small percentage of boron is added to steel in order to
Laterite occurs mainly in the
Circuits which produce an output wave shape resembling that of a symmetrical or asymmetrical square wave are called
Set is a collection of values produced by a
Cell-tissue organization occur in
What would you use for immediate, real-time communication with a friend
Statement: "Television X - the neighbour's envy, the owner's pride" - A T.V. advertisement. Assumptions: Catchy slogans appeal to people. People are envious of their neighbours superior possessions. People want to be envied by their neighbours
Parallel load transfer is done in
Which of the following are advantages of using NAT Translation introduces switching path delays Conserves legally registered addresses Causes loss of end-to-end IP traceability Increases flexibility when connecting to the Internet Certain applications will not function with NAT enabled Reduces address overlap occurrence
Net/direct gain of ATP molecules formed in glycolysis is gain of ATP molecules formed in glycolysis is
In case of failure to convene the AGM fine is upto Rs._________
Breakdown of hemoglobin
For driving high inertia loods best type of induction motor suggested is
Lack of chlorophyll in plants is called
Metamorphic rocks are usually
Three pairs of 'seminal vesicles' are connected with the
The peasant refused to grovel -------- the feet of this master
A 360 meters long train crosses a platform in 120 seconds. What is the speed of the train
The prices are going up by leaps and bounds
Rather than AND-OR gates combinational circuits are made by
In small isolated tribal population
Who amongst the following won a Nobel Prize for literature when he was the head of the Government
Antonym of Flamboyant
Pigmentation helps developing embryos from predators, in;
A lathe with four steps on the cone pulley and with backgears will have
In the low Reynolds number region, the drag force on a sphere is proportional to
A swimming pool 9 m wide and 12 m long is 1 m deep on the shallow side and 4 m deep on the deeper side. Its volume is:
A retriggerable one-shot has a pulse width of 10 ms; 3 ms after being triggered, another trigger pulse is applied. The resulting output pulse will be _________ ms
Simplest form of matter which cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means is called
Windows XP was succeeded by
Finally the bureaucratic organisation took over from the pioneering enterprise The 19th century was the age of entrepreneur, the self-made man Thoughtful business administration took over from action-centred business entrepreneurship In the 20th century the rational executive took command
The book “ Wealth of Nations ” was written by
Task of pacemaker is to
A reduction of 10% in price of sugar enables a housewife to buy 5 kg more for Rs. 300/-. Find the reduced price per kg of sugar
In Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called
If a normal conversation have sound intensities of 3×10-6Wm-2. intensity of sound for 100dB would be
Member variables of a class is also known as
Reduction in price awarded to customers who buy products in large volumes is classified as
Which of the following can act as a shear protectorant
For the transmission of normal speech, the PCM channel needs a bandwidth of __________ kHz
In the five kingdom classification Euglena has been placed in …
Which state's NZP will celebrate national wildlife week
Material from blending room is picked via
Chemical nature of hormones secreted by α and δ cells of pancreas is
The National Green Tribunal on 31 May 2013 gave approval to Sterlite Industries Ltd for operating which plant in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu
Colourless unicellular cell wall bound, spherical or rod-shaped microorganisms lacking organized nucleus are
Architect : Building :: Sculptor
Under normal conditions which one is completely reabsorbed in renal tubule
The software that allows users to surf the internet is called a/an ____
Model for structure of DNA was presented by
Directions(41-45): What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following number series.600   564   539   523   514
The pressure head of a flow meter remains constant for
Value of stock is $400 and required rate of return is 20% then preferred dividend would be
Surface finish of casting does not depend upon the
The meridian passing through London is called the
According to Collision theory, particles must
Stage in manufacturing cycle at which journal entries are made in system of accountancy is known as
Statement: An advertisement of Bank X - "Want to open a bank account! Just dial our 'home service' and we will come at your doorsteps." Assumptions: No other bank makes available service at the doorstep of the customer. People may choose Bank X for their financial transactions. Nowadays banking has become very competitive
The satellite dish is -- the roof
Inactive form of trypsine is called
An average annual, total installed world PV capacity; increases
A sewer is laid from a manhole A to a manhole B, 250 m apart along a downward gradient of 1 in 250. If the reduced level of the invert at A is 205.75 m and the height of the boring rod is 3 m, then, reduced level of the sight rail at B, is
He had to repent -------- what he had done
Dielectric constant=30 for
The whole world directs sympathetic eyes to Haithi, the earthquake-hit country. Who is the president of Haithi
Shorter distances or lengths are generally measured in
If the sides of a triangle are 26 cm, 24 cm and 10 cm, what is its area
Which of the following is true concerning QBE
4334 - 1515 + 4242 - 2222 =
What are the key areas in SAP CRM
Raisins placed in water swell up due to
One hypothesis of DNA replication suggested that the parental DNA molecules are broken into fragments. Both strands of DNA in each of the daughter molecules are made up of an assortment of parental and new DNA. This statement refers to which hypothesis
Ground substance of loose connective tissues is dissolved in;
Ohio is a state is a country of
What command will change the hostname of a router
One fathom is equal to
What is reason of his failure in exams (Which word is an abstract noun?)
Copper temperature coefficient of resistivity is
An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 kmph in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in 1 2/3 hours, it must travel at a speed of
Which policy referring to policies that provide coverage only for the loss caused by the perils
In the following questions the symbols +, ×, ?, @ and $ are used with the following meanings:'P+Q' means 'P is neither smaller nor greater than Q'.'P×Q' means 'P is neither equal to nor smaller than Q'.'P?Q' means 'P is neither greater than nor equal to Q'.'[email protected]' means 'P is neither greater than or equal  to Q'.'P$Q' means 'P is not equal to Q'.Statements: Y @ Z, Z × Q, Q $ PConclusions: I. Y ? Q   II. Y ? P
Electrolyte used in a lead-acid cell is
Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces [ ReAIPMT 2015]
Rental car services and hotels sometime offer mutual discount is an example of
Two masses 5 kg and 3 kg are suspended from the ends of an inextensible light string passing over a frictionless pulley. When the masses are released, the force exerted by the string on the pulley is
Organizations are proved successful when they prioritize their work efficiently. Work is done effectively by considering two factors i.e. importance of work and urgency of work. Those activities which can be deferred to a later period are
Which is more hazardous to human health
By over-reinforcing a beam, the moment of resistance can be increased not more than
To eliminate duplication of rows, query result in SQL uses statement
In gigabit Ethernet three or more stations are connected by
Bacterial fermentation of wet waste produces;
What will be the output of the program #include #define MAX(a, b) (a > b ? a : b) int main() { int x; x = MAX(3+2, 2+7); printf("%d\n", x); return 0; }
Aggregate fruit occurs in
Which one belongs to Arthropoda …
States rely on context of
John Henry Pointing first derived pointing vector in
To produce execution plan output by using most Showplan Transact-SQL SET options, users must have
Molecular structure of amylopectin is
A common type of decoder is the
GUG specifies amino acid valine. however, when functioning as initiation codon it specifies
The process used to improve fatigue resistance of the metal by setting up compressive stresses in its surface, is known as
Instrument which transfers energy to electric charges in a circuit is
Which of the following is necessary transistor action
Red blood cells and white blood cells will shrink if glucose level
The area of a drainage basin whose axial length is 100 km is 2500 sq. km. Its form factor is
Xylem is exarch in
Time intervals between images in sequence of images is called
Most commonly used algorithm technique for external sorting is known as
Coenocytic mycelium occurs in …
tRNA attaches to mRNA and amino acid respectively at
My mother would know what to do. Oh, would that she __________________ here with us now !
In lock and key model of enzyme action, substrate fits into
Piles are usually driven by
Three stop codons, which aids in termination of translation are also known as
The law of demand implies that
Ionosinic pathway occurs in
A certain amount of a metal whose equivalent mass is 28 displaces 0.7 L of H2 at S.T.P. from an acid hence mass of the element is
Hydrides of Be, Mg, Zn and Cd are in nature
Who challenged 'Death with Dignity Act'
The sea with one of the highest salinities in the world is _________
The most important or powerful computer in a typical network is
A bird which remove ticks and other skin parasites from skin of any mammal like zebra is known as
An interface in C#
Cermets are
In the given figure.The damped frequency is __________
Hertz is unit of
If a relation does not satisfies specified constraint. constraint is
The effective length of a double angle strut with angles placed back to back and connected to both the sides of a gusset plate, by not less than two rivets, is
Aestivation in the flower of Calotropis is
Which two great powers contribute in UN programs and peacekeeping operations
The positions of the first and the fifth digits of the number 38271965 are interchanged. Similarly the positions of the second and the sixth digits are interchanged and so on. Which of the following will be third digit from the right after the rearrangement
According to anthropologists facial expressions, bodily stances, gestures and movements even if unconscious, convey information and part of our communication is called
Type of loops end if and only if they are interrupted are
In case of a solution (not of a solid in a liquid), whose total volume is more than the sum of volumes of its components in their pure states, solubility is
Series that lie in infrared region of electromagnetic spectrum is
Which of the following statements is true concerning subqueries
According to marketing four Ps, cash rebates are part of
A shopkeeper sales items for $342, $356, $367 and $322 for four consecutive months. amount he should sale next month to get an average of $350 should be
Drugs obtained from plants are mostly
Who proposed four principles of scientific management
Which pharmaceutical company is likely to issue World's first ever dengue vaccine
Rohinton Baria Trophy is associated with
The term "bark" means
Convenience products in industrial markets are also called as
Detection of functional group is called
The 555 timer can be used in which of the following configurations
64M bit chip needs
Who among the following is not a dramatist
When interest rate is higher than equilibrium rate of borrowing loanable funds then financial system has
If a line has co-ordinates (-4,-1) and (0,1), gradient of line should be
Which keyword can be used in template
Epicalyx in Clitoria is
We have Market Basket data for 1,000 rental transactions at a Video Store. There are for videos for rent -- Video A, Video B, Video C and Video D. The probability that both Video C and Video D are rented at the same time is known as ________
Union Defence Ministry launched a website on.
In a city, 40% of the adults are illiterate while 85% of the children are literate. If the ratio of the adults to that of the children is 2 : 3, then what percent of the population is literate
Error occurred by approximating infinite sum by finite sum is called
The decorative lighting works on the principle of
Cash outflows are costs of project and are represented by
'Chernobyl' disaster of
Characteristic of sound by which loud and faint sounds can be distinguished is
Process that control properties and structure of Earth crust with passage of time is known as
Statements:All gases are solids.All solids are liquids.Conclusions:I. All gases are liquids.II. At least some liquids are solids
Designing of system take into considerations of
Metal that must be kept under oil to avoid contact and reactivity with oxygen is
An incompressible fluid flows over a flat plate with zero pressure gradient. The boundary layer thickness is 1 mm at a location where the Reynolds number is 1000. If the velocity of the fluid alone is increased by a factor of 4, then the boundary layer thickness at the same location, in mm will be
Dutch courage
Kumbh Mela is held in every ___ years
Component of nitrogenase and nitrate reductase is
When 8086 is interfaced to two 8259s (Programmable interrupt controllers) & 8259’s are in master slave configuration then the number of interrupts available to the 8086 microprocessor are ______
Bank for International Settlements Start working in
Human RBC's placed in 1.5% NaCl solution will
In 82% of angiosperm families, ovule is
The First session of the constituent Assembly took place from 9 to 23rd December
Ozone has a strong odour at
Small circle in a NAND circuit represents
Separation of two tectonic plates is regarded as
A cow s tethered in the middle of a field with a 14feet long rope.If the cow grazes 100 sq feet per day, then approximately what time will be taken by the cow to graze the whole field
Field research' refers to gathering
Type of reduction made from list price is classified as
(a) Termination(1) Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase(b) Translation(2) Okazaki fragments(c) Transcription(3) GTP dependent release factor(d) DNA replication(4) RNA polymerase asked on Feb 23, 2019 22:14"> Match the columns ... ..
(a) Termination(1) Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase
(b) Translation(2) Okazaki fragments
(c) Transcription(3) GTP dependent release factor
(d) DNA replication(4) RNA polymerase

Total number of digits available in number system is known to be its
Fourier transform and F(jω) of a signal f(t) has the property
United States send two aircraft carries to
98 / 12.51 * 2.49 =
Process by which water (and other liquids) change from a liquid state to a vapor or gas state is called
Sneezing, coughing and blushing are examples of
Which city is hosting the 2017 National Children's Film Festival (NCFF)
Type of stock in which dividends are tied to any particular part of a firm is classified as
In screw guage, around one end thimble has
Three-dimensional arrangement with alternating ions is present in
Fahrenheit scale is divided into
The frequency at which maximum amplitude ratio is attained is called the __________ frequency
The largest rice producing state in India is
Magnetic tapes of modern time, for recording data uses code format named as
Binary or executable files are
Chemical energy of battery changes to
Animals-Reproduction-Mcqs The ejaculatory duct in cockroach opens to the outside through an opening called
Suitable instrument to measure a person's waist is
Juicy part of apple is the
In 1748, first time word used in connection with electricity was
Summer Olympic of 2016 will be organised is a city in ___
Silk is obtained from
Which among the following samples of gases contains Avogadro number of atoms at S.T.P
The forms in which various metals and non metals occur in nature are called minerals. Which of the following is not a metallic ferrous mineral
In statistics, focus is on finding moments (central point) with respect to form
What are examples of consumers
India's first Mega Food Park became functional on July 9, 2012 in
Shear centre for an angle-purlin as shown in the below figure is located at,
Japanese teens Mima Ito and Miu Hirano were in news recently for
Symbol used to denote Avogadro's constant is
'Yurts' are
Venu Rajamony appointed as India's Ambassador to which of the following country
When did religion begin
Molecular ions are generated by passing
Common data question 2/5The most suitable word for 2 is
This car is belonging to me for two years
What is the time taken by the Earth to complete one rotation on its imaginary axis
A man buys Rs. 20 shares paying 9% dividend. The man wants to have an interest of 12% on his money. The market value of each share must be
Anthropogenic pollutants have overloaded system, while natural equilibrium is
ATM is an example of
In the following question, from the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word. Herringbone
Eclipses do not occur every month because orbit of moon is
When humidity is expressed as percentage, it is called
What is full form of ISDN
Hydrogen acts as a reducing agent,
Which of the following is not a method of accessing the web
Which one of the following is the multiple access protocol for channel access control
Product of two expressions⁄H.C.F =
The different orders of protein structure are determined by all of the following bond types except
Polar diameter of seventh planet Uranus from Sun is
If an hydrogen atom is excited to a state corresponding to n = 4, then according to Bohr s theory, no. of lines emitted will be
Forests made of trees that shed leaves as temperature decreases are classified as
Physical or logical arrangement of network is
Most of the candidates are over-qualified for the post. Mohan is the only person who is the least qualified among them.(A) Mohan is the only qualified person .....(B) While most of the candidates are over qualified .....(C) Except Mohan all other candidates
A customer attached an external drive to his notebook computer but the computer is not recognizing it. What should be considered
Hybridization enables firm to meet special problems by appropriate adaptation of its
Construct that make query nonmonotonic, is
Type of organization in which records are inserted at end of stored file is classified as
Which one of the following cannot be a square of a natural number
India's first three-axis stabilised geostationary communication satellite is
Line segment if extended from only one end-point and other point remains same then it is considered as
She is yelling _______ her daughter
A sampling technique in which data is collected through some proper channel is known to be
The smallest 3 digit prime number is
Storage capacity of secondary storage is said to be of
Level in which module is designed by specifying data flow is
Refractories subjected to alternate cycles of heating & cooling are liable to loose their resistance to
In photography, the compound of nitrogen used is
One radian is equal to angle of
Which is/are the important raw material(s) required in cement industry
(50 - ?/29)% of 4200 = 3√196
In Bode diagram (log magnitude plot) of the factor 1/(1 + jωT) in the transfer function the log magnitude for ω << 1/T can be approximated by
Nicotinic acid can be synthesized by amino acid named as
About 90% of kidney stones can pass through urinary system by drinking
I/O processor has direct access to
The main properties of cosmic ray particles are
Time period of a satellite in geo-stationary orbit is
Maybe I will take the YMCA swimming class but practice yoga ____ home, especially____ Sundays
There's a teddy bear_____  the drawer
The data in the table show the cost of renting a bicycle by the hour, including a deposit.              Renting a Bicycle Hours (h)       Cost in dollars (c)   2                  15    5                  30    8                  45 If hours, h, were graphed on the horizontal axis and cost, c, were graphed on the vertical axis, what would be the equation of a line that fits the data
Element is used for igniting aluminium powder in thermite process
An author\'s choice of words based on their correctness, clearness, or effectiveness
You have recently been promoted to a project manager for a clinical testing facility. The team is developing a new product that will cut down on testing interval requirements for a new seizure management medication. After you become involved with the project, you decide to add more research reports, which the customer did not request. This is an example of
In hexose monophosphate shunt, number of molecules of carbon dioxide evolved is
She says, "I did not finish my work."
Most of the digital computers do not have floating-point hardware because
Plants which live under water obtain oxygen from dissolved oxygen in water by
Select the correct statement about oxygen transport in blood
The maximum number of students among them 1001 pens and 910 pencils can be distributed in such a way that each student gets the same number of pens and same number of pencils is
If a : b = 3 : 4, find ratio of 3a : 2b should be
0) { fputs(str, fptr); fputs("\n", fptr); } fclose(fptr); } return 0; } asked on Nov 25, 2018 16:17"> Point out the correct statements about the program #include int main() { FILE *fptr; char str[80]; fptr = fopen("f1.dat", "w"); if(fptr == NULL) printf("Cannot open file"); else { while(strlen(gets(str))>0) { fputs(str, fptr); fputs("\n", fptr); } fclose(fptr); } return 0; }
On evaluating (35 )4⁄10 , answer will be
The time constant of a series RL circuit is
A shopkeeper sold two watches for $ 1485 each. On one he gains 10% and on the other he loses 10%. Find his gain or loss per cent in the whole transaction
A fully saturated soil is said to be
What does validate() method of ActionForm returns
Milk and curry left over can be turned into sour n spoiled at
ESCAP stands for
The main period of Mesozoic era include
Which army killed hundreds of thousands of Non-Serb Croatia and Bosnia
To which sector is maxium weightage in the index of industrial production assigned
An input/output device at which data enters or leaves a computer system is
46 is refractive index of
'Noroviruses' is causative agent for
A market survey by a garment manufacturing company revealed that the chest width of their target customers had normal distribution with a mean of 54 cm. If 18% of customers surveyed have chest width greater than 58 cm and 75% of customers surveyed have chest width greater than 52 cm, the percentage of customers having chest width between 56 cm and 58 cm is ________
The process that takes place in the atom bomb is
Synonym of Cryptic
Sometimes, batch process is preferred over continuous process, when the product
Enzyme that cut DNA at or near restriction sites are called as
The power consumption of a present day colour TV receiver is about
Non procedural query language can be related with
As the temperature increases, the current gain
On magnetic disk's coated surface, invisible non-magnetized spots represents
Without stopping at stations, speed of bus is 42 km/h, but with stopping at stations, speed of bus is 35 km/h. halt of bus per hour should be
Value of nCr + nCr+1 is
Exotic breed of poultry are
EEZ stands for
Directions (36-40): Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error if any, will be in one part of the sentence. Mark the number of the part with error as your answer, if there is no error, mark (5).In order to claim (1)/ any tax benefit you(2)/ have to submit the Fixed Deposit Receipt(3)/ issued from the Bank(4)/ No error(5)
The following SAS program is submitted:libname rawdata1 'location of SAS data library';filename rawdata2 'location of raw data file';data work.testdata;infileinput sales1 sales2;run; Which one of the following is needed to complete the program correctly
Who among the following wrote the poem Subh-e-Azadi
As there are same number of electrons and protons in an atom, atomic number can also be called
Flooding in a vapor-liquid contacting equipment occurs in a tray, when the pressure drop through a tray is __________ the liquid head available in the downcomer
Drained sewage has B.O.D
In 1931, Japan occupied
I said to her, "Will you attend meeting?"
An activity called restrictive trade where barriers to trade are set-up and take a form other than a tariff is known as
In a stationary wave
Women' are affected by the
Chandragupta was succeeded by
If the effective length of a 32 cm diameter R.C.C. column is 4.40 m, its slenderness ratio, is
The number of spectral component of a cosine wave is
What is the main function of insulin in the hman body
Which of the following is the correct usage of conditional operators used in C
Dietus-Boelter equation used for the determination of heat transfer co-efficient is valid
In metal cutting operations, the shear angle is the angle made by the shear plane with the
Number of electrons and proton in one hydrogen atom is
The study of animal life is called
Which of the following is/are vector quantity(s)
A keystone species is the one which has
Arun is father of 'B' but 'B' is not son of Arun then what is the relationship of 'B' to Arun
Reciprocal of sphericity is termed as the
A tangent line intersects circle at
A writ issued by the, Supreme Court compelling a quasi-judicial/public authority toperform its mandatory duty is
The cheapest modems can transmit
Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia webpages
Amino acids which are not made by enzymes in our body are called
Refractoriness under load (RUL) is the most important property for the refractory bricks
Gastric juice of infants contains :
A large area of air which possesses constant moisture and temperature throughout is called
An example of square - law device system exhibiting 3rd order characteristics is
Areas having high population density and infrastructure of built environment are known as
In performance management, main feature of performance management is to
In which statements, does a 'continue' statements cause the control to go directly to the test condition and then continue the looping process
Which statement is FALSE about National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA)
respiratory centre is situated in
Due to these geological forces, Earth's crust is being
The general solution of the differential equation d2y/dx2 -3 dy/dx - 4y = 0 is
When the pollen tube enters the ovule through the integuments, the phenomenon is known as ...
Assertion (A): For high frequency lines inductive reactance is very high as compared to ac resistance.Reason (R): Due to skin effect ac resistance of line is higher than dc resistance
Effect marker measures direct consequences of;
Gold is a good conductor of
Type of computer memory which is non volatile and can't be changed by user is
Most important property of steels for use in automobile bodies is the
Where is the Sikh Heritage Complex developed
If proteins are present in combination of lipids and prosthetic group, named as
More negative potential in electron gun, more electrons will be
In testes, production of sperms is classified as
Pick up the important characteristic of a target which facilitates its identification from the following

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Bureaucratic Structures
Social Construction of Health
Conflict Theory
Ozone Layer Depletion
Radioactive Decay
Explaining Taboo
Management Basics
Telecommunication Network
Data Processing
Parasitism: Malarial Pathogen
Conditional Expressions
Conservation of Energy
Crystallization of Microchips
Network Congestion
Federal Fund Rate
Software Evolution
Applied Physics Introduction
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Characteristics Curves
Commenting on Governing equations
HTML Fonts Tags and Elements
Feminist Anthropology
Excretion in Biology
Internet Addresses
Repeated Loadings Fatigue
Digital Signals
Heat of Vaporization of Common Substances
Communication Protocol
Biology Practice Questions
Other Types of DNA
Exponential Function
Psychological Anthropology
Strategic Decisions
Gratings: Dispersion and Resolving Power
Exothermic Reactions
Covalent Radius
Control Instructions
Environmental Degradation
Structural Drawing
Oxidative Phosphorylation
Database Processing for BIS
Heat Transfer Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Competency Based Pay
General Laplace transform Examples
Symbols for Elements
Passive Transport
Fundamental Concepts Of Organic Chemistry
Types of Magnetic Tapes
Spinal Nerves
Probability and Counting Rules
Types of land surfaces and their occurrence
Electronics: AND Gate
Diamond Structure
Aldehydes and Ketones
Uniform Distribution
Rules of Capital
Business Globalization
Oscillators with RC Feedback Circuits
HTML Markup Forms Video Audio Other Multimedia
Arid and semi arid Environment
Taxes and Efficiency
Bihar Sharif
Accounting: Operating Income
Sign Conventions
Enumeration Types
General Characteristics of Aschelminths
Experiments Counting Rules and Assigning Probabili
Video Camera and Scanner
Adverse Effect of Modern Agricultural Practices
Class Osteichthyes: Subclass Sarcopterygii and Act
SQL Server Enterprise Data Management
Expected Value and Variance
Transfer of Heat
Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
Peripheral Devices
Antimicrobial Chemotherapeutic Agents
Global Business
Earth Science and Models
Control Statements
Population Growth
Agency Cost
Program Libraries
Latin America
Organic Compounds
Ovary and Pistil
DC Motor
SAP Netweaver
Indian Economy
Fatty Liver
Volume and Surface Area
Damped Oscillations in an RLC Circuit
Signed and Unsigned Numbers
Uniprogramming System
Globalization Challenge
Queuing Theory
Financial Markets
Security Council
Indian History
History of Sociology
Data Structure Recursion
Divergence Operator
Simple Interest
JFET Biasing
Evolution of Seed Habit
Code Division Multiple Access
Value Engineering Insurance and Lock In Costs
Reaction Kinetics
Guided Transmission Media
Types of Spoilage
Strategies to Reduce effects of Acid rain
Sinusoidal Functions
Training Development
Ruby Programming Arrays and Hashes
Agitation and Aeration
Karl Marx Capitalism and Conflict
Understanding Culture
Dynamic Scheduling and Data Hazards
Building Construction
Faradays Law
Late Adulthood: Aging Retiring and Bereavement
Gaussian Elimination Method
Control and Coordination
General Metabolism of Amino Acids
Sentence Pattern
Money and Motivation
Social Anthropology
Data Interpretation
Packed Decimal Numbers
Morphological Opening Closing
Torque in Physics
Chemical Formula and Equations
Exposure to International Economic conditions
User Level Threads
SAT Preparation Questions
Base Pairing Specificity
Selecting Words
Data Structure Hash Tables
Spring Enterprise Messaging Integration Batch
Structural Isomerism
Moving Averages and Exponential Smoothing
Applied Mechanics
Voltage Multipliers
What is Virtual Memory
Physical Environment: Water
English Grammar
Liberal Intuitionalism
Kinetic Energy of Rotation
Low Level Memory Management
Perfect Competition
Components of Vector
Division Bryophyta
Unicast Addresses
Water Soluble Vitamins
Integrated Circuit Technologies
Consequences of Land pollution
Rising Student Loan Debt
Aurangabad Maharashtra
Transactions Management in DBMS
Correlation Coefficient
Design Procedure in Combinational Logics
Class 8
Radioactive Substances
Neurons: Basic Unit of Nervous System
HTML Lists
Constant Gross Margin Percentage NRV Method
Atoms Molecules and Ions
Skeletal Muscles
Port Addresses
Client Server Architecture
Power Distribution
Class Chilopoda
Relativity of Light
CSS Text Borders and Images
Dilatation Bulk Modulus
Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
Slow Viruses and Prions
Mirror Images
Migration as a Component of Population Change
Observing and Peacekeeping
Course of Action
Bond Market Participants
Fatty Acids
Row Address Decoder
Team Software Process
Properties of Wave Motion
Glycogen Metabolism: Glycogenolysis
Gram Negative Rods Related to Respiratory Tract
Distribution Types and Reserves of Major Minerals
Measuring and Improving Drive Performance
Pineal Gland
Random Variable Classes
Theory of Structures
Ratio and Propotions
Simple Mathematical Functions
Lingering Disputes
Antibiotics and Antimicrobial
ICMP Protocol
Regional Alignments
Math: Trigonometry Formulas
Newton's 2nd Law
Blood Relation Test
Synchronous Motor
Learning Language
Missing letters puzzles with
Class Hexapoda
Global Health
Different Kinds of Goods
Impact of Financial Maturity
Weightlessness in Satellites
Analytical Tools
Black Scholes Option Pricing Model
Bally Howrah
Product Failure
Radians to Degrees
Alternating Current vs Direct Current
Function of Manager
Monetary Union
Valence Electrons
How We See Things
Nature of Labor Unions
Elements of Neural Retina
Data Transmission
Image Segmentation Basics
Basic Structure of SQL Queries
Blending and Recombing: Introduction
Operating System Basics
Host Defenses
Domestic Level
Isomerism And Stereochemistry
RDF: Basic Ideas
Class Reptilia: Order Crocodilia
Standard Enthalpy Changes
Basic Op
Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh
Computer Aided Design Basics
Object oriented Programming OOPs
Elements and Compounds
Energy Release and Conservation
Preliminaries in Morphological Image Processing
Finding Jobs
Electrolysis And Storage Of Batteries
Mathematical and Computer Operations
System Performance
Sampling Distribution in Statistics
Specialized Process Models
Spontaneous Reactions
Logic Circuit Simplification
Internet Services
Rampur Uttar Pradesh
Uses of Halogens and their Compounds
Entropy in Real World
Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL)
School Level Biology
Views DBMS
Cell Cultures and Characteristics
Switch Statement
General Plant Biotechnology
Dependencies and Normal Forms
What is a Product
Flexible Benefits Programs
Public opinion
Economy of Anthropology
Centralized and Client Server Architectures
Idioms and Phrases
Stream Manipulators
Increasing human use of fresh water resources
Transport system in Plants
JUnit In
Alternative Energy Resources
Operation of Sense Amplifier
Greenhouse Effect
Introduction to Trigonometry
Typical Instruction Format
Newton's Law of Gravitation
Types of Cells
Corporate and Division Strategic Planning
Atmosphere: Structure Composition and Energy Sourc
MySQL Basics PHP
Implicit Memory
Charge Mobility
Frequency Response
Atomic Radius Periodic Table
Indian Premier League
Atomic Number of Common Elements
Measurements in Statistics
Microbial Recombination and Gene Transfer
Meter Rule and Measuring Tape
Metabolism of Glycine
Ion Polarization
Daltons Law
Volume of Liquids
Mineral Nutrition
Cloak Devices
Environmental Protection
when Q(x) has non
System Software
MongoDB CRUD Concepts and Operation
Instruction Set Architectures
HTML Forms
History medieval
Summary: Aging and Elderly
SAT Practice Tests
Frequency Distribution Types
Writing Technical Descriptions
Environmental Racism
Infectious and non
Database System Environment
Internet History
Famous Books Authors
Eddy Currents Generators and Transformers
Laplace Transform Introduction
Ionic Polarization Production
The 8051 Microcontroller
Ring Twisting Frame
Functions in C++
Metallic Solids
SAT Physics Practice Test
Opening and Closing
Ampere's Law
Human Activities and Earth's Environment
javalang Package
Empirical Formula
Functions and Subroutines
Advanced Surveying
Slavery Estate Caste and Class
Network Multiplexing
Natural increase as a component of Population chan
North East India
Retrieving Values
Extended ER Features
Competition for Water Supply
Molecular Solids
World Wide Web (WWW)
Logical Operations in DLD
Convertible Bond Analysis
Geography Physical
What operating system do
Class 9 CBSE
Oxidation and Respiration
Customer Response Time and On Time Performance
Physics Practice Test
Universal indicators
Living World
Ohm's law
Principles of Concurrency
Poverty on Periphery
Networks Analysis and Synthesis
Production of Antibodies
Power in Alternating Current Circuits
Service Mix Categories
Heat And Thermodynamics
Magnitude of a Vector
Charismatic Authority
Description Of Motion In One Dimension
Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting
Percentage Ratio and Proportion
Ammonia and Ammonium Compounds
Price and Efficiency Variance
BiCMOS Inverter
Project Manager Interview Questions
Layers of Earth
Careers in Anthropology
MongoDB Data Models
Active and Passive Sentences
Ordinary Derivatives Notations
Periodic Table Electronegativity
Virtual Function in C++
Specific Heats
Basic Cache Optimization Methods
Satellite Communication
PTL NMOS Transistors as switches
Nitrous oxide
Layouts and Lettering
Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity
Famous Days Dates
Financial Statements Cash Flow and Taxes
FM Radio Invention
Sales Promotion
Feminist Theory
OS Capability Enhancement Software
Project Coordination and Project Plan
Sequences and Series
Google Warehouse Scale
CMOS Static Operation
GATE Agricultural Engineering
MCAT: Oxidative Phosphorylation
Participant Observation
Indexes of Refractions
Altering Consciousness With Psychoactive Drugs
Pressure Units
Deadlock Handling
Unified Atomic Mass Unit
Data Measurement in Statistics
Single European Act
Hadoop ZooKeeper Sqoop and Cassandra
Voluntary and Reflex Actions
Just In Time compiler and Common Intermediate Lang
Compression and Tensile Force
Refractive Index
BiCMOS Technology
Unionizing Process
Human Capital Management
International Trade
Venn Diagrams
Descriptive Research: Assessing Current State of A
Boyce Codd Normal Form
Ecological Anthropology
Properties Variation in Group IV
Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals
History of Kingdom Protoctista
Half Inch Tape Reel
Devising Branding Strategy
Congestion Control
Laboratory Experiments
Weak Entity Types
Financial Markets and Institutions
Paragraph Formation
The British Classical Evolutionist
Decimal Fraction
Cost Allocation and Costing Systems
Language Processors
International Civil Aviation Organization
Data Flow
Project Manager and Management
Reintroducing Amino Acids and Proteins
Simple Network Management Protocol
Uses of Halogenoalkanes
Absolute Zero Derivation
Eukaryotic Cell: Peroxisomes
Differential and Difference Amplifier
Problems on Numbers
Early Psychologists
Improving Coaching Skills
Put Call Parity Relationship
Chemical Equilibrium
Applications of Semantic Web
Scope of Educational Psychology
Real Number Types
Caste System
World Food Programme
Physical Properties Periodicity
Ideal and Practical Filters
Javascript Graphics and Rendering
A Level Biology
Electric Power Generation
Quadratic Functions Characteristics
Customer Segmentation
Audiovisual Input Devices
Study Biology
Impedance and Admittance
Airport Engineering
Pressure Variation in Fluid with Rigid
Customer Service
Human Musculoskeletal System
How much will sea level rise?
Product Mix Pricing Strategies
Selection Operation in SQL
Tylor's Contributions to the study of Primitive Re
Gaseous Exchange in Plants
Low Cost Manufacturers
Integrated Services
Spatial and Intensity Resolution
Coal and Petroleum
Uses of Group II Elements
Energy in coupled circuit
Birth Mapping Approaches Applications and Ethics o
Computer Printing
Evolving World Economy
Case Study
Rotational Kinetic Energy
International Financial Institutions
Instrumentation Amplifier
Restriction Enzymes
Absorption of Infrared Radiation and Raman Scatter
Windows XP
Gamma Rays Imaging
kinetic molecular theory
Theories of Trade
Refraction in Physics
Meiosis: Basis of Sexual Reproduction
Southern Ocean
Net Present Value

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