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With multiple disks, we can improve the transfer rate as well by ___________ data across multiple disks
Choose the set in which the statements are logically related All grandmothers cook well No man is a grandmother Some men do not cook well All those who cook well are men No one who cooks well is a man
Extended heat transfer surface like fins are used to increase the heat transfer rate. Fin efficiency is defined as the ratio of heat transferred across the fin surface to the theoretical heat transfer
RAID level ____ spreads parity and data among all N+1 disks rather than storing data in N disks and parity in 1
______________ partitiones data and parity among all N+1 disks, instead of storing data in N-disks and parity in one disk
The new principal is a well-read man. He can also speak many languages.(A) Inspite of being a well -read man .....(B) Besides being a well-read man .....(C) The new principal is not only a well-read m
Think well before you take a decision. You will repent for it later.(A) Think well before you take a decision lest you should .....(B) If you don't think well before you take a decision .....(C) Think
I was not well yesterday. I feel better today.(A) As I was not well .....(B) I was not well yesterday but .....(C) Because I was not well yesterday

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