A rain sanitary sewer is constructed to carry

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A rain sanitary sewer is constructed to carry
In a design of storm sewers, if the time taken by rain-water to flow from the farthest point of the watershed to the sewer inlet is 'ti' and the time of flow of water from the sewer inlet to the point
Consider the following statements :Ventilation of sewer lines is necessary to1. avoid building up to sewer gases.2. ensure atmospheric pressure in the waste water surface.3. ensure the safety of sewer
Match the following: List I List II A.Serial Binary adder1.(2n - 1)tpdB.Ripple carry adder2.(n - 1)tpdC.Carry look ahead binary adder3.Operation time independent of size 4.6tpd for 4 bit carry look ah
Assertion (A): The carry look ahead adder is very fast Reason (R): The carry look ahead adder generates the carry and sum digits directly

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