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Assertion (A): In a circuit having high inductance, reactive power may be more than apparent power.Reason (R): Reactive power = VI sin θ
For a certain load, the true power is 150 W and the reactive power is 125 VAR. The apparent power is
Power is drawn from a source at power factor 0.7. Pav = 300 watt. The reactive power is
The relation between the apparent power, actual power and reactive power is given by
If the reactive power of a circuit is 50 mW while the apparent power is 64 mW, then what is the true power of the circuit
If a load is purely inductive and the reactive power is 12 VAR, the apparent power is
In a power system, reactive power is necessary for
Pure inductive circuit takes power (reactive) from the a.c. line when
For a transmission line with negligible losses, the lagging reactive power (VAR) delivered at Ihe receiving end, for a given receiving end voltage, is directly proportional to the

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