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How many CO2 molecules are exhaled for each O2 molecule utilized in cellular respiration
In cellular respiration, there is a net gain of _________ per molecule of glucose
A bottle of cold drink contains 200 ml liquid in which CO2 is 0.1 molar. Suppose CO2 behaves like an ideal gas, the volume of the dissolved CO2 at STP is
A mine worker inhales normal air; whereas, the exhaled air contains 16.65% O2 and 3.83% CO2 The respiratory quotient of breathing for the worker is
Type of cellular organization in which many organism do not undergo cellular division is called
The number of hydrogen bonds possible between a molecule of cytosine and a molecule of guanine in DNA molecule is
A 20491 cm─1 laser line was used to excite oxygen molecules (made of 16O only) to obtain the rotational Raman spectrum. The resulting rotational Raman spectrum of oxygen molecule has the first Stoke

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