The sewage treatment in septic tanks is due to

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Assertion (A) : A free board of 0.3 m is provided above the top sewage line in septic tanks. Reason (R) : It helps to accommodate the scum in the septic tank
The sewage treatment in septic tanks is due to
The following are the sewage treatment processes :1. Primary sedimentation2. Screening3. Grit removal4. Secondary sedimentation.When only preliminary treatment is to be given for sewage, select the re
The bottom of the sewage inlet chamber of septic tanks, is provided an outward slope
During sewage treatment, the sewage is subjected to __________ treatment in Imhoff tank
A septic tank of 7 m3 in volume serves for 5 people. If the rate of accumulation of sludge is 70 litres per capita per year and sludge is removed when it occupies 50% of its volume, what is the cleani
Septic tanks are used for the __________ of the deposited solids
In septic tanks, decomposition of organic bacteria, is done by

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