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The soil which contains finest grain particles, is
Flow is taking place through a layered soil system, having two homogeneous soils M and N, as shown in the figure. The head lost in soil N is 20 times the head lost in soil M. If the permeability of s
A saturated soil sample has water content of 40% and specific gravity of soil particles 2.7. The void ratio of the soil, is
A partially saturated sample of soil has a unit weight of 2.0 g/cm3 and specific gravity of soil particles is 2.6. If the moisture content in the soil is 20%, the degree of saturation is
A compacted soil sample using 10% moisture content has a weight of 200 g and mass unit weight of 2.0 g/cm3. If the specific gravity of soil particles and water are 2.7 and 1.0, the degree of saturatio

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