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Find plural subject pronoun in sentence "Although we fought most valiantly, but we were defeated."
Find plural pronoun in sentence "After driving mom to her office, father is going to take us to fun land."
The average of marks in 3 subjects is 224. The first subject marks is twice the second and the second subject marks is twice the third. Find the second subject marks
Find singular subject pronoun in sentence "It started to rain, when we wanted to go to game."
In an examination, 35% candidates failed in one subject and 42% failed in another subject while 15% failed in both the subjects. If 2500 candidates appeared at the examination, how many passed in eith
What will be the output of the program #include #include int main() { char sentence[80]; int i; printf("Enter a line of text\n"); gets(sentence); for(i=strlen(sentence)-1; i
Which is subject pronoun in sentence "You stole my idea."
Which is subject pronoun in sentence "She came to me for help."
Which is subject pronoun in sentence "Make sure you are picking up every thing. You must be careful."

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