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In a mixture of benzene vapor and nitrogen gas at a total pressure of 900 mm Hg, if the absolute humidity of benzene is 0.2 kg benzene/kg nitrogen, the partial pressure of benzene in mm Hg is
If OH group is attached to benzene ring, compound form is
What are compounds called when an -OH group is attached to a benzene ring
Acetic acid exists as dimers in benzene, if on dissolving 1.65 gm of acetic acid in 100 gm of benzene the Vant Hoff factor i comes out to be 0.508 then extent of association of acetic acid in benzene
Assume that benzene is insoluble in water. The normal boiling points of benzene and water are 80.1 and 100°C respectively. At a pressure of 1 atm, the boiling point of a mixture of benzene and water

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