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If a, G, b are in Geometric Progression then ‘G’ is said to be
The sum of 3rd and 15th elements of an arithmetic progression is equal to the sum of 6th, 11th and 13th elements of the same progression. Then which element of the series should necessarily be equal t
General term of Geometric Progression is
6th term of Geometric Progression 2, 8, 16 , ... is
Geometric Progression between −4 and −9 is
7th term of Geometric Progression 2, 6, 18, ... is
Geometric Progression between 5 and 9 is
If a, A, b are in Arithmetic Progression then ‘A’ is said to be
If ‘ a’ is first term of an Arithmetic Progression, then 3rd term will be
If the first two terms of harmonic progression be 1/2, 1/4, then the harmonic mean of first four numbers is

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