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Movement of air due to difference in air pressure is
A room contains 35 kg of dry air and 0.5 kg of water vapor. The total pressure and temperature of air in the room are 100 kPa and 25°C respectively. Given that the saturation pressure for water at 25
The pressure, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity of air in a room are 1 bar, 30°C and 70%, respectively. If the saturated steam pressure at 30°C is 4.25 kPa, the specific humidity of the roo
A tube of length L and radius R is joined to another tube of length L / 3 and radius R / 2 . A fluid is flowing through this tube. If the pressure difference across the first tube is P, then the press
Three capillaries of internal radii 2r, 3r and 4r, all of the same length, are joined end to end. A liquid passes through the combination and the pressure difference across this combination is 20.2 cm

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