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Consider the following statements:Ozone is mostly found in the stratosphere.Ozone layer lies 55-75 km above the surface of the Earth.Ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.Ozone layer has no
Smoke with ozone react to form
Statement:The state government 'X' is committed to restrict smoke levels on the roads of the metropolis as per the desired parameters.Assumptions:I. It is possible to determine the smoke levels.II. A
A chain smoker had spent all the money he had. He had no money to buy his cigarettes. Hence, he resorted to join the stubs and to smoke them. He needed 4 stubs to make a single cigarette. If he got a
If 9.05 moles of ozone is formed in a storm then mass of ozone is
The conversion of oxygen to ozone occurs to the extent of 15% only. The mass of ozone that can be prepared from 67.2 L of oxygen at N.T.P. will be
Which of the following statements regarding ozone layer within the atmosphere is/are correct?1. It absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation found in the Sun's rays.2. Chlorofluorocarbons are serious

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