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An object which produces high energy and is very distant is the
Match the following: List I List II A.Mu Metal1.very high magnetic permeabilityB.Samrium/cobalt2.very high magnetic remanenceC.Sapphire3.very high thermal conductivityD.Ferrites4.very stable magnetic
public Object m() { Object o = new Float(3.14F); Object [] oa = new Object[l]; oa[0] = o; /* Line 5 */ o = null; /* Line 6 */ oa[0] = null; /* Line 7 */ return o; /* Line 8 */ } When is the
Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing. His brother is a staunch atheist.(A) While Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing .....(B) Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing whereas .....(C) Since Laks
Assertion (A): Ferrites are very useful at very high frequencies.Reason (R): Ferrites have high permeability and high resistivity
t Statement A: Nucleur fussion can be carried out at very high temperatures. Statement B: A very high kinetic energy is required by the nucleus in the Nuclear fussion
The dog is a very faithful animal. The dog is the most loving pet.(A) Besides being a very faithful animal, the dog is.....(B) Since the dog is a very faithful animal.....(C) The dog is a very faithfu

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