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Natural water bodies on Earth such as lakes, swamps and rivers are classified as
Statements: All oceans are rivers. Some springs are rivers. All wells are springs. Conclusions: Some springs are oceans. Some wells are rivers. Some rivers are oceans. No well is river
Statements:Lakes are ponds.No pond is river.Oceans are glaciers.Oceans are lakes.Conclusions:I. Some glaciers are not rivers.II. No ocean is a river.III. No lake is a river.IV. Some glaciers are ponds
Out of 3% of fresh water present on Earth, percentage of fresh water found in lakes and rivers is
Water in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers is called fresh water because it is
Percentage of freshwater stored on Earth's surface in form of streams, rivers and lakes is
Some hills are rivers. Some rivers are desrets. All desrets are roads Conclusions Some roads are rivers Some roads are hills Some deserts are hills
Statements: Some hills are rivers. Some rivers are deserts. All deserts are roads. Conclusions: Some roads are rivers. Some roads are hills. Some deserts are hills
Statements:Some lakes are wanesNo wane is liquidAll liquids are gasesConclusions:I. All liquids as well as gases being lakes is a possibilityII. Some gases being wanes is a possibility

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