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Digital stop watches have least count upto
Mechanical stop watches have least count upto
Statements Some clocks are watches No clock is a wall Conclusions I. All walls are watches II.There is a possibility that all watches are clocks
Statements I. All watches are clocks II. Some clocks are towers III. All towers are poles Conclusions I. At least Some poles are Clocks II. All towers being watches is a possibility
Ajay left home for the bus stop 15 minutes earlier than usual. It takes 10 minutes to reach the stop. He reached the stop at 8.40 a.m. What time does he usually leave home for the bus stop
Half the people on a bus get off at each stop after the first, and no one gets on after the first stop. If only one person gets off at stop number 7, how many people got on at the first stop
Count rate of a GM count for the radiations of a radioactive material having half life of 30 minutes decrease to 5/sec in two hours. Then initial count rate of the material was

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